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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 9 (II./II.)

Chapter 9 (II./II.)

  2007.10.31. 19:13

     Carla guessed his little game and immediately started brushing her body lightly against his - not thinking of exciting Dave for the moment, just thinking of her own pleasure, knowing that her sounds would eventually make him put the book down and join in the fun.

    She loved the way if felt as she dragged her nipples up and down his lean chest and abdos -     then she decided to change weapons and brought her tongue into play. She sighed, watching  Dave for the slightest reaction.  Nothing yet !


     She began her licking with his chest tattoos, following their lines with her zig-zagging tongue as she made the tiniest of moaning sounds. Slowly she worked her way down to his ribs and wondered how ticklish he would be there....


    And yes, he was ticklish, because suddenly he laughed out loud but he pretended  it was something he had read and that he was undisturbed by Carla's little trick.


     He went on reading. But Carla knew all too well his weaknesses and with a quick movement her lips closed on Dave's dick. Dave shut his eyes and ever so slowly placed the book beside him giving out a strange, deep, animalistic sound from his throat.

    “ Oh yeah ” he grunted.


    “ So the book's no good ? " she took a break and asked with a quick smile on her face, then bent her head down again. She felt with her tongue that Dave was getting harder and harder with every slide on his "little one".

    " What book ?  Babe, just... go on ! Oh yess ! So hot ! You're so hot ! " he whispered and grabbed her hair firmly.

Carla hollowed her cheeks as she looked up at him, eyes connecting. She knew how exciting this sight would be for Dave. His love and her mouth on his family treasure... such an erotic picture, that he nearly went insane from the intensity of joy which spread through his body        so quickly, like a blitz.


     „ MMmmm, so good, oh yeah, feels so fine. ”


     Carla wasn't answering him beeing busy with her salty seasoned lollypop. She heard him swallowing hard and she looked up at him askingly.

    „ Carla, I,...I ....can't..anymore.... ”

     „ It's okay baby, it's okay, enjoy, enjoy it David, come dear, come ! ”


     And after a few pumps with a loud moan he came and shot his load with relief into the hotness which was still around him, so firm ! Carla moaned too, then gulped down what  Dave had given her,  enjoying his taste.


      She licked him clean. She didn't want to let him go, but she knew she must. So instead,  she stayed near to his limp best friend, placing her head on Dave's lower stomach and caressing his hips with closed eyes. She was just enjoying the warmth and the smell of his body.


     They lay ther like that for a while - Carla listening to Dave's gentle breathing and Dave stroking her hair. He broke the silence by whispering:

    " You're really good at that too - is there ANYthing you're NOT good at ? "

    Carla smiled and raised her head.

     " But you know the answer to that one: anything to do with oysters, mon amour! Eating, preparing, or watching anyone eating them!  "

    " Yeah but I meant other talents like the one you just showed me ! " Dave was laughing now - what did he have in his dirty little mind NOW ?

    " Tell you what, we could try some role play if you like that - how would you like to be ... " and she moved up the bed on all fours, to say close to his mouth ... " dominated ? " and she raised an eyebrow slowly as she watched the effect of what she said appear on Dave's face.

    " Well I have to admit that white coat of yours still holds a fascination for me - it's one of the rare times when I've felt comfortable with a medical person in white. "

    " And why's that? " Carla sat up and crossed her legs giving Dave a beautiful view of her - nothing was hidden - he smiled - but went on with his thought:

" Simply 'cos it takes me back to my bad, wild days - when I nearly died. My first memory after that is of being surrounded by doctors saying - " how the fuck did he pull that one? " - they didn't even seem pleased to have saved me - they would have got more publicity if I really had died there! No blame could have been attached to them, I was so far gone. "

    Carla looked genuinely shocked - she had no words to comfort Dave - he must have heard them all so many times already. She just cuddled up to him and pulled the sheet over them, as if it would protect them...

    But Dave wasn't in a negative mood - after a few seconds he said:

    "So back to this dressing up: you in your white coat and me? "

      Carla thought carefully ...she looked at him with tenderness and anxiety in her eyes.

    " Are you sure, luv? "

    " Like hell! I nearly couldn't concentrate on your words back then in your office as I saw how your nice little cloat was straining on you... How it gave your lovely figure out..." he whispered huskyly. " See? Only thinking of it turns me on! "


    Carla smiled at him - a little surprised, then said:

    " I really had no idea! I just thought you saw it as a barrier between you and my body! "

    " So what's with the white coat anyway? Is it for hygiene? "

    " Yes, mon amour - sometimes my patients have coughs and colds and then I wear a mask too - I have picked up bugs at work before you know. "

   " Boy - you must be scary with a mask on! " Dave's eyes widened in mock horror, but then he broke into his gorgeous smile again.

    " But at least like that I could't bite you again ! " Carla stroked his neck and moved in to kiss him, feeling Dave flinch slightly as she did so.

   " Are you just a little bit scared of me, mon amour ? " she asked, smiling widely to reveal her perfect teeth....


   " What do you think, you little vampire ? " he asked and embraced Carla with his strong arms.


    " We should try it sometime... what do you think? Do you like it rough ? I've heard that you do... Tell me exactly what 'rough' means to you, love.... "


    Dave's face showed his horny ideas imagination was at work.

   " If I say handcuffs - chains ... " his eyes were narrowing as he watched her react to his words.

    Carla was on new ground here and felt a mixture of fear and excitement : a little pain was OK but what was in Dave's mind? For once he was unreadable - and when she didn't answer, Dave grabbed her by the arm and held her tightly, making her wince - she tried to break free but then saw that he was smiling.

