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Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 9 (2/2)

Part 9 (2/2)

Lusmeitli  2007.07.11. 01:13


He fumbled for the key, unlocked the door and let them in, pulling her into his arms before the door clicked shut. She was pressed up against the door, his hands now under her clothes, feverishly roaming her body.

But she had other plans. She broke the kiss and tugged on his jacket. He took the hint and they got rid of that layer of clothing, kicking off their shoes. She swatted his hand away as he wanted to take off her scarf and winked at him seductively, pulling him by the hand into the bedroom. He followed her with a chuckle.

In the bedroom, she turned to him. He was already pulling up his shirt, but she shook her head.

“Let me do it. Let me worship you.”

Slowly, she pulled it up. He lifted his arms as she pulled it over his head and let the shirt fall to the floor. She stared at his chest and he swallowed at her burning eyes, before her hands reached out and touched him. Goose bumps covered his skin.

She took her time, letting her fingertips trail down his chest, following the outline of his tattoos, before she stepped around him and let her hands wander over his back.

Mesmerized, she repainted the tattoo on his back, barely touching his skin. He closed his eyes in delight. A shudder went through him as he felt her lips and tongue follow the trail of her fingers.

She saw his muscles constrict under her touch and smiled. She gently blew over the wet trail she had left, causing more goose bumps to rise. She made sure she paid attention to every inch of skin and she smiled when she found a spot where he was ticklish. Good to know for future use.

Continuing her voyage, she stepped to his side, touching and kissing down his arm, trying to memorise every muscle, every vein. She was now in front of him again and kneeled. She didn’t look up as she unbuckled his belt, but saw his stomach muscles contract.

Slowly she pulled the zipper down, her hands going to his waist to slowly pull the trousers down. He was going commando again and she loved how she could feel his skin with every inch the trousers went lower. She carefully freed his member, without touching him, pulling the trousers down.

She let her hands run down Dave’s legs, feeling his muscles flex under her touch. She tugged at the material and he lifted first one foot, then the other, as she freed him of the trousers and pulled off his socks, too.

Then she sat back on her heels, looking at him standing in front of her in all his naked glory. Her eyes slowly wandered up his body, taking in every inch and locked eyes with him. He was staring down at her hungrily as she licked her lips.

She swallowed, trying to comprehend the feelings that were rushing through her. Allowing them to happen, accepting them into her heart. To see Dave standing like that before her was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

“Perfect,” she breathed and he shuddered. “Lay on the bed.”

He rose his eyebrow, but she tilted her head as she stood up. Her look made him lay down on the bed, propped up on his elbows.

“What about your clothes?” he asked, voice throaty.

She smiled at him seductively. “Surprise.”

She crawled up on the bed at his side, not touching him. Then she reached out for his hand, pulling it over his head, loosening the scarf around her neck.

“What are you doing?” he asked, knowing the answer.

She stilled for a moment to let her index finger run across his cheek. “I told you I’m gonna worship you.”

Dave’s eyes grew dark as he felt her tie his wrist to one of the poles of the headboard. He swallowed hard as she crawled over him, her knee slightly touching his throbbing member, making him squeeze his eyes shut, and taking his other hand to tie it to the board with the other end of the scarf.

She sat back up and looked at him as he lay there at her mercy. His dilated pupils made his eyes almost seem black, there was a faint hint of sweat forming on his forehead, his breathing was shallow, his muscles tensed and his member obviously seemed to be very enthusiastic about her plan.

Oh, she’d enjoy that.

She got up from the bed and slowly stripped for him. To feel his burning eyes on her turned her on even more. She crawled back up on the bed, straddling his hips, careful not to sit down too low, so she wasn’t touching his member that by now was weeping for attention.

Lazily, she bent forward until she was face to face with him, her hands placed at the sides of his head. She lowered her head to lick and kiss the few drops of perspiration off his forehead and he tugged on his bonds, wanting so badly to touch her, sighing in frustration and instead kissing whatever skin of her he could reach. She took the opportunity to slip a pillow under his head.

Then she pulled away, putting her index finger on his lips. “Shh, baby, let me make love to you.”

He wanted to reply, but her hard nipples grazing his chest made him groan. She took her time, kissing and licking down his chest to stop at one nipple. He took in a shaky breath as she gently closed her lips around it, sucking on it, before letting it out and softly pulling it between her teeth to soothe it with her tongue.

“Luv,” he whispered breathlessly.

He had his head tilted up to look at her and as he gazed past her, he saw her behind in the mirror, just inches from his throbbing member. He nearly shot his load then and banged his head back, closing his eyes.

This didn’t go unnoticed by her and she smiled. Her mouth travelled to the other nipple, paying it the same attention and more feeling than hearing a moan vibrate through his chest.

She repositioned herself to sit on his thighs, letting her breasts graze his stomach as she slid down his body, kissing and licking. Just before she touched him where he ached most, she cupped her breasts and bent down, to bed his shaft in the valley of her breasts. She pushed them together and looked up at him.

“Fuck, luv! You’re killing me,” he gasped for breath at the erotic sight and the exquisite feeling of his member between her breasts.

His head lolled back and he desperately tugged on the bonds, when she pushed her breasts together a bit more. She looked down again, seeing the pre-cum drops glisten in the light. She let go of her breasts and placed her hands on his chest, following down the path her lips had taken, her mouth now kissing its way down to his pubic hair.

She ignored the now happily bobbing shaft and kissed the soft skin of his groin going down to his thighs. She sat up and made him open his legs for her. His back arched up as her hands closed around his testicles, mouth open in a silent cry.

