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WrongSideOfTown - Other world
WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 20

Chapter 20

  2007.08.14. 15:44

Chapter 20


I gave a soft kiss on his chin and we changed a pander blink.
- I go and check Mia, I'm back in a minute.
- Alright - he replied with a little smile in the corner of his lips - I'll wait for you. Come back soon. I want you to be by my side - and he gave a passionate kiss too.
I nearly couldn't get free for his hand what was holding me, but I managed it. We were smiling at each other like teenagers. Then I turned away and went to the bedroom.

Mia was alright, slept like an angel. I was standing there for a while watched her while sleeping, then I went out and found Dave in conversation with Jo and Jen together. It was strange to know that both women were his wives,  he loved them, made love to them, debated with them. Things are changing constantly. Will be there a time when I have to be without his sweet love? Will he ever leave me? Will I ever leave him? - I wondered.

- Alright everyone, the dinner is ready! - I heard Jen's loud voice as she invited us to the dining room. I came back from my thoughts and replied that smile which came from Dave as he noticed me. I stepped to him.
- You're beautiful, love - he whispered as he planted a kiss on my skin.
I just smiled and we joined the other family members by the table.


The meals were fabulous, Jen was a real chef. She could cook very well. Dave noticed that she prepared all his favourite foods and he looked at Jen thankfully.
She saw, that this made David happy and she was glad that Dave noticed the effort she made.

After the dinner everyone was chatting with each other. I could well understand it, cuz some of them lived really far away and they just rarely could see each other, on occasions like this. I stood up and stroked Dave's shoulder, cuz I heard Mia's voice, she was awake as usual in this hour. On my way to the bedroom Dave's younger brother joined me. I really liked Phil who offered his help, so we had a good chatting with each other while I took Mia into my arms.

- Why did you do all of my favourite foods? - he asked quietly when he caught  that familiar scent standing on the balcony again with another cigarillo, watching the slow traffic.

- To make you happy, of course.
- You did make me happy with it. All those effort to please me!
- Yes David, I want to please you - she said and placed one hand on to his groin - I know you want it.
- Jennifer! Maybe I want it, but I won't do it all over again!

- Why not, David? - she asked quietly and grabbed him softly. He caught her wrist.
- 'Cuz I love Nat, and don't want to cause more pain to her. I think we've already talked this over, didn't we?
- Are you sure? She understands it.

- Dead sure Jen. I won't...
She grabbed him harder and he gasped. She knew well how much Dave loved the way she grabbed him. They used to have things like that, she is demanding submisson and often Dave did this little favour to her. Not this time though. Time is changing and David enjoyed himself being more or less the one who controlled his relationship with Nat. She loved that Natty surrendered herself to him completely.

But Jen... She was determined and self-confident. And he remembered how she used her abilities out when they were together. When she was the ruler, the queen in their games... And... yes he needed to confess himself that he missed it. Nat was different from Jen... so different...
- Not now - he sighed huskily.
And Jen knew she won.

- Wednesday launch time - she said.

David nodded somewhat hesitantly. And he already hated himself being that weak, driven by his very basic instincts. Jen stepped back to the room, just when I started to look for Dave. - He is on the balcony - she said and turned smiling to Phil who wanted to refill his glass. Dark shadow covered my new hopes, I was suspicious and sensed danger. And I stayed in the room sitting down on to the red coach under the enermous painting Dave made. I was sipping my Martini when Dave sat down beside me.

- What's wrong, dear? - I asked and put my free hand on his left thight.
- Uhm? Nah, nothing, I'm just a bit tired. I'm full.. What do you think about leaving and slip into our bed? I'm sleepy.
- Sounds great. We can go - I answered, but I knew him that well that I sensed something was bothering him. Maybe he was still thinking about the past days and his illness, or the medicines made this effect on him. I tucked my fears away, and kissed him softly, then I took the sleeping Mia from Dave's mum's hands and we said goodbye to everyone. He was quite quiet on the way home.


It was already Friday night and I was happy to go somewhere with my little family. I liked Kessler a lot. I liked him for he was such a good friend of Dave and besides he was a true gentleman. Blue blood in his veins, silver spoon in his mouth.

But he was withdrawn. He was always in the background, organising the band's stuffs. He liked me, I think. His modern  house was built on a hillside. The sun was shining when we arrived late afternoon. Dave was driving, I sat next to him, and Mia was sleeping in he childseat on the backseat.
- Really nice countryside - I noted.
- Yepp. And it's really quiet. I'd been here for  more than a few times.  John often invites his friends here. I think his wife is on a trip with her workmates. He hates to be alone, if I'm not wrong.
- Then let's have a nice weekend here - I smiled and got out from the car and picked Mia too.

