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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2007.10.04. 23:51

Chapter 5



    They lay there on the couch, exhausted, just gazing at each other, hardly able to believe what had just happened, and yet the proof was there - the rumpled clothes, ( Dave's clothes had fallen onto them ! )  the telltale smells, their dilated pupils. Carla could have stayed there forever, whispering how good different scenes of their little performance had been, but when she shivered, and Dave got up to look for something to cover them, she had a better idea.
    " Bath or shower ? " she asked, standing and stretching upwards as he admired her slim supple body....
    " A quick shower before I sample your cooking, then - that should warm you up " Dave gathered up his clothes and followed Carla along a corridor lined with oriental prints, which he stopped to look at. Carla glanced back and wished she could have got a photo of a naked Dave Gahan admiring her works of art ! Just for her, not for the press of course !
She reached the bathroom and lit several white candles, then lowered the blinds and got out a pile of soft white towels.

She had just finished adjusting the shower temerature when she felt Dave's warm hands around her waist. She smiled and turned her head towards him.
   ” Come on, Dave, let me wash your body...” she whispered and took his hand in hers.

   „ Carla, I can't believe you changed your mind and accepted my love ! ”
   ” Ahem, Dave, I am still very afraid that I might get hurt again. But, you made me feel desired, wanted. And you ! You don't know how gorgeous and charming you are, do you ? ”
   ” Don't say things like that, I'll go red ! ”
   ” And the best bit is that,  I know you really would blush. You're so cute and I'm really happy I called you.”

   „ And so am I ! That was fantastic, what we just did together ” he caressed Carla's side and neck softly „I'm so glad that I can be here, where I can feel that someone wants me like you do.”
   ” But Dave... there are thousands of people who'd die for even one of your touches...”

   „ I know, that's why I'm here, I don't want to kill them ! ”

   Carla laughed and stroked his face  „ I like your sense of humour.”
   ” And I like how you laugh. Come on, let's take this shower and then you can give me something for my starving stomach ! ”

    Carla stepped into the shower cabin and moved to the side to make room for Dave - the water was warm and caressed their shoulders and arms with its powerful jets. Carla ran her hands all over Dave to get him soaking wet and he copied her movements, then they wet their heads and Carla passed her body and hair wash to Dave - it was orange and cinnamon scented - they would both smell of mulled wine! All the more delicious !
    " Let's wash each others' hair " he suggested, and Carla thought that would be kind of fun so she let Dave make a lather on her head, while she kissed and played with his chest, his nipples, tracing his tattoos, drawing in the bubbles that fell onto his skin. He was massaging her scalp like a shiatsu head massage - it felt wonderful! She concentrated on the simple but precise movements - she would try and do the same for him ... when he had rinsed her hair.
When it was Carla's turn she asked Dave to kneel down - she got her two sponges to make him knee pads, and asked him...
   " Tell me how to do that massage - I'd love you to teach me, please"
    " OK  - this is in return for the relaxation technique, right ? "
    " If you like - but it's just that I found what you did really sensual, and I would like to think I could make you feel like that too."
    " MMMM ! Sensual's the word, babe ! " From where he was kneeling he was in a perfect position to play with her breasts, but Carla didn't want this now - and pushed his hands away -         " Mr. Gahan - what a bad patient you are ! And how badly you learnt the relaxation technique – I've never had such a bad pupil as you ! " She bent down to kiss him on the nose, and then as she shook her head, laughing, she started to lather up Dave's head.

     " Where do I start ? At the back ? "
     " Yeah, to get the blood supply going to the scalp, use your fingertips at the base of the skull - that 's it, a little more pressure - mmmm that's really good ! Now move round to my ears, the scalp around them - you can make circles, that's the best way, moving slowly from my ears to the top of my head - slowly, don't be afraid to press down with the palms of your hands too - aaaaah that's nice "
    Dave's voice was making her want him again - she knew exactly what she was going to do when this head massage was over !
   " OK -  now the top of the head and the forehead - use your palms again and gently but firmly move the scalp over the skull bone - back and forth is better that going round. Lovely - you're a natural, babe ! Time for a rinse ? " he said, standing and kissing her leisurely.
   " Was that really good ? " Carla couldn't believe she'd done it properly.
   " A good sign is if you can feel it right through your body "- he looked down -" now either little Dave here liked your massage or he's worried that no-one is going to wash him ! What do you think ? "
   " I think we can't possibly leave him like that !” and so Carla very gently washed Dave's treasure, while they kissed....
    To make sure she got what she wanted, Carla suggested they play a mirror game - Dave had to copy everything she did, wash every place that she washed. She started with his chest, making circles around his pecs, his tattoos, and Dave did the same, bringing bubbles all over her chest, and making her quiver with delight - then her hands moved round to his back and massaged it all over - they pulled closer together for this - the need to kiss was back again - he kissed her very deeply this time - she felt light-headed and had to hold on to him in case she lost her balance... her hands went down his back, his hands followed, and they circled each others' butt muscles, now their heads were turned and they were play-biting each others necks...

