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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 14

Chapter 14

  2008.02.16. 14:11

Chapter 14

After a few moments, Carla pulled back and said " Your turn now. Tell me what you want. "

“ I want to…I don’t know, you choose. Let it be your evening! Satisfy me, my beautiful, somehow. I don't care, just love me ! “

“ Fancy a blow-job? ”

Dave swallowed hard – he was taken aback by Carla’s sudden change of register – “ Erm, well yeah, I always fancy your lovely lips around my shaft, ever since you did it for me for the first time. ”

" So you get to lie down on the table - and I think this shirt has to come off now - I don't want to stain it ... "

" Wha .. ? " Dave sounded puzzled.

" Never you mind - just lie down and close your eyes. " Carla's eyes were twinkling, and she had a cheeky little smile now.

Dave obeyed, taking Carla's place on the table while she walked over to where their dessert dishes were still laying. She took one of the dishes containing some leftover thick red wine sauce back with her, to where Dave was now lying, his arms crossed under his head to pillow it.

" Now just relax and close your eyes, OK? " she said as she started to pour the sauce over little Dave. This produced an immediate groan of pleasure from him.

" How does that feel, mon amour? " she asked in her husky temptress voice.

„ It feels divine! ” he whispered, through a wide grin.

“ Do you want me continue it ? ”

” Oh, sure, yeah ! ” he moaned and started to lift his head. But Carla didn't let him to do so, reaching out with one hand, pushing his torso down. He had to lay still. And Carla now started to lick Lil Dave with long, silken strokes of her tongue. Dave was moaning louder, enjoying the feel of her tongue on the delicate skin near the tip of his shaft.

She held him straight and tall as she took the soft pink tip between her lips, and pushed into his little slit with her tongue, then caressed him there with slow, firm licks, watching him throw back his head, seeing the veins stand out in his neck.

When she could no longer taste the sweet sauce, she poured on a little more, spreading it up and down with her hand. She poured a small amount into the hollow of his stomach for later. It was time to give Dave a really good time.

She put down the plate, and took him deep into her mouth this time, her lips tight around his hardness, her eyes greedily watching him writhe with the pleasure she was giving him.

She pulled back from him, daring to let her teeth touch him, slowly releasing her grip with her lips, so that when she reached the tender pink tip, she was holding it lightly between her teeth. She gave him a sharp nip and his torso immediately jerked upwards ...

" Whoa - easy on my little friend, babe - don't tell me you're still hungry? " He sounded slightly worried but he was still looking very aroused.

" But I am, luv.... I want to taste something salty now after the sweet sauce " she looked up with burning eyes causing Dave to gasp from the intense of her look.

He couldn't say a word, able only to watch as Carla bent down again slowly, and took him into her mouth again, occasionally lifting her head to blow some cool air onto the tip of his member, which made Dave moan wildly.

" I fancy a little sweet and sour delight - can you help me out? You see, this sauce is too sweet, mon amour ... can you season it for me? " Carla whispered, her eyes pleading with Dave.

" You know what to do - I'm just waiting to feel those lips tight around me again - c'mon, suck me hard - take all of me .... " Dave was tousling Carla's hair which was losing its curl in the steamy cloying air - his fiery gaze was all Carla needed to see to spur her into action.

She began to suck him fast - taking him right in, as far as she could, clamping her lips down on him hard, licking him furiously with her tongue, listening as his moaning intensified. It wouldn't take her long - he was hard as steel, and slippery with her saliva and the sweet red sauce.

With one hand, she felt for his balls and started to massage them gently, rhythmically, and with the other hand she traced patterns on his stomach, where she had left a pool of sauce. Dave was now grunting like a wild animal in time with her sucking - Carla was thrilled to be giving him so much pleasure, and felt so close to him - so in tune with all his desires…

She suddenly had an idea, and slowly pivoted her body round onto the table, on top of Dave's, just slowing down a little with her special treatment of his cock, and positioned herself over him on all fours, knowing what he would be seeing now.

" Aaahh - Carla - that's a great idea you had - can I kiss you there? " Dave hands were caressing her outer thighs and butt muscles - by way of a reply Carla just lowered herself towards his mouth, never once stopping her powerful sucking.

