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WrongSideOfTown - Other world
WrongSideOfTown - Other world : Chapter 22

Chapter 22

  2007.08.29. 03:03

Chapter 22


Dave was sitting alone in his hotelroom, on the bed and practically was staring in front of him for hours, until sleep took mercy on him. The next morning the first thing he did was some shopping for Mia and Nat. He even ventured into a Tesco to get some groceries. One DM fan employee had a good day on that Monday. She even helped David to carry all the stuff he brought to his rented car. The girl was apparently so happy to see him without being to pushy that it painted a smile to his sad face.

He signed a piece of paper her, then went back to his hotel room and disappeared in the bathroom.

We woke up in a good mood with Mia. She was on all fours and woke me up when she climbed on my back with a big smile.
- Hey, lil' angel, are you feeling better? - I smiled at her and took off her stroppy body from my back. She laughed out loud, then coughed a bit.
- Ah, I see, you aren't fully recovered yet. Well, are you hungry dear? Should mummy give you something to eat?


Dave arrived shortly after we had breakfast and he showered us with presents. He was so cute, wanted to make up for all the trouble he made, like a small boy, again. He brought a squeeking Minnie mouse to Mia who was mesmerized by it. They were on the carpet, Dave sitting beside Mia with his long legs apart, Mia in front of him, him holding her with one hand. Everytime he squeezed Minnie and it sqeeked Mia was laughing aloud. And her laughter made Dave laugh, too.

I was just watching them and I was smiling with them. It was time to start cooking something for lunch. I was thinking hard while I sliced the vegetables. The onion came, and tears started to flow from my eyes. And after a while I was crying not just from the onion's scent. My body was lightly shaking. I put the knife down and just let the tears run down on my face. This was the first time when I did cry since I’ve left him.

And it released emotions in me and I was relieved. It was much easier to look the situation in another light. I knew what happened, I didn't want to make it any nicer as it was, but my love was burning with a fierce power within my heart and even his acts couldn't put it out. He was the one, the only one I could love. Him and no one else. If I have to carry his guilt and bitterness and illness and cheating and weakness on my back as a cross I will walk the stations of the cross for him. The power of love is amazing and Jesus said that love is forgiving and strong. He was right.

And I knew I've already forgave him. I'll be his woman until the end of my life, if he wants it too. I'll love him till I die, I knew.
After some minutes I wiped my tears off and finished my job with the onions, to take the next step preparing the soup. That was that very moment, when he stepped into the kitchen and looked at me.

- Are you crying because of me? - he asked.
- Yes Dave, I did.
- Do you want me to leave? I don't want to cause you more pain - he said cautiously.
- No, dear, I was crying because I realised the dephts of my own love for you. And It touched my innermost self how much I love you and.....
He took me into his arms and I couldn't continue it, because he sealed my words with his lips on mine in a passionate kiss.

Oh yes, I missed it so much! His kiss was so soft and cautious... I melted into his caress and replied the kiss with all of my emotions as I held his face in my hands. I felt so much warm and attention from his body. He really loved me. I felt it. And I nearly cried again. After long-long minutes I broke the kiss and looked into his piercing green eyes.
- I think I don't need those two weeks without you. I can't breath when you're not next to me. No matter what...

He just smiled and gave another kiss. After it he helped me with the lunch, then he went back to Mia.

We've left Hungary after 3 days. He wasn't at us all day, so I had that time alone which I wanted. On the plane I held his hand while he was holding lil' Mia on his chest. I felt those similar good feelings reappear, which were always in me when I was with him.
It was a strange feeling to be in New York, in our flat again. Nothing has changed. Except that my unfinished painting of  Mia was turned to face  inside of the living room. I think he was watching it from the sofa quite a lot after we've left.
I knew we must have some serious discussions about our future to avoid problems like these. Something got into my mind. I thought it would be unevitable to clear things with Jennifer. Despite what happened I still kinda liked her, only without her little affair with MY MAN. Now, I was the one with him, so like it or not, she had to keep herself to this. I didn't wanted to blame her, whatever, I just wanted to put things right. And another idea came to my mind. To this little problem solving session I will invite the kind Mr. Gahan, the reason we have to talk with each other. And I will demand a choice, right there and then. I will ask him to choose between us for once and all. He will be surprised for sure, so will be Jen, but then with one cut of truth we will see things clear. Of course I was scared to begin such a risky thing like this, but Dave's behaviour hadn't let me have another solution. The luck is on the Brave's side, or so I hoped.

