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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2007.10.04. 23:50

Chapter 4


Carla was immersed in her thoughts in the afternoon and in the evening. Thinking about Dave made her restless. Her mind was set on him. She decided to stay in that evening though her friend Eve called her several times to go to out and have some fun downtown, but she wasn't in the mood. She felt dreamy and felt a longing for Dave. She was musing as to how would he react if she were to give him a call. But she decided against it. What would he think anyway ?  Then she couldn't bear it any more and picked up her cellphone - she had put Dave's number into her phone before leaving work. She was still hesitating, but she thought it over and over and she found him...well, so convincing that he actually cared about her. How kind and gentle he was. And how damn lonely and sad she was now. She realised she hadn't had a male companion in the the last...she couldn't even remember since when. Dave had got under her skin, her head was full of him. She saw herself as she almost kissed him standing next to him while he was laying on her couch. The kisses he had given her came into her mind, his taste, his fragrance, the warmth of his skin, the power in his muscles. She couldn't help wanting him badly.

     " Damn it, this is the 21th century, not the middle ages, I can call him if I want to" she thought and started to push the buttons. It was ringing. For a long time. She almost gave up when his deep voice said hello.
    ” David, this is me Carla. It isn't an inconvienent time to call you, is it ? Am I disturbing you ? ”
    ” No, not at all ! ” his voice sounded a bit surprised, but Carla immediatly heard the joy in it -  Thank God, he was happy she called her and not annoyed.

     „ I'm still in the studio and I am damn tired, it's high time to finish up things here. Can I help you Carla in any way ? ”
    ” Yes, David. Could you come here ? ”
    There was a short silence, then he asked in a soft voice „ Are you sure Carla ? ”
    ” Yes, I am. I won't say more. You don't want me saying more.”
    ” No, you shouldn't. I think I understand you.”
    „ Please, just come here, okay ? ” She was suddenly scared of how desperate her voice sounded.
    ” I will be there in an hour. I rush for you.”

     Carla had just enough time to add to her own quick supper and make it a little special She put some rosé wine to chill and tidied up her living room, but then she thought it would be nice to take Dave out on the roof garden, so he could see the great view of Paris from her block of luxury appartments. She wondered in which part of town his studio was, where his hotel was, she wanted to know everything about him to see if there really could be a chance for happiness for them... she went up to the roof to check the chair cushions were out, that the tables and chairs were clean - it was her secret garden : she had half of the total roof, but in Spring, her maid often forgot about giving the roof a qucik freshen-up on nice days.
Carla was pleasantly surprised : her maid, Susie, must have guessed that her employer would need to relax up here after a hard week's work: it was Friday after all, and they would have a beautiful, warm, clear late spring evening to enjoy.

      It was six when she'd called, and now after her tidying, she had perhaps another half hour to wait... Dave must be right over the other side of the city. She looked down at the traffic, thirty stories down, and wondered if any of the cars she could she coming into view high up on the boulevards were Dave's - perhaps he'd be here ... there was a buzz from here remote door control warning her that someone was at reception for her. She ran down into her appartment, nearly falling down the two short flights of stairs..
    " Yes ! " she gasped into the intercom, which linked her to the reception desk.
    " Bonsoir, Mademoiselle Sagnier, j'ai un certain Monsieur Gaaaahaaaan pour vous, dois - je lui dire de monter ? " Dave had obviously written his name down for the poor doorman to say, and he was having trouble with it ! Carla laughed, because the doorman had even thought to ask " should I tell him to come up ? " Just tell him to hurry up !
    "Oui, Damien, oui, dites - lui de monter s'il vous plaît. Merci." and as she replaced the intercom receiver, she jumped up and down like a child ! Any second now, Dave would be coming through her door, and into her home... she shivered with excitement !

    Carla ran into the kitchen to cast a last glance at the lemon-grilled fish and decided it was ready. She took out the Waldorf and avocado-with-quails eggs salads and the Chantali Rose Wine from the fridge and placed them on the counter. She left the dark-choc mousse in the freezer a little longer. She stepped out from the kitchen waiting the doorbell ring. She checked herself in the big mirror in her hall. She wore - intentionaly - only a black silk handmade kimono that she'd brought back from Japan, with exotic flowers emroidered all over on it. She put a bit more Flowers by Kenzo parfume onto the throbbing arteries in her neck, knowing that would evaporate swiftly into the air, and she was hoping the scent would have the desired effect on David.

