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Lusmeitli - Dream On
Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 6

Part 6

Lusmeitli  2007.07.02. 18:21


She was in the bathroom, cleaning up the sticky mess between her thighs. The only not-really-fun part of making love. She splattered cold water on her face, needing to think clearly. Her heart was overflowing with emotions. Oh, she had been in love before, but not like that. Not so entirely, so devotedly, so intimately, so wholly. There always had remained some kind of barrier between her and her previous lovers. Some had entered her heart, but no one had ever been let into her soul. Until Dave. And once again she had to notice that with Dave, no rules and regulations applied. It wasn’t a game. He came and changed her life upside down, long before he had turned up on her doorstep.

She remembered the accident very well. It had been another late night at the studio, around two in the morning. She remembered how Flood and Daniel stood on the pavement, talking, as she got into her car, rolling down the window to wave at them and drove off. It was about thirty meters to the crossroads and her light had just switched to green. And then there was a loud bang, she was thrown to the side and her car was spinning, crashing into a street lamp.

It could have been a lot worse, true enough, but the guy who had ignored the red light had hit her side full force. She really had been lucky. The airbag had saved her from more serious injuries. The funny thing was that she had seen the accident happen in slow motion, without any sound at all. When her car hit the street lamp, all sound – and pain – suddenly was on full force. She had seen the glass of the windscreen crack and splinter, felt a big sliver break the skin of her forehead.

And all the time, instead of being scared, there had only been one thought replaying in her mind over and over again: Dave.

How he would never know.

She had realised the very moment she thought it that for him she was – at best – only Andrews’ little assistant who brought everyone coffee and was her boss’s shadow. He possibly would feel sorry for a few minutes and have forgotten all about it by the end of the day.

And now, standing here in his bathroom, staring at the well-healing cut on her forehead, she realised how wrong she had been. It would have mattered to him. He had feelings for her that he did not find the words for yet and she was kind of glad about that. A lot had happened within the past 48 hours. Impossible things had suddenly become very possible. They knew about their feelings for one another. Putting them in words would be too much too soon.

Her heart felt raw, unfamiliar with the new emotions, as did her body, unaccustomed to the intensity of their love-making. And she hoped she would never get used to any of it, for it was wonderful.

Her mind wandered back to the accident. She remembered pain. After all, her body had been thrown around quite a bit by the impact of the hitting car and her car hitting the street light. And then she saw Flood’s face, horrified, asking her if she was alright, dabbing at her face with his handkerchief. Her vision was blurry and she felt very weak as he helped her climbing out of the car, since the door was too dented to open. And still all she could think of was Dave.

All of Flood’s questions passed her by in a blur. She didn’t realise he had taken her to hospital until he helped her get out of the car. Her legs were awfully wobbly and her head was swimming. It didn’t get any better when she pulled Flood’s handkerchief from her head and saw the blood there. And still all she could think of was Dave.

She didn’t remember the examination at the hospital, but she did recall talking to the police, because Flood was there with her and he had been quite enraged at “that fucking blithering git” that had hit her car. It was only then that she realised Daniel was there with them, too. Of course she had to stay over night. By the time the guys left, she was so tired, she dozed off immediately.

She was haunted by the accident though. And thoughts were milling in her head, confusing her. What would happen to her car? Had it been taken to a garage or was it in safe custody with the police? Would the insurance pay and if yes, how much? She knew the light had been green, but in her dream it turned to read and people were shouting at her for causing an accident and there was blood, blood everywhere. And there was Dave and he was shouting at her, too.

The next morning she had called Andrews. She had strict orders from the doctor to stay at home for the day, so she asked if it were okay if she worked some from home. Andrews had declared her mad and said if she dared to even check her emails, he’d have her ass fired. She had slept the entire day and then Dave had turned up in the middle of the night. The man of her dreams, quite literally.

She sighed and dried her face and hands on a towel. She still couldn’t really believe she was here with him. Quietly, she switched off the light and went back into the bedroom.

Dave lay on his back, sleeping, his face relaxed and peaceful. Carefully, she slipped back into bed, so as not to wake him, lying on her side.

She felt a strong arm wrap around her waist, pulling her to his chest. He opened his eyes sleepily.

“Where were you so long?”

“Bathroom,” she said quietly.

Dave’s hand came up to caress her face. “Everything okay?”

She smiled at his concern and snuggled up to him, her fingers tracing the phoenix on his chest. “Yes, everything okay. I didn’t mean to wake you, sorry.”

“No worries.” His fingers traced her dimples and she closed her eyes at his touch. “Beautiful,” he breathed.

“What?” she asked, opening her eyes again.

“You. Us,” he said simply, pulling her in for a long, deep kiss that left them both breathless.

He rested his head back on the pillow and pulled the covers up to her shoulder. Warmth flooded though her as she closed her eyes and felt the strong beating of his heart and his hand on the small of her back. This was the most comfortable she had ever been, right here in his arms.

