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WrongSideOfTown - Other world
WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 14

Chapter 14

  2007.07.15. 15:51

Chapter 14



Next day a strange voice woke me up. Mia was crying!  It was the first time in my life when our hungry baby's voice woke me up. Dave was already nestling her. I smiled at them and took her from his hands. I felt I was still in a bubble not knowing anything about the world just the two of them. She was out from my body and she'll have visitors today.
- Dave, did you call Martin and Andy?

- No. They called me! Who told them, I still don't know.
- Dave dear, would you hold Mia while I take a shower?
- Yeah, alright.
I slowly with much difficulty got up and with small steps I went out to the bathroom.
- Do you need any help? - he asked.
- Now, I can manage it. What the guys told ya?
- Mart said it's great it's a girl.
- Not a big wonder, she has two.
- Natalie, we are a big family now. You see, I've got four kids now. I always wanted to have a big family. I've got three siblings too.
- Daddy! Daddy! Where's Mia? - asked Stella-Rose as she entered the room with a sleepy face - Uh, Dad, it's just 5:45 am, she woke me up, crying so loud!
- Yeah, she is hungry.
- Natty will feed her, right?
- Yes.
- Can I stay and watch?
- Of course, Dear - I answered as I moved from the bath as fast as a slow motion picture.

- Does it hurt, Natty? - she asked worried as she sat on the bed. It touched my heart.
- Just a bit, Rosie, don't worry, I'll survive it. So you wanna see how your lil sis eat?
- Yep! - she smiled.
I took Mia from Dave's  hand,  - after I came back from the shower -  He stroked Rosie's face and pulled her into his lap with a smile on his face.
- Then watch. She's really hungry now, I think - and I gave her one of my breasts. She inmediately found the food - See? She knows what's good for her.
- I see - she smiled then she looked up - Daddy, did I do the same when I was so little?

- Yes Rosie, you did. Your mummy breastfed you just like Natty feeds Mia.
- Oh, and when I stopped eating like this?
- When you were nine months old, after it you had babyfood and milk and cocoa and oatmeals and stuff.
- Dad, if I'd be a grown up I want a baby too.
- Sure dear. It's good being a mummy.
- Can I call mummy?
- Yes, honey, here - answered Dave and handed her his cell.

I was just sitting there with Mia and smiled at Dave, and watched as Rosie called Jen. I was curious what she wanted to tell her.

- Hey, Mum, Hi. Have you any plans for today with Bobby? No, can you come over a bit I want to ask something, is it possible, that.......
And I haven't heard more, ’cause Rosie went out from the room, covering the phone with her hand. Dave stepped to me.
- Nat, is it okay if she would come over?
- Oh, yes. I still have to thank her for her helpful assistance.

I've never thought that she could do a thing like this - he added.
- Neither I did. Maybe you couldn't find every aspect of her talents throuh these years.. Oh, sorry... I didn't want to hurt you - I looked up at him with apologize in my eyes.
- No, you're right. And anyway in need one can show hidden abilities - he shrugged.
I nodded and turned back to Mia with a smile on my face. She finished eating, and Rosie came back too.
- Thank you, daddy - she gave back the cell to its owner, who suddenly lifted her up and turned around with Rosie in the air. The little girl was laughing, then Dave stopped.
- What did you say to mummy, hm?
- It's a secret - she smiled- I will zip my mouth. Daddy, don't be so curious, or you'll be grow old very fast! - she frowned.

- This is the last thing daddy wants, am I right? - he turned to me.
- Absolutly true. We want a forever young daddy, right, Rosie?
- Yeah, right. But daddy is still young…
- I am, yes! Who dared to doubt it? - he asked Rosie tickling her. She was laughing happily. Even Mia enjoyed her family around her. She was smiling for herself and gave funny noises.

Half an hour later Jen arrived and I thought this is the right time to thank her all her kindness and help.

