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Lusmeitli - Dream On
Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 2

Part 2

Lusmeitli  2007.06.27. 16:04


Part 2


She practically ran into the loo and bent over the sink, splashing water on her face in an attempt to get her act together.

Okay, so five hours obviously hadn’t been enough for getting her thoughts straighten out. Or for cooling down. Not even a cold shower had helped. Alright, so it hadn’t really been cold. But it had been lukewarm instead of the usual hot. And yet her mind wouldn’t stop replaying what had happened over and over again. She didn’t dare going back to bed, for fear of finding out that this was all but a dream. But it wasn’t. Dave’s cup of coffee still sat on the kitchen counter and she still could taste him on her lips.

She hadn’t really come up with a plan, either, being too busy thinking about those gorgeous lips and everything attached to them. What should she do? Walk up to him, drag him in the nearest dark corner, say “I want you” and jump him? However good that sounded, it wasn’t really an option. For one, she might have a very graphic imagination, but when it came to reality, she was relatively shy. Jumping hot guys just wasn’t her daily routine. For another, people at work probably wouldn’t appreciate her humping Dave in front of them – even if it was in a dark corner. And yet for another, she still had some pay back to do. For leaving her aching for him for hours on end.

Perhaps she was being a bit unfair. After all, it wasn’t his fault that she had lusted over him for quite a while now. And her fantasies had left her aching for him, too. It was, however, an entirely different situation, for Dave had not actively contributed to her state of hotness. But now he had. In fact, she had done nothing at all. He had come to her, he had gone all stare-y on her and then had attacked her body and senses in such a way – oh, such a wonderful way! – that had left her yearning for more.

And that yearning didn’t go away. It actually got worse by the minute. She’d see Dave again any moment now. How would he react? How should she react? Should she do something? Like smile seductively at him? Wink at him? Pinch that sexy bum of his when he walked past (and of course no one was watching)? What if he ignored her? Well, then she’d look like the biggest fool on earth. Perhaps this was all part of some little bet going on between him, Martin and Fletch? She knew the guys sometimes had a rather peculiar sense of humour. So perhaps this was all a joke? And right now they were sitting in the studio laughing their asses off over her?

And oh, how ridiculous she behaved! Each time the elevator had opened its doors with that annoying “bing”, her heart had jumped up into her throat and thudded loudly. She didn’t dare looking up anymore and tried to concentrate on her work. Which was nigh impossible today. Several people had already asked her if she was okay. Even her boss, Mr. Andrews, had noticed.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you sure? Cos you look very… flustered. You’re not coming down with a fever or something?”

Her boss had taken a careful step away from her. She knew how germ-o-phobic he was and had tried to assure him that everything was fine with her. He still didn’t buy it. She could see his mouth open to say the dreaded words and send her home – just in case – so she had to do something and do it fast. Otherwise she’d not see Dave again the entire day and that would make her sick.

“It’s just the woman thing, you know,” she had blurted out.

“The woman…?” He had given her a blank look. And suddenly it dawned on him. “Oh, the… the… the woman thing. Well, uh, best of luck with that. So, um, here’s the list for Starbucks. Now be a love and make haste.”

He had thrust a crumpled paper into her hand and scurried off down the hallway. As soon as he was out of sight, she had banged her head on the wall, before taking her refuge in the restrooms.

She shook her head, trying to clear it from all those confusing thoughts. Well, she couldn’t hide in here forever. Her gaze fell onto the balled up paper lying on the sink and her eyes grew wide.

“Oh shit!”

Hadn’t he said she should hurry? And hurry she did. The elevator was slow as usual and busy, so instead of waiting for it she ran down the stairs, the door banging shut behind her.

That moment the elevator doors glided open with a “bing” and Martin, Dave, Fletch and Flood got out. The guys were talking about some new arrangement for a bass line, but Dave barely listened. His eyes were scanning the place for a familiar face. Where was she? Had she chickened out? Or was that her answer? Before he could delve into his thoughts any further, Andrews patted him on the shoulder and started to babble about yesterday’s recording session.

“Sorry, coffee’s not here yet. I sent my assistant out ages ago. I don’t know what the frell is taking her so long,” Andrews said, laughing awkwardly.

Dave’s heart jumped at that announcement. So she was here. A smile spread on his face.

Ten minutes later, the door to the control room opened and she walked in with the steaming paper cups. Her eyes nervously flickered around the room until she saw him and she immediately averted her gaze, something Dave didn’t like at all. He watched her closely as she handed out the cups, mumbling an apology for the lateness accompanied by some story about an extremely obnoxious guy at the front of the line who had changed his order about ten times. But nobody even seemed to listen.

Could it be she was nervous? Or did she feel insecure about what had happened earlier?

With every cup less she grew more and more anxious. She hadn’t deliberately kept his cup for last, but when she approached him, she knew her subconsciousness had played a trick on her – and she didn’t mind the least.

“Coffee?” she looked up at him and nervously bit her lip.

The moment she asked, it was a flashback for both of them. It was as if they were in her flat again. He stared at her and she unconsciously flicked her tongue across her upper lip. It made him swallow hard. Then he reached his hand out for the cup, grazing her fingers with his. She sucked in air at his touch, her heart beating so loud and fast, she thought anyone in the room must hear.

He smiled at her and quietly said: “Yeah, I still want the coffee.”

Her cheeks flustered instantly and the blood was pounding in her ears. Just one look of him and she was a complete bone- and mindless mess. She swayed slightly and his other hand shot out to hold her by the elbow.

“You okay?” he asked, half worried (she had been in an accident) and half amused (he found it interesting to see the effect he had on her).

“Yes, it’s just…um…”

“She has the woman thing,” Andrews interrupted them, giving Dave a meaningful look.

