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WrongSideOfTown - Other world
WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2007.06.24. 08:46

Chapter 7



- So? Do you want me to have sex with you now?
- Oh God yes. If you are feeling better, of course.

- We'll see it while I'm pleasing you, ok?
- Hmm... this sounds intresting - he smiled.
- I thought - I bit him on the neck.

- Oh., I missed your touch so much - he sighed - I couldn't really got you out of my mind trough recent months. Continue it, do it, just do it!

I smiled and did it. He moaned louder with every little bite I gave.

I loved watching him enjoying the things I did with him. He was lost in the sensations I gave to him. He closed his eyes and slowly descended onto the bed pulling me with him.

He was like a therapy for me. I felt myself a bit better from his scent. Amnazing! I unbuttoned his black shirt really slowly while my teeth tortured his delicate skin.

He leaned back even more, forming a living arch, to free more area for me to bite. He immensly enjoyed it. I was still not convinced that I should bite deeper, but he demanded it.

I felt his flesh between my teeth. He wanted it even more harder. I didn't want it, but I did. His blood came red as wine under his skin.

- Lick it down, if you want, don't be shy!
And I tasted his blood, licking it with my tongue. To my surprise I liked its taste.

- You're tasty, my dear... I think I'll be a vampire in the future when I'm with you... - I smiled and gave a quick kiss on his sensitive mouth.

- Tasty? I should be careful what I ask from you! Come here, closer, I want to give you some joy myself, you haven’t had anything like that for long months darling. Come and I make you come in a sec - he licked his lips.
- Let's see what you've got... - I smiled and let him to do with me what he wanted.

He took me into his arms and kissed me eagerly all over my body while he started stripping me.

I laid calm on my back and started to sigh quietly. It felt really good. His mouth and kisses were tenderly. I felt another feeling in my stomach, and it wasn't bad. The tought that we were there 3 at that moment, brought a smile on my face. I stroked his hair while he gave kisses on my chest unbuttoning my shirt. The taste of his blood was still in my mouth.

I was amazed how tender he could be. I haven't experienced this side of his. He slowly reached my belly and went lower and lower and inside with his tongue and I started having the feeling that was oh so long forgotten, I was at the brink of orgasm.

- How can you... - I moaned as my body was moving a bit on his tongue's rythm. My fingers held his hair stronger. It was absolutely amazing what he did. - Oh... my God... Dave!

- I knew you were missing me - he said smiling a bit arrogantly and sweetly of course - You just couldn't forgotten how good it felt, could you?
- No, noooooooo, I....couldn't..Dave, love, go on, don't talk too much!
- Mmmmmm...Baby, come, come, I am waiting for ya...

He stopped speaking till I reached the border with his wild tongue-movements. I screamed out his name really loud. I missed touches like these for a long time... since he was gone.... I missed him! Yes, and I was so happy that he pleased me at last. After I reached the climax, he continued his tongue's movements a bit, and looked up at me. The sight was unbeliveable. His face between my legs again! And his piercing green eyes... OMG!

I knew I loved him, all right. But it was only now that I realised how much! I already felt we are a family and I knew he felt something similar, too. The way he was worrying for us, the will to take care of us, his, our was really moving. I didn't really trusted anything like this could happen when I called him and now, now.... He put his weight tenderly on me and he entered very slowly and started moving gently as he was moaning in his fierce desire for me.

I pulled his face down to me and gave gentle kisses on his lips. My hands stroked his naked bare skin softly. It was so beautiful... This harmony... I scented the odure of his beloved body, played with his tongue with closed eyes, and enjoyed his soft attention. He mesmerized me again.

He was so unbelievably gentle, I think he didn't want to disturb his child if he/she was sleeping.

And his moves were like this till the end as we reached the border again but this time... together.

Then he caressed me and started to make a confession which almost made my heart stop beating.
- I love you - he said simply, but one could write volumes about the intense look in his eyes.

I just looked at him and couldn't say a word. I caressed him tightly and buried my face into his neck. My tears rolled down again... from happiness. I hugged him for long minutes and wished to stop time.

