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Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 3

Part 3

Lusmeitli  2007.06.27. 16:05


Part 3


She was pacing, rubbing her hands nervously and checking her watch every two minutes. When would he come? She had tried to pass the time by cooking something and not being able to eat one bite. So she took a shower, had washed her hair, waxed her legs and then had put on about ten different outfits and none of them seemed to be good. Giving up she had settled for jeans and a tight t-shirt. Not too revealing, but also not too hiding.

Then she had started pacing. That was three hours ago. She had informed the doorman that she was expecting a visitor, so he would just let him up. She had turned on the television, flipping though the channels only to switch it off again with a groan. Then she had put some music on. But music just seemed to make her more nervous. So she was back to pacing in the quiet flat, the only sounds her footsteps on the floor and the honking cars from outside.

She sat down on the couch and flipped through the pages of a magazine, not even realising what she was looking at. Then she heard a sound in the hallway: the elevator had arrived. She listened to the footsteps with her breath held. They stopped, however, too early in the hallway. She heard the rattling of some keys and then the opening and closing sound of a door.

Sighing she got up again and paced some more. Perhaps he had been held up? Or wanted to make her wait? God, this waiting was unnerving! And it was way too quiet in here. She turned on her stereo again and stepped to the window. She had never before realised just how many cabs there were in this city. Subconsciously, she started to count them as she stared down onto the street.

“I knocked. The door was open.”

Startled, she turned around to see Dave standing in the doorway of her living room. Her heart jumped up into her throat and she felt as if her knees would give in any moment now. She swallowed nervously, at a complete loss for words.

He was wearing different clothes than earlier. Black trousers – not the tight ones, but tight enough – and a black shirt under his jacket. Black looked good on him. Too good. It spurred all kinds of wild fantasies in her head.

Dave smiled when he saw her quickly looking him up and down. When her eyes met his again, he held her gaze with his intense dark pools. They made her shiver.

Dave made a show of walking towards her slowly. He saw her breath hitch.

Step by step he got closer. Her heart was pounding painfully fast in her chest by now and she didn’t realise her hands were clenching and unclenching.

Only two steps left.

She smelt his scent, a mixture of aftershave and cigarettes. Her mouth watered. She saw his hands reach out and taking her fists in his hands, relaxing them. The touch sent an electric spark through her. Was it possible to climax from only the hands touching?

“No need to be nervous,” he said, his voice so low, she barely heard it.

He took the final step. Their bodies were only inches apart now. Her hands were still in his and his eyes slowly wandered down her body and back up again. She had difficulties biting back a moan at his hungry look.

Dave let go of one of her hands and his fingers slowly trailed up her bare arm. He smiled again when he saw her skin break into goosebumps. And further up his hand travelled, lingering on her neck to caress her collarbone with his thumb, before moving it up further yet, to curl his hand around the back of her head.

His eyes wandered from her ear across her cheekbone to her lips, halting there for a moment and then up to her eyes again. If they had been dark before, they were black by now. This time, a moan escaped her lips.

Dave bent his head, slowly until she could feel his hot breath on her lips.

She closed her eyes, not being able to take it any longer.

“So tell me, what is your decision?” he whispered, his hot breath puffing against her lips. “What do you want?”

His head inched away from hers and he watched her open her eyes. They mirrored his desire.

Her hand ran up his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin through the fabric and fisting at his collar.

“You,” she said, “I want you.”

As if in slow motion, he pulled her head in and bent his head again. “Are you sure?”

His other hand travelled up to her breast, squeezing it. It sent another jolt of electricity right to her groin.

“God, yes,” she moaned.

He smiled before he claimed her lips. It was almost a chaste kiss, soft and tender. It made her nearly cry. And in an instant it changed and it was hot, white passion. Their hands were roaming, touching feverishly.

Dave pushed her back against the wall and she was now effectively trapped between his hot body and the cool wall. His hands tugged on her shirt, pulling it up, breaking the kiss only to pull the clothing over her head. It landed somewhere behind him on the floor. He eagerly attacked the revealed skin with his sensual lips, biting, licking, leaving a hot trail on her skin.

He obliged her impatient hands and freed himself of his shirt, ripping off the last buttons. They fell to the floor along with the shirt. Dave shuddered when he felt her hot mouth on his chest. He lifted he up, her legs going around his waist as he hungrily attacked her mouth, his hands grabbing her ass and squeezing it hard. She moaned at the feel of his hardness pressed up intimately against her aching core. He made his way to her bedroom, crashing her into the wall in the hallway to attack her throat, his teeth grazing her skin, nearly breaking it, then soothing it with slow licks.