I wanted to come through this as soon as it's possible, so next day after we’ve woken up and I packed my things out, I decided to speak with Jennifer. I went out to the blacony with my cell phone, and called her. She was surprised, but she said OK. A little smile appeared on my face as I was watcing the sunrise.
- Hey, luv. Did you have a good sleep?
- We can say - I sighed as he embraced me from the back - I had a discussion with Jen via phone.

- With Jen? Jesus? Why? What do you want with Jen?
- Hey, don't be that scared! Just wanted to have a little chat with her, clearing the fog and stuff. We meet and having lunch together. And, may I ask you to come along with me?
- Sure, yes. Err..Nat, you don't want to punish me or something? Wanna announce you leave me in front of Jen...
- Nothing like this. I said I love you David, and I meant it.

- Then, alright - he sighed and gave a kiss on my temple.
I turned between his arms and gave a soft kiss, too.
- I go to buy some stuff for dinner. Please take care of Mia. If she wakes up, you can give her pumpkinpuree. It's in the fridge.
He nodded and stroked my face once again before I left him there.

The meeting was in a café in the early afternoon. Jen arrived in time. I was a little scared because of my thoughts which I wanted to share with them.

We settled down and ordered drinks. Jen looked a bit nervous when she noticed that I arrived with David and Mia. We had some small talk, then I said Dave I want ask a question and that he should answer it here and now. He nodded and I saw how damn nervous he was.
- David, I call you two here to clear things and put things right. Don't feel pressured by this question, but I have to know! Dave, please, choose between the two of us. I can't live like this. You choose either Jennifer or me. Now, what do you say?

He looked shocked but he tried to hide it. First he could just gawp, after it he looked at me, then at Jen, who seemed not so surprised but she was waiting for Dave's answer too.
- Go on, Dave, I'm curious about this question, too - she said calmly.

- Oh my! It is you Natalie - he said at last slowly, his gaze fixed at the table didn't dare to lift up his gaze at Jen. We women looked at each other. Her eyes were sad, but I saw it impressed her that I dared to face them with this choice. And besides I saw in her eyes that she already knew what the answer would be before Dave uttered a single word. cause we just sat there in utter silence he looked up at us. The two women in his life. He seemed so lost, such a small boy.

Inside I was very happy and I felt relief. So, he chose us. It was such a good feeling, but I tried to hide  it not to hurt  Jen, so just a little smile appeared on my face and I stroked Dave's hand on the table.

Dave ramained silent, he was a bit confused and at a loss. I understood him feeling rather uncomfortable. Facing the truth is a harsh task to accomplish. Now, that the driving was in my hand I recognised he let himself driven by me. Somehow I tamed him, because he was my FOX who I loved beyond all and I was his LITTLE PRINCE, right out of the charming story of Exupery.

I started to look for a suitable house or apartman. I would have liked to move to the country.side, but I knew Dave is an urban creature, he would feel lost there. He needed the buzzing enviroment of the city, preferably the buzzing of the Big Apple.

After a few days I've found the perfect one. I was quite excited when I went there with Mia to check the flat while Dave was in the studio again. I liked the flat a lot. It was so spacey and so light! I knew it is the perfect one. Dave liked the sunlight and me too, because of painting and drawing. I talked with the estate agent to show the flat for Dave next day again.
At home when Dave came back, I told him the news quite excited.

When he was back from the studio I showed him the house in a magazine what I've chosen in Bredford-Styvesant, Brooklyn, a stylish and friendly neighbourhood. He liked it from the first moment, it reminded him to England and he was English after all. I almost poke fun of him having tea at five, but he kept this little ceremony religiously every day. Despite what he liked to say, that he was cosmopolitan, he was more English than he wanted to admit it. And I liked it! I liked his ceremonial way as he was making the tea. Him and no one else. He brought everything inside and put it onto the table. He filled our cups and offered me some cucumber sandwiches he made.

- Now, Nat, when will you take to see our new home, dear?

- Tomorrow, if it's good for you. I've an appointment with  the real estate agent in the afternoon. He'll hand the keys to us personally then as I took out of his words, he'll need to look after another house, so we'll have some hours to know the place better. What do ya think? - I sipped from the tea - Can you make yourself free for the afternoon?

