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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 9 (I./II.)

Chapter 9 (I./II.)

  2007.10.31. 19:06

Chapter 9


     In the slow-moving traffic in her Parisian suburb, Carla's phone beeped to show the person had finished leaving their message. She was curious to see who it was, so flipped the phone over, and saw it was from Dave.


     As she listened to the message, her first thought was why should he call her so late, for him anyway - she would soon know, as she had already pressed "call back" and was rewarded with his ring tone. She pulled over suddenly, getting hoots

from the cars behind, but she didn't care.

    " Carla is that you ? " came a barely audible husky voice - he sounded so tired!

    " Hey, Dave, what's up that you call me at this time ? How are you, mon amour ? I miss you too, you know ? "

   " This is so hard, Carla - I want  to stay here another four days, for Rosie - but I have my flight back to you booked, and I'll give you the details soon, if you want them that is.... "

   " Of course I'll be there to meet you off your plane - how romantic ! So how is your little angel ? "

   " She's fine - it was the sharp rise in temperature that worried them - they're always scared it'll be meningitis. This time we were lucky, I suppose."  Dave was obviously still shaken.

   " Listen, for the rest, we'll talk when you get here, hm ? I think you sound like you need some sleep now, so try for me, mon amour, promise ? "

      " Don't worry - that's next on my list: right after 'call Carla!' " he tried a nervous laugh, but it was unconvincing.


     When Carla reached her office, she asked her secretary not to let anyone in for half an hour. She needed some time alone with her thoughts to calm her feelings within. She had doubts - of course. After what had happened, she knew that she could not have just a part-time-relationship with Dave.


     The bruises from their last love-making were still there and she was frightend that something would go wrong now. It was too quick and perfect, like seeing the world through  pink – tinted glasses.


    She was in love with a famous singer, and after just a few weeks ? She wasn't normally like that ! It was always hard for her to fall in love with someone ! And now... she felt nearly a painful love burning in her chest, so she could hardly breath or think about anything else but Dave!


     She had to concentrate on her waiting patients ! She had to live her life in a normal way till he arrived ! Although Dave's situation was constantly on her mind, she stopped analyzing his effects on her present and future life. She had to work. She would have time to think about these things after arriving home...


    She struggled through the days till Monday morning eventually came. The only thing she could think of was Dave. She couldn't shake free the feeling that what was about to happen between them would be something completely different that she ever experienced before.    


     She was scared and happy and confused. And that was before Dave called – it was very early in the morning for him as it was 11am for her.  David announced to her-without asking her permission, whatsoever - that he needed to move in with her, that he had left home ! The call lasted less than a minute, and apart from her initial “ hello” it had been Dave talking – then he had hung up. He was clearly nervous, in a hurry for some reason.


     This could meant just one thing. Dave was sure, by making this decision, that he loved her truly and honestly ! She was worried sick about what would happen, what could happen. But nonetheless, she smiled as she started forseeing their future life together.


      Dave had stolen her heart, she knew that he was the man she had always been waiting for. She knew she could die for David. She saw something in his eyes and  wanted it for herself.


     Carla's nervousness increased throughout the day. She didn't have any lunch – she just walked around in her neighbourhood for an hour – not even looking in the boutique windows the way she usually did.


     She cancelled her one early afternoon appointment, asking Natalie to reprogramme them as soon as possible, because she was too excited about Dave arriving early that evening.


     She imagined them meeting over and over again. She could nearly feel his touch on her body. She... she was in great emotional pain, her body aching for Dave.

     The time came for her to go to the airport. At last ! She took a taxi, not wanting to have to concentrate on driving.  The taxi arrived there after half an hour, then she rushed to the terminal.

     Looking up at the arrivals board, she saw that there were many flights marked “delayed” or  “ cancelled “- about half of them  There was a strike, perhaps ... "Oh, no ! Shit ! " she whispered when she read  the information. Her eyes flew down the board until she found  Dave's flight was among them.  The flight had been cancelled. Looking at the bottom of the board, she saw he would need to wait 5 hours for the next one !


