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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2007.10.06. 10:07

Chapter 7



     The week eventually passed. Carla kept sane by replaying Dave's voicemails and looking at his pictures which she had transferred to her laptop. He was very rarely reachable by phone and this made her angry at times – he had so little time for anything but business and recording... but then she reasoned with herself – she would have to get used to this if they were going to have any kind of future together.

    It had been particulary hard at work – depressed people who showed no interest in what she was trying to do for them, and didn't seem to make any effort – how she missed her sessions with Dave, her star patient !

    She arrived home late that Sunday night, after spending the day at her mother's, to se that her answering machine was flashing. The first thing she did was to check it, but there were only her mother's and a patient's voice was on the tape. She was a bit disappointed and headed to the kitchen to have something for dinner.

    The week has passed. Carla couldn't concentrate. It was Monday – surely Dave would be back in Paris tomorrow ? She was just lying in her bed and the replaying her memories of the last night when they were together which came back as vivid images. She sighed as she was thinking about the first time they had made love... and then the others... She couldn't bear it, her hands started to caress her naked body. She wanted Dave so badly ! But he wasn't there...

     She desperately needed Dave, her body, mind and soul were aching for him. As her own caresses started to be more driven, driven toward one particular place, she couldn't bear it any more and dialled his number. He answered at once, and all he could heard was  lustful sighing and deep groaning.
    ” Who's there ? Hello ? ” he was taken aback : this cell was his private one,  few people knew the number, only those he gave it to.
   ” Guess, Gorgeous, just guess ! And if you're right, I will treat you to a little something ! ” it was her voice, hoarse and husky, he knew he was right.

     Then it dawned on him : ” Carla, is that you ? ”She let out a long sigh.

   „ What are you doing ? ” he asked.
   ” I'm thinking of you... oh God... and our last night ! Ahh ! ” she sighed when her free hand grabbed her own breast  „ I'm -  er -  laying here... naked on... my bed...”

   „ Babe, do ya wanna kill me, I'm at a meeting. ”
   ” Stand up and walk out, I won’t stop it and don't you dare to hang up. Go to the men's room and reach for your buddy ! ”

   „ Jeeez, you're insane ! ” he whispered, but she could soon hear that he was excusing himself from the room, and then she heard his quick steps.
   ”Yeah... oh yeah... you make me insane ! I want you so bad ! I can nearly feel your hands touching my naked skin, sliding your fingers along my stomach... ahh... reaching up to my breasts. What do you do with them ? Please tell me ! My whole body's on fire for you... Dave... tell me ! ”

   „ Wait, till I reach the loo. I just hope no-one is inside .” He entered and checked the cubicles for legs. He found none, and then Carla heard a cubicle door being bolted as she waited, panting, for his answer.

     Dave sighed loudly, grinning, as he answered  Carla's question.
    ” Hmm, I'd caress them, then squeeze them, one after the other and then I would squeeze your nipples and suck them hard. ”
   ” I'm  following you're telling me, only I can't lick them, only wet them with my fingers. I'm thinking about your cock, Dave. Is it hard already ? How hard ? What are you going to do  with it ? ” Carla's voice told him how aroused she was – it was barely a sigh.

    „ Quite hard, luv, quite hard...” he sighed back and Carla heard as the zipper went down

      I grabbed it, babe, and I'm thinking of you, as your soft hand's pumping it while one of my hands is going down  your body. Are you wet now ? Do you want my fingers in you, massaging your G-spot and  your clit ? ”

   „ Yes, Dave do it ” he heard a little squeal, as Carla's fingers followed his orders.

   „ Oh David, my love, it's good, it's so good ! I want you inside me, now ! Are you ready to thrust your buddy  in to me, honey ? ”
   ” More than ready ” groaned Dave and his hand moved even faster on his member and he started gasping for air as it became too thin for him.

