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Lusmeitli - Dream On : Part 10 (2/2)

Part 10 (2/2)

  2007.07.14. 01:26




Her heart was beating rapidly as Dave paid the driver and they got out, walking into the building. The doorman was on the phone, but nodded at them friendly. Then the elevator arrived. She loved its sound. It meant they were home, in their secure haven, their sacred place that only belonged to them. They stepped in. This time, Dave didn’t attack her. They just stood there, silently, hands intertwined, gazing at each other.

The doors slid open with the familiar “bling” and with each step they approached his door her heart sped up. She had heard all sorts of things about Tantric sex. Far as she knew it was something very intimate, very erotic and extremely sensual. To share this with Dave… She was nervous. Very nervous.

He opened the door and they stepped in. The door clicked shut behind them and her heart was now in her throat. He helped her taking off her coat and they kicked off their shoes.

Dave had noticed how she had grown quieter and quieter by the minute. As he took her cold hand in his now, he knew she was nervous. He smiled.

“Luv, there’s nothing to be nervous about,” he softly kissed her temple. “I know just the thing to relax you.”

He tugged at her hand and she followed him as he walked down the hallway, to the bedroom, crossing it and stopping in the bathroom. He let go of her hand, smiling as she gave him a confused look.

“We’re gonna take a bath,” he explained and started the water, letting the tub fill, adding some bathing oil that smelt like Ylang-Ylang.

The only thing she could think of was that he had said “we”. Another wave of heat washed over her body. Her breath hitched as he stepped up to her.

“Let me undress you.”

It was quiet and she closed her eyes at his gentle touch. His hands stroked her sides before slipping around to the zipper of her dress. He pulled it down, bending his head to kiss her cheek. Then he pulled the fabric off her shoulders, his eyes following its way until it pooled at her feet.

His hungry stare made her shudder.

Then his hands slipped around her chest again, to unclasp her bra. His hands cupped her breasts ever so gently and he bent his head to kiss her hardened nipples. His hands were on her panties and he pulled them down. She stepped out of the dress and the panties, flushing under his intense stare.

“Don’t,” he said, grasping her hand that had come up to cover herself.

He let his eyes wander across her body, to come to rest upon her face.

“Beautiful,” he breathed.

It sounded sincere and she could see genuine admiration in his eyes. He took off his clothes, watching her watch him. Then he took her hand and led her to the tub, letting her step in first. They sank in the water, facing each other and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to his body, kissing her passionately.

He took his time to explore her mouth. To feel her teeth, to tease her tongue, to taste her fully. She was shuddering by now. The warm soft water, the feel of his slippery skin on hers, his hands on her back holding her in place and his tongue in her mouth sensually dancing with hers drove her mad.

When he broke the kiss, he gazed into her eyes for a long moment. Then he took a washcloth and leathered it up with some soap.

“Lean back for me, baby,” he said.

As she did so, resting her head on the brim, he took her left leg, washing her gently. His hands felt all her muscles, the softness of her skin, the goosebumps that his touch caused. He washed the soap off and kissed up her leg, starting from her inner thigh to her knee, his tongue flicking out to lick her sensitive spot there, before kissing down her calf and stopping at her toes, sucking them into his mouth.

She thought she had been on fire before, but his ministrations made her blood boil with heat. Watching him wash her so gently and carefully made her heart ache and her body hum in anticipation.

He repeated the same actions on the other leg, first washing, then kissing and caressing it. She sat back up, wanting to take the cloth from him, but he shook his head.

“Not tonight, luv. I want to make it last as long as possible,” he said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, his gaze hot. “But I don’t think I’ll last long because you make me lose control.”

His lips pressed to hers in a lingering kiss and she moaned when he pulled her closer and she could feel his hardness pressed between their bodies. He took a shaky breath and pulled away, washing her arms, her neck and, finally, her chest.

“Mmmh, baby, your skin is so soft.”

If he hadn’t had his arms around her, she would have slipped bonelessly back into the water. His hot mouth on her one nipple, the feeling of the warm water against her other nipple was more than she could bear and she whimpered helplessly.

His hand with the washcloth ran down across her stomach and to her wet folds. She cried out as he touched her aching nub, gently letting the washcloth run over it. Then he had to feel her and he let go of the cloth, his slender fingers finally touching her without barriers. Rubbing her clit, teasing her, his fingers building her up. She felt the wave approach as he inserted two fingers inside of her.

“Fuck, you’re wet for me. O baby, can you feel it? How slick you are?”

His words made her head loll back and she arched her back, thrusting her hip onto his hand. He slid his long fingers inside again, curling them to softly rub against her g-spot. Orgasm hit her immediately and she cried out as the waves of white bliss crashed down on her.