     She decided to stay in the terminal, knowing she wouldn't be able to do anything anyway. She started pacing up and down in the arrivals section nervously. She sat down at last and started daydreaming about Dave. She imagined how she would make love to him when finally he arrived.


     The waiting seemed endless, as was Dave's body in her thoughts... She was really tired, and had to drink a lot of coffee to keep herself awake. It was late afternoon already.


     Her cellphone was in her hands, but she soon knew it was useless trying to call him. Just Dave's voicemail answered her calls. Probably he had turned it off in the airport in New York.
    Her eyes were fixed on the opposite seat and she kept on dreaming with open eyes.


    3 more hours of waiting remained... 2 hours... the picture of an hourglass came into her mind as she watched the clock on the wall... 1 and half an hours.... 1 hour...

     She nearly went insane. She was tapping on the floor with her feet.

    "Oh, come on ! I can't belive this ! Is this a bad omen ? Pleeeeease, Dave ! " she thought with watery eyes.


    Half an hour, said the arrivals board ...


    Nervousness shook her body and she closed her eyes, imagining Dave kissing her body all over. Then, suddenly, yes, she did feel a kiss on her cheek. Dave was leaning over to her, supporting himself with one hand on the back of the row of seats and the other caressing her neck passionatly with the other.


   She jumped up, knelt on seat and put her arms round him – no words, just sighs of relief.


 She thought maybe she hadn't  heard an announcement that his flight had picked up a little time.

     She tried to ask him about this but he immediatley hushed her with a kiss.

     “ Baby I rushed for you, when my flight was cancelled I rented aprivate jet. I so wanted to be with you my love ! ”


    "Oh God... DAVE !" she yelled with tears of happiness in her eyes and hugged him so tightly that it almost hurt. "At last, you're here ! My Precious Love ! I was waiting here for you... I just..." but instead of finishing the sentence she pressed her hungry lips to his.


    “That’s the welcome I expected and was dreaming of , my beautiful Carla. I have taken the liberty of sending my luggage to your address, the jet was packed with it ! It's on its way there now is that okay ? If not I saw some nice bridges along the Seine – I could go and live under  one of them ....”


    Carla laughed, her eyes misting up, and hugged Dave again. Dave the Parisian tramp ! What an impossible idea !


   “ I must confess, I brought half of my house with me, plus all my clothes. Seen too many films where the abandoned wife goes at her ex's suits with a pair of scissors !  I hope you can spare me a little space in your wardrobe and on the shelves. A man who like his clothes is coming to stay with you ! ” he warned her.


     " Of course it's OK... yes you can move in ! " she smiled shyly at him, pulling back from their  embrace to look into his eyes, to gasp at the dark circles under them. She whispered -

     " I couldn't think about anything else but you in the last few days. Come on ... let's go home, mon amour ! "


    And they did go home, to their home. The people from the transporting firm carried every piece of  luggage of his into the hall. It was quickly full of it. They had to step over the suitcases and boxes if they wanted to get through.


    Dave Gahan had moved in with Carla. And the next day he taught the good humoured  porter how his name should be pronounced and he had a new engraved plaque made for Carla's letter box with  both their  names on it.


    He put his shaving equipment, toothbrush and aftershave on  the shelf in the bathroom. He was exhausted – emotionally and physically and just wanted to throw his jeans on the floor and climb into bed with Carla, stark naked, for some tender loving care.


    That first night was just magical - tired as they were, from travelling, waiting, hoping, longing, they found just enough energy to eat a quick snack, huddled together in " their bed ", and it was so strange how bread and cheese and red wine could taste so very good at times like that.


       Then, their eyes closing from the heaviness of their eyelids, they curled up together and almost kissed each other to sleep - just their lips and their hands touching - they needed nothing more.


