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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 13

Chapter 13

  2007.11.01. 15:40

Chapter 13



    The taxi was already pulling into the kerb outside the bistro. Carla grinned as she turned her phone off and put it away before getting out.


     Dave hadn't any idea what Carla had done. He was too wrapped up with his own idea  as they entered the restaurant.  Carla remained silent : she wasn't going to ask a thing from Dave. Oh no !  She wouldn't be giving him that pleasure ...

   Tim, the familiar waiter, appeared to greet them, with a drinks menu in his hand.

    " I suppose you have the drinks and the food  chosen already – it's bound to be part of your mysterious plan. " Carla commented with a little smile.


    " Not at all, mon amour, you can choose – in fact you can choose for us both ! " Dave's hand was touching the small of her bare back, his fingers slowly walking up to her shoulder blades.


    “ All right then, I think I'll stay with Champagne this evening. Will you join me ? ”


     Dave shrugged his shoulders and winked at her – he had already said that she was in charge of ordering.

     The waiter spoke to Dave first - " Your room is very nearly ready sir, would you mind having your apéritif here first ? " Carla looked puzzled.

" No, that's fine " said Dave, smiling at him. " Champagne please.” Then to Carla he explained


    “ We'll be dining in their private function room - is that OK, babe ? " Carla nodded and smiled by way of an answer.

     Before the waiter left, he escorted Carla and Dave to an empty table. Heads started turning as they were indeed a little overdressed for this place, and Carla felt slightly uncomfortable, but what could she do ? It wasn't going to be for long.

    She thought about Véro's imminent arrival, and how funny it would be to pretend it was a coincidence for her and Justin to come here - and she gradually started to relax.

     " So what does my precious angel want to eat ? " Dave asked looking at her.


    " You ?! " she smiled back, her eyes narrowing slightly, a predatory gleam in them.

     Dave laughed and stroked her hand gently. She enjoyed the warmth of his touch and sighed a bit from the intense lust and love for him which appeared in a second inside her. How was he able to do these things to her with one little touch or a smile ? He was a magician, that was for sure !

     " No, no dear, this is really not the time... not yet... I meant some food to eat. "


     “ It'll be so hard to wait for later,  David ” she whispered into his ear, but then when she looked up, she immediately noticed Véro and Justin at a nearby table, her friend trying to hide the huge smile on her face in vain. Her friends were sitting close enough to have seen the lovers' antics, their whispering and mischievous expressions.  Carla sat up straight and grinned as she said :

   ” David, honey, look ! There's an old friend and colleague of mine, Véronique !”


       He turned to where Carla had pointed. A petite attractive blonde girl in her late twenties, with huge green eyes was sitting with one arm around a tall, dark tanned man, perhaps about Dave's age. They were smiling at Carla, and then the girl waved shyly. 

    " Véro, Véro, come here ! " Carla called  " Nice to see you again ! Let me introduce you Dave... " she winked, but Dave didn't see it.


      So Véro and Justin came over to Dave and Carla's table, and in no time the introductions had been made. Dave asked if they'd like to have a drink with Carla and himself, and Véro didn't need to be asked twice : she was already half way into a chair.

    " That's my Véro ! " sighed Justin. He continued talking, but to Dave now.

    " So how did you and Carla meet ? " He too had sat down and was holding Véro's hands in both of his.

    " Carla's taking care of my voice - she's teaching me how to rid myself of anxiety before I sing."  Justin listened attentively, knowing all about such voice problems, being a keen amateur actor himself, and knowing full well the difficulties that actors can have when they or their voices get tired.  The men struck up an interesting conversation about the pleasures and pains of performing and touring, which left the women to their own devices.

   " So ? " said Carla: " Marks out of ten ? " still grinning at her friend.

    " Er – fifteen ? " Véro said, laughing. " Sweetheart, if he makes you happy, and I think it's very clear that he does..... then what can I say ? Listen to them chat away ! "

    The champagne was poured and Dave made a toast  -To Carla who he'd known for exactly two weeks now, and who had turned his life upside down, in the nicest possible way.  Carla felt herself blushing - this was all too perfect !


     Then they drank from the glasses and began a relaxed conversation which moved from music and concerts on to life in Paris, to good food, and finally to love. At that point, Carla couldn't bear not to look at Dave with promise in her eyes, of her  burning desire, fuelled by the flames of her love. She knew that he had noticed this.


     Oh yes, he felt it and it made him excited too. He too could hardly wait for the end of the evening when he and Carla would immerse themselves in the sea of pleasures.


     After about twenty minutes, something caught Véro's eye across the room and she gave a small nudge to Justin.  They apologized for having stayed too long, and stood ready to head back to their table, where the waiter had just appeared with their ordered food.


