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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2007.10.06. 10:07

Chapter 6



     The next morning, the sun shone brightly and despite the season it was already pleasantly warm. Dave awoke at first and he cautiously pulled his numb arm out from under Carla's shoulders.  Slowly he sat up and quietly went out to the bathroom. He decided to do a little research in his lover's flat and so he started with the kitchen. With not much effort he found all he needed : coffee, sugar, cream, cups and spoons with a tray. He made good, strong coffee, put the things onto the tray with some toast, butter and marmelade and took it into the room to wait for Carla's awakening. The delicious scent of the coffeee soon had its effect and she opened up her eyes to see that Dave was sitting next to the window in her armchair and sipping from a coffee cup.


     Carla sat up and stretched - Dave had found his way around in the dark room using the light from the hall, but now he was opening the shutters.
    "Oooohhh not too much light so early, please ! " Carla groaned. She fell back down onto her pillow and dramatically covered her eyes.
    "Good morning to you too, Miss Grumpy ! " laughed Dave. " Coffee ? ”
    " Sorry, I wake up really slowly - I'll try to be civil to you, but I don't promise anything." Carla sounded serious too - she was doing a series of back stretches, first one side then the other – only partially covered by the cream sheets, she looked lithe and soft - if Dave hadn't been so hungry for food .....

      He started to butter some toast, looking out of the window to take his mind off that other thought. It would be a perfect sightseeing day.
     Dave poured her a cup of coffee – " Milk ? Cream ? Sugar ? "
    " Milk - thank you " Carla propped herself up on her elbow and took the cup from Dave.
    "You'll see, after this I'll manage a smile and some intelligent conversation ! " Dave smiled and risked stroking her hair.
   " Last night…it was…you were…" he was lost for words.
   " Nice ? Good ? Wild ? " Carla laughed despite herself.
   " All of that and more - it was amazing ! " His hand passed along her jaw line and under her chin to raise her face - they were eye to eye now.
   " I can sense a but coming in what you say next - am I right ? "

     Carla moved away - she didn't want to hear anything like " but we can't do this again " or " I have to patch things up at home " not today - it would ruin everything !

   "Of course there's a " but " -  because I can't be with you all the time : I have to end my marriage as carefully as possible, so I don't upset my kids, and then you know I'm not an average nine to five bloke with my work : something's come up with this album and I'll have to go back to New York next week..." his voice became quieter and he bowed his head.
   " Does that mean Monday ? " Carla whispered
   " I can't get out of it - I'm sorry, love." And Dave did look genuinely sorry.
   " So when can you come back to Paris ? " she prayed he wasn't going to destroy all her hopes this morning.... it might just be a short return trip.
   " By the end of the week – see ? No need for that long face ! C'mon, eat this toast and let me see a smile..." Dave took her chin to raise her gloomy face level with his and kissed her sweetly on the nose.
     Carla managed a small relieved smile - " All right - we'd better get a move on if we want to get in lots of monuments and museums ! Have you eaten, love ? " she felt a little twinge of excitement as she used a term of endearment while adressing him for the first time...
   " Yep - I was starving so I ate mine while I was making the coffee... but I think I'm going to have some more ! " and he leaned towards her and playfully took a huge bite out of her slice of buttered toast...
    " Hey ! Now you're eating all mine, too ! " Carla pretended to he outraged, then laughed at Dave's antics - he was on all fours, waiting for another mouthful, which she gave him, patting him on the head at the same time.
    " I'm having breakfast with a wild English animal - what are you : a wolf ? " she was still laughing and Dave was entranced by her.....

   „ Something like that...whatever you want, babe ” he whispered and didn't waste any more time with the toast, but bent forward and kissed her on the lips. She immediately returned it and with her free hand Carla caressed his cheek.

     His kisses were getting more passionate. In Dave's mind there was that picture from earlier when Carla was streching herself... her delicious body... He felt that she began to shiver and the desire rose in both of them in a moment.
     As he touched her naked collarbone and upper arm, goose bumps appeared on her soft and fragrant skin. He smiled when he felt that, but didn't break the kiss yet. Dave was discovering her mouth. He wanted to know every part of it. The sweet taste of her sent hotness down to his groin.
     ” Hey... hey...” she whispered when she was able to break the kiss for a moment.
     ” Wha...? ”  Dave looked at her with dark desire in his shining eyes, then started to kiss the line of her jaw, her cheeks, her ear, her bare and sensitive neck.
    ” We wanted to go... to see... the museums...” she moaned softly, but let him take the tray away.
    ” They can wait.... it's early... and we have all the time in the world...” he watched her reaction when his greedy hand stroked down her body and ended between her legs „... we can go sightseeing later ...”
    ” Oh God...” she bent her head back from pleasure as Dave's fingers started to rub her sensitive area 

