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WrongSideOfTown - Other world
WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2007.06.24. 08:40

Chapter 3



So we went back to the hotel restaurant and ordered the fish and chips for Dave.
- What do you want to eat? Choose something from the menu. You're my gest.

- The same here, I love fish, mau!
- You're a cat!
- Whatever I am I love fish, sea fish only - I added.
- Hmm, it's really fine, they prepare it here well.
-Yummi, really yummy.
- We can choose anything, from a hundred specialties and we eat such a simple thing like this and drinking coke, man!
- Sometimes you just don't wanna complicate things - I said.

- That's true. Simply things can be more valuable - he said and gave a smile for the waitress who brought out our food. A little smile ran trough my face as I noticed that she was in a mist from Dave's smile.
- You take effect on people really strong - I noticed when we started to eat.

- Yeah, I know, I've got a kind of presence, as one put it. I don't know why, really. It's a kind of energy, I think, radiating from me, don't know, strange, but I got used to it. I can be way too happy that people find me attractive. Quite a help in your life.
- I'm sure it is. You see, you are trully not the one I imagined in my dreams, but I love this newly explored self even better.
- In your dreams?
- Come on, you know how much I love you, I told you so!

- OK, I understand it! - he smiled at me again with the fork in his right hand - Yes, you told it once.
- Anyway where's Martin and Andy? I couldn't see them since the show - I questioned next time after I swallowed a piece from the delicious fish.

- Andy went home, ’cause they have an anniversary with his spouse, Martin, I saw him and Adelle last night, were in they way to a bar, I think. Have you already finished your meal? You are the angel!
- The angel?
- Yeah, it is said for the kid who ate everything up first.
- Oh. We say to him or her: You were greedy again!

- That's not so kind! - he laughted.
- Yes, it isn't - I nodded - Oh, before I forgot, please tell Andy my felicitation for their anniversary!
- I will - He's face softened slowly maybe because of my words?
- And otherwise this Adelle... what kind of woman is she? - I gulped from the water.
- Why are you asking this?

- We were just wondering. Wanna know our Beloved Martin in safe hands.
- I think I don't know more about her than you do. She is 23, long legs, nice smile, that's what I see, no more. Mart hasn't talked about her at all. Not even for me and Andy.

- Isn't it strange a bit ? I thought you 3 know things about each other a bit more. But please stop me if I'm indiscrete! - I put down my glass.

- Well, there are quite a lot of stuff we don't speak about, like this one. Martin is rather shy. They are together for a while now, so I think she is kind of important to him, but I don't know more. I won't share my stuff with him either. This is not a subject.

- OK, now this is clear for me too. Thank you for answering.
He waved of his hand and asked for our symphatic waitress for the bill.
- Can we go now?
- Of course. This was delicious! Thank you for the lunch.
- You're wellcome - he stood up with the two nylon bag and waited for me. - Let's have a bit of a rest. What about watching telly, sitting on the bed comfy, idly changing channels?
- With you? Anything!

- Great! - he replied.
We stepped into his room. He packed down and went out for a bottle of Evian water. During I got off my shoes and tiny cardigan and layed down on the bed.

And this was the afternoon I spent with the divine Dave Gahan watching a show on The Secret lives of Plants by David Attenborough on the Discovery Channel.

I just laid on my side next to him. My left hand caressed him as my head rested on his warm chest. I was just listening to his heartbeat. It was so peaceful... He embraced my shoulder. I felt the warmth of his hand on my back and sometimes his lips on the top of my head as he gave a little kiss into my hair. I think he sniffed the perfume of my hair.
I tried to listen to the other David's voice from the TV, but after a while my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep from the noise of David's strong heart.


Fell asleep but was waken up. Waken up by someone's talking. On the other room David was talking on his cell with someone. I could hear he was agitated...

I stayed in the bed and was listening to his excited voice. I was wandering what had happened. I couldn't understand much from the talk, 'cause the door was closed and he gabbled. After a while he stepped quietly in.
- What's the matter?

- Nothing, baby, just you stay! - And he rushed out of the room, only to return with something big and heavy in his hands.

- What's this? - I stared at that thing with a curious shining in my eyes.

- I don't really know - he admitted. - A good friend of mine asked me such an insane thing like me keeping him this packet until he can come and collect it. And in the middle of a tour!
- Looks like Pandora's box - I giggled.

- Not that big but heavy as hell.
- Haven't you asked what is inside?
- I had no time, it happened all of a sudden. I hope, it's not something dangerous - he said worried.
- A proton-gun or an A-bomb!
- Very funny! Think, we should have a check on it!

- May we? Dave, it's not yours... Are you enough curious to check it?