- I try it honey. Nattie, will it be okay if Phil visits us this evening and sleep over? He just called me. Well, he has some problems and he doesn't want to be alone in his hotel room. Is it okay for you?
- Sure. Maybe tomorow he could babysit us, he is so great with kids. And Mia loves him a lot. They speak the same language, if you know what I mean.

- Great, then I'll call him after we finish our tea.
- Do it so - I smiled at him.

Next day I just finished cooking when Phil arrived. Dave was in the studio since morning, but he said to Phil that he can come to us. I greeted him warmly. I really liked him.

He was a friendly and open guy with a big heart. And he adored his elder bro. Not a big wonder. Dave always protected him and he had a word among the guys. Mia was crawling to and fro in the kitchen around my legs. When she noticed uncle Phil she gave out a loud giggle. She remembered how great it was playing with Phil last time, when he was tickling her. She started to crawl toward him and Phil picked her up, throwing her into the air just like Mia's father did it everytime.

She really liked it and laughed out loud as her little hands reached for him. Phil looked already better, Mia cheered him up.. We had a nice lunch together, then we went to the living room, where I wanted to finish that painting from Mia at last. So while I was painting, Phil was playing with my little star till she fell asleep on his chest. We had a big discussion about his problems and I saw that it had a good effect on him. We were just talking and talking, till I finished the picture and Dave came home.
I've told everything to Phil what he needed to know and we were on our way with Dave to our new flat.


It was far, far away. Just the way I liked it. It took a whole hour getting there by car and in light traffic. The music was on in the car and Dave was singing loud, thumping with his fingers on the wheel. He was in a good mood and seemed so relaxed and happy. Maybe he was relieved deep in his heart.

I was just smiling at him softly and put my hand on his right which was on the gearshift. He looked at me still singing and gave a smile too.
After we arrived, we got out of the car and I watched his reaction as he looked around on the street.

- Do you know this area Daviey?
- Well, not really, the neughbourhood looks nice. Let’s go up and see what it is like.

He took me by the hand and led me inside. He didn't want to use the elevator, we went up on the stairs hand in hand. I gave him the keys and he opened the door. The sun was shining and lit the flat's enteriour. Sunrays were dancing on the beige walls of the living room, painting strange motifs onto it.

- So what do ya think? - I asked him standing in the middle of the sunny living room.
- So.... bright! I love it!
I was watching him, as he walked from room to room, how his familiar figure appeared and disappeared again and again, how the sunbeams glanced in his hair. He looked a bit dark in the bright room with the darkbrown T-shirt and dark-grey jeans, but I liked the sight very much. I sighed quietly.

- It would be nice, we can buy it alright. When the real estate agent will be back?
- In two hours time, one and a half, we have plenty of time Dave.
- That's right! - he said with a mysterious smile on his face and stepping to the door he closed it.

- What are you planning? - I asked when he stepped to me and caressed my waist as he pulled me towards him firmly.
- Hmm... let's see... Makin’ love with you in every room of the flat? - he asked with a wide smile on his face.
- Are you kidding? - I laughed.
- Do ya think? - he asked back in a husky voice and pushed his groin against mine harder.
- Oh, you... you think I will have sex with you? - I winked.
- I am dead sure - he moaned as he caressed my breasts feeling my nipples hard and waiting for his touch.
- Davey, I want you so much. I always want you. If you would suggest having sex on Times square, I would with you. This is crazy what you do to me!

- And should I mention that you do the same with me? - he asked with desire in his eyes and a hot smile on his face as he stepped with me to the beige wall and pinned me to it. His greedy hands already rolled my T-shirt up.

- And now we try something different he said and turned me around, I felt his hands on my bottom, as he was pulling my jeans and panties off. I felt him unbuckle his belt and opening his fly, felt his warm hand and then his hot and pulsing member, which he was rubbing to my wet entrance. I almost screamed as much I wanted him inside me!

My hands made a sharp contrast on the wall as I held myself. I moaned a big one when he penetrated my skin oh god, so deeply!
- Oh yeah, Dave... please go on!!!

