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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 11 (II./II.)

Chapter 11 (II./II.)

  2007.10.31. 19:22

     Dave started cursing and held Carla back when she  wanted to  put some clothes on and go to the door.


    “ Please, just leave it - whoever it is can wait or come back when we're done here “ he said with a serious tone in his voice and held her in place with steady hands.


    “ Ah, Davey, do you want me this much ? ”


    “ And even more ! I wouldn't give a shit if His Highness The Pope was standing next to this bed :  I'd still have you anyway. You can't say you don't want it, but try and resist if you like – Actually,  I'd  quite like it if you put up a fight “ he laughed and while grasping her body hard  but kissing her tenderly.                                


    Carla was relieved to remember locking and bolting her door, so even if it was her mother with her own key, they were not going to be disturbed.


    Sighing with relief, Carla got back into position and slowly lowered herself onto him, watching his face, her eyes half closed, as he closed his eyes completely and smiled widely.


     " Mmmmm ! Feels good ! This is starting to feel like home, babe ! " he sighed, moving his hips up so he was right inside her.


     " Hey ! I said no moving, Mr. Gahan ! " she glared at him, although a smile wasn't far behind... then her tone changed -


     " But wait – when you say home, you mean my apartment, right ? " she whispered, so happy that he thought that.


     He stopped moving and opened his eyes - " No - er - well that as well, don't get me wrong, but I was actually speaking on behalf of lil Dave there. "


    " Aha ! " Carla laughed - she loved the way that they could talk so freely even when they were making love - it was a big turn on for her.


    " So what does lil Dave want now ? More of the same ? " she tilted her head and started to pull up from him - he looked down, saw his cock gleaming with her juices and said -


   " Lil Dave wants you to have fun – OK ? " and he put his arms above his head, closed his eyes and left all the hard work to Carla - this suited her fine !                            


    The intercom made a sound again. And again. Someone was being really persistent...

Carla moaned from one of her slow movements which she made on Dave's hips.


    " Shouldn't I go and see who... "


    " Don't you dare ! " he groaned loud and opened his eyes to be sure Carla wasn't moving away from him.


     So she stayed there, both hands on his smooth stomach to support herself, then with half-closed eyes she looked down at him, grabbing her own breasts, and she started to squeeze them, while she made circles on Dave, grinding herself deeper and deeper into him with each one.                           


     Dave had managed to control her with his voice, no need to touch her, to restrain her - he smiled a wicked little smile. He even stretched his fingers and wiggled them, like a warming-up exercise.


    Carla saw this and felt his impatience to have his hands, not hers, full of her breasts. She started to slowly circle her nipples, breathing through her teeth as a shiver of pleasure ran through her.


     She kept riding him, leaning back now, her hands on his thighs, her knees wide apart, lowering her hips to take him into her, then raising them by arching her supple back. His eyes were closed now and he was still smiling as he licked his lips, knowing that she was watching this.


     After a few minutes of her enjoying this deep thrusting, she knew that she was close to coming but hadn't finished her game with Dave, so she leaned forward and slowed down.


    " Now comes your reward for being obedient and not touching me " she looked at him, her arousal betrayed in her flashing eyes - " you can use one hand only though. " she continued, playfully trailing her long, red nails down over the taut skin of his chest.


    " Where do you want to put it ? " she managed to say in between ragged breaths. " Choose carefully - once you have chosen you can't change your mind. "


    Dave's eyes flew open and his right hand came to rest on his own stomach, while he waited for his request to be answered or refused. He thought it best to be polite, or she might accuse him of not playing properly, so he started with ...


    " Please Carla, " he too was finding it hard to speak but eventually whispered " Suck my fingers the way you did that first time, on your couch. "


    Carla couldn't have been more surprised: this would be more enjoyable for her than for him. She was almost disappointed he didn't grab one of her tits, or both of them, risking disobedience!


    He stretched out his hand and she complied with his wish, taking his three middle fingers into her mouth. She had missed having something to do with her tongue, and now she indulged in sensuous licking and sucking of his fingers.                              


     He was smiling even wilder now as he noticed how the solid ground was starting to slip away from under Carla and passion and rapture was taking hold of her. She was so beautiful in her ecstasy and Dave was looking at her with the same awe as before when she took off her clothes and stood there as the Venus from Milo.


      She was looking into the distance  now and galloping on him with full speed until  she suddenly screamed her joy loudly into the silence of the room.                               


     Dave let her enjoy the waves of her ecstasy alone, but then asked if he could move at last - as Carla had come to a halt on her stallion!


    "Please Carla, let me move now - poor lil Dave is dying in there ! "


    " All right, “ she said “ you're free" and she lay against his chest to let him pump away under her, bucking as he contracted his butt muscles, his hands round her waist, lifting her slightly then sitting her down hard on his cock - she was moaning with each thrust now, although she was still relaxed from her orgasm, she loved to see Dave getting so aroused.


   " Kiss me - while I come, babe - I've missed - those lips ! " he begged her, and so she raised her head off his chest and kissed him slowly and tenderly.


    Suddenly he let go of her and grabbed the headboard, gripping it tightly through the spaces in the carved design. Carla saw the veins standing out in his forearms and his neck - she smiled because she knew he was so very close now. She licked his neck as she rode him harder, harder still ...


    " Mmm Carla ! I can't - hold back - any more ... "


    " So don't try to, mon amour - fill me up – can you feel me ? I'm gonna milk you dry ! " and she contracted around him, making him moan again just before he came, shaking violently under her, staring at her almost in disbelief ....                             


    And he just moaned so loud ! His head tilted back, sweat drops running down from his forehead and temple, fingers pushing into the soft flesh of her thighs.


    Carla felt his juices rocket up into her wet channel and it felt so right !


    " It feels home for my lil pussy now... " she whispered with a satisfied smile, looking down at Dave, who opened his eyes just now.                                   


    “ Oh baby, can we get much higher than this ? I don't think so. It is incredible to be with you. I've never known  anything like this before. “


    “ Dave you're way too kind ! I don't have much experience you know, at least not as much as you must have – if you don't mind me saying that.”


      “ It's got nothing to do with experience, babe. The whole thing is about love. That you love me and trust enough to give yourself to me completely. I love you like I loved no one before, do you know that ? “


   “ Dave, Davey, David ! ” She was in tears now and hugged her man tightly. “ I love you too My Love! ”                               



    They remained like that for a while. They were kissing softly, and Carla felt Dave's hands on her back as his fingers were stroking her naked skin.


    Then Carla's phone started ringing.


    " Oh shit... first the door, now this ..." she whispered.


    " Don't pick it up, love ! "


    " I must, Dave...I'm sorry !  " she sighed and slowly crawled to the edge of the bed, then stepped to the table where her bag was. It was one of her friends : her best friend in fact. She stood there and moaned. She had forgotten that she was supposed to meet her ! So it had been Véronique at her door !                                     

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