I nested myself into his strong arms and put my head on to his shoulder. Before I realized it I was sleeping. I didn't know it, but Dave himself couldn't. He was watching me and caressing me for a long time. A rather sad, but still happy smile was on his face.


It was a great feeling to wake up in his arms although it was too early. I was watching him sleeping for a while, after it I put my robe on and left the room for a glass of water. I had a little heartburn in my stomach, but I felt myself quite well - for a long while.
I was staring out from the window, looking down to the street. The sun was rising slowly and gave a beautiful lightplay on the sky and the clouds. I always lived here. It was my mother's house. Moving away was a big step for me albeit I didn't say it to Dave.

- Hey. Can't you sleep hon? - I felt two warm hands on my shoulders and a kiss on my neck. Then a firm hold around my waist and more kisses on my neck. It was immense pleasure having the man I loved doing things like this.
- No, I can't. I was thinking about the upcoming events, the baby, the labouring and stuff. I am pretty scared.
- Don't be, I stand beside you, help you. I am with you.
- I am still afraid of so many things. Like leaving my home forever.
- I create you a new home, not as lonely as this.
- Dave! And I am so scared of...Well, you are married and...

- It's natural that you're afraid of the whole situation, but don't do it. I've told you that I'll fix everything, including this stuff - he said thinking about his marriage - Everything will be fine. Jen won't know anything... at any rate in the beginning.
- But...
- There's no "but" or "if".
- But, Dave! - I turned my head back to catch his eyes - I don't want to cause any problems in your marriage, or anything like that.
-Well, I think it's too late having thoughts like this - he noted and caressed my tummy from the back.
- Dave.
- Hey baby, I know that this is my name! You shouldn't repeat it over and over again. We should face whatwever would come and we should face it together. I told ya we are not that close with Jennifer anymore. We respect each other, but I'm afraid the flame has gone. Gone for a long time and seems it won't really come back. I tried it to bring it back. She tried it to bring it back. Dunno, magic dissapeared in the crowded days of hers and mine. Hers mainly, as I told ya she works a lot. Seemingly she is always working.

- Sorry - I said quietly and I stroked his hand on my tummy. I was still thinking about that maybe the baby and me are just another unexpected part of this story, and maybe we stir it one more time... But I stayed silent about these thoughts of mine - I didn't want to hurt you. I trust you, and I accept what you plan, no matter what. I'll be happy there... sure.

- I hope so dear, you kinda grew to me. Think u'd better pack your things, then I don't know, what are you gonna do?
- Get somebody to take care of the house and dunno, nothing, just being with ya and enjoying your company. I'll pack just the most necessary things first. My friend'll take care surely after my flat - I smiled a bit sadly. - You know, leaving never was easy for me - I felt his arms around me a bit more tightly.
- Yes, you've said - he whispered into my ear - But you'll harden to NY soon. It's a great and intresting city. You can do a lot of things there. And I'll help you of course.
I smiled while I was starig down at the street again, then after a minute I said:
- Wanna something for breakfast?

- Yes, I do. Baby, me, always hungry.
- Feed the beast, right? What you wanna luv?

- Just something simple but rich.
- Some scrabled eggs? I love it, and maybe now I can eat too - I turned between his arms and gave him a little smile.
- Perfect.
- You can have a shower during if you want.
- Thanks, hon. It would be good.
- Then serve yourself. There's everything in the bathroom - I gave him a quick kiss.

And I was right I could have eaten up a whole supermarket now. He made a healing effect on me. We ate like hungry animals and he drank as much coffee as he could. I didn't want to bother our lovely child so I drank only orange juice.

- God, this was the best omelette I’ve ever ate - he said with filled stomach.
- Don't say, Dave!
- But it was, it was...
I smiled at him, and stood up to put away and wash the plates.
- Have you planned something for today? I mean while I'm packing.

-Yes, helping you.
- Not necessary, really!
- Ok, I confess, I want to be with you.

