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Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 5

Part 5

Lusmeitli  2007.07.02. 08:02


They stood in silence for a moment. His breathing had calmed down and his hands were now drawing lazy circles on her back.

He pulled away from her to search her eyes. Her heart constricted at his look. He opened his mouth to say something but instead opted for kissing her softly on her slightly swollen lips.

She still felt the rush in her head. She had given head before, but this was an entirely different league. Never before had satisfying a man sent such warmth and content through her body and heart, fulfilled her so. Pleasing him had touched her very soul and she was just amazed at the man holding her in his arms and the feelings he evoked in her.

“That was fucking mind-blowing,” he finally said.

She blushed at the thought of what she had just done to him. Perhaps she had gone too far? What if he now thought she was¾

“Hey.” He gently tilted her head up, his intense eyes seemed to read her mind. “No feeling embarrassed. Not with me. Never with me.”

His index finger traced the outline of her lips. “When you’re with me, I want you completely, entirely. No second thoughts, no regrets, no holding back, no secrets. Are we clear?” He was serious.

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Good. Now then, you have thrown my plans a bit right there,” he smiled. “Not that I mind. Those changes of plans? I love.”

His bent his head and ravished her mouth hungrily. Then he let go of her and grabbed the bowl from the table, motioning for her to sit on the couch next to him. She did and he pulled her in to his side, the bowl with the strawberries sitting in his lap.

He took one of the fruit into his mouth, savouring the taste and then offering her one. She gulped at the sight in front of her. His shirt was open, revealing his chest, his eyes shining with something she couldn’t quite put her finger on, his lips slightly parted, his slender fingers offering her a ripe berry.

Her heart sped up again as she took the fruit into her mouth, slowly chewing and swallowing it. He watched her and offered her another one.

This time, her lips closed around his fingers slightly. She felt a drop of the juice on her lips and her tongue quickly flicked out to lick it off. His eyes were glued to her lips and when he looked up again, her breath hitched at his intense stare.

His hand came up to her face, caressingly, his fingers running over her velvet skin, down her throat, to her neck and into her hair. His other hand was now in her hair, too, taking out the needles that held it hair up. She loved the feel of his slender fingers in her hair; the thought of it made her close her eyes and shiver. It was amazing how one simple touch of him could set her on fire.

Dave let her hair run through his fingers, enjoying the silky feel of it. He placed a kiss on her lip. She could barely feel it, it was so soft. Then he stood and held his hand out to her.

“I haven’t shown you the flat yet,” he said, his smug smile returning on his face.

She raised an eyebrow and took his hand, letting him pull her to her feet. His fingers intertwined with hers and she followed him through the living room and into the hallway.

He showed her the guest rooms, bathrooms and his office, but didn’t leave her much time to look around, instead tugged her impatiently towards the master bedroom. She blushed at the thoughts the term caused to rush through her mind.

The door was ajar and he pushed it open, walking into the room. She was speechless. Oh, it was the typical male bedroom, no mistake about that, but here, too, he had lit some candles. She somehow had envisioned there to be a huge, sensual painting on the wall. Instead, there was a huge mirror from floor to ceiling right opposite the king-size bed.

Her knees went weak at the sight of it and the thoughts it triggered. Her mouth felt dry and her cheeks flushed at a very graphic image that came up in her mind.

Dave watched her reaction closely and chuckled into her ear: “I knew you’d like it.”

She looked back up at him and his eyes were staring at her like a hunter at his prey, making her choke the reply she was just about to utter.

“Now then,” he said, stepping close to her, letting his fingers trail up her arms, “I think it’s time to unwrap my present.”

The husky sound of his voice and the touch of his fingertips made her skin break out in goosebumps. He turned her in his arms so that his back was pressing into hers and they were now facing the glass. Their eyes locked in the mirror and she moaned at his feral gaze.

His hand came up to move her hair to the side and he bent his head to kiss her neck. She was mesmerized by the sight. Not only did she feel him, but she saw his lips move down her skin, leaving a wet trail. Heat surged straight down to her groin and she was aching for him painfully. She saw his hands come up, felt him caress her shoulders and their eyes locked again when he pulled down the straps of her dress. She bit her lip to keep herself from moaning, standing before him in only her panties and bra.

He shook his head. “Nu-uh. Remember, no holding back.”

Dave saw the struggle in her face. Making love was an intimate act, but this, watching themselves was even more intimate. He had asked to give herself to him completely and entirely and he meant it.

“Relax, luv,” he whispered into her ear, his hands grabbing hers and resting them on her stomach. He felt her give in, letting her guards down. He kissed her neck, teasingly bit her earlobe, his tongue soothing her sensitive skin and he smiled when she moaned this time.

They locked eyes again in the mirror and his hands wandered to the back of her dress. He pulled down the zipper and felt her shudder. He smiled, kissing her ear.

“Hmmm, love that sound.”

Her reply was a sharp intake of breath when she felt his hands part the fabric of the dress, pulling it down, ever so slowly and letting it pool at her feet. She could see his eyes hungrily roaming her body. With one swift move he tugged off his jacket and the already open shirt, letting both items fall to the floor.

“Much better,“ he whispered, pulling her to him again.

Feeling his warm chest pressed against her skin made her entire body ache with need. She watched his hands snake around her waist to her belly. One travelled up to cup her breast and squeeze it softly.

But it was his other hand that had her full attention and made her lick her lips in anticipation. It was travelling over her belly and down to her panties. It stopped there teasingly for a moment, but then swiftly dipped into the fabric. She watched his slender fingers disappear in the black silk and her breathing accelerated at the feel of him travelling down further.

