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Lusmeitli - Dream On
Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 1

Part 1

Lusmeitli  2007.06.27. 16:00


Title: Dream on
Author: Lusmeitli
Rating: as for now not yet NC-17, but certainly higher than PG-13
Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. It’s a product of my dirty mind and has nothing to do with reality. I make no money with this and I mean no harm whatsoever to Mr. Gahan. It’s pure fun, so please don’t sue.

Author’s note: My first Dave fanfic, quite obviously.


Part 1

It was half past three in the morning and she was in the midst of an erotic dream, starring a rather sweaty Dave in gorgeously tight black pants, when the persistent ringing of the phone woke her.

“Bloody always before it gets really interesting,” she complained sleepily and picked up. “Hullo,” she grumbled.

“So sorry to disturb you, ma’am,” she heard the doorman say, “but here’s this gentleman, Mr. Gahan, who looks rather upset and says it’s a matter of urgency he spoke with you this instant.”

“Who?” Maybe she was starting to hallucinate, because she had totally heard the doorman say Mr. Ga—

“Mr. Gahan, ma’am.”

She checked her watch: 3:32. “Okay, let him up.”

“So sorry for disturbing you, ma'am, but he said it’s extremely urgent.”

“No worries. Let him up. Night.”

“Good night, ma’am.”

She hung up and crawled out of bed, still a bit wobbly on her legs. She smoothed her hair and fingered the itching band aid off her forehead. A souvenir from yesterday’s little accident. Passing by the mirror on the bathroom door, she squeezed her eyes shut. No need to confirm the sneaking suspicion that she had a terrible bed head and wasn’t exactly looking her best right now. It wasn’t necessarily an ego boost knowing that she looked like hell with the prospect of the one man standing in front of her door that could turn her into a puddle of goo with only one look.

In case it really was Dave. Either this was a juvenile joke, or she was still dreaming, or something had happened that he needed her help.

By the time she had reached the door and opened it (so he wouldn’t have to ring the bell and wake up any neighbours and they would take every opportunity to complain to her about it – again), Dave was already standing in front of the door, breathing raggedly.

She blinked at him in surprise. “Good grief, did you run up the stairs?”

He nodded and she let him into her flat. He seemed on edge, nervous and totally beside himself. She closed the door.

“Did someone die?”

He turned to her and shook his head.

“Did something happen to your kids? Family members? Friends?”

Another shaking of the head.

“Did you kill someone?”

Again he shook his head no. But he still didn’t say anything, just stood there.

After a moment, she turned to walk into the kitchen.

“Coffee?” she asked over her shoulder and he followed her, which she took as a yes.

He sat down at the kitchen counter and watched her every move as she filled the machine and took two cups from a cupboard. Five minutes later, he had a steaming mug of strong coffee sitting in front of him. She sat down across from him, taking a careful sip of the hot beverage.

Dave put his hands around the warm mug and continued to stare at her. It made her nervous and uncomfortable. She had never seen him like this before. All quiet-like and doing that weird-eyes thing.

“Okay,” she said, putting the cup down on the counter, “you’re starting to creep me out. Are you gonna stare at me forever or are you gonna tell me what’s so urgent?”

He averted his eyes and suddenly seemed shy. There was a turmoil going on in him, that much was obvious, but she didn’t know how to get him to talk. Obviously, she’d just have to wait and see.

She sighed quietly and emptied her cup. A side glance to Dave confirmed that he still was in that frozen pose. She got up to rinse the mug. Perhaps he had been in some kind of accident and now was in shock? Or he had gotten really bad news fr—

“You nearly died,” he said from right behind her.

His nearness made her jump, for she hadn’t heard him getting up. The cup lay shattered in the sink. She turned around to him. He stood so close that their bodies were only inches apart and his eyes… she had never seen them so intense. She leaned back into the counter, to get a little distance between them.

“Key word being ‘nearly’,” she replied, trying to shrug it off and walk past him. But his hands on her upper arms stopped her.

She looked up at him questioningly, his touch making her heartbeat accelerate. She somehow had envisioned this differently. His eyes were even more intense.


He cut her off. “You nearly died.”

One hand moved up to cup her face. He now stared at the cut and bruise on her forehead. After a long moment he continued: “I nearly lost you and I wouldn’t ever have known.”

His voice was raw and emotional. “No one would have called me and I… If Flood hadn’t been there and seen it and told me… I never would have known. You would have been gone just like that.”

It sounded urgent and sincere as if he was trying to make her see just how important this was. At the moment, however, she totally failed to see just why he would be so upset about it. She had been in a minor car crash and luckily nothing serious had happened. Except for that her car was a complete wreck.

She was irritated. By the fact that he had bothered to come here in the midst of the night. By the fact that he seemed to find this all kinds of upsetting and – strangely enough – important that he would be called if something happened to her. By the fact that his hands on her body and his eyes staring at her for real were setting her on fire. It was a confusing situation to deal with at four in the morning. It made her lower her eyes and fixate on the loose button of his jacket. She felt more than heard him breathe slowly in and out.

“Don’t you understand?”

She tilted her head up and was met by his lips crashing down on hers urgently. That was a language she understood clearly. Electricity sparks shot through her, a vague “this is better than in my dream” soon was lost in the fuzziness that took over her brain. All she could do now was feel. And damn, he felt wonderful. His lean body pressed into hers, his hands pulling her close to him, his lips on hers, his tongue in her mouth – it was liquid fire running through her veins.

He invaded all of her senses and she felt as if she were flying high and spiralling down at the same time. She heard him groan as he tilted her head a bit to the side to deepen the kiss further. It now was feverish and raw, all teeth and tongues. She was glad he held her to him so tightly, for she didn’t think she could stand by herself at the moment. Her senses were on overload, her hands fisted in his shirt, her mind reeling and the feeling of his hands and lips on her body drove her insane.

She felt his hardness press into her belly and he moaned almost painfully, dragging his lips from hers, cupping her face and staring at her again. Her cheeks were flustered, her lips swollen from the kissing and her eyes glazed over. He dove in for another quick kiss.

“Think about this,” he said, his voice husky.

Not able to utter anything coherent, she just said: “Huh?”

“This,” he said, kissing her again hungrily. “Think about this. I spoke my piece. Give it due consideration and then let me know what you want.” He put his hands over hers and made her let go of his shirt.

Oh, she knew what she wanted and she was about to show him, when he pulled away from her, backing away a few steps. He looked like a god: his chest heaving, his mouth half open with those delicious, delicious lips, his eyes dark with desire, t-shirt crumpled at the front, his physical need obviously stretching against his pants.


But he already turned on his heel and headed for the door. She ran after him.


If this was some kind of game, if he was teasing her, this was bloody not funny.

By the door he turned to her again. He touched the side of her face and let his hand curl around her neck, to fist in her hair. He smiled at her dumbstruck expression and pulled her in for one last kiss.

“Remember, think about it. What do you want?” With that he opened the door. “See you in five hours.” Dave smiled at her and in an instant the door had closed behind him.

She stood there staring at the door like thunderstruck. Her hand went up to touch her swollen lips. He could not just let her standing there all hot and bothered like this! And why did he leave so suddenly? Well, she knew why, but it didn’t make any sense neither to her mind nor to her body that was humming with unquenched desire. Did he honestly doubt or question her feelings for him? Surely her dissolving into a stuttering, blushing and drooling mindless puddle of goo each time he was near must have been a dead give-away. Everyone else had noticed. Oh well. She’d take a shower first. And then she’d do some thinking. And then she’d do a little pay-back for leaving her like this.

* * *

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