    „Love me, Dave ! Just love me...” she moaned louder with every word.
   ” I'll, luv...” he kissed the teasing elfin face of his temptress and waited to see her reaction when his fingers found the entrace into her wet folds again. Carla bent back to the pillows and her body formed an arch. Dave's eyes were drinking the sight in. She was so beautiful ! He wanted to give her so much pleasure...
    He watched as her mouth was opening and closing several times as his fingers moved in and out of her.
    ”Uhh... so wet for me already...” he noted huskily and bent forwards to taste her hard nipples and squeeze her other breast with his free hand.
    Carla moaned as another wave of desire rushed through her. Her fingers were grabbing and stroking his hair.
    ”Come on... Dave ! Kiss me ! No... not on my mouth... down there...” she whispered and felt another wave of hot liquid between her legs as she saw his wicked smile.
    Her body was now in sweet pain. Her muscles were contracting wherever his lips were kissing her. Then suddenly his mouth was  down between her legs, teasing her clit with passion. She gasped and started to move more and more with every lick, soft bite and rub that he gave her..
    ” Oh... YES ! Oh... God ! Oh ...Dave ! ” she was able to repeat only these three things as his head was between her wide-opened long legs, which Dave's free hand stroked on the inside of her thighs.
     Before he took her too far, he stopped giving her pleasure down there, but his lips only left that aching spot of hers to rejoin her hungry neglected mouth. She hardly had time to notice that his tongue had slid out of her and had been replaced with something else. He moaned loudly as his aching and pulsating member felt her hot wetness around him again.
    Carla moaned too and brought her knees up to her shoulders to give him the best access possible. She looked down to see how her body took more and more from Dave with every inch. The sight was mesmerizing. She grabbed his shoulders hard and pulled him on her to feel his full weight against her longing body. She found his lips for a bruising kiss and both of them moaned again when she started to writhe underneath him. Her hips made rounds then Dave's movements were getting quicker and quicker in every minute as he felt the red fog of desire  coming over his brain.
     Both of them were panting uncontrollably now, and Carla whispered  her three part mantra again and again, till she reached climax in a sudden wild movement, her inner walls pulsating and clamping down on him hard. He groaned hoarsley feeling this, and shot his load into her with a long and loud cry, penetrating her with his full length..
     He felt her body stiffen the relax, then he collapsed on her panting hard still with his head between her breasts, feeling her hands start to caress his hair, shoulders and back.

Carla was still gasping for air exhausted when Dave turned to her, gave her yet another  bruising kiss on her lips and said:
     ” Carla, love ! Are you sure, you feel comfortable with this ? With me ? Being a part-time lover ? Won't it hurt you ? ”
    ” Yes, it will, still.... I want you David, no matter what hardships could occur. I was thinking a lot, but I made my decision and I stick with it. ”
    ” And your decision is a green light for me ? ”
   ” Yes, it is. ”
   ” I see ” he kissed her again. „ Now I know this, I'll be true to you.” he replied and wrapped the cream sheet around his waist, lifting it up and heading for the bathroom like Ceasar  going towards the senate. Only the laurel wreath was mising from his head.


     They decided to have lunch in the restaurant which they visited together last time, and after a light snack, they started their tour of the city. First Carla wanted to show him the Louvre, which was the most famous museum in Paris, and where part of the action of one of her favourite books took place : The Da Vinci Code, whose contents may be controversial, but she had liked the way it was written by Dan Brown, and how he described this beautiful museum in it.

    At the Louvre, they only visited two parts : the Mona Lisa gallery and Carla's favourite sculpture wing with lots of Rodin works, they decided to leave in a taxi as Dave had been recognised several times even with his shades on inside, and he was getting tired of signing autographs and smiling endlessly. The latest thing was writing on the fans' skin, and their pens never worked properly on their sweaty skin, so it was long and frustrating. Carla had to put up with the curious looks of the girl fans... not jealousy really, but awe - amazement ... she took hold of Dave's hand at every opportunity, and they were so relieved to finally get out of the building, through the glass pyramid and into the open. A taxi came within a minute and they took refuge inside.
    " La Tour Eiffel s'il vous plaît " said Carla to the driver and then to Dave " Is that OK with you, mon amour ? " Dave shrugged his shoulders and smiled.
   " You're the guide, mon amour - mmm that's nice - mon amour ! ” he repeated, trying to sound even Frencher, which made Carla giggle.
    She  took his hands in hers and they spent the journey, shades off, gazing into each others eyes or out of the window, and caressing each others' inner forearms, running their fingers up and down and writing messages to each other on the sensitive skin - Carla wrote " You were really horny this morning " and Dave replied " Is that a complaint ? " Carla threw her head back and laughed. She loved moments like this almost as much as when they were making love -  in fact she was completely besotted with him -  she had him for another 24 hours or thereabouts... after that it was going to be hard.