- Hm. That's good to hear, you know? - I answered while dishwashing.
He just stood next to me and stroked with his forfinger my naked upper arm.
- And I want to bring you to a doctor.
- Dave...
- No disagreement! I'm strick in this question.
- Alright... - I shighed.
- That's my girl.

- When Dave?
- He is waiting for us at twelve, so I think we should hurry up!

He called a cab and after crawling through the traffic jams of midday Budapest the car stopped in front of The Kaáli Institute, the poshest gynocological and maternal private hospital in Hungary.

- Is this really necessary? - I asked while I looked up at the building.
- Yes. I want the best for you two. Let's go in - he grabbed my hand and lead me into the hospital.

I wasn't even surprrised when Prof. Kaáli greeted us when we entered the main hall.
- I was waiting for you Mr. Gahan - he said - Please, do enter.
- Thank you professor.
- We do all the necessary tests and the examination right now and analyze them, you got the results in two hours.
- You are so very kind.
- Well, it's nothing. And of course we keep your privacy.
- Thank you again professor. We are forseeing our up-coming child with great expectations and we are worried because of the symptoms I mentioned you. We don't want to see any trouble to come.

- Of course. That's natural. Then please come after me - he asked and led us to the examination room. Before we entered, he turned back to Dave with a little smile on his face - Don't worry, Mr. Gahan, she will be in the best hands.
- I know, doctor.
Then we entered the room.

When in the room he examined me thoroughly while Dave was watching me with a rather worried face. It hit me that he was truly worried and amazingly he really loves me. Dunno how, but he loves ME. And whatever he said about equality I felt damned grateful. When by bloodpressure and blood was taken another doc entered and asked us to follow him in to the neighbouring room. We did and he ordered me to lay down to the couch with my tummy naked. AND THEN.......
There it was, OUR BABY!!! Its figure was clear on the UH diagnostic equipment's screen. It was barely more than a bunch of now organised tissue, was about, we were told 8cm tall and we could see its head and the line of its back. - Natalie, Mr. Gahan, do you see this tiny organ pulsing? It is the baby's heart.
And we, parents-to-be melted. Now I felt his hand caressing my face and whispering to me:
- Thank you my love, thank you for this wonderful present you are giving me. I love you both.

- I thank you, Dave! You know how important is for me this little life and of course you - I whispered back with tears of joy in my eyes.
- Yes, I know - he said and kissed me tenderly.
Then we were watching the screen for several minutes, while the doctor captured and printed the first photo from our little one. I smiled, as the tears were runnig down from my face. I was so undecrible grateful and happy! I was just stroking the photo and after I could dress and sit up, my tummy too. I looked at Dave with piercing eyes and shaped with my mouth: - I love you two, too!


The next two hours were spent with mere waiting. Waiting for the test results. Finally Prof. Kaáli came out to the hall with a bunch of paper in his hand.

Dave jumped up and I saw the excitement on him. I slowly followed his example and turned to Dr. Kaáli.
- What are the results? - Dave asked.

- No need to worry, no need to worry. Most things are perfectly normal, except the level of the hormon progesteron, which is higher. This hormon is responsible of the embrio's staying in the womb, and susteining the perfect enviroment for its growing, but also it could cause acute nausea in susceptible patients or, err. mothers-to-be. After the month 4 its level would be drastically drop and thus the nausea would cease immidiately.

- Thank goodess! - he said.
- These are good news - I smiled a bit - It seems that I'm one of the susceptible patiens. See, Dave, I've told you, that there' no problem.

- I am relieved - he answered.

- Alright, dear - I hook on him - Now we can finish the stuffs around my leaving.
He beckoned, but I think he was still thinking about something, holding the picture in his hand.
- And thank you, Dr. Kaáli for your time and the picture and efforts.
- It was nothing. That's my job, Natalie.
- Anyway, thank you again - they shaked their hands and we said goodbye.
Several minutes later we were sitting in the back of a cab. He was still holding the pic, but he was staring out of the window.
- What are you tinking about? - I asked him quietly.

- What? - he looked up startled.

- What were you thinking about? – I  repated my question - Would you share it with me?

- What are you saying? - he asked again absent mided.