     She suddenly felt so hot, realising how badly she missed being loved, having sex with a desirable, hot man. Her heart was beating fast, and she was trembling in anticipation. Quickly she checked all the scented candles that were lit in the living room and put a John Lee Hooker CD on, knowing David loved that. Shameful or not she'd been researching in all her spare time on the net in the last few days, to get some facts about her prince charming. She jumped up, startled, when the bell finally rang and tried to put a carefree and calm expression onto her face, in vain of course.

      She opened the entrance door for him. And there he stood, smiling sweetly with a single, red rose in his hand. Like the Violator Rose. Dave Gahan with the Violator Rose in his hand. Perfect, just perfect, she thought. How damn handsome he is, she noticed. Although he was wearing only something casual,  bluejeans with sneakers and a khaki T-shirt with a black leather jacket, he looked as gorgeous as ever.
    ”May, I come in?” he asked smiling, contented with the look of her slim body, deep décolleté and shining eyes, and those red lips.

     „ Sure, please do come in Dave.”

    He stepped in, she closed the door behind him and stepped closer. Without taking his jacket off Dave kissed her gently on the lips and handed the rose to her.

    Carla said "thank you" for her rose and smelled its rich and complex scent... the petals were dark and velvety, the leaves just as dark but shiny - at that precise moment Dave was thinking of comparing Carla's skin to a rose petal and her shiny lips to its leaves, but the words just wouldn't come, he was awestruck by the effect he was having on her. Her pupils were dilated and her breath was shallow...he liked this very much.
    Dave then recognised her floral perfume from that time in her consultation room. He liked it - but didn't want to spoil this moment with words - very unnecessary - they can only do harm - so he just placed his hands very gently on her hips and looked deep into her eyes... she had called him here, she was going to say why - she just needed to get used to his presence in her domain... when her pulse went down a little, when the veins in her neck stopped throbbing, if ever....
     Carla started to wonder what she should do, standing there with a rose in one hand, so with her other hand she stroked Dave's cheek - and asked:
    "Are you thirsty, or hungry ? I've had a go at rustling up a little snack..."
    "Mmmmm after a hard day in the saddle, er studio, I mean, what I'd really like is something long and cold to drink - would you have any beer ? "
  "Of course, a Peroni, or a Tsing Tao ? " she offered "what do you think of my hopeless fridge? Nothing French or British I'm afraid...”

    „No problem, dear. A Peroni'll do it” he smiled gently and went deeper into her flat .

The walls were painted with vivid and warm colours. It looked like a modern young woman's home. On the walls he saw some buddhist mantras and statues. The spirit of the flat was a mixture of hindu and chinese style. He followed her to the kitchen and found himself admiring her nice bottom while he asked:

     „ So -  you like chinese and hindu culture then ? ”

     " Oh God  - ANYthing to get me away from my strict Catholic upbringing ! " she laughed - watching him watching her, and LOVING it.... she suspected the conversation was just to kill the time - something in his eyes said he was about to pounce..... so she kept the conversation going. Getting the beers meant she didn't have to look at him while she replied.
    " No, seriously, I love all eastern cultures - with my orchestra we toured the far east many times, and first I picked up the art, then the philosophy, then parts of the way of life…"
    " And the clothing " added Dave, making a grab for the tie of her kimono, but she danced out of his grasp, and served herself a drink... a Tsing Tao - her mouth was dry and she didn't trust herself pouring anything into a glass, she reckoned she'd be shaking too much, and  her fears were to be confirmed : she opened it and shook even as she raised the bottle to her lips - this made her chuckle to herself and Dave was puzzled.
   " Is there a joke in your bottle ? "
    „No it's just that I was thinking I'd take the easy option - a drink I wouldn't spill - I'm quite clumsy you see, and now look at me ! " she held out her trembling hand for them both to laugh at.
   "You need," taking the bottle from her and placing it on a low black lacquered table, " what you did for me the other day – ever thought of trying your own medicine ? I mean those relaxation exercises - can I try and relax you using the technique you showed me? "

   „Why not – if you're sure you can remember how... „ she was secretly looking forward to having Dave send her into a semi-hypnotic state with his beautiful mellow voice.