    „ Then come ! Enter me ! ” she moaned with her eyes closed, and two of her fingers slid between her wet folds „ Oh yeah ! Even deeper ! ”

    Her lover was moaning loudly into the cell, as if... And from this sound Carla found herself at the brink of climax. „ Dave, talk to me, I’m almost there. Please ! Wanna coming with the sound of your voice ! ”

   „ Oh yeah, babe ! I'm nearly there too... oh God... you're so fine and wet... I can slip in and out so easily.... can you feel me  penetrate  you even deeper...and deeper with my hard pushes ?... OH GOD ! CARLA ! ” - he moaned loudly and shot his hot semen against the cubicle wall, nearly dropping his cell !

He was still holding himself when he heard Carla coming. She kept whispering his name again and again and again. Dave just stood there with his " front-tail " in his hand and was shocked at the intensity of emotions in her voice. Man, she badly wanted him. He decided that right after the meeting he'd go straight to her and would fuck her until she was unconscious.

       He hadn't told her his surprise : the meeting was in Paris – he'd flown in earlier that afternoon and had planned to surprise her that evening. She was still expecting him back in Paris on Monday after all...

     Carla was panting wildly into the cell, her fingers coming slowly out of her body. She heard Dave's gasping for air too.
   ”How was it for you dear ? ” she asked and she started to lick her fingers. She knew he could hear the sound of this.

   „Surprisingly good, babe. But now I have to go back to the meeting.” He wiped away the “evidence” as he whispered to Carla, also aware now of someone locking himself in the cubicle right next to him. He stayed silent until he was back out in the corridor.

      God, if they'd knew what I'd been doing in the loo for such a long time, sweetheart, you'd be dirt ! And now, you're licking your fucking little fingers, I can hear you, just to tease me, huh ? . Be ready for me and for buddy 'cos we'll be there in an hour and I'm gonna....”
    “ How can you  ? Where are you ? ”

    “ Surprise ! I flew back today and was coming round later to see you – but I can't wait for dinner time now. So – er - what do you want me to do when I arrive, just remind me ? “

   “ Fuck me hard...”came the whispered reply.
   ” Exactly. You little minx, exactly that ! ”

    „ Oh yeah ! I'm looking forward to that ! Please hurry. My body is aching for you...” she whispered and put her cell down.


    Carla had an hour so she took a scented bath, and did lots of little beauty treatments – a    quick exfoliation, some body lotion, checked her nails, her eyebrows, put on  subtle make up, a few shots of “Flowers”,  then she went to her bedroom  She called  the door man and said to let Mister Gaaaahaaaan come straight up, and then put on her kimono, since she had previously been walking around naked, padding around barefoot as usual.
    The hour passed quickly like that - and Carla sipped a glass of Perrier while she watched the last minutes passing - she hoped the afternoon traffic wasn't too heavy, and as her thought formed, her cell phone rang. It was Dave - " Where are you lover ? "
   " Right behind your door ! " he sounded different – gruff – desperate....

    She moaned in anticpation as she turned off her phone, threw it onto the sofa and walked to the door, just as nervous as that first time ....the difference was that she could feel her body preparing for what they were about to do this time - she immediately felt damp between her legs... and her mouth and lips went dry....
     She unlocked the door and he came straight in - no smile, no rose, no manners - he took her by the shoulders and looked hungrily into her eyes, only distracted by the need to slam the door behind him, which actually made her jump. She held his gaze and put the end of her kimono belt in his hand - she was dying to kiss him but today he was making all the moves, so she waited for the animal in him to pounce on its prey - he pulled hard on the belt, pushed the kimono off her shoulders and pulled her to him - only then did he kiss her. It was a long and desperate kiss - it said "Jesus I've missed this".
     Then in her kisses Carla tried to convey "Come and show me what you want..." as she gave him a series of small teasing kisses, taking a step back with each one, forcing him to advance.        .    It worked, and step by step, they retreated into the appartment, but then Dave stopped following her ...
    " What .. ? " Carla looked puzzled.
    " Railings – remember ? " he turned her round and marched her over to the dining table saying: " This will do nicely and there are no tourists to bother us..."
   " Oh I see ! " said Carla - she bent over the table, glad that she was ready for him because he'd been unbuttoning his jeans all this time, and hardly had her elbows touched the wood than she felt Dave's hard cock pushing its way into her - so easily ! She gasped at the force with which he rammed himself into her, one hand on a soft cheek of her butt and the other on her back - she lay right down on the table and spread her legs a little - the angle was better for her like that - and as he pulled out his cock it rubbed her clit, making her groan for more of him....