- Nothing, darling, sorry for bothering you - I stroked his hand which was holding the picture and this time I looked out of the cab.

- Baby, I take you home and I should leave you alone for a couple of hours, okay?
- Alright. I have enough to do.
- Right, I'll be back about 3 hours before we should be off for the check in to the airport.

I beckoned and stroked his upper arm with a little smile on my face. I knew that this wasn't a light situation for the both of us, but I hoped we could handle it.

After we arrived home, he left me alone and I started to pack my things.

I soon realised I can't pack my whole flat into two suitcases. I had to sort the items packed out. It seemed impossible. But I knew, oh so well, nothing's impossible.

While I was packing again, I was thinking about this situation again. I knew that the picture from our baby was still by Dave. When I was ready, I drank an orange juice and looked around my flat. It was still strange that I must move abroad, into New York, which wasn't my favourite city, but I felt curiosity. I was standing in the living room and staring Dave's painting about me on the wall, while I was stroking my tummy softly. I never thought that I would be in a situation like this, that I'll be in a contact with my favourite hero like this.
I went back to my bedroom and finished the packing. After it I laid down to the bed, 'cause I felt myself a bit tired. Soon I fell asleep.

When I awake he was already sleeping by my side. The Uh photo still in his hands. I knew being a father is important to him, still I never thought it could happen to us.

I was just watching him sleeping for several minutes. I felt that it wasn't somehow right. Who am I to join his life? I know that I would cause some problems although he says he’s happy too. Have I right to disturb his life? Sometimes I hated myself and my anxieties.
I held his right hand very slowly and put it on my tummy. I wanted to feel the warmth of his hand, and give an extra touch for our child. It amazed me still... I think I'm a too sensitive kind... But that's who I am...

I was absorbed in my thoughts which were running wild in my head and hasn't noticed when he opened his eyes. Now, he was watching me with inquisitive eyes.
- You shouldn't worry, Nat. I know you do. But shouldn't. I spent the last couple of hours with organising our life together.

- ..and was thinking about the baby... - I amended.
- Yes. It's a strange but good feeling to be a father again. I was thinking about, and it came in how I missed this feeling. So you really don't need to worry.
- OK, OK, just please forget this theme. Please tell me our timetable - I said and nested myelf into his arms.

- Well, here, it won't be actually that easy. I mean I never want to but I had to lie, again. I called Jen and informed her that I won't be home for a couple of days yet. I hate myself, but I am loving you. And I want to spare her too from unwanted pain. Though I am not sure if she would even care. Maybe she doesn't love me anymore at all. She never says. Never at home. Should I care at all? It would be a much more straight thing to live with you openly from day one. This is what I want. I want to escape from my lukewarm marriege, but I don't dare to. Well, we are not debating much, just don't really care anymore. Living separete lives in one common flat. When we will be in NY I will call her to meet and I would tell her about us and about these unbearable conditions in our marriege. She should love me or hate me, but I hate that she doesn't care about me at all.

I was just laying there quietly. I never thought that there are problems like these in his marriage.
- I know well how it is when someone doesn't care about somebody. I'm so sorry, that your marriage... you know what I mean - I ended it quick, didn't want to hurt him.

- It hurts, yes. But I can't help it, can I? I tried and failed. Failed, as usual. I just couldn't make her happy in the longterm. Baby, so good you love me that much - he sad with a sad smile on his face. You would need plenty of love and patience if we would live together. I am a fuckin dork, screwing up everything.

- I don't mind. I'll love you no matter what. And I will need love too. I never had enough from it - I smiled, and kissed him tenderly.

- It's so good to hear that you accept me the way I am. I hope I won't screw up it with you too. Are you ready to, kinda live with me? Me, who'd have black days, more than bright ones, much more older than you and won't be home too much? Won't be lonely by my side? Would you love me?

I held his face into my hands and looked at him sirious.
- I am ready. I'm ready since we first met. Everybody has got black days, I know it from first hands. But I won't be alone. I'll be with our baby, I'll be with you no matter where you'll be. I'll stand behind you and try to give you what you need. Support, safety and love.


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