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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 16

Chapter 16

  2008.02.16. 14:13

Chapter 16

The next morning, long before dawn, Dave found himself wide awake, as nightmares and wakeful moments had been alternanting in their disturbance of his sleep. He lay watching Carla while she slept for most of the night. Now he was exhausted as he caressed her upperarm softly. She was still asleep in his arms.

He was thinking about how fragile people are. You have someone at one moment in time and you don't in the next. The thought of this was frightening him. He loved this woman, he knew it now, and the last thing he wanted was to lose her. There was a lump in his throat and he almost burst into tears, but instead he drew Carla closer and went on caressing her body tenderly while she slept calmly in his arms.

It was as if he was trying to fix memories of the way her skin felt, the way her hair smelt, into his mind forever. His fingertips on her soft bare skin produced the usual unique electric buzz - it made him long for her to wake so he could tell her, show her what he was feeling. He was upset and lost control of his breathing.

His wish was granted after a few moments when Carla opened her eyes -

" I could feel you watching me - and I felt your breath - have you been running around? Or - Davey what's wrong? " she had spotted a tear in his eye.

“ Nothing now, nothing. But I could have lost you, you could have slipped away so easily. I love you Carla. “

” Oh, Dear! I love you too! I love you from the bottom of my heart and I want your love now. Please David, come to me, love me with all your might. Let me feel how strong your love is for me. “

” Carla, your lips are like sugar, so sweet ” said Dave after a long first kiss. He was on top of her now, kissing her madly, passionately.

They took their time, letting their hands, their lips, their tongues wander, linger, taste, savour, feeling like they had both come home and nothing could ever take that moment from them.

Dave cradled Carla's head in his hands, propped up on his elbows, and kissed her face everywhere except where her forehead was cut. She had moved her injured leg out to the side so there was no danger of it being touched, but Dave was treating her like a porcelain doll this time.

" Tell me if I hurt you - you might still be aching from the accident - I'd rather die than .... "

" Shhhh! " Carla hushed him with a slow but deliberated kiss " I'll tell you if I'm not comfortable - don't worry! Now - love me! "

Dave knew that Carla was ready for him, and so still holding her gaze, he pushed gently into her, overcome by the beauty of the creature looking back at him, with her half-closed eyes and sensual open mouth.

He resisted the temptation to kiss her, preferring to watch her hypnotic movements as she enjoyed his pulsing into her. He had never felt such a deep longing for someone - such a need to be one with someone.

And Dave knew how steady this fire was that was that burned inside him, it was so real. Sometimes he felt his life was so illusory, so surreal, so unreal, he’d seen it all : when things seemed to happen to him instead of him being in command and deciding his own acts.

But now he knew. This was all he ever wanted, this love, with its total acceptance of his being. Carla's love was real. He had been rude and cruel to her, testing her tolerance, and she had forgiven him without a second thought, loving him all the better because he returned to her despite his knowledge of acting badly.

Now he was able to trust in her completely and with this, his love and life stepped to a new, a higher level. It was higher love. Dave was melting into Carla and all these thoughts were running wildly in his mind while he was watching his love enjoying the lovemaking with him.

A strange thing happened - Carla reached up to Dave's face with both her hands and her eyes softened, as they gazed lovingly into his. She whispered almost exactly what he had been thinking of ...

" It feels different this time, do you feel it too? Like - I don't know - a kind of higher love ... "

" Baby I was just thinking exactly that! That's incredible - we'll end up being psychic if this goes on! " A little pause while they laughed, and kissed tenderly, and then Dave resumed what he had started, taking Carla to touch the stars ...

He took her gently. They had time, and when they finally reached the highest high, they were together there, forgetting all the trouble and pain in their life.

After Carla regained her senses she was just laying under Dave's sweaty body, watching her panting lover. She felt the comfortable warmth spreading from his pores and she lovingly stroked his face.

Dave looked up and said in a husky voice: " I'm just afraid of losing you... " and Carla felt that he was suddenly trembling from his feelings as he lay down on her, his head on her chest. " I'm so afraid... " and his hot tears touched Carla's bare skin.

" Ssssh! You won't lose me, my love " she replied quietly while her hands started to stroke him.

And that was how they fell asleep.