He watched her face contort in pleasure and he rode the tide out with her, his fingers slowly rubbing her and bringing her back down to earth again. Seeing her in complete and utter submission made his heart overflow. He gave that to her. It was a powerful feeling.

When she opened her eyes again, clouded with lust, he kissed her languishly, before he pulled away smiling.

“I think you’re relaxed enough now for lesson two.”

* * *

They were sitting on the bed now, cross-legged, facing each other. She felt all relaxed and her body was humming from the orgasm she had just had.

“Look into my eyes,” he said, “breathe deeply, softly. Keep your eyes open and keep on looking into my eyes. Breathe with me.”

She locked eyes with him, staring into his green depths. She blinked awkwardly, but his hand on her chin made her look up again.

“Look at me, luv. Just look at me.”

She did. There was such tenderness in his eyes, it made her heart skip a beat. The awkwardness passed with every breath she took and she allowed herself to fall into his eyes and get lost. It was as if she was diving straight into his soul and he into hers. Never before had she experienced something so intimate. No intercourse had ever been as intimate as this. She bared her innermost place to him and he to her. It left her light-headed and with a feeling of inner peace and harmony that she’d never experienced before.

Dave heard how their breathing slowly harmonised, how she relaxed and bore her soul to him as he did to her. Tantric lovemaking was something special to him. He wanted to strengthen the bond between them, he wanted to feel his body in complete tune and harmony with hers. The love he saw in her eyes made his heart swell with joy and warmth washed through his soul. They were ready for the next step.

“Touch me, babe,” he said, his voice husky.

Her hand reached out to cup his face. He shuddered at the contact. Her thumb caressed his lips, before she let the hand travel down to his chest, their eyes never once leaving the other’s. She let her hand travel lower, across his stomach. His muscles rippled under her touch.

“Go on,” he encouraged her.

He felt her hands softly grasp his aching member and he moaned. She let her thumb run across the slit at his tip and his eyes glittered with dark desire.

“Grab me a little harder, luv.”

Encouraged by his words she applied more pressure, letting her hands run up and down his shaft, feeling him grow hard and thick in her hands.

He reached out his hands and cupped her breasts.

“Do you like that, baby?”

Her answer was a soft moan as he lightly pinched her nipples to soothe them with his fingers.

His hands slid to her hips and he pulled her closer to him, so she was practically sitting in his lap now. He carefully positioned her trembling legs around his waist, caressing her soft skin, eyes still locked with hers.

Then he bent his head and kissed her on her lips tenderly. He lingered, his tongue slowly licking her lower lip, pulling it in between his teeth, gently biting down on it. With a throaty groan she opened her mouth for him and he took his time, hands cupping her face, to taste her. The kiss grew deep and tantalisingly slow, sending pulses of passion through their bodies.

His hands snaked to her neck, letting his fingers run through her hair, enjoying its silky feel. Then they wandered on, down her neck, caressing the back of her shoulders, trailing down her spine with feather-light touches that had her trembling. Usually, she was extremely ticklish on her back, but his long, slender fingers on her skin put such an erotic image in her mind, she could only moan into his mouth.

He pulled away, trailing kisses on her cheek to her ear.

“Do you like it when I touch you like that, luv?” he whispered.

To feel his hot breath in her ear made her shiver again and it was only now she realised that she had stopped stroking his shaft. Her hands were now on his chest caressing his skin. When had that happened? She didn’t remember.

“Yes,” she said, trying hard to keep on breathing with him in a slow, steady rhythm.

His hands wandered over her hips, cupping her ass, grabbing and pulling her closer to him.

“Where do you want me to touch you?” Dave said, licking her ear and breathing out over the wet skin.

It sent wetness right between her legs.

“Dave,” she moaned, feeling his fingers approach her aching centre from behind.

“Where, baby?” he breathed.

“My clit,” she said, flushing at her words, “touch my clit.”

“Like that?”

His fingers slid over her, feeling how wet she was for him, making them both moan. He pulled her closer and his throbbing member was now pressed between their bodies. She could feel his pulsing on her stomach.

He slid his fingers in and out of her, rubbing her clit from behind, her wetness covering his fingers, acting as lubricant.

She arched her back, pushing her hips back into his hand.

Dave’s lips hungrily kissed and licked the skin of her neckline, following down the trail to her breasts, softly suckling in her nipple, letting his tongue circle around it, licking it, teasing and soothing it. It sent jolts of electricity through her body and her hands grasped his shoulders desperately.

“Shh, baby, calm down,” he said huskily, bringing her back up and face to face with him.