     Dave jumped to his feet and kissed Véro's hand, and shook hands with Justin. Véro was flabbergasted, staring at the back of  her hand. It was more than rare that anyone kissed her hand so galantly. Dave had won her over - entirely.


    " She likes you " Carla added as Dave sat back, still looking after the couple.

     " They make a nice couple " he shrugged and smiled " They seem well-matched. "

      " Yeah, they were always like that. Did you know that Justin is much older than Véro ? Just like we are ? There's almost ten years between us – and fourteen between them."


     “ Well, it is pretty widespread that the man is somewhat older. ”

      “ I love it this way, I love you David ! You make me feel loved, safe, special ”

      “ All part of the service, babe ! I love you too, love you, love you.” He took Carla's hand into his and started kissing it, going from her fingers up toward her shoulder,  slowly kissing his way upwards. Carla was shivering and shaking, all those butterflies were twirling in her stomach and she felt such a lust she thought she would come that very  instant.


    " Please Dave... stop, stop it, if you don't want me to scream your name out loud ! " she begged, but she secretly wanted him to continue his kisses, of course. Dave smiled into her neck.

    " Why are you saying this, lover ? What's come over you ? " he replied with a wicked sexy little smile on his face.


     He didn't seem to care that the whole restaurant was watching them - it had gone embarrassingly quiet ...


     They looked around sheepishly, then laughing nervously, headed to the back of the main room, where the waiter had indicated the private room could be found.

      " God that was embarrassing ! My friends saw that - and half of Paris ! Dave - please ... " Carla muttered to him as she teetered along in her heels. Dave wondered if Carla wasn't starting to get a little drunk, as he watched her swaying slightly, not quite managing a straight line to the double doors up ahead. That tickled him, and he caught her up to whisper ....

     " Yes, my sex-goddess ?”, which was accompanied by his hand taking up its former position in the small of her back, barely touching her, giving her delicious goose-flesh again.

    " Can we cool things off a little, please ? " Carla had reached the door, which was being held open by Tim, the waiter she knew so well. He had started to smile at her, but thought better when he saw Carla's troubled face.

" OK - let's eat first, you're right.” Dave put his arm round her and looked genuinely sorry.   He continued : “ I apologise, I got carried away, it's just that ... " and with that they were both lost for words as they entered the private function room.

      It was a smallish, square room, richly decorated with crimson and purple velvets and lit only by candle light, from about two dozen candles on sideboards either side of the round central dining table. A roaring fire had been made in the imposing fireplace at the far end, and the table was sparkling with crystal glasses and delicate white porcelain, laid out on an impeccable white tablecloth.

" This is even better than I expected. " Dave said under his breath - and turned to thank Tim, who now felt he could smile freely, and did so, at both Dave and Carla.


     They walked around the table to admire it and then sat down, face to face, both grinning with their own private thoughts of what was in store for later.

     Tim produced yet another bottle of champagne, which he uncorked. He poured some into two new flutes for them, then explained  - before turning to leave -  that if he was needed they could ring for him using the remote electronic “bell” on the table.

    " My turn to toast you ! " Carla sat up straight and raised her glass. She waited until they were alone, a question of a few seconds for Tim to disappear through some swing doors, and then she continued, solemnly.

    " To my Dave, who I love  - more than words can say  - cheers ! .... "


    " You're so kind, my dearest Carla. What have I done to deserve you ? It's still a mystery for me. "

    " No, the riddle is how I could fall for you in a short time like this and so entirely ? " she smiled back and gulped from her flute, as if she was drinking water. Dave noticed how quickly she was drinking – how drunk should he let her get ? She was obviously not paying much attention any more to the quantity of alcohol she was taking on board.

    " Love works like that, babe. You can't decide who to love " he added and looked at her with deep fire in his eyes.

    " Yes, now I've learnt this lesson too " Carla smiled back " Anyway, I thought we could go for a holiday when you have less work. What do you think, dear ? " Her speech was starting to slur – but what she said shook Dave out of his reverie about how drunk Carla was getting : she had found out his surprise for later ! His eyes widened.


     " You've been talking to the staff here, haven't you ? How did you find out ... " Dave's face became serious then almost angry - things weren't going his way. His eyes had narrowed, his mouth was set in a thin line.

    " What do you mean ? It was an idea off the top of my head ! " Carla looked puzzled now - what on earth was happening ?

    " Are you sure you haven't been asking your friend Tim about my surprise ? " Dave raised his head as he accused her.

    " Dave, mon amour, when would I have had the time ? I have known we would be eating here for  - what – one hour ? And we have been together the whole time. Can you please explain what you have planned ? " Carla reached across the table for Dave's hand and stroked it as she continued -  " So there's a surprise in store ? " with a mischievous glint in her eyes ....


