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WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2007.06.24. 08:42

Chapter 4



I was awakened by David standing beside my bed and curling to me. He embraced me and we were just lying there. He seemed so lonely, so wanting of love. There were still some teardrops on my face. He kissed them, wipping them off with his hot kissses. - Why did you cry dear - he asked.

I looked into his eyes in the half-light, then I hid into his embrace and told the story about the lonely woman. But this was just one ground. I haven't told him my true feelings. He would look at me as I were an insane stupid DM fan. I won't stand that look if he gave me! Better dead, but I don't want to see a sniffy look from him.

Only, he knew it. I saw the tenderest of expressions on his face.
- You were thinking about you and me, right?
- I did, yes.
- Is this the only thing you want to tell me? - he said stroking my face with his fingers.
- You already know it, don't ya?
- I want to hear it from your lips.

- No. Only it's more easy hiding your feelings with stupid jokes. I love you yes. And I can repeat it until morning if you want to hear this: I do love you Mr. David Gahan, and I am way too happy to have the chance meeting you and getting know you. Now, I love you even better.

- It's much more better now that  you’ve told it - he told me simply, and gave me a sweet and deeply kiss.

- Will you lead me to the armchair or leave me lying here… -  I sang it for him.
- I leave you here, of course. You are in the right place, don't ya think?
- I do. This is the best of all existing worlds, yeah, alright.
- You are not sad anymore, are you?
- I try not to be, not to ruin the time we left. I'd have all the time in the world to be sad afterwards.

He sighed and stroked my face again. - Try not to think about this. Please, be with me now with your whole being...

- Okay, I try, I try..Let me know what is it you want then! And I would do it with you, do it for you.

- Well... let's see... - he started to think in a serious look on his face.

I smiled from this expression and waited for his answer.

- We can continue it where we left it or we can talk and talk and talk, we can have a nice dinner somewhere, have a walk, but we had done all these already. Any new ideas? Anything you ever wanted to do and haven't tried yet? Anything special you wanted to do with me, maybe. I am open to anything.

- Hmmm.... really? To everything? That sounds intresting... - I winked with a smile. - What I always wanted to do? Maybe there's something...
- What? Just say it calmly. I'll do it if I can.
- So that's that I like to draw and maybe... What would you say if I ask you to be my nude model? You don't need to be really naked if you don't want. We could make an artistic composition. What do you say?

- Well, would you keep that drawing for yourself as a kind of memory and wouldn't you show it to anyone?
- If I don't I can draw you naked, right?
- Right, if it is what you want.

- All right. We consorted it. Anyway it wasn't my plan to show it for the public. Just two of us will know about this picture.
- Then alright. Let's do it.
- Somehow it'll be much more valuable for me then a photo from you. I'll have time to check any part of your body really-really detailed - I laughted and gave a quick kiss for him and started to get dressed.

- Why are you getting dressed? Are you going somewhere?
- Getting some paper and pencils.
- Look, you know I paint and draw myself, I've got a portable canvas and some paints. Well, it's not exactly a drawing, but you can give it a try.

- Ok, but I'm not a big painter. I like graphics much better, but if I can use the tools from "the big Dave Gahan"... - I joked and turned back to him - So where is your painter stuff?
- In the other room next to my laptop. You can use what you want. I thought that I'll paint something from the window while I'm here in Budapest. But it seems that I haven't got any time for it - he smiled laying on the bed.
- Oh, if I disturb you, I can go home if you want - I replied with an unreal injured expression on my face.
- Don't be silly! - he grabbed my waist and pulled me down to him - I'm curious how you can paint. So fascinate me, darling!

- Making a lasting impression on you is not the easiest job to hold.
- You've already done it.
- What?
- Impressed me.
- Who? Me? Have I ? Really?
- Are you get paid for each question?
- David, tell me! What with?
- Your sincerity, that is. It is amazing. You don't want to look anyone else, you don't want to impress me.
- Wrong. I did want impress you.
- Yes, because you wanted my love. But it was a honest try, nothing artificial, I mean.

- Well... I was always like this. I don't want to change the world, just live in it so good as I can. But I think it's everyone's goal - I shrugged my right soulder - That's me, no one else, just me.
- See? I was talking about this. You're a precious and valuable person. That's what make you irresistible. That's why I like you, Dear.
He stroked my face with his long and bony fingers as I bowed my head down with a little smile on my face. My hair ran trough his hand.

- And painting was postponed.