“God, you look so fucking hot right now,” he moaned, pressing a feverish kiss on her lips.

He took his dick in one hand, positioning himself at her aching entrance, his other hand on her hip, controlling her sinking down on him.

Their eyes locked as he buried himself in her velvet channel.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so tight.”

His hands stilled her hips and he was fighting for his breath. He felt his member grow harder inside her, stretching her inner walls more and he saw her pupils dilate at that.

Dave tried to concentrate on his breathing. He wanted this to last, he didn’t want to shoot his load in her that very moment. He wanted to give her pleasure. Tiny drops of perspiration built on his forehead as he stared into her eyes. He felt every breath she took with his body and his soul. His body was so in tune with hers, he felt her heart beat against his chest in the same rhythm as his.

It was something he had never before experienced. As he stared into her eyes, seeing the depth and honesty of the love for him in them, he was struck at the intensity of his feelings for her. Her whimpers and little moans caressed his heart.

She bent her head forward, careful not to move her hips, for she knew he was having a hard time to keep control. She cupped his face in her hands, sprinkling his face with light kisses, moving to his neck and to his shoulders.

He felt loved and desired and this made him grow even harder inside of her. Dave gazed into her eyes as he put his hands on her hips and started to move in and out of her and a slow, steady pace. The strokes were powerful, but tantalisingly slow.

She could feel him move inside her, felt his hands on her skin and she fell further and further into warm light of his eyes, reaching out to touch his soul.

Beads of sweat were now rolling down both their bodies as he thrust up into her slowly, his arousal building gradually along with hers. Before he felt the familiar tightening in his balls, he stilled, relaxing, tightening his PC muscles and taking a deep breath.

“Luv,” he said, kissing her deeply for lack of words.

And his lips got the message across alright. Then he pulled back, breathing deeply in and out. When he felt he was in control again, he continued thrusting up into her.

He repeated this for several times, bringing them close to the edge, then stilling, to build it up higher than before, and stilling again.

He was riding them slowly towards the crest. His heart was swelling with each thrust. Her face was flushed, her body covered in sweat, too, as she let him guide them towards bliss, barely hanging on, passion pulsing through her veins. There was absolute and unconditional trust in her eyes.

He was amazed at how in tune their bodies were, how she met each of his thrusts, how perfectly he fit inside of her, how wonderful her body felt in his arms, how she responded to each touch, look or word.

Dave felt he couldn’t keep back any longer. She was trembling in his arms and he was shaking too.

“Baby,” he said, his eyes burning into hers, “you’re amazing.”

He thrust up in her, grabbing her hips and rolling them on him. They both moaned.

“So amazing,” he repeated huskily.

His hand wandered to her clit, rubbing it in gentle circles. He felt her inner walls contracting as her orgasm was about to begin. His rock hard member tightened and he felt he could no longer hold it back.

“Fly with me, angel,” he whispered hotly.

Those words threw them both over the edge into blissful oblivion and he pushed up inside her once again, rolling her hips as they were both blown away, crying out at the sheer intensity of the orgasm. They were falling into each other’s eyes and a blinding light emerged inside of them as their souls touched. They were washed away, riding out the tide of their joining, clinging to one another, gazing into their eyes, as another wave washed over them.

Neither of them knew how much time had passed. But they knew something beautiful had happened between them. He pulled her in for a long, deep kiss. Their bodies were still shaking from the aftermath of the orgasms; their hearts felt raw at the intense emotions they had felt.

They still sat there, facing each other, mesmerised by what had passed between them. Her hands reached out to pull his head to her. She pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead and he rested his head on her chest for a moment, turning it to listen to her heart beat.

Nothing needed to be said. They had revealed everything to each other. His hands stroked her back and he enjoyed feeling her fingers run through his hair.

* * *

She woke in the afternoon to find him watching her, propped up on his elbow. He smiled, leaning in to kiss her.

“Hey, sleepy head.”

“Hey,” she smiled back.

She stretched herself, trying to shake off sleep.


He asked with a devilish smile: “Is something wrong?”

She punched him teasingly in his shoulder. “It’s not funny. I feel very sore.”

He was laughing openly now. “But it is funny, hon.”

“Why?” she asked, trying to get into a comfortable position and rolled onto her side.

“Because I think I can’t walk anymore either,” he chuckled. “At least not upright.”

She giggled at the thought of him walking around the studio tomorrow, bent forward.

He pulled her in to his chest. “Stop laughing, you little witch.”

* * *

They spent the rest of the day in bed, occasionally dragging themselves out of it to go to the bathroom or to get something to eat of drink from the kitchen. They fell asleep, only to wake at the feeling of a caress or kiss from the other and to fall asleep again. It was wonderful. They both felt comfortable.