       Carla then started to caress little Dave, pulling back to see what she was doing, which excited her even more, but not as much as when Dave slipped one hand down under her at the front and one at the back, and started to explore with both of them! She couldn't continue her "work" - she was losing her balance for good, as she had been hyperventilating for about a  minute now and could literally see little stars before her eyes, so she clung to Dave's shoulders - GOD she wanted to sink her teeth into his flesh, what he was doing felt so good - how many fingers did he have inside her? Her heart was pounding and all she could say was "Dave, Dave, Dave"

       In no time at all he made her come - she shuddered in his arms as he held her and whispered "Go girl - go - go – go ! " as she convulsed again and again - finally she was at peace, and he slipped his fingers out of her and just held her folded into him until her breathing went back to normal. They pulled back and smiled the smiles of satisfied lovers, the most beautiful shared smile that exists, and then they finished washing and rinsing all the bubbles from themselves. Carla stepped out first into the steamy candle-lit bathroom and took two towels for them - they dried themselves, all the time their eyes locked in complicity, then Carla handed Dave a black silk kimono ...
    " Here, you'll be more comfy in this."

He put it on and they walked back to the living room. Dave sat down waiting at the table.
    ” Dave, if you like we can have dinner on the roof.”
     ” On the roof ? Now ? ”
     ”Yes, it's sheltered – you'll see, and I have a patio heater too. Can you help me to bring all these things up there?” she glanced at the counter. „You'll find your way, don't worry. Up the stairs and through the doors. Meanwhile I'll just put the fish back in the oven for one more minute, to warm it through. Can you turn the heater on up there too, please ? ”

     He was still surpirsed a bit when Carla put the things into his hands and playfully smacked his bottom to start him moving towards the roof.
    She was smiling in a satisfied way as she warmed the fish, then followed him.
    ” It's really nice here” she heard from Dave when she put the fish down on the table.

    „ It is my very own apartment with a view of the city. You have all of Paris lying at your feet, David.”
    ”Literally. It is beautiful ! You could wave to me from here and I would see your hand from my room.” He pointed out where his hotel was – about ten minutes away by car, probably. The roof garden was heavily planted with large shrubs, and had thick glass screens around the edge, for safety and for use as windbreaks.
   ”Could be Dave, we'll try it one day. We can call each other and wave ! Are you hungry at all ? ”
   ” You kidding me ? After lovemaking ? Like a wolf ! Fish supper, great idea, you knew I like fish, then ”
    ”I know by now, yes. I've been researching – you and sushi, yes ?  But I hope this will taste better than the fish and chips in the restaurant.”

    „ Sure it will – it smells really good ” he smiled and sat down staring at her.
    Carla felt her knees were shaking again but she concentrated on  filling Dave's plate.
    „Bon appétit” she smiled at  him when she finished serving and sat down too.
     Silence fell upon them till Dave moaned, his mouth full of delicious fish, and said as soon as he'd swallowed his mouthful : 
    ” Mmmm ! My dear Carla, this is... divine!”and he kissed his fingertips dramatically.

    „ I'm glad you like it. Do you want some wine or mineral water instead ? ”
    ” Some wine, please - thanks a lot. I don't remember the last time I tasted such a good Waldorf salad as this.”

    Dave put his hand on the table and reched across for Carla's.
    " What do you want to talk about, babe ? "
    " How about what lots of your fans would like to know - what would you have done if you hadn’t made it as a singer ? "
     Dave laughed, head thrown back , GOD he was just edible !
    " I think I'd have liked to work in the cinema - when I did that little part in the Sopranos, did you catch that? They said I was a natural - Jeez that was fun ! You ever done any acting, gorgeous ? "
   "Only at school - we used to do Shakespeare, Molière, that kind of stuff -  plus George Bernard Shaw - you know My Fair Lady ? "
   "Yep. I remember hating all of them at school ! Not really my cup of tea, studying - but it seems to agree with you, Doctor Sagnier !” 