Dave‘s fingers reached her aching core and she thought she‘d lose her mind right then. In a slow moan, she dipped her head back, resting it on his shoulder. His grip on her belly tightened, pressing her firmly into him and his lips, teeth and tongue savoured her now perfectly exposed neck.

Her eyes fluttered shut. She wanted to watch, but the pleasure of his hand on her breast, his fingers rubbing her clit and finally dipping into her was just too much for her. His hot tongue licking her ear, his breath on her wet skin and him moving against her made her shudder and she was close, so close.

“Open your eyes, luv,“ he said hotly into her ear.

She struggled and when she finally opened her eyes, her heart stopped beating for a moment. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The way he held her, touching, pleasing, kissing her, his eyes dark pools of fire, burning themselves into her very soul - it brought tears to her eyes.

He withdrew his hand to her moaned protest, unhooking her bra and slipping the panties down her legs. Her mind was fuzzy with lust and she wanted him to hurry up and feel his hands on her again. He chuckled as she turned to tug on his trousers and he unzipped them, kicking off his shoes and then the pants and pulling her onto the bed.

The sheets felt cold against her hot skin and a shiver ran down her spine. She kissed him hungrily, her hands travelling up his chest and down his arms. She felt his muscles ripple under her touch and heard him suck in breath.

With a quick move, he had them both kneeling on the bed, her in his lap, her back pressed against him, his hard member pressing into her back. They were facing the mirror again. One hand was massaging her breast in tantalisingly slow circles, squeezing it, letting his thumb run over her erect nipple and making her moan. The other hand travelled down again, parting her legs.

“Open up for me,“ he breathed and she did. With one quick thrust he was buried inside her, causing them both to groan. This angle allowed him to penetrate deeper into her than he had been before.

“Fuck, you‘re wet,“ he panted, “and tight, you‘re so fucking tight.“

He stilled for a moment, resting his head in the nape of her neck, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to regain control. Then he started to move, thrusting up into her, his fingers rubbing her clit, watching her every reaction in the mirror.

She felt like her whole life was dissolving to being here with Dave, feeling his hands on her, his body pressed into her, him moving inside her. He filled her completely, stretching her almost painfully, but what a delicate and pleasurable pain it was!

She threw her head back, whimpering helplessly, one hand slipping over his hand on her clit, trying to make him move faster, but he would have none of that. He covered her hand, intertwining their fingers, having her touch herself along with him. Her other hand was buried in his hair, holding his head.

“Watch us, luv,“ Dave commanded huskily, “see how good we are together.“

She opened her eyes and was mesmerised by what she saw in the mirror: two sweat-slick bodies moving together perfectly, him thrusting into her, her hips meeting his; both their hands teasing her aching bundle of nerves - the erotic picture of two lovers tumbling towards fulfilment of body and soul. It made her groan, turned on beyond understanding, the image forever imprinted in her mind.

And then she locked eyes with Dave. His eyes burned right into the very depth of her soul. This was her at her most intimate, her most open, her most vulnerable. She had tears in her eyes as she felt her heart swell, spurting love for this man, surging through her body and into his, with each beat of her pounding heart.

The light in his eyes changed as he saw the look in hers and they now shone with something that was beyond her understanding yet. She offered herself to him wholly and completely. It was utter submission. It made his heart ache and sent a jolt of pleasure through him. His senses were on overload and he slowed his thrusts and movements. It was as if every thrust now went deeper, further into her heart. He felt every inch of her walls surrounding him, her inner muscles gripping him, trying to hold him in, drag him into her further, her hands on him. He was about to lose control and he knew she was close, too.

Their gazes were still locked as he bent his head, his teeth grazing her neck, his hand rubbing his and her fingers over her clit frantically now and with one hard thrust, he bit down on her neck. The pleasure and pain sent her over the edge and she cried out his name, head thrown back, her inner muscles clamping down hard on him. He watched the orgasm wash over her, a look of pleasure and pain on her face. Hearing his name from her lips made him thrust up into her once more and he exploded with a shout into her, spurting his essence into her core, leaping right after her into white oblivion.

Dave held her firmly to his chest, feeling them both shuddering from the intense orgasm and breathing raggedly as they came down from their high. He softly kissed her shoulder as he slipped out of her and made her turn around. Her legs were shaking as he helped her sitting in his lap. His hands cupped her face and he took every inch of her face in.

She was flushed, her hair looked dishevelled, some strands sticking to her head with sweat, her eyes dark and glowing with something that touched his very soul. There was a warmth spreading in his heart that made him shake his head in disbelief and he pulled her closer to kiss her tenderly on her lips.

As sweet as the moment was, he felt darkness creep up and clamp around his heart. It made his stomach lurch and a violent shudder went through him, as he pulled away from her to look into her eyes again, his fingers softly caressing her face and neck.

She saw the distress in his eyes and felt him pull her closer to him, breathing labouredly into her ear. The tender expression on his face from moments ago was gone and replaced by a painful gaze. He looked so vulnerable, so full of hurt and pain in that moment, it tore at her heart. He hid his head in the nape of her neck.

“What‘s wrong?“ she asked him softly , alarm clear in her voice.

He pulled away from her, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, locking eyes with her. His heart and mind was full, too full of things that he wanted to tell her. All the words he could find were: “I nearly lost you.“

Dave drew her into his arms again, holding her close to him, trying to make her understand what he wanted to say. And suddenly she did understand and the realisation made her heart jump in her chest. Her arms pulled him closer to her and her hand ran through his hair and across his back caressingly, trying to soothe him.

“I‘m here, my love,“ she said, aching with him. “You have me. All of me.“

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