    “ Tomorrow Dave would still be here, thought Carla - he won't get off so lightly when I wake up ! ”

     As if he'd read her mind, Dave whipsered through one of his kisses...

    " Get your strength back, babe, tomorrow morning you're gonna need it! " and with that he rolled onto his side, so Carla curled into him and put an arm around him:

    " Sleep well, mon amour - I'll be holding you to that ! "


     Carla was dreaming when a huge deafening thunderstorm began,  and the lightning was blinding. It didn't wake her from her dream of delayed and  cancelled flights and that she couldn't find Dave anywhere in the airport.


     She started pleading to someone in her dream and her voice woke Dave, and he lay  listening to her, smiling how agitated she was at not being able to find him. And love and gratitude filled his heart and he knew it meant that Carla loved him for sure.


      He kissed her gently and took her into his arms, Carla relaxed and without awaking she threw her hands around Dave’s shoulders. Dave was watching her in the dark and soon he was back to sleep too.


     Morning came soon. Their first morning as live-in lovers, thought Carla when she woke up and was laying there completely still in Dave's warm arms, watching his peaceful face with a smile on her lips.


      He was so sweet and calm, she couldn't believe that he was really there, that he was real ! The embrace of his hands, the smell of his delicate skin, the shining in his dark hair, the sound of his breathing...


    After a while, Carla decided to wake him with a kiss - she raised herself up on her elbow and slowly moved her mouth near to his, then touched his lips with hers - the smallest of kisses - the sort kept for children's foreheads - she closed her eyes as she let the touch linger a few seconds, before looking to see if Dave had even registered what she had done. She was surprised to see his eyes wide open and a wicked glint in them...

    " Bonjour, mon amour " he whispered " comment ça va ? " he added smiling.

    " Eh bien ! Tu parles français maintenant ? " Carla chuckled, " et presque pas d'accent ! "

    " Whoa ! You've lost me! " Dave laughed - " I just asked one of the air hostesses how to say      .   " hello how are you properly " and she very kindly showed me how .... "


      Carla started pouting, so Dave went on - " but there's no need to get jealous of her - just look at you ! So what did you reply ? She didn't prepare me for any replies at all ! "

    " I just said well, well, you speak French now and with hardly any accent "

   " Aah ! You make it look so easy, you're used  to moving your mouth more to do those fancy French sounds ! ”

    " I want you to move your mouth around something other than French words, Mr Gahan - do you remember you said I should sleep well because you had plans for this morning ? Well ? I'm waiting ... what did you have in mind exactly ? "


   " What do you think, dear " he asked back with a wide grin on his face, and started to caress Carla's back.

    " Hmmm... I have some ideas in my dirty little mind... " she whispered near to his lips while one of her hands went slowly down under the sheet. " Do you want to know what they are ? " She gently slid her fingers down his body.


    “ Carla ! ”and he gasped for air as her fingers touched his family jewelry - “Carla ! ”

   ” Yes, gorgeous ? ”

   ” Have I told you yet how much I love making love to you ? ”

    ” No My Love, you haven't, but Little Dave leaves me in doubt about that ” she said chuckling in a very juvenile way.


    " Oh God, I love it ... when you are so... skittish ! " he gasped and let her turn him onto his back. He looked up at Carla in disbelief when she let out a little purr and scratched his chest a bit with her long fingernails...

    " Let's play a bit ! I'm full with energy like a child.... but I think a child wouldn't do things like these with you..." she smiled wickedly and kissed him hard as she pressed her body to his when she laid down on him.


     “ How about YOU doing something for ME if you have all this frisky energy to spare ? I think I'll just lie here and see what happens… ” and he reached over to Carla's tidy little bedside table and found a book - it was The Da Vinci Code, which he actually opened and started to read, much to Carla's surprise !

    " Er - let me know if you need me for anything, eh, babe ? Hm - I've wanted to read this since it came out... " and with that he disappeared again behind the paperback !

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