   „ Can we do it here, on your sofa ? „ Dave was admiring the candle-lit living room .

    Carla nodded and her knees went week, hardly able to stand at the very thought of making love with him later on, because now she knew that she would, eventually, tonight – she could see it in his eyes, he was in control, he was taking her there slowly, like she'd asked, making beautful memories along the way – his entrance with the rose, this relaxation session. She felt the burning desire growing inside her as her body reacted to her thoughts. In no time her body was ready and waiting for its joining with Dave's. She slowly lowered herself to the crimson-red sofa and leaned back on it while David followed every move of hers with a burning gaze. He didn't move, he was just watching her, waiting for the perfect moment. He wanted her so much it hurt, literally. He felt his throbbing member against his pants and sighed a deep, lustful sigh. Carla shut her eyes to this sound and unconsciously opened her legs a little, making the kimono slide from her smooth legs. . Dave could see the tanned, velvet skin of her thighs. The excitement of this sight proved too much for him, and he groaned despite himself, standing there but then slowly approaching Carla.

     But Dave was going to make her „suffer” first : he wanted to make sure she wouldn't change her mind as she had the last time he had started to undress her.. perhaps the safest thing would be to get her to undress herself...
    "Right now Miss Sagnier, listen to my voice and relax... you are going to lose all this tension that is making you tremble - you have had a hard week at work and it's my job to make you forget this…"
    " Yes and I know .."

    „Shhhhhhhhhh!” Dave's finger came down on her lips as they made the "know" sound, and were perfectly pursed up - just asking to be kissed hard...
    "No, Carla - I speak, and you do. No ands, buts, ifs, unless they are mine. Agreed ? " Dave sounded very authoritative, how could she do anything but nod her agreement ?
   "So now you have to close your eyes...." he then whispered something "shit I should have done the music first! Ah-ha - there's the stereo..." and this made her laugh, as she heard him jump up, rush over to the stereo and choose music for the moment. From where he stood, he looked at her. Carla lay relaxed, eyes still closed, with only a ribbon of silk holding her body inside the flimsy protection of the kimono, half wondering why he hadn't undone the parcel wrapping to have his prize.... and as the music that he had chosen wafted towards her, she smiled - he couldn't have chosen better - her good old Sade album, Diamond Life... " Your love is King " floated into the room, sung by Sade's silky voice. He walked slowly back to her and sat on the sofa arm furthest from her head.
    " OK - I'm right back with you now - eyes still closed ? Now breathe gently, and let's check none of your clothing is too tight - nothing restricting under here ? Can I take your word for it ? " It sounded like Dave was smiling as he leaned over her and ran his hand along her side, checking for signs of tight underwear, and what he felt made him do more than smile - he took a sharp intake of breath - then added -

     " So you got dressed in a hurry I see ? " He was laughing now, and so was she ...
     " You haven't seen what I cooked for you ! It took all my time ! " Carla was pouting and it was half genuine: what if he never got to taste any of her cooking ? Would she even be bothered ?  This made her laugh again - so Dave asked...
   " And this is how my patient leaves behind her stressful world, by laughing at her Doctor ? "
   " I'm not laughing at you - sorry - you're doing fine ! It's nothing really, please go on ! "    .  .  ..  Carla snuggled down and adopted a serious face.
    Dave cleared his throat and straightened himself – God ! the pressure in his pants was unbearable and had been since he'd run his hand along her kimono, but he couldn't stop his little game now !
    "Deep breaths, please, slow and regular, that's good. Now try and concentrate on your legs, all that time you spend standing around accumulating stress and fatigue - this has to go - breathe in and hold your breath, then tense your leg muscles... that's good " and Dave was treated to the sight of Carla's very fit thigh muscles, tensing under the few remaining folds of the kimono - she was playing along nicely ! Her breasts rhythmically moving up and down, hidden under the top of the kimono gave him an extra degree of hardness down in his pants ... he would need to loosen his own clothing soon ! He let a long tortured sigh escape, which produced a small, smug smile from Carla, secretly enjoying the feel of Dave's eyes on her.