    They were chatting quietly by the table right to the night. They didn't really feel the time passing. They talked about their families and Carla was surprised how conservative Dave was in the question of raising his children. And how serious. "He must be a great father” she thought „Loving and caring, but strict if it is necessary." He reminded her of her own father. She was curious how her Dad would like Dave. After the first reaction of her daughter dating with a star from the music buisness he probably would like him. Dave was adorable, listening her with real - not pretended but real - interest. He was nodding sweetly with his face in one of his palms and was smiling, encouraging her to talk. Carla enjoyed his attention, the fact that she could speak just for him. David was talking now about the arts and about the art he was doing. He himself painted a lot in his free time.

    They ate Carla's grilled fish and vegetables and Dave made lots of contented noises as he ate – provoked by his hunger and his curiosity for a recipe he didn't know - Carla promised to write down her oriental marinade recipe for him.
     Then thinking back to their talk on painting, she had an idea.
    "Would you like to do some art museums - just you and me ? "
    "Yeah - great idea! I tend to drift in and out of Paris every time and never get to see much of what everyone raves about - I'd love to see some monuments too - I think I just needed to find the right guide, eh ? "
    He smiled at her, so relaxed. She got up and sat down next to him on the two-seater sofa, and he leaned back, pulling her with him - they were half lying, body to body, so close, just watching the sunset and stroking each others' arms. Dave kissed her hair and whispered -
    " This feels so good - you and me - this evening - all that we've done - it's been amazing."
    " And my cooking - was it that bad that you don't mention it ? " Carla spun round to look at him, pouting, knowing this would be irresistible to him and that she would have to move away as he predictably made an attempt to kiss her ! Dave sat up straight again as if nothing like a kiss had ever been on his mind.. ...
   " Your meal ? - er – but  babe, we haven't finished it ! You promised me some dessert... did I smell chocolate in your kitchen earlier ? "
   " Yes but we've been chatting so much it's dark and cold out here now - do you mind if we  eat our mousses inside ? I'm starting to shiver."
    " Sure ! Let me help carry some of this " Dave took a tray heavy with dishes and glasses and Carla followed him with the rest, once she'd turned off the heater and put away all her cushions into the enormous chests behind the sofas, thinking as she followed him down the stairs : " Hm ! Very well house -  trained ! "
     Down inside her flat again, Carla switched on the coffee machine and put some more music on -  she wondered if Dave wanted to stay the night : he seemed in no particular rush. She padded over to the fridge in bare feet.

    When Carla was back from the kitchen he was sitting on the couch comfortably, flipping through a magazine's pages absentmindedly. He looked up at Carla when she put the chocolate mousse and coffee onto the table.-

    „ Yummy ! More, please, I want more” he said when Carla put some pud into long glasses and topped it with some cream.
    ”You are really sweet-toothed, aren't you ? ”
   ” Oh, yes, I am. A little chocholate is good. And the more the better.”

    Dave didn't say more but immersed himself into his sweet delight. Carla was smiling inside as she wondered if Dave would lick the remnants from the glass. He didn't do it of course, but it was fun to imagine, all the same.
    He leaned back then and listened to the music, smiling, with his eyes closed.
    ” So you like Zero7, David ? „
    ” Yes, I do. Jack often listens to it, my favourite album is When It Falls, it's so relaxing.”

    Carla sat down beside him and they just cuddled for a while, enjoying the music and each other's company.
    ”Do you mind if I stay the night ? ” asked Dave whispering in her ear and starting to caress her breasts. Carla breathed in, delighted – yes ! He wanted to stay !

    „Absolutely not...” she whispered back – smiling  „you... can stay... or should I say... "Stay, you can leave tomorrow"?” and she moaned softly as his thumb found her hard nipple. She looked down at his moving hand, then her desire-filled eyes met Dave's.
     They didn't say a word, she just quickly moved closer to him and put her lips on his as she embraced his shoulders.