* * *

She woke when she felt arms pulling her closer and a kiss pressed softly into her hair. It made her heart flutter and she growled contentedly, feeling his body pressed into her back. Her heart beat accelerated when she felt his hand wander up her belly to her breasts, his touch feather light. He found her nipples and teased them, sending a wave of heat right to her groin. She sighed, not wanting to open her eyes yet, enjoying his touch.

His rock hard member pressed into her back. His lips were kissing down from her shoulder to her neck, his hand travelling down to find her wet and ready for him.


His teeth grazed the spot he had bitten the night before. His teeth had left a red mark and he soothingly ran his tongue over it. She arched her back and pressed against his shaft, causing him to suck in breath.

“Wake up, luv. I need to be inside you,” he whispered ugently into her ear, his fingers working on her clit, making her moan.

She opened her eyes and turned her head to him. His eyes were black with need and desire. He inched away, allowing her to roll onto her back. Her shoulders had barely hit the mattress when he pulled her legs apart, entering her in one swift move.

She cried out, her hands tightly wrapped around his wrists, her flesh oversensitive from their previous love-making.

“Fuck.” He shuddered at the feeling of her tight walls surrounding him again.

His eyes held hers captivated. They were burning with a dangerous intensity. Her hands moving up his arms to his shoulders and down his back, sometimes soft, sometimes her nails scratching his skin drove him mad and he slid out of her to thrust up into her again hard. Her hips moved off the bed at the force of the thrust.

He repeated his actions, propped up on his hands, staring down at her face, taking in every emotion on her face, what she liked, what had her moaning, what had her hitching her breath. He buried himself deep inside of her and rolled his hips.

“Davvvve…” She arched her back up to him. The blood was pounding in her ears. She knew she wouldn’t last long if he kept this up.

He bent his head to kiss her passionately and thoroughly, his tongue mimicking the movements of his member inside of her with deep thrusts into her hot mouth. He loved the taste of her. He pulled away, breathing raggedly, sweat dropping off his forehead, mingling with her moist skin.

Dave grabbed her right knee, pulling it up and allowing him to penetrate even deeper. He rested her leg on his shoulder, letting his lips travel along her calf, staring down at her.

Her lips were slightly swollen from the kiss, the skin of her chin showing an irritated red from his stubbles. His hand on her hip, he slid out of her only to thrust back in with a long, hard stroke, rolling his hips once again. He repeated his ministrations. He was getting light headed and he could feel his balls tighten with the approaching orgasm. His hand slid from her hip to her clit, rubbing it, teasing it.

She was writhing under him, eagerly meeting each thrust, her head lolling back when he circulated his hips. Her leg still rested on his shoulder, the other heel dug in his ass, pulling him in closer. She reached up to run her fingers through his hair, her other hand travelling down his chest and across his belly. She saw his stomach muscles ripple. His answer was a hard thrust that had them both moaning. She was close now and just about to tumble over the edge, but she wouldn’t go without him.

She let her hand travel down further to where he was rubbing her clit and where they were both joined. As he slid out of her, she dipped her index and middle finger in herself, before he rammed back into her. She brought the hand back up to her lips, licking off her index finger, never once breaking eye contact with Dave.

He shuddered and thrust up into her harder. Then she brought her hand to his lips and he sucked her fingers in, tasting their mixed juices. He grunted and rammed into her once more, his fingers working on her clit, slowly moving his hips. He felt the blood pounding in his ears, the familiar hotness starting to spread from base of his back.

One more thrust and hey were both hit by a blinding orgasm. She dug her head into the mattress, crying out his name, feeling him pump his essence into her. He rammed into her, prolonging their climaxes, his back arched, head thrown back, shouting an obscenity as he felt her nails dig into his arms and her inner walls milked him for all he had to give.

Slowly, they rode out the waves, their breathing calming down. He collapsed onto her and she held him close, welcoming his weight upon her. She caressed his back, still feeling him pulsating inside her.

He propped up on his elbows and locked eyes with her. Her eyes radiated and reflected all his emotions that he wasn’t able to put in words. His lips found hers in a searing kiss.

Then he caressed her chin that was still red. He looked down at her hip and saw his fingers had left marks there, too.

“That’ll bruise.” He smiled at her absolutely pleased with himself. “Now you’re mine.”

She swatted at his arm, rolling her eyes.


But she had to smile despite herself, letting her fingers softly run across his back, where she had left her mark on him, too.

His lips found hers again as he slipped out of her. They parted and he rolled off of her, sitting up. He reached out his hand, pulling her up.

“Come on, let’s take a shower. I wanna have you all slippery and wet.”

“I don’t think either of us is up for sex in the shower,” she smiled. “We’re too tired for this little experiment.”

Dave laughed. “Touché. But I’ll still get to see you all slippery and wet.”

He led her into the bathroom, turned on the shower and let her step in first. He noticed she did walk rather funnily and he couldn’t help the smug grin spreading on his face.

She noticed it and pinched his ass. “Just watch out that your plan doesn’t backfire.”

He gave her a devilishly innocent look. “Whatever do you mean?”

“If you want me to not be able to walk anymore after this weekend, mister, you will not be able to walk anymore either, make no mistake about that,” she said, pulling him under the water spray.

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