     „ And now as you breathe out, relax – let the tension go – release it. Very good. „

    Carla had started to get very relaxed indeed, as Dave's voice was so soothing, so touching,  reaching the very core of her soul. She thought she could have listened to it for days, weeks, months, years, forever ! His voice was close and faraway at the same time. It was in her head but at the same time it was everywhere around, enveloping her in its velvety softness. Her eyes were shut still when she felt a light, kiss brush her lips, like a touch from a fairy. So light, she wasn't even sure she really had been kissed. She felt a slight caress on her neck like the first breeze in the spring. She sniffed the air and recognised his scent - she felt him very close now.

    He asked her to do what she would like to do the most. She was hesitating, wondering if she shouldn't remind thim that this was not in the relaxation technique she had taught him – but then she realised that he wasn't trying to improvise – now he was making something else  happen.

    Not wanting to take the first step, she nonetheless realised what Dave wanted. He wanted her to make her own decision : he wanted her to make the first step which would be in a  way the final step.  He was simply waiting for her.  A couple of minutes passed and both of them were silent. Carla's eyes stayed lightly closed, as she listened to Dave's shallow breathing. He in turn tried to be patient, listening to her calm, controlled breathing, wondering what she was thinking, but stronger than that was the thought of making love with Carla, and when he anticipated the feeling being of buried inside of her, he sighed painfully once again.

     At that moment, Carla opened  her eyes at last and saw the longing in his eyes. Then,  slowly, holding his gaze, she loosened the kimono, revealing more and more skin. Oh so slowly that Dave was gulping hard for several moments, his eyes fixed on her neck first, then on her décolleté and then....She sat up and let the kimono slide onto the floor and then lay down again, propping herself up on one elbow, naked for him now in the red and purple light of the candles. She seemed to be expecting something from him, so he decided to reward her by undressing himself – laying his clothes over the back of the sofa as he removed them. Carla watched through half-closed eyes. She was at the gates of heaven and here was her own personal angel, waiting to take her inside. Naked and so very gorgeous to see, Dave walked over to the little chinese table where the beers were and brought them back with him -

   „ May I propose a toast ? „ he smiled sweetly at her.

   „ Go ahead,” Carla replied.

   „ To what you want – Carla – I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to – do you believe me ?”

    Carla took a sip of her beer , as did Dave, before replying „ Make me feel loved – that's all I ask. Will you try ? „ now she lay down, passing him her bottle as she did so.

   „ For you, my precious Carla, I'd die trying ! „ and he took the bottle from her. His eyes were serious now – he wanted to make tonight special for her -  he really did care. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself .


     Dave came back from the kitchen and sat on the edge of the sofa. He reached out to take Carla's hand and then just held it. His face was serious – unreadable for her. That was because, hard as it was, he was battling with the temptation to pillage her gorgeous curves with his touch – but she would have to show him where he could touch her - where she needed to feel him. Carla understood, and changed her hold on his hand so she could spread his fngers wide, then she placed his hand on her smooth stomach and showed him that she wanted him to explore her body. She sent his hand on an upward journey, and it soon reached the underneath of her breast, making her groan soflty, so he took her other hand in his, not daring to place it himself, and sure enough Carla placed it for him on her other breast. And all the while not a word was spoken – none were needed now.

      - He massaged her gently at first, before her hands came down on his, her way of asking for more, so he increased the pressure, pushing her flesh against her ribs, making her squeal with the pain as her nipples were crushed between his fingers... then she opened her eyes from her little pleasure trip and sat up slightly to put an arm around his neck, to bring his head closer to her. He knew what she wanted and so he visited both her nipples with his expert licking, flicking tongue. This left his hands idle, so he once again found hers and squeezed them - asking "where now?" and Carla didn't disappoint him. She took one up to her mouth and the other she sent exploring down south, pushing it along when it seemed to want to stop and caress her flat stomach, then play around just inside her hip bones - later for that, she was too ticklish there for now ! 

       While she sucked Dave's fingers, he was sucking her nipples, and nibbling them gently to hear her moan in mock pain, as meanwhile Carla took his other hand down and into her secret garden. At first Dave just stroked her up and down a few times, but as he increased the pressure, his middle finger found her moist little treasure, and with his two fingers either side making more space, his middle finger began to work on her most sensitive area - he explored all her soft little folds before settling down to give her what she wanted badly now - her breathing was getting out of control and his own wasn't much different - but then Carla upped the stakes a little more by stroking Dave's body all the way down, over his tight abdos, further down until she found something to play with - but she also wanted him to show her what he liked, so she just held Dave's best friend until he showed her. Dave breathed in hard as he moved so that he was astride Carla now, and smiled at the thought of what Carla was going to do for him...