She immediately felt Dave's tongue where she had been burning to feel his touch all evening and raked her teeth along Dave's cock to show him that she liked what he was doing. He in turn was breathing hard now, stroking up and down her inner thighs and licking round and round her entrance - then suddenly he darted into her and she made a gulping sound - it would have been a cry of pleasure had her mouth not been quite so full!

Dave was close to climax, but he summoned all his strength to hold back : he wanted to treat Carla with the White Bliss, but not yet. He closed his eyes and tried to avert his thoughts. But he couldn't do it, of course, in the given situation. Carla's pussy was right in his face, gleaming with love juices which made him want her madly. So, -what else could he do ? He gave in and steadily accomplished what he had started. Suddenly he felt he was loading all he had into Carla's mouth, who almost choked on the amount of salty sauce she had requested a few minutes before.

Although she gulped quickly, she felt a few drops run down her chin. A low moan escaped from her as she felt Dave's tongue on her clit, the extremely skilled long fingers inside her wet pussy.

She was still licking lil Dave when that famous middle finger pushed her over the edge to greet her second orgasm. She forgot to breathe for a second, then another big groan came from her throat and she closed her eyes, resting her head on Dave's right thigh.

When they had got their breath back, they retreated to the restrooms and made themselves presentable again. Dave finished this just before Carla and emerged to put his shirt and tie on again in the main room.

Carla splashed herself all over with cold water and then patted herself dry with paper towels from the dispenser - it refreshed her nicely. She twisted her hair and pinned it up loosely with her pins that she'd left there earlier.

When she returned she looked a little spaced out, but no more than would be expected considering how much champagne she had drunk. She saw Dave go over to the door through which they had entered, and unlock it.

" Aha! Now I know what you were whispering about with Tim! We were locked in! "

" Of course we were, honey! What were you thinking? It was for our privacy and our safety " he answered and moved towards her, stroking her upper arms, smiling such a sweet smile. " It would have been a strange situation for anybody to see us like that in the middle of a restaurant... "

" Yeah, you're right " she sighed.

" As always... "

" Noooo! Not always! "

Dave chuckled and put his jacket on.

" So how was our dinner, babe? "

" Nice, really nice. I'm nearly satisfied. "

" Only nearly? " he looked at her with a little surprise.

" Yes, only nearly " she nodded and reached for her little bag.

" And why's that? "

Carla smiled up at him and put an arm around his shoulder while she pressed her body against his.

" Because lil Dave didn’t go to the place he calls home now.. "

Dave moaned from this sentence.

" You little minx... " he whispered huskily " I love your insatiable lust "

" And so do I... " and she kissed him tenderly, but he could felt the promise in her taste that the night wasn't over yet.

They were ready to leave the restaurant now, and Dave found Tim to give him a very generous tip.

" Did you enjoy your evening, Messieurs Dames? " He asked, knowing the answer already from their still flushed cheeks and secret little smiles.

" Very much, Tim - this restaurant has surprised me - I never thought of it as a place for romantic dinners. " Carla managed to say without slurring her speech too much.

They went out into the cool night and Carla suddenly felt like dancing - she was on a high, and it could be heard in her voice.

" Hey Dave, can we go to a club I know near here? It's a very small exclusive place, I want to dance with you ... " and with that she raised her arms around an imaginary partner and waltzed right out between the parked cars into the road.

The next few seconds flashed past in a blur - so many things happened at once - Dave wanted to say yes to Carla's idea, but also needed to tell her to get out of the road - in the back of his mind he could hear a car accelerating in their direction - he followed Carla out into the road, shouting her name as he tried to pull her back to safety, but she dodged out of his reach. She was humming and smiling - oblivious of the danger.

There was a sickening squeal of brakes before the thud. The car just knocked her leg - it could have been so much worse, but its speed sent Carla spinning into the row of parked cars. She hit her head on one then fell onto the road before Dave could get anywhere near her. Everything went silent.

He crouched down to assess her injuries - already there was a large red splash on the bodice of her white dress, and spatters of grit from the road surface. Her head was touching the side of the car - she was sitting slumped like a puppet, legs out in front of her.

Dave could now see it was her forehead bleeding on to the front of her dress, and another red stain was growing on the skirt part. Her leg must be injured - the one that had taken the blow from the car. The exterior sounds suddenly returned in a rush to Dave's ears as he touched Carla's cheek, but only as dull and confused noise.