     Carla had a sudden urge to cuddle up to Dave in her bed so she slowly stood up and took his hand -
     " Come on, let's go and get comfortable " she said and started walking backwards, leading him down to the corridor, past the bathroom to the door at the end.
      Dave was smiling and followed her, padding barefoot along the smooth wooden floor, and went into the bedroom while she held the door open for him. He looked around and whistled in approval.
    " This is some appartment you have here !" he took in the immaculate white walls graced with original oriental flower paintings, the draped grey and white four-poster bed, the silver satin sheets, the soft grey carpet - Carla quickly lit several candles on a dressing table, made of black sculpted wood to match the bed, and which carried the delicate branch and blossom motif in pink, red and white that was echoed all round the room. Then she went to the bed and turned down the covers, pulled on the belt of her kimono, slipped it off and slid gracefully between the satin sheets, making a delicious swishing sound.
     " Care to join me, gorgeous ? " she smiled up at Dave who was drinking this all in ...
     " Well if you insist.." he looked undecided " Do you have to work  tomorrow ? " he asked.
     " No – it's Saturday and we're going sightseeing, aren't we ? Why do you ask ? " she wondered what he was going to suggest...
    "Didn't I see a bottle of champers in your fridge?" He looked hopeful.
    "You know I'd forgotten about that ! Get in and I'll be right back ! Good thinking ! "
Carla skipped off to the kitchen stopping only on the way to turn up the music, for what was left of the CD... then she took two flutes and the cold bottle and trotted back to find Dave sitting up, naked and uncovered, with his not- so- little friend all ready to play.....

     Dave offered to open the champagne but Carla insisted on doing it..

    „I will do it, you'd better have a rest and get some strength back.”
    ”Who ? Me ? I am strong like a tiger, persistent like a fly and tender as a crocodile to its babies ! ”
     Carla was laughing and made a funny face before opening the bottle with a loud pop. Champagne began to flow from the bottle and he tried to lick it so it wouldn't stain the sheets. Carla leaned in to help and their heads knocked together with a bang.
    ”Ouch” said Dave as he saw some of the drink had spilt onto Carla. ”Oops, no problem  baby, no problem, come here and I'll lick it from you. Yes, I will” and he leaned to her neck.

Dave greedily worked his way up Carla's neck to her ear where he whispered "I want to kiss you"
      "Go right ahead, because you are going to taste delicious" said Carla, starting to kiss him hard herself. Dave took the glass from her and put it down with his, without breaking the kiss, and then replied with as much force - Carla was trembling with all she could feel in his lips - he really seemed to like her - he was going to sleep here with her ! She broke the kiss and took the glasses, handing Dave's back to him.
    " Can I propose a toast, this time, please ? " she sat up straight and looked serious for a moment...Dave said nothing, just smiled and waited to sip the champers..
    " To tonight - may it fulfill all your dreams ! Is that OK with you ? "
    " Can I add ’may it be the first of many more’ - because that's what I hope …"
    " That's nice ! Cheers ! " and they both took a long drink which meant Dave had to fill up the flutes.
    They lay on their sides, resting on their elbows, sipping their drinks and refilling their glasses until the bottle was empty, looking hungrily at each other, not even touching, just talking and laughing - Carla was in heaven....

    "Listen, would you like to visit Paris on Sunday too ? I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend, for once  - what about you?"
    "I have my whole weekend free too - that sounds good ! " He took a long drink from his glass and then put it down. "But Sunday is far away and we have to think of something to keep us busy tonight" and he went to take her glass from her too.
    "One last sip" she protested, making it a long one, then giving him the glass. " I have an idea " she whispered, and got up to blow out all the candles, plunging the room into total darkness. She found her way back to him, already giggling with her share of the champagne taking effect, then she crouched next to him and began to tickle his side gently.
   " I'm not feeling sleepy - are you ? "
   " Not yet - I think I want to get a little healthy exercise.... come here ! " he growled – but she had moved away and he grabbed thin air... but Carla couldn't dodge Dave for long, as even in the darkness either her breathing or her silly giggling gave her away. Dave soon found her and pulled her to him, and then back on to the bed  as she laughed and pretended to want to escape. When she gave  in and stopped struggling in his arms,  he covered her with burning kisses, whispering her name, and how good she tasted. She returned every one of his kisses and they devoured each other like that until Dave managed at last to pin her down, so he could find his way into her again, and then they got all the exercise they needed !

     Over an hour later, they were sound asleep, curled up in each others' arms.

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