       Dave's hand was now resting on top of Carla's and he started moving both their hands up and down his not-so-little soldier, giving gentle squeezes, one on the way up, one on the way down... his eyes were locked on hers as he said..
     "Think you can manage that?" Carla gave him a wicked flashing smile, and replied
     "Only if you promise to explore me more" and with that she gave his fingers, which had come to rest, a little inward shove.
     "Got it - here goes" whispered Dave before leaning towards her to kiss her hard, harder than he had before now - there was something animal now in his breathing, in his movements and Carla felt so turned on - she knew that she was very slippery thanks to Dave's excellent work, and had an idea that she thought would excite him…they carried on arousing each other for a minute or two, breathing hotly into each others' necks, then....
    " Stop - please – for a moment…" Carla broke away.
    " What is it, babe ? Did I hurt you ? " Dave seemed worried.
    " No of course not my poor boy ! " and she chuckled " I just want you to change hands ”     .    Dave's puzzled look disappeared when Carla took hold of the hand that had been caressing her and eagerly started licking the fingers... now he gave her a very dark and sexy smile.
   " You like that ? " he asked.
    " Let's just say it's been a very.... long.... time..." she trailed off and carried on scrupulously licking the fingers that had given her such pleasure, but Dave wouldn't, couldn't wait any more and took his hand away...
    "That's enough - I can't wait any more - I'm sorry, I hope you're ready for this" and with that he roughly parted her knees, lowered himself between them and gave her another bruising kiss as he pushed his way into her soft treasure – but Carla had wanted it like this - sudden, hot, powerful - and his second thrust was even better ! She couldn't resist feeling around to see just how hard he was, and was shocked to find Dave was only half way into her.
    " Jesus !" she said " There's more ? "
    " Coming up ! " Dave wasn't going to disappoint her and gave her the works - she felt impaled as she writhed in pleasure - no man had ever penetrated her so deeply so fast - shit she was almost coming ! She had to think about something else to stop disaster striking... the list of the States of America and their capital cities  - perfect - she could concentrate on Dave's neck, his skin, listening to his breathing as he pumped away....

    He was panting more and more wildly, occasionally groaning, saying her name. Sweatdrops began to form on his forehead. He was so passionate and wild, Carla loved it.      .  ..   When she had imagined how it would be doing this with David she imagined something very similar. His rough moves brought her closer and closer to her climax and now she could hardly concentrate on anything but Dave's movements inside her. Dave bit his lip trying to hold himself back. He was so close now. His lips touched hers and he slowed his rhythym a bit, pulling them back from the edge.

     But then Carla took his hand and put his fingers down into her wet folds, showing him again exactly what she wanted - so he resumed his rubbing of her now swollen softness, and smiled as he watched her arch her back and struggle for breath - she was so nearly there and he wanted to take her over the edge, so he increased the speed of his thrusting and the pressure of his fingers, and.... with a long low moan she fell out of control into a deep well of indescribable warmth where waves of pleasure shook her so many times - had she ever come so strongly and for so long? Dave was mesmerised, holding her close and grinning at what he had done to her - only when she relaxed into his arms did he kiss her, tenderly, before slowly restarting his motor, which he quickly got back up to full power... Dave was heading straight for his own private firework party. Carla sensed this and tightened her arms around him, wrapping her legs around him too, to hold him even closer to her....she whispered "Don't stop - don't ever stop" into his hot neck, in between hard kisses..

He panted more and more, harder and  harder. The sweatdrops were slowly runnung down from his forehead, lit by the candlelights. His hisses and moans got louder, as he mercilessly plunged into and withdrew from her warm and wet channel, which was still pulsing from her great climax. His member was now penetrating her body with its full length. He knew it was time, and buried his head in her hair as Carla kissed his taut neck then his stiff shoulders which were glistening in the candle-light.
    ” Oh God ! You're...” - but he couldn't finish his sentence because with a last deep and quick push, Dave's fireworks exploded inside his body, as he gave her his hot semen with a loud yell of joy.

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