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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 11 (I./II.)

Chapter 11 (I./II.)

  2007.10.31. 19:19

Chapter 11



      They slept all day and night long, like animals in hibernation. But the rest brought its reward the next morning : Dave had no fever at all and Carla was eyes were sparkling. They looked a beautiful, striking couple as they were combing their hair together after a refreshing bath.


      Dave suggested they take a walk and Carla nodded enthusiastically. He had some not-yet- revealed thoughts in the back of his mind and before they were off he checked out something on the net. He took her hand as they walked slowly along the streets of Paris. Carla was daydreaming and in 7th heaven, so she didn't really pay attention to where Dave was taking  her. After a time they suddenly  halted in front of a shop window.


     They were in a part of Paris where there were many jewellers, but Dave had stopped at this first one as if he knew where he was going. He didn't even glance in the window. He held the door open for Carla and she shot him a puzzled sideways look as she went in.


     Inside the boutique there were very few pieces of jewellery on display - the window presentation had been the same. For Carla this meant one thing : it was a place of luxury.


    They were greeted by a pleasant young man who instantly recognized Dave, and said he'd been to several concerts, which had been out of this world. Suddenly remembering where and who he was, he awkwardly cleared his throat and turned to Carla now to ask if there was anything in particular she would like to see.


    Carla replied that it was a surprise visit and that Dave had better start explaining why they were here.


    He reached up to touch her hair, move it away from her neck - he was dying to kiss her there but didn't want to embarrass the young salesman. Instead he said :


    " Well I was thinking of treating this beautiful neck to something sparkly ... or perhaps these adorable little ears - which would you prefer, babe ? "


    Carla was already smiling as she replied, looking into his eyes :


    " And is this in honour of something ? "


     " Well it's been exactly two weeks since I met you and I just thought such important milestones in a relationship should be celebrated. I want you to shine for me tonight when I take you out to dinner. "


    Dave's hand was still in her hair - he was twisting a lock around his fingers, the way she loved him doing because it sent shivers down her spine !


    " Well perhaps if I bring a selection of both - er any particular stones or precious metals ? Yellow gold ? White gold ? Platinum ? " the assistant suggested.


    " Mmm good idea, " said Dave, " although I did see something on your website - a pendant necklace - with a big blue stone and diamonds - do you have that ? "


   " Ah – yes ! I think it's in our unique collection - I'll ask the manager to get it from the safe. But would you still like to see some other things in the mean time ? "


" Why not, huh, babe ? " Dave hugged Carla close to him.


" Why are you spoiling me like this ? It's too much, Dave ! "


" Why do you ask such silly questions ? " he waited until the assistant had gone and kissed her hard - he took her hand and moved it down his body - he was hard for her even here in the jewellers' shop !


    Carla broke away and whispered " Wait 'til tonight, you addict, but only if your choice of restaurant suits me ! " her eyes were glinting. She pulled slightly away from him as two men's voices became audible in the back of the boutique.


    With perfect timing the two men returned - one with a large tray on which four or five fabulous necklaces were arranged, and as many pairs of earrings - Carla gasped : the value of all this was impossible to calculate - and she had to choose something ! Where were the price tags ???


    The second man - in his fifties, came and introduced himself : he was the manager and had obviously been told by his assistant exactly who these customers were, judging by his     readiness to help.


    He was carrying a black velvet cushion which he ceremoniously placed on the counter .... there was the necklace Dave had been talking about.


    " That's the one ! " he grinned "  I saw it in some advertising on the plane coming back to you, and I thought of you straight away, babe - will you try it on for me ? "


     It was a longish simple white gold chain with a  pendant : the most beautiful sapphire Carla had ever seen - it was about two centimeters long and cut into an elongated heart shape,  held in place at the top by delicate white gold leaves, as if it were a fruit hanging there, and behind the stone a small band of gold ran down to the bottom to attach two tiny hands that were cupped together, holding the stone in place.


     Carla picked the necklace up, felt the smooth movement of the chain links as she draped it over her forearm, then held the stone up to the light to admire it. She let a small “ wow ! ” escape from her lips.


     The light went to the heart of the many-faceted stone - it was a deep yet luminous blue - and the hands detail made Carla smile.


    " It's your heart in my hands, I suppose ? " she was moved.


   " No - it's a blue strawberry - deuh ! " said Dave rolling his eyes up to the ceiling.                


     The assistant smirked, and Carla wanted to laugh too, but when the manager cleared his throat and opened the chain, all three of them were serious again. He moved towards Carla, but...