Her hands raked up his back, her nails digging into his skin. He let her fall onto the bed and followed, covering her body with hers. He impatiently tugged her bra off and as soon as the fabric was off, his hot lips closed around one of her hardened nipples. He sucked on it, biting it, causing a sharp intake of breath from her, then soothing the bittersweet pain with his skilled tongue.

She had her hands buried in his hair, pulling him closer. Her head fell back and she arched her back. His hands explored her skin, teasing her, caressing her, making her shudder in pleasure. She didn’t realise he had opened her jeans until she felt his hands on her bare skin, pulling the trousers and her panties down in one swift movement.

Her mind was reeling and it was as if his hands and lips were everywhere on her body at the same time. Her hands wandered down his back, scratching his sensitive skin and he thrust his hips into her, making her feel his hardness again. The blood was pounding in her ears and her hands found their way to the front of his trousers, tugging impatiently on his belt to unbuckle it. He laughed quietly and helped her getting rid of the disturbing fabric.

He was going commando and that discovery sent liquid heat to her groin. Then it finally was skin on skin. They both groaned in pleasure, hands now feverishly exploring the other’s body. His mouth licked down between her breasts to her belly. She moaned when his slender fingers found her aching, swollen bundle of nerves and bucked violently in his hand, as he started to rub her clit. Her senses were on overload and she was flying.

Dave felt light headed and didn’t know how much longer he could restrain himself. Her body writhing under his, her hands in his hair, her soft moans and whimpers turning him on even more. He dipped his fingers into her hotness.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he breathed, crashing her lips with his in a bruising kiss.

She opened her eyes to look at him and a shudder went though her body when she saw his primal, raw lust dangerously darkening his eyes. His stare convulsed her soul. She moaned when he moved in between her legs and she felt his erection pressed against her groin. His fingers continued working in and out of her, slowly, tantalizingly, then faster.

Suddenly she bucked underneath him, throwing her head back, her mouth open in a silent cry as she was struck by the white bliss. His fingers slowed down and let her ride her orgasm out. She opened her eyes and he swallowed hard at the fire that was in them.

She let her hand wander down to his erection. The moment her hand closed around him, he threw his head back, bucking into her.

“Yesss,” he hissed, as her hand started to pump him and her thumb stroked the sensitive tip of his shaft. His head fell forward and he buried it in her neck. She turned her head, one hand still stroking him, feeling him grow even bigger and harder, the other hand slowly travelled up his now sweat-slick back, to the base of his neck, into his hair. She licked his earlobe then softly breathed out over the wet spot. She knew it would drive him mad and that it did. He shuddered and forcefully dragged her hand from his shaft. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her to him.

With one swift push he entered her and was fully buried insider her hot, tight channel. He could feel her inner muscles clamp down on him from her previous orgasm. Dave nearly lost it then. He enjoyed the feeling of being inside her. Then he began to pump in and out of her in long, hard strokes, burying himself to the hilt. This was his velvet heaven.

Her legs locked around his waist, her hands on his ass, pulling him in as close as possible. He angled himself from his elbows on his hands, allowing him to penetrate her at a deeper angle. Her back arched under him, his sweat dripping onto her chest and slowly trickling down her own slick skin. His rhythm turned fast and furious, her hips meeting his every thrust.

The orgasm hit her like lightning, propelling her over the edge into oblivion and she dug her heels in his ass, crying out loud this time. She didn’t notice her fingers left bloody scratches on his back. The feel of her nails breaking his skin made him grunt and he sped up his hips slammed into her faster. Her inner muscles convulsed around him, and with a few more hard thrusts, he reached his own climax, throwing his head back, exploding deep inside of her with a shout, shaking violently.

He stopped pumping in and out of her, totally spent and collapsed on her, his head buried in her hair, her arms on his back, holding him. They were both breathing raggedly, hearts thumping rapidly. She felt his hand under her chin, making her turn her head to him and she lazily opened her eyes to look at him. He found her lips for a long, passionate kiss. Then he pulled out of her and rolled over, holding her hand clasped in his, resting it on his chest. He kissed it before her eyes got too heavy and sleep consumed her.

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