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WrongSideOfTown - Other world
WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2007.06.24. 08:33

Wrong Side Of  Town:


Other World



Note: This novel is just a fiction and it was written by Mauka, Capricornus and Useless-girl on-line on the Wrong Side Of Town forum. It contains erotic parts too, so if you are underaged, please don’t read it! This is our first big novel in English, so we ask your excuse because of the mistakes in the text. Enjoy the reading! :)



Chapter 1



When I was back to Dave's room he was lying on the bed. He looked at me: - What did he say?
- That you pick girls in every time, fuck them and you're leaving for good!
- I thought he would say something like this. What you say?
- I know it's probably true, so I wasn't shocked or anything. Afterall you steal my knickers and I still don't have a replacement of it.
- May I inform you, that I don't do it all the time? Does it matter?
- No, it doesn't. Call me a fool, but I love you anyway and I enjoy being with you. I know you're not a saint, too much temptations and stuff.
-You amaze me time after time. I only know you, see - he looked at his watch -  for 16hrs and you already succed to suprise me for about three times.
- Did I suprise you? Will you tell me why?
- First, your rescue action, second, not slaping me on the face when I stole your underwear in the car, third, for this time reacting to something like this, this way.
- Well, what's your plans for today?
He put on a viscious grin onto his face - Guess, Mylady, guess - and he was spinning the infamous handcuffs around his forefinger....

I smiled at Dave.
- You want playing your little play? - I asked from him. - You or me?
- Whazzap?
- Who would be wearing those bracelets Davie, you or me?
-You, if you don't mind. I just love women who surrender themselves completely to me.
- What do you mean by completely?
- I want to be the ONE for them. The only one who can please them completely, the only one they adore and love and care for. I want undivided attention from them. Of course, as an exchange I try to supply all their demands and needs and wants and desires. If I know they'd given themselves for me completely, I am able to give myself completely, if it's only for now, only lasts for an hour. But during this time nothing would exist just the two of us!
I haven't said a word just held out my hands straight and let him cuffed me.....

I was curious. I wanted to know exactly what ran trough his little perverse mind... I layed down on the bed and let to lock my arms to the back-rest of the bed. I smiled into Dave's face and waited for his first step.

David hesitated no more, he systematically undressed me( don't wanna write stripped me to the bones...) I was laying there full naked and he started caressing me with the tip of his long fingers....

My skin started to shiver. I needed to sigh from the soft touches. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his moves.
- What are your plans with me?

- I won't hesitate more, let's the action begin!

Then he kissed me all over, every possible place on my body and I couldn't even wrap my hand into his raven hair. He looked at me lustfully. - Now you're all mine and I can do anything I want to you.
- And what is you want? - I asked.
Instead of a straight answer he came into me gently and began to rock me. I was moaning of joy and moved my hips higher to help him, as I started to move against his body he sighed a deep and rammed into me deeper and deeper, as deep as it was possible. He placed one of his hands on the cuff and he held his weight with the other on my shoulder.

I couldn't tell a word, I was just moaning louder and louder with every kick. His hips moved fantastic! I felt him inside of my body and I went crazy from this. I didn't know what he wanted with the cuff. I felt his hand on my shoulder. He wasn't so light, but I didn't mind this little pain. Momently I loved him much more then anything in my life!

He took me to a ride, right into seventh's heaven. My mind was light and empty and I was only aware of Dave's very presence. This man just knew damned well what makes love's wheels turn!

It seemed that he doesn't wanted to stop. He just heightened and hastended his moves. I thought that I would scream from the joy I felt, but he always pulled me back from the borderline. My wrists pulled on it's weight against the handcuff.

The handcuff begin to pain, how it deeper and deeper cut in my wrists. But I don't care. I could concentrate on Dave, just on Dave. His moves, his hips, his moans... It makes me crazy! I bit his lips, like a wild animal...

We just went frantic. I was comatose, almost. Didn't know about my surroundings anymore. The only thing I could see was his struggling face and shoulders above me. Then cut.

It was like an explosion what went trough my whole body. With a loud scream I gave up the "fight" against him. I was breathing hard and I think I was repeating Dave's name. I totally petered out. I couldn't move or anything, I was just laying there under this wonderful man, and tried to breath in and out. After a few minutes I felt that my wrists were acking, probable they were red too, but I didn't mean it, just enjoyed that he was still in me moving he's hips softly.

I smiled and I looked at Dave. His beautiful green eyes... I lost myself in his eyes. I just stared at him, I wished that moment never let go.