- No, it wasn't. Go quick and find the tools. As long as you aren't here, I throw off my clothes to have a better view... - he winkled and gave me a sweet kiss.

By the time I was back he was sitting on the bed completely naked. He wasn't at a loss. I was. After we slept together. I was at a loss.
- You are beautiful, you know!
- I was told so. Why don't you come nearer a bit? Whazupp?

- I think I've lost myself somewhere... I don't know where but I'm totally ready.
- Ready for what?
- I... I...
- You?
He was laughting on me!
- I… I don't really know - I couldn't understand myself. I've seen him naked not once, then what's with me suddenly?

- Hey, baby, sorry if I am laughing at you, but you look like the calf having lost its mother!
- It is somehow different when we have sex, but now, it is strange for me.
- Do you want me take my clothes back?
- God, no! Stay as you are.

- Ok. No problem - he smiled in an evil way. I couldn't hope good things from his eyes.
- So... now... first I must check what you've got in your painter packet.

I needed a little time to put myself together. He's emission was so strong that I hardly could breath. I took a deep breath and another and another as I prepared the tools for the painting. It was good for my mind. I clamped my hair with a rubber ring and I was ready to turn back to him. It was much better now.
- Now I must take you into the right pose. Please lay on your right side.

- Yes, Madam, I heared you and obeying. What's next? Would you put a lemon into my mouth?

I was laughting for a minute. - Nooo, I would not do things like these. But... this pose isn't the perfect one... - I stood in front of him and tried not to handle with his blink. - Maybe you should... - I grabbed his hand and put it into the right pose but he always wanted to touch me - Dave! Don't move!
- But I can't lay still if you're here by me! - he replied while he tried to pull me on him, but I leaned on the bed with my hands.

For a time, but who was I to resist him? I let him pulling me on to his side and he hugged me firmly. I felt his naked body next to me and I was lost. Lost again. And again.

- Hey... hey Dave... If we continue doing this, I could never paint you... - I whispered over his sensitive mouth.
- Forget that painting! I want you!
- No, Dave, I won't, I want do this little work. I want to probe my painting skills! You must wait untill I finish the pic!

- No way, no patience here, I want to have you. Your shyness just turned me on. Come, come, let me in! - And now he was on top of me.
- David, wait.
- Useless advice! Here comes Mr. Impatient. I will lay still for hours after it, I will, I promise!

- And can I trust in your words?
- Of course! Baby, please I want to penetrate your skin!
- What can I say afther this? - I smiled and pulled him by his scrag for a kiss. I felt that he has already begun to pull off my shorts with my panties too.

And before I knew he was inside me. Impatient, that he was. And hard as a rock, huge as the Yellowstone National Park and steady as lioness when hunting for her hungry cubs.

I moaned louder with every minute. He was unbeliveable as always.
After a few minutes he stopped his movements and slid out of me.

I grabbed his hand because I couldn't reach the border, but I wanted sooo! I guided his hand between my legs and into me.
- Please! - I shouted agonised.

- Here baby, I'm here, wanna you come. Hear! Does it feel good this way?
- Oh God, yes. It feels good any way if you are doing it with me! Deeper, Dave! Give me another finger too!

- One more? Wouldn't it hurt you?
- Please, just do it, I
- Okay, I'm doing...
- Oh, God, and I am coming, Jeez, Dave, Dave, love me!
- Al right, al right, husss, just lay here and I am caressing you...

- Oh my... oh my God! - I just repeated these words over and over again and I gasped so hard that I thought I'll drown there under Dave. Only he can do this to me! - David, you are a wizzard!
- Nope, I am just a man you make love to.
- Just a man? A divine hero, you mean. I kind of feel like Europé, when was kidnapped by Zeus in the shape of a taurus.
- You're insane! Really! Telling me things like these. C’mon, I am like anybody else.
- No.
- Ok then, no. - He was laughing, still stroking the thin skin on my inner thighs.

After some minutes I could breath better. - And now, my darling, I have a task.
- What? - he went upper on my thigh.
- No, not this - I stopped his hand and grabbed my pants. My top stayed on me. I got into that little piece of clothes. - I still want to paint you, remember? So do what I say and the keywords are: don't move!

- Okay, I won't move - and indeed he stayed there motionless. He was just laying on his right side and watching me.
- Good boy! - I praised him.
- I am, always, I am - he answered.

I just smiled and asked for lean his head into his right hand. He did it and just looked at me. I stepped back to the canvas and mooned about the paints a bit and then started to draw with the pencil with a little smile on my face. - You know that  to finish the painting won't be a short thing... - I noticed drawing the line which was his thigh by his sexy bottom.