Her fingers massaged him and she slid down further on the sheet, until she could kiss them.

“FUCK!” he shouted, thrusting his hips up.

She had seen it coming and evaded him. Her eyes were trained on his face as she finally clasped her other hand around his shaft. Her tongue licking off his pre-cum.

“Yesssssss,” he hissed.

She licked him like a popsicle, up to the base and down to his head again to stop at the slit to give his tip a slow lick, then gently blowing air onto it. She could feel him grow even harder and she knew it must be painful for him about now. She placed a soft kiss on him and then sucked him in deep into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks, drawing him in further and further, her hand grasping him at his base, the other massaging his testicles in a slow rhythm.

“FUUUUCK!” he yelled, his arms now seriously tearing on his bondage.

He was about to lose his mind if she kept this up. He wanted to touch her so badly, fling her on her back and pound into her until she was senseless.

She let him slip out of her mouth and sucked him back in again, and out again and in again. He was moaning loudly now and she could feel all his muscles tensed. It was time to release him.

With an erotic “plop” she let him out of her mouth, licking him up to the base, then moved up his body to straddle his hips again. She could feel his shaft pressing against her wet folds.

The feeling made them both moan. She was seeping for him, too.

“Baby, look at us,” she said softly.

He lifted his head groggily, his body shaking in anticipation. His eyes found hers and they reflected his desire and passion.

She tilted her head softly to the side and he took her wink and watched at them in the mirror. He saw her backside, how her hand went between them, grabbing his throbbing cock, slowly positioning him at her entrance. He was pulsing for her madly and he knew she felt it, for she shuddered, before with one swift roll of her hips, she took him in completely.

The sight of his member disappearing in her wet folds, the feeling of her tight inner walls surrounding her and penetrating her at this deep angle had him moan loudly, sweat running down the sides of his face.

She groaned. He was filling her completely, stretching her and it felt so good. She closed her eyes, throwing her head back. Her hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently as she let her hips roll back, slightly letting him slide out and forward, to take him in again.

He bucked his hips as she moved forward and she moaned at just how deep he was inside her now, her hands falling to his chest, leaning on him, breathing raggedly.

“O god, Dave,” she groaned.

He bucked his hips impatiently and she sat up again, one hand on his chest, the other resting back on his thigh for balance. Slowly, she rolled her hips back, her eyes finding his. He stared at her, his eyes now positively black, a fire raging in them as he tugged at his bonds some more. She shuddered, licking her lips and rolled her hips forward again.

In time, he thrust his hips up to meet her, burying himself so deeply inside of her, her head fell back, mouth open, crying out. She closed her eyes at the pleasure she felt. She rolled her hips back and forth again and he thrust up into her so hard, she arched her back, now both hands on his thighs, shaking violently.

Suddenly, she heard the ripping of fabric and dazedly opened her eyes to see him free of his bonds, scarf torn to pieces.

He was frantic, sitting up, his hands finally able to touch her, grabbing her hips hard as he slid out and forcefully back up into her again. He knew his grip would bruise, but he didn’t care at the moment. She was driving him mad. The depth of the penetration drove him wild and they were both shaking violently now.

He pulled her head in for a hungry, passionate kiss. It was all teeth and tongue, nothing gentle in it anymore, just blinding lust that needed to be quenched. He felt her hands running through his hair, down his neck and clinging to his shoulders and it drove him mad. His hand squeezed her breast as he slid inside her again, moaning as her groan vibrated through her entire body.

Dave lost it then. He bent his legs and with one swift move had her lying on her back, only her shoulders touching the mattress, his arm around her back, holding her, his other on her hips as he thrust into her, his back arching, head thrown back, feeling her legs claming around his waist.


His cry pushed her closer to the edge and she could barely take it anymore. She felt she would combust any time now. He was ramming inside her at a maddening pace now, each thrust bringing them closer.

“Cum for me, luv,” he said huskily.

He pumped into her again, rolling his hips. That was when she fell over the edge, spiralling down into the white, blinding bliss.


He saw the pleasure wash over her face and felt her inner walls clamp down hard on him as orgasm hit her. He thrust up into her once more, pushing her hips down hard on him and he was struck by the beauty of her as she lay there in the throes of passion. With a loud shout he arched his back and shot his load into her, falling off the cliff right after her, their souls meeting and melting together in sweet oblivion.

His arms encircled her, both their bodies shivering, as he rested his head on her chest to catch his breath. He leaned back and pulled her up to sit in his lap, their bodies still joined and he embraced her, feeling her heart beat rapidly against her chest, matching his beat. His hands caressed her back and her hair, his lips softly kissing her neck and shoulder.

After a long moment, her breathing calmed down, too and he pulled away, to look at her, cupping her face in his hands. The love he saw in her eyes made his heart speed up again and he pulled her in, kissing her tenderly on her lips.

He broke the kiss and searched her eyes.

“Making love?” he asked, feeling out her earlier statement.

He waited for her answer with bated breath. For a moment, he saw fear flicker up in her eyes, fear of being rejected. But her eyes softened and allowed him to see just what she felt for him. His heart skipped a beat.

“Yes, making love,” she said huskily, but sincerely.

Dave regarded her with amazement. Amazement that she felt this way about him. Amazement that he knew in his heart were the same feelings.

“Yes,” he repeated, his eyes shining happily, “making love.”

He saw tears glistening in her eyes and he pulled her in for another long, tender kiss.

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