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Lusmeitli - Dream On
Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 8

Part 8

Lusmeitli  2007.07.08. 21:54


She woke in his arms when a loud thunder let the windows vibrate. She watched him sleep. He seemed at ease and relaxed. It took all her will not to reach out to let her hand run through his dishevelled hair, or to kiss his luscious lips. They seemed to taunt her. The thought of what those lips had done to her only a while ago made her blush and sent a wave of heat to her groin.

There hardly were any lines edged into his face. He looked so young and innocent. And this even though life had been hard on him. Her heart ached at all the pain and suffering he had been through.

She knew he wasn’t perfect. And just that imperfection made him so perfect. The first time she had met him, he had had a very bad day and barked something not really nice at her, because she had been held up by traffic jam when delivering some papers to his place. He had snatched the envelope from her hands, scuffed and slammed the door right in her face. She knew how he could get when he was pissed off or angry.

And she knew how he could be when he was turning on his charm full force. She had seen how women melted and she had melted herself. One look from those gorgeous deep green eyes of his and she did everything he wanted to. Though, she knew, too, how he reacted when things didn’t go as he pleased. Or how silly he could get with the guys. How focused and professional he was when he was working. How his intuition almost never failed him.

She had seen the pain in his eyes, when he was having one of his black days. Sometimes he was so full of energy that he couldn’t sit still one second, because he had had some idea. She had witnessed how easily he could be motivated, what a great and caring friend he was and how damn stubborn he could be if he just didn‘t want to give in or was convinced he was right.

She had seen his alter-ego on stage, totally sure of himself, arrogant almost, being celebrated and adored by the audience. And she had seen him totally lost and insecure, not knowing what step to take next, feeling as if it was him against the world and no one beside him. He was her imperfect dark angel.

His chest slowly rose and fell with each breath he took. He turned onto his back, mouth slightly open now, his arm still slung around her, holding her close. She saw his chest rise again, drawing in breath – this time strepitously. She bit her lip and waited for him to exhale and inhale again. Surely she hadn’t heard right. But yes, there was the noise again.

She bit down hard on her lip so as not to laugh out loud.

Dave Gahan actually was snoring.

She couldn’t help her body starting to shake from the suppressed laughter. Hiding her head in the pit of his arm, she tried to calm down, but the sound of another snore had her chuckling quietly.

He woke with a start, not knowing what had caused it, to find her trembling in his arms. She had her head hidden and it sounded as if she were… sobbing? Concerned he touched her face, tilting it up to him, to find her – chuckling.
She looked into his eyes and burst out laughing now.

He looked at her, first irritatedly then smiling at the sound of her laughing.

“What’s so funny?” he asked with a sleepy voice, watching her dimples deepen.

She tried to calm down and looked up at him.

“You’re snoring,” she grinned, giggles shaking her body again.

For a moment, he looked flabbergasted. Then he smiled evilly. “Are you laughing at me?”

Another fit of giggles bubbled up and she lay on her back, struggling for breath. He watched her, turning on his side to prop his head up on his elbow. She opened her eyes to look at him, trying her best to be serious.

“No, I’m not laughing at you.”

His eyes were gleaming dangerously now and he grabbed her wrists, pinning them over her head, rolling over her. She was still trying to sober up, but his look just caused another fit of laughter from her.

He lay still, watching her. She did look beautiful to him like that, all happy, her eyes shining, a huge smile lighting up her face. Still, this required some… revenge.

“You’re laughing at me,” he stated calmly, voice dangerously smooth. “I’m gonna have to punish you for hurting my ego.”

Her eyes shot open and widened at the devilish smile he gave her.

“Punish…?” She swallowed as she felt his weight press down on her, very aware of his growing arousal pressing against her thigh.

“Mhmm,” he said, using only one hand to keep her wrists above her head now, his other hand lazily wandering down her throat and over her chest, to stop at her breast. He rubbed over the nipple with his palm, none too gently, making her gasp and sending hot liquid between her legs.