- Sure! I must check it to close off if this is a dangerous thing! I can't let that fancy for the band that I let myself explode - he smiled at me as he put down the packet on the blanket near to my tailor seated legs.

- Super! Now you want to explore my legs! - I smiled again and nailed my eyes on the box.

- No, I don't want to ruin those beautiful legs which can press my waist so exciting!

- That's good to hear! - I laughted and was watching as he started to pack the thing out. - Can't you hear a clock sound?

- No, I can't, so it's not a bomb - he looked at me - Anyway, our bodyguards controls the things we recieve, so don't worry too much.

- I'm not worried, just curious! Let's see what's in it!

He turned back to the box without a word and opened it.

It was a piece of strangely coloured metal inside, gleaming in the light in different colours, it was delicately carved and seemed ancient.

- It seems very valuable and ancient. What could it had been? Some kind of primal armor? Is your friend a collector of the old ruins and findings? - I asked as I leaned closer to him to see better.

-Well, he is definietly an art collector and this seems to me like an, like an…dunno, I'm a no-brainer, maybe those in old days used it for a kind of ritual, look at these cravings, like ancient graphs.
- Strange colours, it is not lit from outside, still gives a light. Maybe there is a hidden lightsource in the inside?

- I really don't know. Maybe my friend will be more clever about this thing. Come on, let's put it back into it's box. I don't want to cause a damage on it while it's by me.
- All right - I replied and put the thing softly in the box and watched how Dave packed it in again - And now? What do you want to do? - I asked from him when he returned.

- I'm afraid I would be a bit busy in the night, but I am entirelly yours now, for the rest of the afternoon. Would you like to have a rest or..
- Or!!

- Hmmm... what a direct answer... - he smiled and stood next to the bad where I was sitting. He softly stroked my face, then bowed down to give me a kiss.
I replied it immadiately with a greedy way and started to roll up his Led Zeppelin T-shirt. He helped me so I had time to get off his jeans. I slid in the middle of the bed and kneeled up to pull and trow away my top. He smiled and kissed me again. I can't remember when my trousers went to the floor. We were quick full naked again. He sat down in the middle of the bed and pulled me into his lap.
- I want you now, tomorrow won't do... - I whispered with a little smile on my face.

- And you will be the rider of the storm now -  he said while I was kneeling above his legs and he put things into their right place. He sighed a big one as I started riding on him.

- Oh yes... - I moaned back and started to move a bit quicker as my hip was doing it's circles. He kissed all over my throat and neck as his hands caressed me really tight.
"Oh my God, I'll immadiately reach climax if he keeps going on like this!" - I thought after two minutes when his hip started to "fight back" against mine.
- Holy... how can you... ah... Oh my... - I gasped.

But I didn't mind coming, and I knew I could face even multiple orgasm in his arms. He was one hell of a good lover, so sensual, feeling what he should do with me and, and he was huge. Huge and hard. It's the winning receipt. And he could keep pace and moved with grace and passion.
As I looked at his face I saw I wasn’t the only one feeling like coming in any moment.
His hold was firm. I felt him so intensely. We changed position. He covered me with his body and kept pushing hard. I was whinning a bit, ’cause he wasn't very tender, but his hand on my mouth prevented me being really loud. He was clearly turned on like hell, I bent my neck backward to be able to see his face. He looked back at me smiling and started caressing my breast with his free hand. Gently at first and then he became even more aroused and grabbed them hard, moaning rather loudly. I was feeling with Dave's body, felt the urge to satisfy him, so I started change position to let him even deeper and started swirling with my hips. The effect it made on him was stunning, now he pushed faster and harder and was talking to me.
- Hey, you're killing me with this, if you continue like this I'd come in a sec.
- I know Dave, I do it to please you.
- Oh my god, I am… Hey, and you?
- It's okay. You should concentrate only on your own body. Enjoy David, I wanna rock you, until you die in my arms.
He was at the brink of climax, but he wanted me to go with him on this way. He hold out his free hand and started caressing me with his long fingers at the most sensible of all female bodyparts. I wanted to scream, I couldn't, he didn't allow me. He hushed to my ears. And he kept up his pace, making it even faster. I felt him inside, he was so big and hard...And then we stepped to the other side of this world and were floating in Space. Then, we were just resting trying to gain our breaths back. It was madness. He was such a good lover! We were exhausted, I didn't mind, I didn't care, I was happy. He made me happy and satisfied, and long inside for more.
- You wear me off, babe - Dave sighed to me when he was reajusting his jeans and T-shirt.
- Like you did to me - I answered him softly.
- Did you had your fun?
- Defienetly Mr. Gahan! - I smiled at him radiantly.
- You just know how to turn a man on!
- Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it.