- Uh, I go on, I promise. Mind you, I won't be able to stop it, ur sooo fine baby - he panted as he thrusted himself deeper and deeper inside me. I was scratching the wall with my fingernails and screaming out his name aloud. He was wild like hell and he went frentic. He sighed something on a husky low voice into my ears that made me mad with desire for him. He pressed me to the wall and pushed hard, still sighing to me:
- " I know you hear me knocking, So open the door and set me free!"

As an answer I could just moan even louder. Our sighs and the sounds of our lovemaking were echoing in the empty flat. Sweatdrops began to form on my forehead and I knew he was sweating too. I felt as he grabbed my hips harder, then his left hand slid between my legs to first caress the point where we were joined, then his slender fingers touched my aching bundle of nerves.
- AHH! Dave!!! - I shouted out loud.
- Oh baby, I love your pussy! It's so fucking fine! I love you so... Ahh! - he moaned into my ears and his sentences sent hot liquid into my groin. I felt as I got more wetter. He was now sliding in and out even easier.

My head was knocking on and on on heaven's door at the rythm of his thrusts. I didn't care of pain, I didn't feel any. What I was feeling was him inside of me, a divine feeling.

I closed my eyes and felt as my breasts were bouncing fort and back from his nearly rough movements, which I just adored!
- Oh yes! - I hissed - Come on, dear! Faster! - a scream left my mouth because the pleasure I felt  again - More harder!

- Harder, dya wanna harder, ay! -  he growled and pushed harder, one hand holding my hip, the other, oh the other…

- Oh, my, Dave are you…what are you....what the hell...DAAAAVIID!

Climax hit me so hard that I thought I'll faint there! A really loud yell left my troath. He needed to grab my hips harder not to let me slide on the floor. I felt as my inner walls clamped hard on him, pulsating and calling him even deeper.

Dave was at the curb of climax too. Not for long, though. He fell inside with the door knob in his hand. His rapture and joy was so big he couldn't hold himself anymore and fell on his knees, them supporting himself with one arm, he stood there on all fours, gasping for air and repeating something monotonously: „Awmgowd, awmgowd….”

I kneeled next to him and my left hand reached out to touch his tattooed back.
- Are you all right? - I asked huskyly, still gasping for air.
- Oh my f*cking God... - he moaned - It was damn good, baby - he whispered on a low voice - So f..g good it was. Dya know how much I love you?
- How much David? - I asked him embracing him on the floor.

He sat down and pulled me onto his lap, then he stroked my face gently.
- I can't really describe it, I think those words aren't existing. But I want you to know... that after you've left me, I thought I'll drown without you. All of my fears appeared again and I was in a terror that I won't see you two in this life again... - Dave whispered then he started to sing quietly. His beautiful voice was echoing again in the room - "I'm hanging on your words, Leaving on your breath, Feeling with your skin, Will I always be here?"

-Yes, I think. U'll always be here. As u'd always been here for me in the past, even when u didn't even know I existed. I already see that I will love this flat from the bottom of my heart. You said that we will make love in every room? Dave, dear it’s a four bedroomed one with a huge living room, dining area and kitchen, plus two bathrooms. Are u feel determined and strong?

He giggled with a wicked smile on his face.
- Are YOU strong enough? - he asked back and lifted me up easily.
- I am - I caressed his neck.
- That's good, that's really good... - and he stepped with me into the other room kissing me greedily again.

So he took me into his arms and took me out of  the living room to the master bedroom. He  put me  down to the floor gently. I never knew he was this strong. Now, I had a plan. I wanted to do it slowly and get higher and higher without any haste. David was panting slightly and crawled beside me placing his head onto my chest.

- How do you want it in this room baby? - he asked.
- I will ride u Dave and the rule is: u shouldn't move a bit. You should lay still.
- Okay - he whispered and bent his body back like a bridge. His bent legs were beside his hip and his body was streched.

- You look like in your One Night In Paris DVD - I giggled - I loved this part in "I feel you". I love that your body is so flexible...
He sighed and smiled as I stroked  his chest from his collarbones to his belly-button - Are you ready for the next round, luv?
- Yes, baby, I'm always ready for you - he moaned quietly while I grabbed his semi-hard member and started to pump it.

- Do you want me to  take you into my mouth, Daviey?
- Oh, god, yes. You know how much I love it.

And I started licking him carefully all around. He just laid there like that and enjoyed with eyes shut this lil treat of mine.