Dave bent his head and sucked the other nipple in between his lips, grazing the bud with his teeth. He heard her sharp intake of breath and he smiled as he licked his way up to her throat, his hand wandering down to her thighs to find her wet and ready for him. She stared at him as he brought his hand up to his lips, licking her juices off his fingers slowly.

“Mmmh, you taste so good, babe,” he breathed, hovering above her lips.

She shuddered and closed her eyes, tilting up her head to meet his lips, but he pulled back.

“Nu-uh, luv. You’ve been a bad girl.”

She moaned at how he stretched the word “bad” and it set her on fire. He smiled at her reaction, bending his head for the final blow.

“I gotta think about an adequate punishment,” he said throatily in her ear.

He felt her body convulse under his and slightly chuckled, before his lips found hers in a bruising kiss.

Then he pulled away, pleased with how aroused she looked, desire burning in her eyes. Oh, he wanted to take her right then and there, but he had another game planned. Instead, he pulled her to her feet.

“Come on, let’s get something to eat.”

He chuckled when she blinked her eyes, trying to get out of the haze he had laid upon her. He kissed her lightly on the lips before he bent down to help her collect their clothes.

* * *

An hour later, she stood in the kitchen, dressed in jeans and t-shirt, barefoot, chopping up vegetables. For a moment there she had had her heart in her throat. He had looked a bit angry and she feared she had gone too far. When he had threatened to punish her, her heart had sped up to a silly speed and it had left her breathless. The thought didn’t let her go, even as he now behaved normally around her again.

This whole thing was still so new to both of them and she just didn’t really know him that well yet to be able to know when he was serious or when he just was playing his little mind games with her.

He had received a phone call from Martin about half an hour ago, disappeared into his office and not emerged from it since.

Meanwhile, she had prepared some salad, set the table and was now cooking a stir-fry. The food was fizzling in the wok and she brought the wooden scoop to her lips, tasting if it was spicy enough.

Suddenly she felt hands on her hips and his lips at her ear.

“Hey sexy. Did you miss me?”

The scoop fell out of her hand as his arms snaked around her, one hand cupping her breast and softly kneading it, the other travelling into the front of her jeans. She felt his slender fingers on her aching core through the fabric of her panties and closed her eyes in pleasure.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“I see you’re ready,” he whispered, totally aware of the ambiguous meaning of his words.

He slowly licked up the crevice of her ear and then hotly breathed out onto the now moist skin. She shuddered in his arms.

“Come, luv, let’s eat,” he said, his hand sliding out of her pants under her moaned protest. He shut her up with a quick kiss on her lips.

She felt dizzy. It was amazing how just a few touches, even just words of him could turn her on so much that she forgot about everything.

They filled their plates and sat down at the table. During the meal, Dave entertained her with a story about one of their worst interviews, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was watching her like a hunter his prey, waiting to pounce on her.

When they were finished, he helped her load the dishwasher and then said he’d go take a shower. Maybe he had forgotten about it then? She nodded her head and went into the living room, turning on the TV to flip through some channels and ending up watching an old cartoon. She was totally absorbed in the Roadrunner that she lost track of time.

“I've thought about your punishment.”

She nearly jumped and turned in her seat, to see him standing in the doorway, arms crossed in front of his chest, a towel slung around his hips, riding dangerously low, his body still dripping wet from the shower. It was a delicious sight and she gulped.

“You… you did?” she asked breathlessly.

His eyes trained on her, fully aware of what he was doing to her, he unhurriedly walked across the room to stand in front of her. The movement caused some drops to melt together and slowly make their way down his body to be soaked up by his towel.

She stared up to his chest, following a drop’s path from his shoulder down over his Om-tattoo down his chest, over his abs, missing the navel by an inch and, finally, before being able to sneak down any further, being absorbed by his towel.

She licked her lips. Her eyes rested at the rim of the towel where the drop’s voyage had cruelly been stopped. Oh, how she wanted to let her fingers and mouth follow the drop’s path. A sudden wave of heat let her flush.


His husky voice brought her back to reality and she met his eyes. He had watched her watch him and he now felt a primitive content when he saw her eyes, darkened with desire. They were like magnets, drawing him to her. And he didn’t resist.