- It was a nice ride, Mr. Gahan - I said, and I pressed his shank a bit with my legs.
- Did you enjoy it? - He smiled sated down at me, and gave a quick kiss on my lips.

- I did. Very much. - I replied and I gave a deep kiss for Dave. My tongue detected his mouth, everything of his mouth. And he replied.

- I'm glad to hear this - said to me after our deep kiss, and another smile ran trough his face. - What would you say if I...
- If you?
He doesn't gave me an answer just slid out of my body, and started to give me his kisses and soft bites. I coludn't belive that he's got such a big appetite... But he had. I froze into my feelings.

- Dave, can you loosen my hancuffs, it cuts deep into my flesh, look, it's already bleeding.
- Oh, sorry not having noticed it earlier, I take it off.
- Oh, it's much better now, thanks a lot. Now, you can go on with your kissing-and-biting-me-every-reachable-place game of yours.
- Does it feel good?
- Oh god, it does!

I was surprised from my own body, 'cause it wanted more and more from Dave. The desire rose within me with a high degree again. I looked down at him as he started to play with my breasts. His tongue slid on my pale skin. My bosom stired once or twice as my chest went a bit higher to feel him better.
- Oh my God! - I whispered.

- So, I am your god, right - he said and he licked me along from my neck to my tummy.
I gave a clever reply.
- Oh my God!
- I take it as a confirmation - and he was grinning with sparkling eyes. He continued relentlessly his begun job, and as he is a perfectionist he just made a sound performance. I wanted to touch him, to please him, giving him as much joy he gave me. My hands were free now, so I could touch my Beauty with them.
He bowed his head more, when I tucked my hands into his hair and he murmured little nothings to me. I was sure it can't get any better than this. Well, it could.

I heard softly moans. They were mines. Davie give me a soft smile, and go to kissing my neck. I closed my arms around him in a tight hug.

I started to move a bit, something got into me.
-What do you want baby? - he asked me softly.
-You'll see, I answered and we turned around. - Save a horse, ride a cowboy - I said with a brilliant smile on my face.
- Yes, baby, yes, yes, yes.....

- You want to be my little cowboy? - I asked. - Wanna ride you, alright. Such a beautiful black stallion like you! I can't resist having a full gallop with you Dave.

- A black stallion? Am I a black stallion? And, what's my name? - asked Dave.

-Your name is Dave, Dave Gahan and people call you Dave Gahan, but if you'd be a stallion your name would be lets say… Black Beauty.

- Black Beauty? - he grinned - Why Black Beauty? It's soooo lick... So pink.

- So black. Don't think about the book. I meant it literally. You are Dave Gahan a Black Beauty. I think you shouldn't have to look for a mirror to check it, you know it already, don't you?

He giggled. - Oh, I thought I'm a black panther... Yes, I am a black panther and now I will eat you up alive!- he threated me smiling and bit me gently. Than a bit firmer. I willingly let him bite me wherever he wanted.

- Oh, nooooooooooo - I 'plea' - Pleaseeeee, let me live!

- I won’t kill you, it is just a little torture.

- Oh... reaaaaalyyyyyyyy? - a wild smile run across my face - And... Will I enjoy it?

- Sure, you will - he said with a contented smile on his face.-You can bet on it!

- I did - I said, and I kissed him again.

Now he went all silent, he couldn't talk, his lips were engaged elsewhere.

I nearly sreamed from the feeling. My high piched emotions were getting control over me again. He's tongue slit down between my legs. I couldn't breath for a minute or two.

- Sorry, but I must say again: Oh my GOD!

And, I continued repeating the name of the Creator again and again. My body was moving uncontrolably, Dave had to hold me really firm, his hands grabbed my tighs and he hadn't stopped pleasing me for a sec. His grabbing hands left red marks on my skin as he slided them a bit lower. His head was still buried into the Bermuda Triangle and I was still moaning like someone in great pain. But I was sure, I could get used to a pain like this. I could get used to Dave, him being my lover. Good God! Dave!

I slipped in my feelings. I left myself, I left the world, I left everything... Several minutes later my body distend against Dave, and I had a deep breath. And the fireworks of climax had begun.

I grabbed into his hair hard as my body bent into an arc. I screamed his name loudly into the silence of the hotelroom before the greatest feeling. I was over when his fingers slit inside my body too, in the last minute. It was the last point when I was conscious... after it: totally blackout.

He was burying his face into my hair.

I was breathing hard, but I asked softly:
- What is it? - I dug into his hair with my shaking fingers.

- You are, you are...Oh my, you're so fine! You're enchanting me, mesmerize me, I wanna more...