- You don't need to thank, Nathalie. I think, you'd have done the same thing if I had been you.
- Yes, that's true, but however... thank you so much again! Maybe alone I'd...
- No, don't have thoughts like this! Everything's alright, so don't worry. I was glad  I could help you. And how is she?
- She's fine, thanks - I smiled - And I heard that she gave her first smile to you!
- Oh... well yes. She surprised me - she smiled - She was so sweet.
- She likes you, Jen... and so do I. Want to hold her? - I asked and gave Mia to her.
- Well... yes... thanks - she said a bit embarassed.
I could see on her that she was thinking.

- David! - called the proud father Jennifer - I'd like to take Rosie somewhere if you don't mind. She took something into her little mind and wanna do it, but being small she needs some help.
- Okay, okay. You take and bring her as you like. If she wanna stay at you, that's fine by us. I am happy Jen, that we... we have good relations like this!
- So do I. So do I. Okay Stella-Rose, take your coat and let's go!

Jenny gave Mia back to Dave  and led Rosie out with a little smile on her face. She was still thinking about how nice Nathalie is. She said to her that she likes her. Jen never tought that this could be possible. She tought Nat'll be jealous because of the common past betwen her and Dave, but she wasn't like that. She seemed open, honest, symphatetic and nice. The perfect woman for Dave, huh?
She followed her daughter with her toughts in her mind. She was happy David has a woman like this. She still had Dave in her heart. Not as a husband, but as a friend. A friend, well... She missed him a lot, despite she was loving her new partner Bobby. He was loving and trustable, always cheerfull and....a bit boring in comparison with Dave. And though he was OK in bed, she just couldn't forget making love with Dave. - Oh David - she sighed a small one as she was getting into the car.

- So what'll you do till your mom arrives? - I asked Dave when there was just the 3 of us again.

- I order some stuff for our household and food and pop in to see Jimmy, he misses me a lot. But I'll be back in two, three hours. Will you be okay or should I call a nurse to keep an eye on you?
- No, no. Well be fine. Mia is sleeping now for hours.
- Oh, sure - yawned a big David -, the little creature of the night. She was "singing" all night long.
- She knows a singer has to keep her/his voice in shape and to achieve this she should practise a lot.
- She won't be a singer, right? An accountant, maybe, sounds nice for me.

- What?? An accountant? Are you kidding? If she inherited my math skills that's impossible! I was always a stupid donkey from math! - I gave him a shining smile.
- Really? I don't really remember how I was with maths. It was ages ago.
- Nah, not that long ago..
He smiled at me. - Believe me it WAS ages ago. Anyway I was often off from school. Ya know, pals, parties, smoking..
- And stealing a motor...
He laughed silently.
- So ya know this story, too? You were a big DM fan then, am I right?
- I'm still a fan, but now from a different view. A VERY different view - I smiled - I'm your devotee now because of  my burning love for you and not just because of the fan-thing. And you gave me a much better life. You've shown me how I can be alive again. I'm not all alone anymore... and you can't imagine how much it means for me... - I said calmly with watery eyes.

- Still a fan. Sweet devotee of mine and the mother of my child. Sounds interesting, like a romantic novel.
- David, my love, IT IS a romantic novel.
- With a happy end, right? I love you guys, I just love you - and he gave us a hug.
- Careful, careful - I warned him - You would make her sleep if you awaken the lil one!
- Okay, it was enough in the night, she is really angelic when sleeping - he gave me a kiss - And demonic when screaming. I'll be back in no time, take care!

I smiled again and put Mia into her little bed really carefully and covered her lil body with a blanket. Dave was about to leave but I went after him.
- Dave! - I called his name when his hand was already on the doorhandle.
- Yes? Do you need something from the groceries?
- No, I just need another kiss - I smiled from the door and he hurried inmadiately to me and gave a longer kiss then previously.
- Nah, off you go - I whispered with a merry face - Jimmy is waiting for you.
- Yeah, bye luv.
And he left. I sighed and slowly went to the kitchen to drink and eat something. It was still difficult to move around the house. I had a tuna sandwich with a quick salad and plenty of hot tea. I was always thirsty. Then had a shower and put mine and Dave clothes to the washing maschine. I loaded the dishwasher and by the time I was ready Mia was crying again. Changed her nappies and fed her. Fortunately, she was a good girl and after having fed she went on sleeping.