- No prob - he answered. He tried to talk to me, but I was so immersed in my work that I haven't given any answers to him, so he gave it up. When I looked up from the canvas I saw he was fallen asleep.

- I could thought that this will be a bit boring for you, my darling - I whispered quietly just for me and continued the work with a fast way. The 3 quarter was already finished. I was just waiting for the oportunity to see and grab the fire in his eyes. While I was waiting for his awake I did the backgorund with the brush.

I was ready and he was still sleeping. I got up and curled to his back, embracing him. I was lying there with him in silence.

I stroked his face and body in a soft way. I just wanted to feel his skin under my fingertips.

He turned in his sleep and tucked his head into my neck while sleeping. I felt him near. Oh, so near!

I was just wondering again what have I done to deserve this from Heaven? He was sleeping so peacefully and I was there for protecting him and his dreams. I kissed his lips very softly just to taste them. My painty fingers left some fingerprints on his face and chest, but I didn't care.

I thought I would fell asleep, too, but I didn't. I couldn't get enough of him. I could stay awake the whole night just to see him breathing. I placed my palm on his heart, I didn't want to miss a beat, I counted them.

It was so unbelievable inward! The soft and strong rythm of his heart had an incredible effect on me, although he hadn't do anything, just took his deep breaths.

And from now on I stop writing down my whirling emotions as being something undescribable. Words are just tokens, fake things. Can't describe your feelings properly, didn't even get near to it. Gave given, drive driven. All I knew that I was immensely happy with him.

But after a while - I don't know how much time -, he took a deep breath which made my neck goose-fleshed and said something what I couldn't understand.
- What did you say, darling?
- Just that you've a great scent - he muttered again with a sleepy expression.

- You mean my skin, hair?
- Your whole being. Fragnant, hmm. I am a sensual type of a man and I like it like hell.

- Hmm... it's strange. I'm addicted to good smells too. Anyway I have a question for you.
- Just say it.
- I'm nearly finished with my work, but I need your eyes. I mean I need that you get back to the pose and watch me. Only your wonderful green eyes has left. Have you got any mood to help me finish the painting? - I stroked his face with my painty hands.

- Anything you want. I do it for you, sure. Can I have a look at it after, can I?
- Of course you can.
He laid to his previous position and was looking at me with piercing eyes. I had to watch at it, examine his glance so I kept a close eye-contact with him. He was smiling, with such a nice smile, I thought he was the most perfect creauture ever was created. I was lost in his eyes, they just kept me captive.
- Why don't you paint, dear? - he asked, though I saw on his smile he knew the exact answer to his own question.

- You know exactly why... - I returned from my dreamworld and tried my best with the brush. After a few nerve-racking minutes I was ready. I looked at my work with critical eyes, but after all I was satisfied with my work. - I'm ready my dear, but I've told that I like graphics better. I love to detail the pic with the pencil, but this one goes quite well too, I think. Come, take a look!
He stood up with his naked and perfect body and came to me while I tried to clean my hands with a clout.

- Wow, it's pretty - he said with a smile - welldone, you definietly have a hand for painting - He examined the pic for minutes, I become a bit nervous. - Baby, would you be so kind and present me with this painting as a gift? Can I have it dear? I like it a lot.
I sighed in relief - Anything you want David, anything.

- Would it be okay if I paint a pic for you in return?
- Oh, yes, that would be nice.

- Then choose something what you want.
- It's egal for me. I like your painting style, so I entrust it on you - I smiled. I was quite happy that he liked my painting. - But I'll ask something from you. Can I have a copy or a photo about my work? I always take some of my arts if I give them away.

- Sure, you can have one. My subject, let's see... It would be you! Now, let me see you stripped, I want an akt.

- You really want for me to watch myself naked on the wall for the rest of my life? - I smiled.
- Just think about who has given you that painting.
- Hmm... you've right. But I have bad news for you - I started smiling, and began to paint with my finger a little sun with yellow paint on his chest.
He looked down. - What again?
- You must strip me, 'cause my hands are all dirty... - I replied with a hot shining in my eyes.

- I don't think it would be a prob, not at the least - he answered to me and was unbuttoning the shirt on me, so swiftly. He sure has great practise in it. Then came my pants and knickers, and here I was naked again. He held me in his arms. - Now you are naked - he said.
- And u2.
- Yepp, me too. So?
- Damn, David, I want you again. I seemingly can't have enough of you!