    " Yes... there was "

    " Why just was? Nah, come on, don't be so angry, lover ! "

    " But that waiter ruined my... "

    " No, dear Davey. The only one who might have ruined anything is me. I didn't talk to anyone from here, you know that wasn't possible, so don't blame them. You should feel happy that our thoughts are going in the same direction. Think, love. Isn't it great ? That's a sign maybe that we were made for each other and have started to know what the other wants and needs really well ." She could see that she had calmed him by saying this.


    " I guess so - OK, you win, I'll drop it and we'll carry on as if nothing had happened. I'll just have to save the surprise for another time now. What were we talking about ? " He tilted his head as he asked her this question.

    " Er - I think - " and she stopped herself from blurting out holidays, and said " - we were about to order, weren't we ? Here are the menus, mon amour. " and she lifted one enormous red leather-bound menu and passed it to Dave, before taking the other to open herself.

    " Mmmm ! Good idea, this champagne is putting an edge on my appetite. Then again, I don't want to go too mad, I wouldn't want to disappoint you later, my sex goddess ! "

     That smouldering look was back, and Carla gasped as she felt the heat of his gaze penetrate her, burn right through her - she contented herself with squeezing his hand in hers, and giving him a slow sexy smile, a promise of the hot passion she was saving up for him later.

    The meal was sublime - Carla decided they should only have main courses and desserts : steak chateaubriand, cooked rare, with steamed baby vegetables, and then spiced pears in red wine - the rich colors of the food marrying perfectly into the décor.

    They drank champagne throughout the meal, and perhaps this was why Carla lost track of how many glasses she had drunk. It wasn't until she started giggling uncontrollably over a very harmless remark that Dave had just made about Tim's waiter's uniform, that Dave decided to request a bottle of lemonade for her, so she could still have her bubbles but not get any drunker.

     Carla was indeed feeling very light headed. She got up, with a little difficulty, and came over to kiss Dave, before meandering off to the ladies' room with her bag, to “powder her nose”, laughing at her inability to cope with the thick carpet and her high heels.

    Off came the sandals, with two theatrical tosses - luckily they missed the table ! Her antics eventually made Dave chuckle - he'd never seen her even slightly drunk.

    Several minutes went by and Carla hadn't reappeared. Dave wondered if she hadn't had an accident in there - a make up disaster or a stain on her white dress that she was trying to remove. He decided to go and knock on the outer door of the restroom.

    " Carla, honey, are you OK in there? "


      No answer came for a while, but after the third knock Carla came out. Her hair was loose now, falling in waves around her shoulders, and her dress gave an even better view her fabulous breasts now – what had she done :  adjusted the straps ?  Her eyes were sparkling, calling to him.


      Dave felt an urge to make her his own on that very spot. He knew she was drunk enough not to put up a fight and that she would enjoy it, so he put an arm around her and led her back to the private room and made her sit down. He summoned Tim by pushing the electronic bell, and served Carla some lemonade while he waited.


      He talked to Tim in a low voice, and asked  that under no circumstances they should be bothered, until Dave gave a sign. Tim seemed to understand the situation, and said they could lock themselves in, but he thought Dave should wait a while till Carla sobered up. Dave reassured him that she wasn't that far gone.


       The men laughed conspiratorily and then Tim went out. Carla was playing with drips of candle wax, oblivious of what was being discussed . Dave locked the door behind him and returned to Carla.


    Dave had had this in mind all day. Walking slowly towards Carla he slowly took off his jacket and tie, rolled up his shirt sleeves and unbuttoned his shirt. Now the table was almost empty, perfect for a little orgy. He felt lust rushing through his veins as he helped Carla up on to the table.


      When she was sitting on the edge he started to kiss her heavily. Carla realized what he wanted and let him to have his way with her.


     "What ARE you doing, Dave? " she giggled as she stroked his shoulders.

     " I... you know damn well.. you’re so sexy and I can't bear it anymore " he answered huskily and his hands disappeared under her dress, rolling the skirt up.

    " Should I put up a fight, would you like that ? " she looked at him with shining eyes and licked her lips quickly,  her hands stopping his on her thighs.


    " You can try to fight me off if you want, you can even call for help, but no-one will come to save you - poor Carla ! " Dave was peeling the dress off Carla's shoulders as he spoke, rolling the little straps down her arms, watching the folds of silky fabric slide over the full curves of her breasts, until she was able to free her arms and put them round his neck.