     But she didn't want to think about that. The minutes which they had together were too valuable for that. So she decided to spend them well by giving him a long gentle kiss, then she looked into his smiling eyes. She could clearly see he was thinking about something "bad" and dirty in his head... but she couldn't get it out of him.. Fortunately there weren't too many tourists at the tower : Carla had seen much busier days.


    They settled with the taxi driver and went into the first elevator of the Eiffel Tower. The elevator was nonetheless filled with tourists before it set off. Pushed up into a corner by all the other people, it was perfect for what Dave had in mind -  Carla had been right : he was in the mood again! She was standing in front of him and so it was easy for him to take her hand, move it behind her and put it down his jeans - God he was already hard ! There was no space to do anything, but just the thought of what she was touching was enough - she started to feel hot herself and leant back against Dave to whisper " You like that ? " he replied by pushing his hips against hers, and then she felt his hand trying to get down the back of her jeans - luckily they were hipsters and she hadn't worn a belt - so he found it easy to slide his hand, palm up, right under her.. Jesus he was going to caress her here in this elevator! Carla knew the Eiffel Tower well and hard as it was she was keeping an eye on the elevator's progress - they wrere about a third of the way up to the first level... plenty of time for Dave to work on her !

     She turned her head as much as she dared, move her legs very slightly apart and Dave could see from her glassy half-closed eyes that it wouldn't take much to get her to come... so he went for it - with a little push he reached his target and started to rub her with short, quick efficient movements - Carla was on the point of screaming it was so good, so she resumed fondling Dave's little treasure and bit hard into the collar of her denim jacket ! Dave saw this and breathed out a low chuckle - " Nearly there Madame ? A little faster perhaps ? " and without waiting for her answer he increased his speed - within seconds Carla felt her knees buckle - she was coming in the Eiffel Tower ! Dave felt her move and thought perhaps she was going to fall, so he put his other arm round her waist. This helped to minimise Carla's convulsive movements - had he not done that, it probably would have looked like she was having a mild epileptic fit !
     As the waves of pleasure subsided, they withdrew their hands and straightenend out their clothes, surrounded by oblivious tourists, all simply admiring the view ! Dave laughed as the elevator doors opened -
   " Perhaps during the next part I'll look at the view - it's a shame to come all this way and still not see anything of Paris ! "

   Carla smiled and took Dave's hand - she kissed his middle finger and whispered -
   " You know what I want to do now - but I daren't ! "
   " But I do ! " he whispered back and turned slightly to teasingly lick his finger which was still glinting with the moisture from Carla's still swollen folds ... Jesus, he couldn't get enough of her !
    All the tourists had left the elevator when Dave turned round....


    Dave passed in front of Carla and headed for the second elevator, turning back to take her hand. This time they were the last ones in, so were standing in full view of everybody, but Dave stood really close to her and breathed gently into her neck - blowing and making little panting noises - to see how silly he could sound before she would laugh... he was on the point of groaning out loud, she knew because a tiny sound was accompanying the short rapid breaths now - so she tickled him roughly in the ribs, which made choke back a cough - " Tut, tut ! " Carla whispered and frowned at him " You really do get some strange people in Paris these days ! "
    Dave wanted to take his revenge by tickling her in the ribs, but there was no room to play in the packed elevator, so he just mouthed - " You wait ! " and looked at her over his shades with his eyes glinting, all but closed, with a wicked smile that had something raw and demonic about it... he was right, she couldn't wait to see what he'd planned !
     Once again the elevator but this time it shuddered noisily to a halt, literally throwing Carla into Dave's arms - to get her balance, she moved her feet and her leg passed in between his two; she felt that he was still very hard and longed to touch him there but the doors were opening and it fell to Carla to move first ... on the way out Carla flashed a look at Dave and said  -      .   " Race you to the top ! " then disappeared round a corner to the staircase that led to the very top of the Tower... it was a long climb, and she wondered if she could do it running -  he would find it uncomfortable, she knew, but that was his problem ! She was bound to win as by the time Dave reacted, she was already seven or eight stairs up - but she heard him stomping up behind her, so quickened her pace ! He began his silly breathing again - mixed with wolf-like growls, and sure enough he was gaining on her.. But Carla made it to the top just ahead of him and jumped up and down !
   " I won ! " she managed to croak - her mouth was dry as she'd been laughing all the way up, but Dave fixed that for her with a long deep kiss the minute he could lay hands on her -  his tongue was hungry and his hands were curious to get up inside her skimpy little T-shirt ... they had about 30 seconds before the first of the ohter tourists made it into view - Dave broke the kiss and whispered into her neck
    " Know what I'd like to do ? " his hands were in her bra now - playing roughly with its contents - Carla had seen his eyes flick over to where there was a telescope fixed on a waist-high metal rail, inside the safety barrier.
   " Bend me over the rail and screw me ? " Carla looked at him with shining eyes...had she guessed right ?
   " Got it in one ! Well done ! But we have no time, love..." and he pulled her T-shirt down as the sound of footsteps got louder behind them.
   " Put it on hold for later ! “ he laughed “ Just watch out for any other railings we walk past, 'cos I might get the urge again ! " he set her a challenge and Carla doubled over laughing as she thought of the impractical vision Dave had conjured up - where was there a quiet enough place in Paris ? Nowhere - there were tourists everywhere ! Carla shook her head in disbelief : now he was reading her mind like she had read his.
   " I bet you I find a place ! "
   " I bet we don't - what are the stakes ?  Dinner tonight ? "
   " You're on! Shake ? " and they were shaking hands as the first tourist at last walked past them to admire the view, so they decided to play tourists, too.
   " Come and see here, mon amour " Carla smiled and pointed toa white building shining in the distance - " There's the Sacré Coeur, the Sacred Heart Basilica, it's where we're going next. Isn't it beautiful ? ”
   " It sure is - so when we get there, we'll be able to see where we are now " - he suddenly got serious " Where I said to you “ and he turned her so they were looking at each other – Carla swallowed... “ that you are the most gorgeous, most captivating, sexiest woman I've ever been lucky enough to know " and he took her hand to kiss gently as he took off his shades to look into Carla's wide eyes...