Jonathan greeted us warmly and showed our room to us. This guestroom was a joined one, so lil Mia could sleep in peace while we were awake. We settled down, then Kesler called us to the patio for a drink. This was the first Pina Colada since quite a long time I drank and it was good. Poor Dave had to have just non-alcoholic beverages. So, I drank my drink quickly not wanting teasing him with that.

And I felt its effect on me instatntly, so my fears and problems faded. I smiled at John.
- You've got a great "little" villa. Is this house in your property for a long time? - I asked sitting opposite him, next to Dave. Mia was sleeping now in the guestroom.

- Yes, do ya like it?
- A lot. It's beautiful! I always loved the countryside.
- Still you're living in the Big Apple.
-You know Dave, there's nothing I wouldn't do for him - I answered while he handed me my second Pina Colada. Dave was inside the house having some business affair via phone. After two drinks I found Kessy rather charming and entertaining, and to my surprise he started kinda flirting with me, which I responded hesitantly. The woman EVA has awakened inside me and I responded to his every compliment, every praise he gave me.

Kessler just gave a little kiss on my hand as he congratulated, cuz I managed to keep David, when he stepped out from the house. He saw us smiling at each other, John still holding my hand.

- Jonathan, you don’t wanna rob me, don't ya wanna take my woman! Do ya? - he asked jokingly, and I haven't felt the edge in his voice. I felt myself happy and free and I smiled more on Kessy that afternoon than at the father of my child.

We had a delicious dinner together in the big dining room by candlelights. They were telling me funny stories from the tours.

I warmed up a bit and chatted freely with Jonathan. Dave told me he was rather tired and needed  some rest, so he laid down on a deckchair and he was sleeping in no time. He still had strong medicines in his body.

- I'm glad that you invited us. It's good for Dave to be in a different enviroment, a calmer one I mean - I smiled thankfully at John.
- Dontya mention it. I did things when needed to Dave in the past - he looked at him for a sec, then a smile appeared on his face - I adore you, Nat. You're a strong woman.

- Strong? Maybe. But I love him above all. It's crazy that such a love could exist! I've practically forgot my life before Dave. He and only he is existing for me. But, John, don't tell him this, okay?

- Okay, you can trust me. I just want the best for this bastard, just like you - he smiled, and I replied  - Come on, let him sleep. I know that you like to paint. I have some paintings which maybe you can appreciate. I bought them ages ago.
- Oh, of course, I'm curious - I was enthusiastic and followed him upstairs to a little gallery.

Kessler had a rich collection of fine arts, his "few Paintings" were a complete museum. He even had an original Van Gogh drawing, drawn by carbon, Potatoeaters was it's title. This was a sketch he made to the painting with the same title.

- This is beautiful! - I turned around to have a better view on the gallery - And huge! Thanks a lot for showing it! I always loved Van Gogh. And the beautiful paintings here!
- It's not a big thing - he smiled.
And we were chatting about arts for long hours. Meanwhile we went down and took a seat outside on the big balcony with our drinks. It turned out that Kessler was a smart and refined gentleman. I felt myself a bit light-headed from the drinks, but I enjoyed our chatting and his compliments.

Dave awaked at last and he was yawning and streching his body in the deck chair. He noticed us and waved with his hands. Kessler stood up and went down to him to the garden. I went to check how Mia was.

And after I fed Mia I said good night for the boys. I was a bit tired and sleepy, so I went to bed and let the boys alone to discuss whatever they wanted to talk about.

Saturday bought brilliant sunshine. Kessler offered a golf-party. David wasn't so keen in this "snob amusement" as he called it, but he said it's okay if we two want that.

So Dave stayed in the house with Mia, and watched us from the balcony with our daughter in his hands. We were a bit away, cuz John's golffield was by the leg from the small mountain whereupon his house stood. We were laughing a lot, cuz I couldn't hit the ball to the hole. Not just once. He tried to explain how should I hit the ball, but I couldn't manage from the laughing. So he stood behind me and held my hands to show the right method.

He needed to embrace me fully, I felth his breath, it tickled my neck. We were standing like that for moments, when Dave had enough and stepped to us. - Nat, can I talk with you?
- Sure.
I followed him. He headed to an artificial little lake.
- What's? - I asked as we arrived there. I was still smiling.

- What are you think you’re doing? What do you want with Jonathan?
- Pardon?
- Why do you flirting with him, huh?
- David, I don't!
- Oh, yeah, you don't. You should have seen yourself! - he hissed at me.

- Dave, I don't want anything from John. Don't be jealous. He's just a friend - I protested.
- Oh really? A friend, huh? Don't lie to me, Nat. I've seen that you were flirting! - he said with a nervy tone.
- Dave, don't start it again... - I sighed.
- Is it because he's smarter than me?
- What the fuck?! - I looked at him in disbelief.