Dave blinked. He hadn’t noticed Andrews had approached them. “What?”

She blushed furiously and bent her head. If only there was a hole in the ground...

Andrews stepped up closer to Dave, putting a hand on his shoulder. “You know, the… woman thing,” he whispered conspiratorially.

Dave stood there, at a loss for words. He didn’t quite know whether to laugh or not. He looked at her and she still had her head bowed, biting her lip and listening to Andrews’ orders. With a short “right away, sir”, she hurried to the door and before closing it, shooting a last glance at Dave.

* * *

She was in the loo, again. Splashing water to her face, again. If this kept up, she would not survive the day. Just what devil had ridden her to tell Andrews she had her monthly? And what an ass to blurt it out in front of everyone. She would never live the end of it now. Could she possibly mess up the situation with Dave any more? She groaned in frustration. Though he had said he still wanted the coffee. Did he mean what she thought he meant? She dried her hands on the towel.

Oh, this would be a never-ending day. She was not exactly ill-equipped when it came to playing the game of flirting. But with Dave, all rules needed to be rewritten. And things looked so different in broad day light. He was this larger than life person and she just… well, her. Didn’t he have like really high expectations? Could she live up to them? What exactly did he want from her? Did he really mean what he had said, twice?

She leaned her back onto the wall and slowly slid down to the floor. At four in the morning she would have gladly humped him, heck, she wanted him right now! But in the light of day, realism was seeping into her mind. What did she want? He had asked her that. What did she want?

Hot, wild, passionate sex so she couldn’t walk for days. But she wanted more, too. She blamed it on the helpless romantic she was at heart. Closing her eyes, she breathed in and out, trying to figure out what she wanted. Oh, she knew the answer already. But admitting it, thinking it and not go all “yeah, yeah, get real” on herself was the hard part.

* * *


She jumped startled, to turn to Andrews.

“Does the woman thing affect your ears, too? I said go to the conference room. The PR guys are there to go over some stuff with the band and I want you to take minutes. I have a dentist’s appointment.”

“Sorry. Yes, sir,” she grabbed the folder Andrews thrust her way, her writing pad, a pen and her ice tea and hurried off.

Before she entered the conference room, she calmed herself. She opened the door with a smile and walked to sit down at the table. The only place left was between Dave and Fletch.

“Excellent,” she thought. Time for a little payback for leaving her like that this morning. She would play it really cool. Oh yes, she would.

The conference started like any other and she was busy making notes. Her left hand, however, she rested in her lap. She was glad they had to sit so close together. It would be way less obvious if she… crossed her legs and grazed Dave’s leg. She could see him turn his head to stare at her, but she kept her head down and continued writing.

When he turned his head back and concentrated on the PR guys again, she let her left hand wander to his right knee. Her fingers rested there for a short moment, before her hand curled around his leg and slid up, very slowly, to rest on his inner thigh. She heard him suck in air and his hands that lay on the table balled into fists. Her fingers drew lazy circles and wandered even a bit further up, before she withdrew her hand.

One of the PR guys asked her to hand him Andrews’ sheets. He sat next to Martin who sat next to Dave. She purposefully leaned over Dave, muttering a not-so-apologetic “sorry”.

Though he had leaned back a bit in his seat, her breast grazed his arm for a moment and she knew right about now he had a great view down her neckline. When she leaned back, she heard him let out his breath and when she bend her head to take further notes, she noticed his hands were now clamped around the table’s edge.

A presentation of slides followed, the lights were turned off and she took the opportunity to let her left hand slip back under the table and onto his thigh. With her right hand she reached for her ice tea. She knew he was watching her and she put her lips around the drinking straw, sucking a little harder on it than necessary.

Suddenly she felt his hand on hers, stopping her from moving up any further. She turned her head to him and tried to put all her desire into that one look, whilst letting her tongue lick the straw and go back to sucking on it. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes, his fingers now almost painfully grabbing her hand, moving it up higher.

He turned the tables on her.

Her blood pounded in her ears when his hand had reached its destination. She gulped at the feel of him and wanted to pull her hand away, but he opened his eyes and that look made her jaw go slick. She was sure she was openly drooling by now. But she didn’t care. His eyes were dark lakes of fire. And god, she wanted to burn in them.

Slowly, his hand pulled hers over his hardness and back down again. And up again and down again. She couldn’t move. Her mouth was watering and desire pulsated through her veins now.

He slowly leaned forward, pulling her in. His scent got to her head and made her feel dizzy. The feel of his hot breath on her cheek made her almost groan out loud. She heard him laughing softly into her ear and it sent shivers down her spine.

“You little minx.” His voice was husky. “Be careful when playing with the fire.” His tongue quickly licked her ear lobe, then he let go of her hand abruptly and leaned back in his seat, a smug smirk on his face.

She stared at him, then turned back to the presentation, trying her best to cool down. So that plan had backfired. Big time. Seconds later, the lights went on again and the meeting came to an end. She was too busy concentrating on breathing than to notice.

People filed out of the room and she came to her senses, gathering her things and sorting her notes. Suddenly, she felt someone leaning over her from behind. She closed her eyes and swallowed.

“I think you made your decision,” Dave breathed into her ear.

She slowly nodded. His voice seemed to speak right to her groin, for it sent a heat down there she knew only he could take care of.

“Well, that’s good. I’ll come by tonight then so we can… discuss this further.”

With that he got up and left the room, leaving her flustered and hot. She still sat there glued to the spot minutes later, when Andrews came in.

He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “You know what? I want you to leave early. That woman thing is really getting to you, isn’t it?”

And with that he grabbed her notes and was out the door. She got up as if in a haze, walked to her work station, shut down the computer, took her jacket and left. There was only one thought in her mind: Dave would come by tonight.


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