- And is it a problem?
- No, I don't think so - I spun my hands around his shoulders and kissed him with desire. - But can you hold it? - I smiled as I licked my own lips.
- What kind of question is this? - he grabbed my bottom hard and pulled me towards him. I could felt his interest.
- Good answer - I smiled and kissed him once again, but after it I pulled my hands back.
- What are you doing?
- I just want to please you, to show more intrest... - I replied while I kneeled down before him.

- Just how easy it is to please me - he sang it to me - Something so simple, something so trivial makes me a happy man can't you understand?
- You know, I love this song of yours, I love it. Now David, let's make some serious job here.

- Then do it! I won't detain you - he stroked my face as he stared into my eyes. I looked back at him as my fingers reached their destination again. He sighed.
- After you paint me, Dave my darling, I'll share you one other though which I always wanted to do with you... - I whispered, and put him softly into my mouth.

- What it would be, what you always wanted to do with me? I am, UHUh, cu...ri..ous..Hey, babe, you do it right, you know?

- I've been told that I'm good in this - I smiled a bit looking up at him as my fingers ran wild. I liked his balls quick and started to speak again: - Anyway I want to do with you nothing special. It's just a little dream of mine, maybe uninteresting for others, but for me...

- Share it for me right now, if it's possible, 'cause it's bugging my mind.

- Then it'll bug your mind. It's not the time to tell it till we're done - I replied and sucked his member hard and passionately left his breath inside him, as I started to tease myself as well a bit with my free hand. He noticed it.

- Jeez, you are killing me, you really are, oh God, do it, oh man it turns me on even more. Show me more, would you?

- If you cleave to it... - I answered and looked up again with my cloudy eyes.
- Oh yes, I do! I want it!
- Then watch... - I whispered and bowed my head a bit backwards as my fingers started to move faster between my own legs in the same time while my other hand was still moving on him. I gave a louder moan.

He was standing there frost to the place and watching me. To tell the truth, it was the most exciting thing him watching me while I was playing with myself. He hasn't beared no more, kneeled down in front of me and helped me too, but asked me not to stop it myself. I was loosing the thin string I held with reality, Dave's hand in me, mine on him and the other is… I started to slide to the floor, feeling owerwhelmed by my emotions and the intense sexual stimulation. Dave went mad, he wanted more, he lifted my hip and started licking me inside out very heavily and fast and  my first spasm of climax shook me and there they came in a line one after the other. He did moved his hands, but then he took them out and was ramming in and was pushing my limits of sense and his body hard into mine....

I screamed loud from joy and felt that I'll come again! Amazing what he can do! He was still kneeling and holding my hip strong. But his movements where stronger. I thought he'll tear me apart right there on the floor. I think my little action on myself was too much for him... But I enjoyed the consequences in a loud way, and tried to chock myself with my arms, but it was useless. I thought it would be better to torture "him" a bit more... My back hurted, but I didn't mind it. I continued my little game. First I grabbed my breasts while I was looking into his eyes, then one of my hands moved down again to reach my most sensitive point between my legs.

Yeah, that's right, he encouraged me while staring and I continued the show he wanted. I owed him for those rare moment in my life when I felt pure joy. Him on stage.
- Let me entertain you - I said.
He didn't answer, just stared, the way only a male can stare a female when wanting her like mad.

I moaned and sighed in a way which I know makes men crazy. I licked my forefinger and stroked my hard nipple with my oozy fingertip. I loked at him with flames in my eyes. Then my hand from between my legs went on the place where his hard member starts which was moving in me at that time, then I stroked his sensitive skin with tenderness.

- It feels good, yeah, it is good, grab me baby, grab me, that's right, harder, more harder, uhhh!!!

And I did it. Sometimes I moaned again, but I concentrated on my task too. And I've found his hurdle. A very sensitive part of his body. I knew that he had had a piercing there earlier. I started to stroke it and waited for his reaction.

Which came very soon. He was turning his head from side to side and was shaking in and his full body was trembling and he was moaning and sighing and shouting my name in the end. Now, I knew... Wonders do happen.

I was fucking proud of myself! It hasn't disturbed me eighter that I couldn't reach the border with him. I was happy because I was able to brought on such a big joy for him. I wached the mops on his face after he reached his limits.

He was sweating excessively, drops of sweat was falling from his forehead, he was panting rhytmically and by now the feautures of his face was milded after the extreme tension. Both of his hands were placed on my shoulder and I felt his hands shaking. He lifted my chin with one hand.

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