   „ Does it feel good, baby ? Do you want more ? ”
   ” Hmm, Dave, just do it, just keep on fucking! Don't ever stop ! ”
   ” You can bet I won't ! Here ! Still want more ? Even harder ? “
   ” Oh  yes ! Aah, Dave, more, yes ! ”

   He filled her wet channel completely, and although it was more than a little painful at first, she loved it !

    Dave was doing exactly what Carla wanted : showing how much he'd missed her, getting his fill of her, satisfying his week-long craving for her - his groaning sounds were getting more and more animal, and Carla guessed that he was close to coming - so she started to contract and relax her internal muscles, and he moaned into her neck -  " Mmmmm ! That's good, babe, don't stop ! " Carla smiled contentedly, her cheek resting on the black shiny table top.
She wanted to try and sycnhronise her pleasure with his so she slipped her hand down to push her clit even more into contact with Dave's hard cock - he had her by the hips and was ramming himself into her with such force that the table was rocking ... then he held his breath for a few thrusts, before yelling hoarsely " SWEET FUCKING CHRIST ! " as he came, shuddering uncontrollably, and this in turn was all Carla needed - to know she turned him on like this - to push her over the edge herself ... he skilfully managed to stay inside her - even managed to keep pumping into her shaking body a few more times until she was done, even though she was so slippery ... but as soon as it was over for her, he pulled out and rested his body, exhausted, on top of hers - all the better to whisper in her ear:
    " How do you do it ? That was something else - I mean jeez - did you feel that ? "
    " Er - yes - prehaps a little something - it was quite nice...." but she was already laughing, unable to keep up the pretending !
    " We're pretty good together, aren't we, lover ? " she asked him.
    " We are fucking amazing, girl ! Know what ? When I've cleaned up, I really need a drink – an ice-cold beer - my throat is so dry ! Would you have one for me, babe ? " Dave stood up, kicked off his jeans,  and walked half naked to the bathroom - and Carla enjoyed watching his rear view as she slowly followed him.

      “ Sure, coming right up “ and she went to the kitchen to take one out for him. He continued talking from inside.
   " I ran here, you know - I just needed to see you so badly: the door man looked at me as if I was a total nutter - you know the way people smile understandingly if they think you're not all there ?  He calls me Monsieur Gaaahaaan - that cracks me up ! " Carla was in the doorway now as Dave chuckled and turned round to her, probably wanting that drink now.

     Carla went in to the bathroom as Dave came out - they exchanged a quick kiss and a smile. She too cleaned herself up and then joined Dave in the kitchen, stopping to put her kimono back on.

She followed him to the kitchen where he was still drinking his beer, and stepped behind him to softly stroke Dave's flat, naked tummy. She planted a kiss onto his right shoulder standing there in her kimono again.
     ” It's so unbelivably familiar and good to be with you. It must sound strange, but... it's like I've know you for ages ...”

    Dave played with her hair, winding a shiny strand round his fingers, then he leaned towards her to kiss her cheek. Carla smiled and thought out loud :
    " It's like you know exactly what I'm going to like, and exactly how I want it done - I've never known a man able to do that - how could you have guessed that I wanted it rough and deep and hard like that today ? "
   " Saw something ...I mean in your eyes ? " Dave smiled wickedly.
   " Something in YOUR eyes, more likely - I was almost scared the way you burst in here ! But then it really turned me on to know you wanted me that badly..." she was whispering into his neck now, and he put his arms around her to hold her, smelling her hair and caressing her back.
   " I think this is my favourite place in the world right now " he too was whispering, and when Carla pulled back just enough to look at him, he wasn't smiling, rather looking misty eyed and emotional...