He slowly bent down, took the remote control from her hand and pressed a button to switch the telly off.

She licked her lips again. He took her hand, pulling her up and tugging her along behind him into the bedroom. She watched more droplets make their way down his back. Her mouth watered. He pushed her to sit onto the bed. She reached out her hands to touch him. But he shook his head.

“No touching until I say so,” he said. “Take off your clothes.”

His command was harsh, but she quickly obeyed, too aroused by the excitement that shot through her body. Then she sat before him, naked, chest heaving, cheeks flustered.

“Lay back down.”

Again she did as she was told. The dangerous darkness gleaming in his eyes turned her on beyond belief.

She watched him approach the bed, crawling over her, his body not once touching her until he was face to face with her, staring into her eyes. His feral look made her heart pound in her chest and she felt her aching bundle pound, too. Water drops fell from his hair and his body onto hers. She arched her back up, wanting to touch him.

“No touching,” he smiled evilly. She nodded, her hands clasping the sheets.

His eyes travelled down her body, watching a water drop trail down between the valley of her breast to her belly. He looked up into her eyes, smiling smugly, before he bent his head. He saw her stomach muscles contract in anticipation and heard her sharp intake of breath as his lips eagerly dove down to follow the path of the drop on her skin and licking it up. Immediately, her skin was covered in goose bumps.

She groaned, twisting the sheet in her hands, throwing her head back, not able to watch him any longer. She felt the heat pulsing between her legs.

Another drop landed on her left breast. His hot lips closed around it, softly licking it up. Dave’s mouth wandered to her hardened nipple and softly sucked on it. A small cry escaped her lips and he smiled into her silky skin. His hand came up to run his open palm across her other hardened nipple.

“Look at me, baby,” he commanded and he waited for her to open her eyes. When she did, he felt his member grow harder at the lust that burned in her dark pools.

“You laughed at me,” he stated matter-of-factly, bowing his head until he was only a breath away from her skin.

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl,” he said, drawing out his words.

His wet hair now touched her skin and he moved his head down her body, leaving a wet trail on her skin.

“Say it.”

She gulped when she saw where he stopped.


“Say it!” he commanded sternly.

She swallowed, out of breath. “I’ve… I’ve been a bad girl.”

He smiled arrogantly at her, his hot breath puffing on her skin, causing more goose bumps to rise.

“You need to be punished. Say it.”

A drop fell off his hair into her pubic hair and she felt it trickle down slowly into her wet folds. She saw his eyes follow the voyage of the drop and then his eyes looked up, now completely dark with desire.

She was shivering by now. “I need to be punished,” she rushed out.

“Now what’s the magic word?” he snarled.

“PLEASE!” she cried out, her knuckles now white, her fingers hurting from gripping the sheet so hard to keep herself from touching him. “Please, Dave, touch me,” she begged desperately.

Dave looked at her lying before him, shivering, barely holding herself back, aching and shuddering and begging for him. The feeling of power, of her submission to him left him light headed.

“Good girl,” he whispered, moving up her body, still not touching, his lips only a breath from her skin.

Then lips attacked her skin, following down the drawn out wet path. She moaned loudly as his lips finally touched her body. She couldn’t think anymore, his lips drove her crazy, his swirling and sucking tongue teasing her flesh, making it hard for her to breathe. She almost stumbled over the edge right then, moaning his name.

That was when Dave lost control. He came up to cup her face and his lips crushed down hard on hers. Electricity shot through them at their touch. His hands grabbed hers, pulling them from the sheet and intertwining their fingers. He felt her moan on his lips. His hand slipped up to fist in her hair.

“You may touch me now,” he breathed his throaty permission in between kisses and her hands immediately snaked around his waist, trying to pull him down onto her body, caressing his wet back.

Dave shivered and his kiss grew more passionate. Their lips opened and their tongues met, eagerly probing and trying the other. She moaned at his taste, it was so addictive.

His mouth left hers and he licked down her body again, leaving her shivering. He sat back on his knees, then pulled her legs apart, his eyes locked with hers as he settled between her legs. Her blood was pounding in her ears. He grabbed the hand she reached out, intertwining their fingers and locking eyes with her.