She was muttering something as he turned her head to look at her pupils - people from the restaurant and the driver of the car were all wanting to know if she was conscious.

“ Putain – elle est sortie de nulle part ! “ the driver was saying to the onlookers. He was in shock himself as Carla had jumped out at him from nowhere.

The blood was pounding in Dave's ears, so first he couldn't really acknowledge the other people around him. He grabbed his cell and called 15 with a shaky hand.

It seemed like he was in a bubble. He couldn't even hear his own voice clearly, he was only able to check Carla's condition and speak mechanically into the phone. He didn't dare to move her not knowing what could have been damaged in Carla's body.

The worry and desperation hit him harder when he saw Carla closing her eyes. That was the moment when the bubble burst and the sounds of the outer world exploded distinctly into his ears.

" Carla! Carla! Love... look at me! Please look at me! Can you hear me? " he stroked her cheek carefully not to hurt her.

A little whimper was the only answer, but then he heard the sound of the emergency car. Fortunately they had come quickly ...

Carla was muttering that her head hurt, and had just closed her eyes with the pain. She opened them wide and grabbed Dave's arms -

" My head - Putain de merde - qu'est -ce qui c'est passé ? Oh no - my dress! Dave - darling - what happ - oooohhh " a wave of pain from her leg hit her and she flinched as she tightened her grip on his arms. At least she wasn't unconscious!

They were taken to the nearest emergency service, Carla on a stretcher once her vital signs had been checked where she sat in the road, and Dave beside her, trying to warm her hands. She was cold - from shock and lack of warm clothing, despite the blanket provided by the ambulance crew.

Dave was scared to death. The symptoms of shock began to show now and he realised he was shivering, that his hands had got cold and that he couldn't think clearly, but he brushed them aside : he had to be strong for Carla.

Meanwhile Carla was being examined in a nearby room, and after about twenty minutes she emerged limping, still in her adored dress and shawl which were now bloodied and torn - she looked exhausted, and had evidently been crying, from the smudges of make-up round her eyes. She was carrying some papers - administrative forms and a prescription for painkillers.

Dave took her gently in his arms - " Come on, let's get you home " and he took off his jacket to put around her shoulders. " Sit here while I get a taxi sorted out. Are you OK if I leave you while I go outside to phone ? "

" I'll be fine, mon amour - they gave me something for the pain. " She sat down stiffly - her leg had been stitched too. The wound was eight inches long, just above her knee, on the outside of her thigh. She showed him, moving aside the once perfectly white fabric, and he gasped when he saw the cut. Her forehead had been cleaned up and the edges of the small gash had been glued together to avoid the possible scarring of stitches.

She just sat there, head bent down, waiting for Dave to return. It was quiet there, just like in her head. She didn't know what to think or say. She just existed there. Nothing more. The shock had this effect on her.

Tears started falling from her eyes as she realized just how close she had come to dying or being scarred or crippled for life - how had she escaped with just two little cuts, and no broken bones?

By the time Dave came back her face was wet and her eyes were red - he ran the last dozen steps to her and knelt down in front of her, taking her hands in his -

" Carla - what's up? Do you want me to call a nurse, babe? " His voice was hoarse - he couldn't bear to see her like this.

" No - really I'm OK, mon amour, it's just that I was thinking how stupid I was to step out into the road like that. I could be dead now! " and she put her arms round him and cried quietly into his neck.

Dave comforted her like this for a while, stroking her hair and telling her she was safe now. Then he pulled away to look into her eyes as he said -

" Listen - I think I'm going to ask them for something to help you sleep, OK? They didn't see you upset like this, and I think it's important to tell them. Come with me, huh? I don't want to leave you alone again - I missed you out there! "

Carla managed a smile and got up with Dave's help, keeping her injured leg straight. They found a doctor who added some light tranquilizers to the prescription, and then they headed towards the door to wait for the taxi.

Dave undressed her gently as they stood next to the bed and asked if she wanted to have a shower, but she said no : better to keep her wounds dry, the doctor had said. The pills and the shock were having their effect on her and she just wanted to sleep and forget everything.

Dave left the bedroom after he’d covered Carla with a blanket and went up onto the roof garden to have a cigarette. He was still nervous and scared. Carla was very lucky that she had survived just with two wounds.

He closed his eyes to hold the tears back. He had come close to losing Carla... his love.

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