- Or you don't like where I came from? Blue blood, ay? He is sophisticated and witty and I am not.
- David, I love you the way you are. I love you so much. Don't do this to me!

- Sorry, but I can't hide my feelings. He's a really good and old friend of mine, and I don't want you or anybody else to ruin it.
- And what does this mean? - I asked with arms akimbo.

- It means that, you'd better keep a distance from him!
- Dave, u can't order me around as I was a small kid - I said with tears in my eyes, I turned back to him and started to run toward the house.
- Oh, fuck! That's all u can do, running away! - he yelled at me.
- Dave, what is this? - asked Jonathan anxiously.

- Just stay away from my woman, John. I don't want to loose you as a friend - he said dryly.

I rammed into our room, tears flowing down from my eyes. Yes, I can just run away. And I'll do it again. He made me weak. Where was that Natalie, who survied the hardest conditions in the past? Dave reshaped me, and this was the first time, when I thought this isn't good, that I gave up a big part from myslef for him. And maybe he harnessed me out. My weak heart which was beating just for him and Mia.
I grabbed a paper and a pen and wrote a note. I apologyzed and asked him to tell John that I'm sorry, I told him that the one who has any right to be jealous is me, not him and I go home. Home, yes. Then I quickly put my and Mia's things together, and with her in my hand went out and drove home to our flat. I didn't want to see him for a while. I wanted to be alone.


I arrived home and tried to calm down. This game wasn't fair. Not at all.

I had the reason to be jealous, not him! I was the one who suffered  from his unfaithfullness! Me, not him! I was furious like a storm would be, he crossed that line he shouldn't had to. I gave all I could and he did this to me! How could he supposed that I can ever cheat on him??
I put Mia into her cot and started to crawl in the living room like an insane.

I was so hurt I think I couldn't think straight. I was furious at Dave. How did he dare to treat me as if I was his property! True, I loved him beyond all, but not at any price for sure! This was the first time since I first heard his voice that I didn't want to be with him. He went too far this time! And he talks about trust! I considered taking a flight to Hungary right now. But then, what for? I can't escape from my own feelings. I wanted revenge. He says I'm flirting with Jonathan? Right! Then maybe I should flirt with him. The bastard! He is fucking Jennifer and makes a scene about teaching golf!

I was waiting for him. I was curious when he'll come back and how he'll act. To calm myself a bit, I went for long walks with Mia in the nearby park and sometimes to the Central Park too.

On Wednesday Dave was driving in the city like a poisoned rat. He was still angry, but he couldn't think. He wanted to see Jen. Maybe he wanted a little respect or something like that. Or just to feel her skin towards his. He was a real bastard, he knew. He was waithing nearby, then Jen's boyfriend came out from the building and drove away. It was time to get out of the car and visit her.

She was waiting for him, she knew he would come. She knew him. Though her name wasn't Jennifer Sklias Gahan anymore, just Jen Sklias, he felt like Dave’s wife sometimes. She got used to it and it was still strange that she is not his spouse anymore. She knew they were love thiefs, but suddenly she wanted Dave as much as maybe never yet. She kinda fell for him again.

She knew that this was a dangerous thing, a wicked game. But she couldn't do anything against it. And maybe she didn't want to protest aginst it anyway. She opened the door. And he was standing there again. Their eyes met... again.

- Hey Jen!
- Hey, won't you come in? - and he pulled David in by grasping his neck with both hands. Dave let himself seduced by her. He wanted Jen, no mistake in it and he switched into Devil-may-care mode.

He returned Jen's greedy kisses, who was just in a red top, without a bra, and a little skirt. His hands started their way on her well-known body.
- Oh fuck! I want you so! - he said huskyly.

- I am yours, Dave dear. You said fuck? That's right! Come and fuck me! Fuck me hard! You are hard, ain't ya? - she asked teasingly as he grabbed Dave by his cock.
- Ahh, Jenny! Gimme more!

- Oh, yeah. I'll give you much more... I'll be your queen again. Remember how you loved it when I was the ruler?
- Oh, yes, yes, yes! I want my fucking pussy back again! Bring me down!
As an answer Jen bit his lips hard and started to pull Dave into the bedroom by his belt. Then she turned him, and pushed Dave on to the sheets.
- Now I'll be on the top, and you underneath - she noted as she opened his trousers and crawled over him.

In no time both of them were naked, Dave lying on his back, Jen on all fours above him, whispering sweet orders to him, so he stretched his hands forward and Jen cuffed him onto the bed posts.

- And now, sweety - she straightened herself over him - I'll give you the lesson of my nails... Do ya want it? - Jen asked, and scratched Dave's delicious skin on his stomach.
His muscles knit. For a moment it ran through his head what Nat'll say, if she discover the new wounds, but he didn't care anymore.
- Yes, Jen, yes! - he moaned as his wrists pushed against the handcuff.