He smiled back and staightend himself.
- Now I must go, babe, I've got some stuff with the band. You can stay here, or if you have something to do just go, I'll say some words down at the reception, they'll let you back.
I looked at him still a satisfied shining in my eyes as I sat on the creased blanket naked. My knees were dragged up as I caressed them with my hands. I bent my chin on my hand.
- All right - I said quietly. I'll miss him.
- I don't know how long it'll be. Serve yourself. You can order what you want.
I couldn't say a word just looking at him.
- Hey... - he started while he bent down to me.
- What?
- Nothing... - he replied and gave me a sweet kiss, then he stepped out of the room without another word.


After he left I got up, wrapped a towel around my waist, stepped out to the balcony and was watching the ongoing clouds, day-dreaming. All of them were about my Prince Charming who was unfortunatelly not here with me. God Almighty, how on Earth would I be able to say goodbye to him?

I was thinking about the past one and half day watching the grey stormclouds which are my favourite. Now I felt that my mood is going a bit down minutes by minutes. I knew myself, I knew that I'm in love with him. And not with just the "star" within him, but this "new" personal Dave Gahan. He... he's just so... so perfect with all of his mischiefs! I don't want to let him go, but I know that I must. He's got a lovely whife and a little beautiful daughter in NY who are waiting for him. I know that these few days are the top of my drear life. I don't know why I had this chance from Fortune. Did I do something? Or that's all? This is my last big surprise before something terrible?
These thoughts were running trough my brain as I stepped inside from the soft rain which thrived stronger. I sat back on the bad and stroked the blanket next to me where we were making love. Happy minutes. I was a bit sad knowing that it won't lasts forever. Just two days and he'll fly away to the next concert station and maybe another girl like me will have the opportunity to be with him. My beloved panther...
I picked up the phone and ordered some tea, I wasn't hungry. As I finished my eyes just stopped on the two nylon-bags which included the gifts. I stood up and packed the 3 fairies on a small cupboard. I looked at them with a smile. They were beautiful. Rosie will love them, it's sure. Then I packed out the old lady's dark box and went back to the bed.
The rain outside was getting louder. I opened the top of the box. The loveletters were inside of it...

The loveletters which belonged to a long gone woman. Was she happy with his lover, was she not? I opened carefully a vanilla couloured, but rose scented envelope and tried to read the old, fainted letters on it. It began like this:


My dearest Flora,

I could write you finally, though it is not easy to find time and chance for writing in a place like this construaction site in the Suezy-bay. We are working hard and Ferdinand, the leader of the project told us the channel would be ready in a year or so. There were some severe difficulties but our gifted engineer, Ferdinand Lesseps is finding solution to every arising problem. The heat is unbearable, the tempereture is rising above the forties by mid afternoon and the evening is not bringing any let-ups....

. ... but maybe in a few months I can finally go home if we finish the work. But till then I send you my love and best whises to you, my beloved Flora. I know that I shouldn't do it, but I often think on you during working. I hope you can wait for me till I...

The ink was too faint to read it along. I put it back to it's envelope and laid it on the blanket next to the box. I opened another one. I could see by the lamplight that these lines were written more quicker...


My Dearest Love of Mine,

Maybe, this is my only chance to contact you before the company put me on a boat and ship me to the Celebes-Inlands.....
... I'm so sorry that wo could be together just for a few days before I had to travel again. This job is a bit harder than the last one, but don't be scared! Although this area sounds dangerous in the news, our boss told us that there won't be any problem! So please don't be scared, just think on me with your lovely toughts. If it will be possible, I'll write you immediately! Sorry for my short lines but I must go now. Be careful!


Your love.



I put back to its envelope this letter, too. I put my arms under my head and my thoughts were at David again. I started humming an old Irish love song:
My bonnie is over the ocean, my bonnie is over the sea, my bonnie is over the ocean, oh bring back my bonnie to me...
I sighed. How true it is, my bonnie would be over the ocean, in NY soon and my heart got frozen to the thought not being together with him again. Never, ever.

After a few minutes I roused from a tunderbolt and a loud roar. The rain was still falling. I picked the third letter too...
After a few hours I already knew that they couldn't ever married, because Flora's parents were against to being a wife under their "social strata". Flora was really sad about it, her love worked a lot to assure enough money for both of them. They wanted to escape together and go far away, but a tragical accident ruined their plans. The last letter wasn't from her love. It was a black telegram. He died because of a detonation with 10 other people.
I was crying a little bit as I tought that their love couldn't be fulfilled... neighter mine could be. I fell asleep between these letters with my sad toughts, listening to the sound of the raindrops.


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