    " You are sweet to take care of my favourite dress, mon amour - can I stand up and take it off ? " Carla didn't seem to care that she was in a restaurant about to go completely naked, locked in a private function room. Dave smiled wickedly then nodded and helped her to her feet.

    The dress floated down to the floor and Dave immediately scooped it up and draped it over the back of a chair. His eyes feasted on the sight of Carla's golden skin, glowing in the warm candle light, her curves accentuated by the shadows cast from the candles on both sides of the room.

    He couldn't wait another second - he had to have her.


      He slowly ran his hands up the insides of Carla's thighs and hissed when she propped herself on her hands to lean back on the table. This gave a better view of her perfect breasts. Dave moaned from the sight... there were only three things adorning her beautiful body now... just the flesh colored thong, the shining necklace and the earrings...

    He felt his trousers painfully tight already as he slowly bent towards her and kissed her red lips gently. The tips of his fingers were still stroking the insides of her thighs and Dave heard a longing moan, and smiled as he felt that Carla was opening her legs for him.

    He kissed her neck and gave soft bites on it. He knew that this was one of Carla's weak points. Then suddenly Carla was sitting there full naked as he rolled the thong down her legs and slipped it off her feet. He let his eyes wander down her body and decided to take care of her hard, beckoning nipples next.

       Carla sighed and clawed through Dave's hair at the back of his head. She opened her legs even more to give him better access. She was shaking in anticipation as she bent her head back and enjoyed the bites and the sucking on her tense breasts. Then a moan escaped from her dry mouth as Dave's fingers at last found her clit.

     " Please... touch me there... " she whispered  " Let me feel your fingers inside me... Oh God, I'm already so wet... " and with this she opened her legs wider still, and Dave moaned from the glistening sight of her and couldn't bear not to touch her as she asked.


      He stroked her gently making her moan with each passage of his fingertips over her swollen clit - he saw her glazed half-closed eyes begging him for more - no need to speak - so he pushed his finger into her, which produced a long sigh from her. He decided to push another finger in to her, and then a third, his hand turned upwards, daring to feel further inside her, watching her reaction intensely - this she loved, and showed him so by loosely draping her arms around his neck and pulling herself up to meet his mouth with hers for a long hard  hungry kiss.

     The more Carla pushed into Dave's mouth with her tongue the more Dave fingers explored the wet ridges of Carla's silkiness, and both their bodies were taut against each other now, her legs entwined around him,  touching as much of each others' skin as they could, as their mutual pleasure soared. Dave's other hand was in Carla's hair, making sure that she did not break this kiss before he had had his fill.

     Carla was doing all she could to stay sitting upright by gripping the edge of the table, but then suddenly she needed more and started tugging wildly at Dave's belt – she shook her head and managed to end the kiss in order to speak :

    " I need - to - touch you - I want to feel your cock in my hand " she managed to gasp " now, before I come - I can't undo your stupid belt ! Help me Dave ! "


     Dave gave out a little husky laugh, but stopped what he was doing and helped her. Soon  his trousers were open and he moaned his relief into Carla's mouth as she pulled his aching member from its "cage".

" Yessss... grab me harder !  Pump me ! " he hissed as his fingers slid deeper into her, and  that time, on their way out, he felt a protuberant point inside her.

    " Oh, what... have we here ? " he smiled wickedly and stroked it gently, which made Carla shiver " I guess it's your.... G-spot, babe ? " another stroke and Carla threw her head back with a loud moan from the unbelievably intense feeling " Do you want me to... rub it again ? "


   " Make me come - now - I don't care how - just do it ! " There was an urgency in Carla's voice, which was accompanied by her sudden acceleration and tightening of her hand around his long shaft, that made Dave catch his breath - with this green light, he bore down on her with a kiss full of fire and rubbed her G-spot mercilessly until she was frozen with expectancy of the powerful orgasm she could feel building.

     She stopped breathing - she pulled back her head and looked into his wide open eyes, begging for release. It came suddenly, like a lightning bolt, followed by wave after wave of unbelievably strong contractions that she was powerless to control. He thrust his fingers into her and felt her tighten around them, watching as a smile of bliss dawned like a beautiful sunrise on her flushed face.

     Never had she been so beautiful - Dave knew he would carry this vision of Carla with him forever, alongside the one of her revealing herself to him for the first time on her couch by undoing her kimono.

     When he felt her relaxing, he asked the most stupid question imaginable: " Good? "

     " Fucking amazing ! Shooting stars, fireworks, comets ... my God you're good ! " came the reply, just before she drew him into her to kiss once more - a kiss to savour every part of his mouth - her hands in his hair, whispering his name and how much she loved him, while Dave tenderly stroked her breasts, her ribs, her stomach - feeling their own special electricity between his fingertips and her soft skin.

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