   “ David, what's wrong ? There is something in your eyes that doesn't promise any good. ”

David didn't utter a single word, he just looked at Carla with love and sadness in his eyes.
Carla started to shake off his gaze, it was deep as a well and as dark too. Without him giving the exact reason she understood generally : there was trouble in their paradise.


     She didn't want to speak : she was scared as to what Dave would say. The intensity of his gaze... it was a little shocking for her. She tried to step back, to get out of Dave's embrace,  as she felt the worry and sadness appear in her, too.

    Dave cleared his throat and Carla swallowed hard - he was going to walk out ! He was saying goodbye...
    " Carla - you are a fantastic person and absolutely drop-dead stunning with it - you deserve someone in your life permanently, and I could never be that person ..." he hadn't been looking into her eyes until now and when he did she couldn't hold his gaze, so he thought it best to continue.
    " I can give you so very little of myself, with my work and my kids, what sort of life would we have ? " Now she looked at him because she had always known what her reply would be if ever it came to this...
    " That would be enough for me, lover, but we've had this talk before, and it would just be like this past week of separation – that I survived, see ? - well, like that every time, sometimes for a little longer, and then you'd be back and we'd just have to make up for lost time ! " she tried to laugh but it sounded false and croaky.
     She was looking deep into his eyes now, her arms around his shoulders: could there be another reason for him giving her the opportunity to stop this going any further ? She had no idea what that could be ... and Dave's eyes seemed genuinely bleary with tears... his voice was showing his emotions too... could she believe him ?

    " Can we just leave things as they are for a while ? " Carla asked, not wanting to risk an emtional scene ... " Why does everything heve to be so clear cut ? I don't want promises or commitment from you for now - I just want to be with you whenenver you want to be with me. Please don't go on, lover. "
    " But I don't want to mess you around - I really care about you, after just a few days, and I wanted to do this properly.... that's all." Dave was barely audible - it looked like he was digging deep into his emotional reserves, perhaps fearing that Carla would be turning him away soon...
    " But if I say that I love you and what we have, however unstable, and that it's enough for me, doesn't that reassure you ? C'mon, mon amour - give me a smile and tell me you love me too ! " She stroked his cheek and ran her fingers over his mouth as if her touch would make a smile appear, but he grabbed her hand and kissed it before giving her what she wanted - a slow sweet smile that appeared on his face like the most beautiful of sunrises in the morning sky. He then whispered into her ear...
    " Je t'aime, Carla ! " and followed that with a series of small tender kisses that she threw back her head to enjoy...
     Carla's eyes were red and filled with tears that she did her best to blink away as she put her arms tightly round Dave to hug him with all her might: she didn't know how long he would be staying, but right now he was hers !


      That night they made love slowly and tenderly for hours, with soft candle light and soft music.... just enjoying the feeling of being " one " - Carla covered Dave in kisses and whispered how good it felt to be with him, no longer bothering to keep back her tears of emotion - Dave was overcome by her beauty once again and kept raising himself up on his elbows just to gaze at her, at where their bodies joined, before resuming the slow but sure journey ... and when he came, his head buried in her hair, repeating her name again and again, Carla felt that her neck was damp... she reached up to touch his cheek. Her tears alone could not have made it this wet...
   " Hey, are you all right, lover ? " she whispered ...
   " Yeah - it's just that I really love you, babe - er - sorry for the soggy pillow ! " he laughed, was already trying to end this rare emotional moment.
    " Hey, no problem - let's sit up and change the pillows for dry ones. " She thought doing something would be the best way to diffuse the situation. So there they were, changing pillows and straightening out their bedlinen, like any other couple, before falling back into it, to sleep for what was left of the night.

    The next day was Monday - Carla had no appointments that morning and wanted to take Dave to a market so he could find what he wanted to cook for lunch... with her help if he needed it.
    " As if ! " was his reply.
    They got up quite early, breakfasted, showered, dressed and were out of the flat by 11 - perfect to shop, cook and eat a leisurely lunch.