     Dave quickly reached out and asked " May I do this, please ? " with a little hint of " you don't go anywhere near my girlfriend's neck, thank you ! " in his voice, which made Carla turn away in case she had started to blush.


    Dave took both ends of the chain and stood behind Carla, who was in front of a full length mirror. She twisted her hair up out of the way, and felt the cool snake-smooth sensation of the chain passing down either side of her neck.


    Carla unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt as she watched the sapphire being lowered, and held her shirt open revealing the top of her cleavage, where the stone came to rest.


     She was thinking what a perfect choice he had made, as she heard Dave close the clasp and the little security chain, and then she looked up to see if this was how Dave imagined it would look. He seemed more than satisfied.


    " This is a fine selection for Madame - the colour is perfect ! " The manager and the assistant were both open mouthed, and it wasn't just from wanting to clinch the sale !


    Dave was smiling, looking from her eyes to her stone, and placing his head behind hers, out of view, he whispered " I want to kiss you there right now ! Trouble is, one kiss wouldn't be enough ! "


    Carla managed to say " Yes, mon amour, it's really lovely - are you sure you want to spoil me this much ? " but feeling the colour burning in her cheeks.


     Dave turned her round to face him for one last look and then said :

   " We'll take it please. " But then he walked over to the tray with the earrings and saw a matching pair - " Carla, come and see these ! " he said, as excited as a child in a toy shop.


    The earrings were miniatures of the pendant, sapphires dangling from diamond studs, and each had one tiny hand supporting its blue stone - there was no question for Dave of them staying in the shop, so Carla tried them on too.


    It took just a few seconds, and Dave was already taking out his credit card and passing it to the manager.


    " Dave - I can't ! " she said, trying not to think of the cost, but failing.


   " But I can, babe ! " He grinned.


    Within a few minutes they were walking home, both of them grinning. The necklace was safe in Carla's bag, but she was still wearing the earrings. As soon as they got up to her flat, Dave's hands were on her.


    " Take all you clothes off and put on your sapphires. " He commanded.                                 


     Carla nodded in agreement and started to strip for Dave. Not intentionally teasing him, but still she was taking off her clothes like the concubine of a sultan from the middle ages. Dave was sitting on the couch slightly leaning back and his eyes were popping out as the pieces of clothing fell to the floor one by one. He was gulping hard and felt as his lil Dave coming to life.


      Soon he had such a hard-on that it was painful and he was groaning with the excitement and tense feeling in his body. And there she was at last, standing naked, her hands in front of her breasts and groin. This sight was the last straw for Dave, who jumped to his feet and "attacked" his prey. Carla was shaking in anticipation as he moved towards her swiftly.


      He took her into his strong arms and marched to their bed, placing his sweet burden down on it carefully. Carla was laying on her back now, her hair was all around her head and neck, spread out on the red satin pillows and he just stood their almost crying in awe of her gorgeousness.


     “ I have never seen anything as beautiful as you are right now “ he whispered almost without a sound and he kneeled down next to the bed and placed a hot kiss on to Carla's hand. He took her hand into his and pulled it toward his chest. Carla felt Dave's heart beating like mad.


     “ See, this heart is beating for you, My Love ! Carla, I love you !”                


    Carla had tears in her eyes - she was overcome by the emotion she saw in Dave's eyes - but then she suddenly remembered something:


    " Do you know what , I haven't even said thank you to you properly ! I'm so ashamed, mon amour ! It's so beautiful - thank you ! "


She held the precious stone in her hand, kissed it, and then pulled Dave towards her to kiss him - a slow, deep kiss that she wanted to last forever - there was an urgency in his tongue that she had never felt before - he was devouring her, his hands in her hair, his breath turning rapidly into feverish panting.


     " You are more beautiful - you are my precious gem ! " he buried his face in her hair - Carla was lost for words, so she gently moved from under Dave and sat up. She slowly took the necklace off and put it on her bedside table, then whispered " Lie down on your back "


    As soon as Dave had done this, Carla sat astride him and said:

"Your turn not to move, now " and she took his hands in hers. " Can I trust you to wait until I say you can ? "                            


     Dave thought he knew what she had in mind and licked his lips hungrily - Carla leaned forward and rested one hand next to Dave's outstretched arm, not touching him. With the other hand she took his hard cock, so erect that it was suspended as if by magic a few centimeters above his stomach, and she corrected the angle to a more vertical one. She was positioning herself over him when ...


... the intercom buzzed loudly ! An unexpected visitor !                                     


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