     " I like the idea of you being powerless and me able to do anything - " here he lowered his head, his voice became a whisper and his eyes all but glowed... " anything ...I ...want... to you... " then he released her arm, which she rubbed - she was near to a state of shock and still would find no words.


    " What is it, dear? Do you... fear me?  How far would you go for me ? " he aksed in a low voice and rolled over holding onto Carla, so she was under him now motionless, pinned to the sheets.
She gulped nervously  and felt her mouth draining.

    " What do you want to do ? " she whispered back, but Dave didn't tell a word just a wicked grin appeared on his face and licked her chin.

    " Babe, tell me if I'm wrong, but I think I saw a scarf yesterday here somewhere... " he smiled and Carla could see how his gaze went darker. That expression was dangerous and she felt as her heart started to beat harder against her chest, when Dave found what he was searching for. He gathered the soft material up to his nose and smelled it.

" Uhmmm... it's your fragrant smell... it turns me on... I love it... "


     He took the scarf by one end, raising himself up so he was kneeling over her now, and lifted his arm so that the other end of the scarf was just touching her stomach - then he started making circles with it, followed by a series of up and down movements,


    Then his face serious, the tracing became more random, as if he was tracing a design on her - Carla was curious : she closed her eyes and smiled nervously - if it was going to be just erotic games like this, fine...

    " Are you writing something ? " she was thinking back to that time in the taxi, going to the Sacré Coeur. She glanced over her shoulder at him.

    " Spot on - I just wrote ' you're mine ' - because you are ... aren't you ? " His smouldering eyes expected an answer.

Carla shut her eyes and shivered despite herself - she couldn't help it, and knew that Dave had felt it. He began to smile, and resumed his teasing - now the end of the scarf circled her nipples one after the other and Dave smiled and made a low growling sound as he watched them harden in a second.


     Now Carla half opened her eyes and groaned... she felt goosebumps all over her bare flesh - she wanted badly to know where this was leading but at the same time she wished he'd carry on ... she felt the need to ask permission before she even moved her hand.

    " Can I caress myself... please ? " she whispered.

     " Not yet - so you want to move, huh ? I'll have to fix that ! " and he took her hands in each of his, raised her arms and started tie Carla to the ornate carved wooden headboard of her bed - she felt the scarf being passed through the holes in the dark entwined branch design and then a loop went round each of her wrists. Then he made a knot - or bow, she couldn't see – that was tied and pulled tight.


      She instinctively tugged against the scarf and found she was unable to free her hands. Unexplainably her fear suddenly left her, to be replaced by a burning desire to feel him inside her again, and she sighed as she said:

     " I want you so very badly Dave ! " as she bent her legs up to caress his side with her thighs " don't make me wait - please..." her breath was coming fast now - short, ragged breaths through trembling lips.


    " Sorry, my dear... we aren't there yet... " he asnswered calmly and licked his lips. Dave felt that a hot wave went down to his groin from the thought that shewas fully at his mercy... he could do with her anything he wanted...

      Dave bent down to smell her skin and his fingertips started to draw little circles on her skin. He felt the goosebumps on it again. He stopped and his eyes bored into her, hungry - she shivered again as her whole body screamed for him to enter her - to push into her - to please her like never before...

    " Show me what's next " she panted, stretching out her legs and her body slowly, sensuously, remembering how he'd liked that before " Dave - please I'm dying here ..."

    " You want me to punish you for your impatience ? Learn to be patient - or I'll have to teach you a lesson ! " he was glowering at her, his voice threatening some new experience - Jesus how she was loving this ! - she decided to provoke him by pulling on the scarf again.


     His eyes shot up to catch the movement and then came back to rest on her face, half closed, piercing her through, burning into her mind - she would remember this look of his at time when he wasn't with her, when she had to play Dave's part with her own fingers.

    " You've asked for this - bad girl ! ” he said and flipped her over, tightening the scarf around her wrists, making her cry out with the pain.

    He put his arm under her waist and pulled upwards, forcing her to take a position on all fours - now she knew what he was going to do - and the burning inside her coupled with the sensation that she was literally dripping wet for him made her groan ....


     Carla moaned as she felt Dave’s long fingers touching her wet folds first just rubbing and touching her wetness with a husky groan.

She felt herself tensing up - she was about to ... but then Dave suddenly stopped and got off the bed.

    " Huh ? What... why ? Don't stop babe - you must have felt..."

    " Of course I felt you on the edge ! " he laughed and began to walk towards the door and when he next spoke he sounded bored with what they were doing:

   " But I need a beer - I'll be back soon, honey ! " and with that he was gone !

   " Carla let herself fall onto her side - she felt so many things at once: this was obviously turning Dave on, judging by the way little Dave was standing to attention when he walked out, and she knew that when he came back whatever he did to her would have her shaking, convulsing like never before, but at the same time she thought : how could he leave me like this ? Then it became how DARE he ?!

    She heard the fridge door open, heard him open his beer bottle - a short silence and then a smacking of lips - then nothing. His feet on the floor woudn't make a sound though - she willed him to come back with all her might and fuck her brains out, but then she heard the thing she least expected to hear - he'd switched on her TV !

    " You bastard ! " she screamed " do you know what ? Forget it ! I don't want you anywhere near me now - DO YOU HEAR ? " she listened for a reply as the first tears dropped onto her pillow.

    All she heard was shouting - and whistling - which she immediately recoginsed as nothing other than the sounds of a football match!

    " Go boys ! YESSS ! " came from her living room - a goal had been scored.

     She buried her head in her pillow and in a very short time, she had cried herself to sleep.


     After a few minutes Dave came back into the room and looked at her. Carla was still sleeping, her tearstained face resting on her pillow...

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