    „ I meant it Carla. I meant it from the bottom of my heart. I have to admit something.”
    ” Yes, Dave ? ” Carla couldn't breathe as she waited for him to speak
    ” Well, I'm... Carla, it's ...just that... I love you” he uttered the three worlds quickly, slightly embarassed.
    Carla looked into his eyes with serious look and with a bright new warmth in her heart.

       Like I love you David ? I never thought I would, but you see, I have fallen for you.”

     She couldn't really believe that it was possible. In such a short time ! What was going on ? She wasn't normally the type who fell for somebody so easily. What was Dave doing to her ? Carla was a bit afraid that the flames of passion would burn her badly in the future if she was to let anything more happen, but... she just couldn't resist him.
    She cupped his face into her palms and looked deeply into his eyes. It was going to hurt, that was for sure, but she felt that he was the right person for whom to suffer. She would  manage it. She'd find a way to survive the hard times. Somehow...


     They got to the Sacred Heart basilica just in time for the sunset and they watched it sitting on the parapet, kissing and talking. Dave had a call on his cell phone and from his face, Carla knew their plans were going to change. He explained to her what had to happen saying how sorry he was. Then he decided it was best to say goodbye where they were. He was flying to New York on Monday for a week, and so before that, he really needed to sort some business things out here on Sunday, so the second day of sightseeing would have to be scrapped.  He broke this news gently to her, knowing it would upset her, but saw no other way to keep his word regarding his numerous business engagements, surrounding the release of his forthcoming album. Carla would have to try and understand, and she tried her hardest to. It would be her first test of strength.  He said he would share a taxi back to her place and then go on to his hotel.
     " A week is going to be so hard to bear, mon amour “ Dave said , then added “ I need some photos of you to help me cope - can we ? " he got out his cell phone so she tried to smile for him even though she could already feel him leaving her...
   " My turn ! " she said trying to sound cheerful " Smile ! " so he did - a sweet smile, like when he'd woken up in her bed that morning.
   " I'll call you every day - you'll see how much you mean to me. Keep busy and the time will fly past. Next Monday I'll be back - come on, you're shivering - let's find ourselves a taxi. " and he got down off the parapet and took her hand.
    At Carla's block, they both got out of the taxi and hugged tightly, then kissed just one gentle kiss - Carla then brushed her fingers over his lips and he knew what she was thinking...
    "For you only - sealed until I'm back with you - I promise " and he got back into the taxi which drove away..... Carla hadn't trusted herself even to say “ Goodbye “ !
    She rushed into the hall way and managed a mumbled hello to the doorman, managing to hold her tears back until she got into the elevator and the doors closed. The sound of the machinery started her sobbing - it reminded her of the Eiffel Tower elevator cage, where she and Dave had...
    She let herself into her appartment and ran to her bed to have a good cry.. stupid girl, she thought : why cry ? He says he loves you !
   She fell asleep half crying, half laughing, still dressed, emotionally exhausted.

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