I was just watching her. She was really outside! And a real beauty! I couldn't believe that I gave birth  to her. So soon. I was a mother now! This is what I wanted. Always. But now it was a bit scary. I have now many responsibilities. But when I looked at her, my fears faded away. I was actually very happy... and very tired still. I've decided to sleep a bit, till Mrs. Gahan and Dave arrives. My dreams came in a sec after my head reached the pillow.


I was sleeping in bed beside the cot when all the others arrieved. They stood around the cot. I opened my eyes and greeted them. The big secret was out now. Rosie took her little collected money and bought a nice present for her lil sis.

I smiled and slowly sat up.
- What did you brought for Mia, dear? - I asked Stella.

- Natty, look, she said and showed me her hands!

- Oh My God! This is so beautiful! Oh, it's so nice from you, darling! - I smiled as she put the fragile thing into my hands.
- It's not a big surprise, but I give it with love to my lil sis! - she smiled.
- Don't say! It's wonderful! She'll like it later. This is your first present for Mia, it's so sweet from you! Thank you, Rosie! - I said and looked down on the butterfly-winged glassfairy, which was coloured with vivid coloures.
- It's not from my collection. It's new from a shop where a nice lady save the fairies for me. We often go there with mum. She  always finds us something new. And now I saw this one and bought it from my pocket money to see Mia smiling! - she added with a shiny smile.

- Thank you dear, thank you.

I was moved. Rosie was so sweet. Altough she, like us couldn't really grab much sleep because of Mia's miaowing, she's never complained. Jimmy was there to, making funny faces for Mia who was investigating him with a rather serious look on her face.
- Jen, will you stay for a while if I ask you nicely?
- Sure, Dave, dear, sure.
- Okay then, I have to go and collect Mum from the airport. Kids don't wear Mia and Nattie out. You two girls - he winked at us -, maybe have a subject to chat, like kidraising and stuff.

And off he went cheerfully.
- He looks so happy - noted Jennifer to me.

- Yeah, he is I think. And so am I beside my tiredness.
- That's natural. I mean the tiredness. You'll be like that for some more days. And after it Mia'll provide it with her cries. Sleepless nights rulez! - she smiled.
- Yes, I know. But I don't mind - I looked at the kids. Mia was still in her little bed, and the other two were standing there and were entertaining their lil sis. We could talk with Jen silently sitting on the bed. - I don't know if Dave'd mentioned it, but... the doctors said to me, years ago, that I can't have a baby. And now… Mia is here. That's why I'm so happy and that's why I don't care if I can't sleep at nights and I have some pains. That's why I love Dave so much. He gave me the biggest present of my life, which I always wanted to have. And this is why I was so scared how he or you'll react on these news. I've known that he was married to you, and I'm sorry that we  cheated on you, among other things.
- Don't feel yourself bad because of this. I've always known that he cheated on me, not for once - she shrugged - I wasn't an angel myself. That's past now. And I can understand now better how important Mia and Dave are for you.
- Thank you, Jennifer. I must thank you for many things. Now I feel myself very happy, cuz when my hands reach out, I'm never alone. In Hungary I was alone. Always. But now I feel myself whole.
- Nat, you're a nice woman. Dave'll be happy by your side, that's for sure. So please don't torture yourself with the past. What had happened it happened. Now we are in another state in our life.
- Yeah, on a higher level.
She nodded and looked down at her hands.
- Can I ask how do you do? I mean with your new partner.
She smiled a bit.

- Oh fine, just fine. Robert is nice and he is always there. I mean, it's a secret, shh - she leaned to me -, he lets me drive him, I have quite a strong personality and it's easier this way. He does everything I want. You know, the type brings down the stars for you, he loves me so much! I never really could drove Dave, he has a strong personality too. And because this we had serious debates. But I loved him truly.
- Of course you did, Jen - I lifted my gaze at her -, of course you did. He never said anything else.
- Right. He is so honest and a real fairplayer. This won't be a problem with you, ’cause as I see, you let him drive and he loves it.
- Yes, I think. It's good sharing responsibilities. He make decisions instead of me, so I shouldn't bother. I know he always wants the best for us. I trust in him enterily.
- Yeah, it's kinda natural as he is much older than you. How did you two met Natty?