... I was grasping for air, he was smiling gently while still caressing my inner tighs and tummy. And I must say this smile was more than promising..

- Why do you say things like these? You know that you can have my whole being if you want. You are my master, and I'm the servant... - I said and I searched for his softly lips once again.

- Hmm, yeah, anything you want? Just ask for it baby - he said with a radiant smile on his manly face.

- I'll do - I answered with an elfish smile on my face. - But now just tell me what's your wish? How can I please you this time? Or are you already tired? - I continued and grabbed his face softly with my two hands.

- Tired? Me? Never!
- Ur boasting!
- Me? Never?
- So, what is you want?
- Having a nice coffee, that is. I could use one!
- Okay, I call the room service and get one for you. Anything else, I mean ANYTHING else?
- Ok, let's see! Well, there is one wish you could fullfill - he said and started to pull slowly my head downwards...

- Oh really? - I licked my own lips, then his tummy with my little rose-tint tongue. - And how do you want it? - I continued my little game with my tongue, but now I was down by his bowlbones. - Slowly? Hard? Full with passion? Or what?
- Nice, ok?
- Whazzup?
- Just do it!

I was laughting for a minute, but after it my hands started what they needed to do. I was still smiling at Dave. I wanted to bring him into the mood. - Would you tell me something while I'm working on you? - I asked with a little smile on my face. My hand was moving slowly on his "part". I gave him little lovebites all around on his manly part while he started breathing heavily.
- What do you want to know?

- It's not important, I just want to hear you speaking just for me... - I answered and my tongue ran all over his member.

- I'm not sure I can talk right now, uhh, hon... Not easy, when you are just..hmm, yeah… Ask, and uhh, maybe I can reply with yes or no!

- OK. I accept this method... - one kiss on the top of his "little one" - We can play this game... - my hand on his balls - So... my first question is... - I stopped my moves trough - Let me see... Are you a happy man?

- Now? Yes, I'll be if you continue what you've stopped! - he moaned and grabbed into my hair a bit stronger.
- Hey, don't be rough, or I'll walk out that door - I smiled in an impished way. - And then who will please your little one, my dear? - I tagged and my hand went once up and down. I loved to torture him.

- Don't force me my dear! - he said with passion in his voice.
- Oh, nooooo, I'm not forcing you, Dave... I torture you! - I replied with an evil little smile on my face, and I gave a kiss on his member and after it a little bite went on it too.
- Oh, my... Holy shit! - he moaned.
- It's funny to hear your comments, darling... - I sighted.
- Don't say stupid and unnecessary things, just do it! - he barked.
- "Words are very unnecessary..." - I invoked.
- Yeah, that's right, but please!
- OK, OK, I do it. Just lay back and enjoy the show...
- I will - he sighted and I continued to please him with my lips.

And also with a little help of my tongue. He shut his eyes and laid on his back, only occasonially stirring. As I attacked him more and more fiercely, he grabbed the sofa firmly and fought for breath. But air became thin for him. He tried to say something, but couldn't, I was not willing to give away the lollipop from my mouth. Finally he wasn't fighting anymore. I think I killed him.

He moaned louder and louder as my mouth ran on him with a crazy speed. He was firm as a rock. I took always more and more from him. I think he was dead and I was crazy...
- Jesus!!! - he screamed as two of my fingers came into the game on his member too.

He wanted to sit up and this time I let him do so.
- Baby, I, I… I've got to go now.
- Alright. Come, Dave, just come.
- Uhuh, yeah, I'm coming...Oh. Lord Almighty, I am...

And he stepped trough the border-line. A loud shout left his beautiful lips as he grabbed into my hair strong again.

I was watching, I was admiring him. His sheer beauty, his masculinity, his rapture, his passion.

The expression of his wonderful face was beautiful!
I slowly released his member from the hold of my lips while I looked up into his green eyes.

He looked back at me with grateful eyes, but wasn't able to talk or to move yet. His body was sweaty and gleamed in the light of the lamp above, sweat was dropping from his head, his hands still in my hair. Slowly, he moved one of his hands and caressed my neck with eyes shut. Then he opened his eyes, took my face into both hands and simply said:
- Thank you, my dear!

What a moment! HE thanked me although I must be grateful for him to letting me touch his body and maybe his soul too! I loved him so much, but I knew that I couldn't tell it to him. He's got his beloved wife, I'm just a girl, nobody, a nameless person who got the right to spend a night with this half-god. Maybe my eyes told this to him, or I don't know. I just starred at him. My heart was open, and my soul had wings from this feeling.


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