She saw the hunger in his eyes. He licked his lips and she subconsciously did the same, knowing what was to come. His eyes were still locked with hers, when he slowly bent his head and his tongue darted out to her aching centre. Her head fell back at the sensations shooting through her, her fingers squeezing his hand.

“Dave!“ she moaned.

His skilled tongue slowly licked her clit, lightly bit down on it to soothe it with slow strokes, taking her high. He inserted a finger into her wet folds and inhaled sharply when he felt just how wet and ready for him she was. His rock hard member twitched painfully, aching to be inside her. He slowly slid out and inserted another finger, curling the tips, before sliding out and in again.

“Mmh, luv, you’re so fucking tight,” he said huskily.

He could feel his cock weep with pre-cum and it took all his will not to lose it right then and there. He added another finger, softly stretching her and starting at a slow rhythm to pump in and out of her.

“Dave, please! I want you inside of me!” she begged, her hands tugging impatiently on his head and he gave in, not able to hold back any longer.

He slid his slick body up hers, his mouth crashing down on hers again blind with passion, his tongue deep in her mouth, dancing with hers. She moaned at the taste of herself on his lips.

He felt her hands tug off the towel and then he lay between her legs, no more barriers between them.

She slowly licked the few remaining water drops off his shoulder, making him hiss. Her hands pulled him closer to her, raging over his back and neck, her legs wrapping around his waist. He groaned into their kiss. To feel her fingers on his skin drove him crazy.

He pulled away from her. She looked up into his eyes. A dark fire was flickering dangerously in them. He placed his tip at her wet entry.

“Submit, luv,” he demanded, his voice full of need and desperation.

It sent a hot jolt of electricity right to her heart.

“I’m entirely yours,” she said out of breath, but seriously, meaning every word.

He stilled, his eyes softening at the honesty he felt in her words and they made his heart overflow. He cupped her face with one hand and gave her a languished kiss. Then he pulled away and locked his eyes with her again, emotion making way to raw passion.

He pushed all the way into her with one swift, powerful motion. They moaned at the exquisite sensation, both shuddering at their joining and stilling for a moment.

“Fuck, baby,“ Dave said with a husky voice, shivering and fighting for control.

It felt so good to be buried inside of her, so right. He bent down to give her a tender kiss.

Then he started to move in and out of her at a maddening pace. She eagerly met each thrust of his hips. He felt his member stretch her inner walls with each thrust and the familiar tightening of his testicles announced his orgasm. He grabbed her knee, bending it, moving it up until it touched her shoulder, allowing him to penetrate even deeper into her. His tip hit her cervix, causing her to shudder violently. She couldn’t move, as she was effectively pinned down onto the bed by his weight. Sweat ran down his forehead. He continued his actions, slipping one hand down to where their bodies were connected, rubbing her clit. Her eyes rolled back and fluttered shut.

“Luv,“ he breathed and moved faster and harder in and out of her, “look at me.“

It took all her might to do so. She reluctantly opened her eyes and met his gaze. He slid out of her and thrust up into her hard and fast, rolling his hips, his fingers softly pinching her clit.

A powerful orgasm hit her and she arched up into his body, crying out his name, diving into blissful oblivion.

Dave felt her clamp down hard around him and he nearly cried out in pain as he pushed into her hard one more time, hitting her cervix again, sending another shudder through her and him as her inner walls tried to pull him in further.

Orgasm hit him like lightning and with a shout he arched his back, throwing his head back, his hands grasping her shoulders and pushing himself up into her as far as he could. He felt his hot release shoot into her body in spasm and his heart filled with love as their souls touched.

Her inner walls still were milking him and he felt his member still spurt his semen into her. Dave collapsed on her and rested his head in the curve of her neck, kissing the love bite he had left there. Her hands caressed his hair and his back.

Their breathing calmed down and he slipped out of her, rolling on his side and pulling her with him, so they were facing each other. He watched her face, taking in every inch, trying to burn this image into his memory.

His arm slipped around her waist to settle in the small of her back, pulling her to him, his lips finding hers in a slow, passionate kiss.

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