    Carla just watched  him contentedly as she sat at the kitchen counter. She was thinking about the previous night, what they'd done, what they'd talked about. She was happy and sad at the same time. His quick and simple movements as he was preparing the food were somehow so warming and familiar to her. She gasped as he burned his finger a little and moved close to him, to put his injured finger under running water.
    ” Don't worry, babe, I have some bandaids ” and she bent down to a drawer and searched for the packet. She felt his hand slide down her back “ Got it ! Give me your hand, mon amour .”
    “ It's not necessary, Carla, I'll be OK. ”
    ” C'mon, just give it here. After this, you'll be OK...” she smiled and grabbed Dave's burned forefinger and softly put it into her mouth, keeping the eye contact.
    ”Carla...” Dave cleared his throat, but couldn't say any other word from the hot feeling that filled his whole body.

    Carla felt like taking Dave to her bedroom right then, but he pulled away from her, tutting playfully ...
    " Later, you addict ! Didn't I give you enough before ? "
    " I'll never get enough of you, lover, " Carla purred and moved closer to Dave... " here, put your finger under cold running water if you won't let me look after you... can I stir something for you ? "
    " Yeah, ” said Dave “don't let that meat stick " and he pointed to tenderloin slices in the pan.
    ” Oh shit, I almost burned them ” he quickly stepped to the cooker and pulled the meat aside and he stirred the veggies he was steaming on a bamboo rack. He was making  beef teri-yaki.
    ” Do you like it rare, medium or well-done ? ”
    ” I like it rare, I am starving, I need blood, David. ”
    ” Wha ? You want blood honey ? So bite me baby, bite me now .” They laughed the thing off but Dave's eyes were seroius...

     Carla went up on tiptoes and hugged his chest. Now she was able to whisper into his ear.       .    “ Do you really want to burn our fine food while I'm biting you... hmmm... right here on your neck ? ” she asked then licked the spot that she had chosen on Dave's delicate neck.

    Carla ran her tongue up the side of Dave's neck, lightly tracing a heart, then zig-zagging as she worked her way down towards his collar bone, round to his trachea, and then repeated her movements up the other side of his neck, stopping at the base.
    Dave was all over her with his hands, moaning softly because he liked what she was doing, her own hands rested on his hips, but he caressed her back, her butt, pulling her into him.
Suddnely he yelped like a puppy, as he realised Carla really had started to bite into his neck, sucking strongly at the same time.... but he didn't move, and his surprise was overtaken by his curiosity. He stopped breathing, his hands froze and he concentrated on the delicious but slightly painful sensation : how far would she go?


    Carla was biting him next to the main artery in his neck, eyes closed, almost purring. She felt Dave's suddenly tensed body in her hands and when she looked up she could see he was unsure about this. She laughed inside but showed no sign of it to him. She knew David was  z little scared but felt his arousal too. She opened her mouth wide, showing Dave her white canine fangs and she moved in to bite him again. But she changed her mind and just licked his throat from the joint of his collarbone to neck and then up to his chin. He sighed a big longing sigh and lust was burning in his eyes.

    Dave instinctively pushed Carla back a little and felt his neck : there was a sore area where she had sucked him powerfully, and he looked unbelievingly at Carla - " Shit -  you nearly broke my skin ! Is there a mark ? "
    " I'm afraid there is, mon amour. You'll have to button your shirt collar for a few days as I have left my signature on your neck - come and see..." and she took his hand and walked with him to the enormous, full-length ebony-framed mirror that graced her entrance hall. The frame was carved in an oriental style and looked extremely old and valuable, but Dave hardly noticed these details as he peered closer to examine his neck. The glass was indeed very old as his reflection was slightly distorted but Dave had seen enough : " Jesus Carla - look what you've done to me ! I haven't had a love bite in – since I lived in Basildon ! " he whispered half amused, half shocked.

    “ Sorry dear, but said i could have a bite... I can be dangerous, don't ever forget that...” she whispered as she softly stroked the mark on Dave's neck.
    ” I won't...” he looked at her, intrigued now.
    ” Oh-oh... we have a problem...” she sniffed the air
    ” What do you mean ? ” Dave spun round.
    ” I think something's is burning...”
    ” Oh, shit ! The food ! ” They both ran, laughing, to the kitchen.


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