I still felt my taste on him and I got wild from it. My mouth was so greedy as if this was  the first time I touched him like that. He moaned louder and louder and I had to pin his hands on the floor not to touch me.
- Don't move babe, I've told ya - I straightened myself and sit above him astride - Do you want to come into my little pussy? - I asked with a deep voice as I grabbed his aching member a bit harder. Some tufts of my hair came forward from my shoulders.

- Exactly. That's what I want. Or u can continue it like this Nattie. You're behind the wheel tonight.
- Mmm. Let's see, which one I prefer… Oh Davey, I decided riding on you.
A deep growling came from his throat but he kept his promise, he didn't move, he let me drive him.

We made love first in a soft and slow pace then I went wild again. I was riding him hard. The deep red scratches I inflicted broke the perfection of his tasty skin. We moaned louder and louder and at the end I let him grab my hips hard. I drove him into insanity when my hips made circles on him. His hands were squeezing my breasts and we reached the seventh heaven again... together...

After a few hours and many lovemakings we were waiting for our estate agent sitting on the floor dressed up, my back pressed to his chest as I was sitting between his legs. We almost did it. Just four rooms hadn't seen our love towards each other...
- We buy it! - we said together as the agent stepped into the flat.


We moved in within a couple of days. I wanted to do this as soon as possible. In less then a week our new home was ready and we didn't kept a noisy party to celebrate it. The four of us was sitting that night in front of the telly watching Simpson Family and eating a family pizza together. Even Mia, as Rosie put tiny pieces into her mouth.
- Don't ruin her taste - I warned Rosie.
- Why? It tastes very nice - noted his father with his mouth full, licking melted cheese from his fingers.

- Oh yes, of course and after the pizza cheeseburger will come and coke and all these plastic stuffs - I sighed and I felt as my mouth watered from the sight as he was licking that damned cheese from his fingers.
- Honey, let's give a chance for Mia to decide it in her future life... What? - he looked at me questioningly.
I looked at Rosie who was busy with Mia and the telly. I slid next to Dave and pushed my breasts to his upper arm.
- You're so sexy with this cheese... - I whispered with a husky voice and put his ringfinger into my mouth to taste it.

- Hey, you! In front of our kids?
- No, of course not, come, I said pulling him upward - Kids daddy is helping me in the kitchen, or Rosie do you want to help cleaning the remnants of the pizza?
- Me? No Nattie, can I watch the Simpsons? After the commercial, there is another part.

- Okay Rosie, but I put Mia into her bed, okay?
- Yepp - she answered her eyes glued to the telly. I took Mia, put her into her bed and gave her her musical-lighting elephant which was her birthday present for her first birthday from her father. - Come Dave, no we have exactly 22 minutes to have a quickie. Close the door and love me Dave!

- You're amazing, dear! How cool-headed you were out there...
- Don't speak just fuck me! I want you like mad! Come on! - I grabbed him hard through his trousers.

- Uhh, ur lil minx, how's ur white liver today? - he asked while he was unwrapping himself out of his clothes fast.
- Just fine. Fuck me, Dave and do it right now.
- No foreplay then?
- A what? Come in, as quickly as u can.
- Yes, ma’am, I understood - he said and pushed himself inside me with a hollow growl.

- Ahhh... at last! - I hissed - Come on! What are you waiting for? - I asked as I grabbed his naked shoulders and gave a bruising kiss on his swollen lips.
- You're a bit dry yet - he whispered.

- Never mind it, just make me have ur child!
- Nattie, I, I…do you want another baby?
- Do you want more kids?
- Baby, I come, I come inside you and make u a mother again.

- That's what I want! - I moaned as he got deeper and deeper in me with every push. The hot wetness arrived too in a minute so he could move harder as he pinned me to the wall.
- You... you really want it? - he asked in happy disbelief as he continued his moves nearly with tears in his eyes.

- Yes, David, this is what I want if you want it too.
- Yes, Nattie, this is what I want. My love, this is what I want. Having a big family with you.
- With a dozen kid running around us.
- Yes, with a dozen at least. Natalie, you make me feel like I born again. Into a brand new life, full of happiness and joy.
- This is the way I feel it too. My love I am the queen and ur the king. And this is our brand new kingdom - I showed to the room, our new flat, our new life.

I nodded  and smiled warmly at him, then our lips touched in a long and deep kiss which held all our feelings for each other...



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