- Hah, it wasn't a simple story... And anyway, it never disturbed me that he's 16 years older - I shrugged.
- You made me curious, so please tell me your story.

- It happened all of an accident. David was with an old friend of mine, they came to Hungary for an uncleared issue, some health problems of Dave. He had an unceasing fever and his friend and doc Pron happened to be my ex. And he asked me a favor, to get out Dave from the threatening carantene from the airport, as they thought he had SARS, he was coughing and had fever, they were scared. As I had the chance with some networking I rescued him, saved him from the four weeks carantine. And then, his charm began to work you know..
- I do, I do know it - she smiled.

I smiled back. We heard a sudden happy voice and in the next sec Rosie was in her mother's neck.
- Mummy, mummy!
- What's dear?
- Mia smiled at me! Jimmy's tries were useless, she smiled at ME! - she laughted happily.

- Oh, you girls! You are tend to bond together - said Jimmy - But I tried hard, look how she is looking at me. They went back to the cot and we continued our little chatting.


After a while Rosie started to play with Fluffy who was in the other room, and was still at Jimmy because of Mia and my weakness. We heard the dog's happy barks. And after maybe an hour Dave came back with his mother. It seemed that Dave and Mrs. Gahan were having a deep conversation about something and I saw a little excitement on Dave's mom. Probably she wanted to see her youngest grandchild at the earliest possible moment.

She greeted all of us, came to me with Dave, who introduced me and she gave me a hug. She greeted Jen with a broad smile and the kids ran to her.

- Granny, granny! Mia smiled at me, she smiled at me! And at mummy too! - started Rosie with an excited voice - C'mon, c'mon look at her! - she grabbed her hand and after Mrs. Gahan hugged Jimmy too, she stepped to Mia's bed, where she moved her small hands and looked into the world with her big green and grey eyes.

- Oh dear! - she sighed quietly - May I? - she looked first at her son standing next to her and then at me.
- Sure - we said in the same time and smiled.
She carefully took Mia into her hands. She gave out a little noise but remained calm in her granny's hands. - Oh my, you're so beautiful, little Mia... - she said quietly and I think I've seen tears in her eyes.
I was just sitting there smiling next to Jen, who maybe had thoughts about that once she greeted Rosie in the same way.

Mrs. Gahan stayed at us till Friday when the other members of the family arrived, too. I was at a loss a bit. So many Gahans! I was curious about Phil, cuz I've heard that his a very nice guy with a big heart, and loves his elder brother, Dave, very much.

The apartman was crowded to the full. Kids were running, women were walking with trays in their hands and everyone was Gahan. Or related. As me haven't got the name and Jen hasn't got it no more. But it clearly seemed we were one family. They treated me like one of them. It was incredible. Now, I had not only Dave but a huge family I always longed for.

Everyone had some nice words for me and for Mia. They weren't surprised or shocked by  the fact that I was his lover and now I gave birth to our daughter. All of them had a warm heart and it touched my heart.
After they went home, there was suddenly very quiet and I was just sitting there in an armchair not knowing how to handle my deep feelings. Dave kneeled infront of me.
- Wat's luv? Are you tired? We held you up too long, right?
- No... no, Dave - I said with a husky voice and I looked at him with watery eyes - I just... It can't get into my mind how nice they were. All of them. All of you. And... you know, your mother said that... from now on they are my family, too... Mine, too... - I cried quietly, and let myself to be caressed by his hands.
- Nah, luv, doncha cry - he said softly - Yes, they are your family, we are your family. You always wanted this, right?
- Right - I nodded - I just can't believe it.... after the solitude of mine. But don't worry, I'm fine. I just need to put this into the right place - I smiled with tears in my eyes - Thank you, my love - and I kissed him.
After a minute he parted from me and looked into my eyes. He smiled and stood up, cuz Mia started to cry.
I was watching quietly as he walked out from the room to bring in our baby.


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