In the early evening hours they finally got up, both teasing the other at how funnily they walked and took another hot bath. She rested with her back against his chest, eyes lazily closed as they let the warm water relax their muscles. He washed her hair and the feeling of his fingers in her hair turned her on to no end, but they both needed some time to recover.

After they got out of the tub, she changed the bed sheets. They did smell of sex and them and however sexy that was, she felt the need for clean bed linen.

They lay on the couch, after having ordered some Thai take out, watching some film and not really watching at the same time. Their caresses reminded them of what had transpired between them last night.

She buried her head in his shoulder, not wanting to think of what would happen once she’d leave this place, the other morning, to go to work. What would happen? How should she act around him? Surely, he would want to keep a low profile and keep this hidden from everyone else? With those thoughts, listening to his steady heartbeat and breathing, she fell asleep.

* * *

She had dreaded this moment. Tuesday morning. In her mind she replayed how they had slept half the night on the couch, until he had woken her up and they went to bed. She felt so safe in his arms. It felt so… right. And then the hours had ticked away and morning came.

They had taken turns in the shower and eaten a quick breakfast, all the time caressing and kissing the other. They didn’t want to let this weekend end yet, but it was inevitable to return to everyday life and leave their happy bubble behind.

Then they had stood in front of his door. He had kissed her deeply, not wanting to let her go, her not wanting to leave, but they both knew they had jobs to do.

“See you later, luv,” he had whispered and she had quickly turned, taken her bag and went out the door.

And here she was now, two hours into work feeling all happy and yet doubtful at the same time. As soon as she had set foot in this place, insecurities had crashed down on her. How it would go on, what would happen next. She had to remember his words “we’ll take one day at a time” to calm her down.

And then the guys had arrived. She waited with bated breath, looking to the elevator hoping to see him standing there. But the first time it had been Martin and Fletch. When they had passed her desk on the way to the studio, Martin had winked at her. So he seemed to know.

The second time the elevator doors slid open she was certain it was him, but instead Flood walked out. He had asked her if she was alright, thinking she was still shaken from the accident. He was really sweet and she feared watching her having that accident had left him with a little shock.

The third time she had gone all teenager over the elevator Daniel had stepped out, patted her on the back and walked on wordlessly.

“Geez, what happened to you?” Andrews asked, making her jump out of her thoughts. “Since the moment you came in that door you’ve been all happy and smiling.”

She looked up, flushing. “I had a wonderful weekend, is all, sir.”

“Yes, I can see that,” he implied, his eyes wandering to the hickey on her neck.

Her hand flew up to it. Good grief, she had forgotten all about it!

“Now could you get me the report I asked for half an hour ago?”

She blushed again. The report was on the bottom shelf of his office, behind one of his messy piles and she needed to bend down to get it. And bending down… well… was a little difficult. Why he couldn’t get the folder himself was beyond her, but then she couldn’t very well tell him to get it because she was sore due to excessive love making with the man who now owned her heart.

“Right away, sir,” she mumbled, walking into his office and biting down on her lip at the slight pain. Mind you, a pain connected with very pleasurable memories. The blood rushed in her head as she bent down.

She didn’t hear the elevator’s door open again.

Andrews stood there, watching her as she walked back to him, handing him the file.

“So who’s the lucky guy?” he asked, not really wanting to know, and she blushed furiously.

“I am,” she heard Dave’s voice and her head shot around. He stood there, smiling at her.

“Morning Andrews,” he said, his eyes trained on her, ignoring the other man as he stepped up to her and pulled her close.

“Hey, baby,” he said tenderly and kissed her flush on the mouth. “I missed you.”

She sighed at his taste. “I missed you, too,” she said quietly.

His eyes shone happily as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Lunch in three hours?”

She cast a meaningful glance at Andrews.

Dave turned his head. “Will my girlfriend be free for lunch, Andrews?”

Andrews looked from her to Dave and from Dave to her, mouth slightly open, obviously trying to digest what he had just seen and heard.

“Sure… sure she’ll be free.”

“Very well,” Dave nodded and turned to her again. He pressed another soft kiss on her lips. “See you in three hours, luv.”

She nodded as if in a haze and watched him walk down the hall to the studio. She was taken by surprise at his action. So he didn’t want to keep it a secret then. A happy smile spread on her face. His girlfriend.


So, this is the end of "Dream on". *sighs* I have plans for a sequel. Let me know if you're interested. Thank you all very much for reading this story and for bearing with me. It's been a pleasure to share this with you.

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