He loved Jen long, red nails as they cut into his flesh, a red ribbon of his blood follows its trail. He cried out in his joined pleasure and pain. Then Jen started gave him deep, harsh bites, sucking them after she inflected wounds on his skin.

His body was under Jen's and he was moaning out loud in joy. He felt Jen's teeth deep in his flesh, and he got even harder from the sight, as she licked his blood from the wounds like a devil cat. The cuff tore his flesh, but he didn't mind it. Jen's right hand grabbed him hard, and started to move her hand on him passionately.
- Oh God! Yes... yes! - he shouted in agony while he bent his head back and felt, as Jen bit his nipple rough.

- Now, what does  this good boy want here? Wanna me riding or wanna a nice, clean blowjob? What is it you want, tell me!

- Suck me hard! Please! Torture me, dear! I beg you! - he huffed and on Jen's face a luscious smile appeared.

-With the greatest pleasure, MY DEAREST DAVE - she whispered and he grabbed his testicles harder. His piercing came to her mind. Oh what fun it was! It's a pity he took it out. When she played with that ring Dave was uncontrollable. She missed it a lot, rave-Dave, the wild one who was the master, who was the slave, or both simultenously.

She bit a bloody path down from his chest to his groin. She knew that these wounds'll last for a long time. And it recompensed her. Somehow she was happy that Dave has her marks on his body, so Nat'll see them for sure. She bent his head and licked Dave's hard member.

David was throwing his body wild as she began to suck his member, and occassionaly gave a bite on it. His wrists were bloody too and practically he was covered in blood. Jen couldn't bear it no more and hopped on him galopping toward their climax.


I was painting a new big picture to calm myself down. I was ready with the half of it. Mia's smiling face was on the painting. The background was darkgreen, and gold and black japanese punctuates framed my sweet angel's face and the rest of the picture. I was thinking about to give it as a birthday present for Dave's mum to have a nice artwork of  her youngest grandchild, although it wasn't ready yet.
But sometimes I needed to put my brush down cuz David came into my mind. I didn't know where he was. I couldn't hear any news from him since the weekend. I was still angry and woried myself sick.


At last Dave decided to go home. He left there Jen sleeping and tought he was ready to face the storm he was brewing in the last couple of days. He shrugged at the thought what would come now. He was the sailor in a small dingy in the open stormy seas, standing in the front of the boat and screaming to the raving elements, opening the shirt on his chest, waiting the lightning struck him.


I was still painting although it was late night. The three-quarter of  the picture was ready when I heard the keys in the door. I stopped and was listening how Dave came to the flat and put his things down. I stayed there, sitting behind the canvas.

I didn't move as he stepped in slowly and greeted me. I looked up at him and he sat down, not saying a word. We stayed this way awhile. Neither of us broke the uncomfortable silence. I decided not paying any attention to him. I knew I wouldn't be able to paint this night no more, so I stood up and started cleaning the brushes.

- How's Mia?
- Sleeping.
- Is she alright?
- Yes. No problems with her.
- And you?
My hands stopped, my anger rose in every sec. I slowly looked at him.

- Oh, I am just fine, thank you - I said sarcastically with sharp anger in my voice - Thank you for asking. Both of us could be dead by now, I haven't heard about you for days!

- I needed time.
- Needed time?? For what?! Dave, you haven't send me a fucking message where the hell were you! - I exploded from the anger which was in me since the weekend.

- You were the one who ran away - he noted.
- After, after what? After you accusing me that I cheat on you with Jonathan? I barely know him. We have a small child together and I cheat on you? You are the fucking cheater and lier Dave, not me!

He didn't answer but I saw now the anger in his eyes, too. I stepped closer to him.
- Where were you, Dave? - I asked in a cold tone.

- At Kessy, then I fucked Jennifer again! - he spit it in my face anger shaking him.
- Right then David. You know what you do, but you will do your business without us - I told him calmly, went to my room and picked the ready luggage up and took Mia and called a cab from her room.
Dave hadn't have a clue what I was doing, by the time he sensed something is wrong I was in the cab slowly reaching the airport in the traffic jam.

I wasn't crying. He hurt me much deeper. The arrow went straight into my soul. I felt myself so fucking cold, like an ice-queen again. I hussed Mia in my arms as I was sitting in the cab, looking out from the window without a fucking emotion in me. He really shocked me, although I could have expecting something like this. And he didn't show any guilt or regret. He was fucking satisfied after the big fuck.
I was on my way home, to my real home in Hungary, where I suffered sometimes, but no one ever hurt me like that, like him. I was fed up.

In the cab I called the airport information about flights and though I was prepared to spend the night in the hotel at the airport the employee informed me that there would be a Malév flight in 4 hours time. I booked the ticket and thanked it her.
After a couple of hours we were on our way home.



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