Dave stirred slightly, opening his eyes to find the bedroom flooded with bright sunight – he had finally got some restorative sleep and saw that it was late morning already. He felt for Carla who should have been next to him - but found nothing, just a cold space. He sat bolt upright and looked around, but was immediately reassured to see a trail of petals leading down off the bed, across the floor and out of the door.

He got up and followed the trail, wondering what on earth this meant, and understood finally when he got to the living area. Carla was sitting on the floor, in front of a large white canvas, surrounded by painting material. She had evidently got up early, using the morning light to indulge in her hobby of Japanese painting.

She looked so cute sitting cross legged on a cushion, in her favourite black kimono, her head tilted as she thought of what she would paint next - as Dave approached, he saw that she was working on some bamboo in the foreground of a landscape view. There were red rose petals all around her and in the water next to her paints.

Carla heard him coming and looked round, smiling at him, about to get up.

" No - don't stop, please - let me watch you, babe. So it really was you who did the paintings in your room? "

" Yes but that was a long time ago - I could only do birds and branches then. I've learnt how to do other plants and even buildings now - it makes my canvasses more varied. "

Dave sat down next to her and kissed her on the cheek, then watched her movements as she took watery black paint on her thick brush only to daub it onto the canvas, the pressure she applied deciding the thickness of the strokes. Each stroke could only be attempted once, there was no room for error, no way to retouch.

" You make it look so easy! But I bet it's not - huh? "

" Yepp, dear, it isn't easy. You can't make a single mistake, because it will ruin your whole work. That's why I take breaks when I feel myself tired and can't concentrate with my full attention after a while " she said while she put her brush to the picture again.

" Sounds logical " Dave nodded " I like to paint too, although it was a long time ago when I had time for that. "

" Uhum, I've heard about this artistic vein of yours, too " she pulled back the brush and smiled at him.

They kissed slowly and then Dave stood up to admire her work from a standing position.

" Want me to leave you in peace? In fact I was thinking - er - I really need to touch base with some people here - there's a series of promotions coming up around Europe, and then there'll be North America to sort out. Can I leave you with Véro today? "

Carla sat up straight – “ Véro's coming? Great! Does she know what had happened? "

" Yes, she knows about the car accident, but the overdose... " he went silent suddenly.

" Aha... so she doesn't know that... " Carla's face was getting darker as she looked away, pretending that she was just examining her paining.

"Sorry, honey, I thought it'd be better not to tell her yet. I just thought that as soon as she heard, she wouldn't leave us alone " he smiled " You're very important for her. "

" How do you know this? " Carla looked up at him " You met her just once and then you were chatting with Justin, so... "

" I don't need to speak long hours with someone to know how important a person can be for them. I mean, I saw it in Véro's eyes, in her actions. But this isn't so important now. The most important thing is to eat something! I'm starving! " he smirked, slapping his hands on his thighs and then rubbing them together.

Carla laughed and stroked his thigh. " Then go and hunt for something, caveman .” Dave chuckled at this and bent to kiss her.

" I thought you might join me, cavewoman – c’mon, coming to hunt for some patisseries ?” he pretended to look upset now, but a smile was still in the corner of his lips.

" I had my breakfast already, sweetheart, but if you want me to join you... " and she reached out for his hands.

" I want you in another way too anyway " he added and grabbed her hands gently to help her stand up.

" I thought you were hungry for food and not for sex – you really are a caveman . "

" The two don’t have to cancel each other out - we just need to decide on the order " he replied while they entered the kitchen.

" You're really an addict from pleasures, right? " she smiled.

" Kinda " he nodded. It felt so good to see her smile! She wasn't in a dark mood after all. Dave went to the fridge in his boxers and his naked skin broke out in goose bumps from the cool air. Carla admired the view with a smile on her face. She couldn't bear no to touch him right now. His tattooed back was so inviting. As he was just examining the content of the fridge, she stepped behind him and put her arms around his waist.

" What ? " he looked back over his shoulder to see a mischievous look in her eyes.
" Ahhhaaa... so who's the addict here? " he smirked.

" Your sexy little ass has this effect on me, darling... " she sighed with a widening smile.

Dave turned around to face her and closed the fridge door. He put his arms around Carla and pulled her closer to let her know about his already excited member.

" Hah, you are speaking? " she raised one eyebrow with a wide smile " I think Lil Dave wants to go somewhere warmer. The cool air wasn't good for him, right? " she asked while her hand went into his boxers.

Dave sighed and Carla saw his eyes darkening.
" Oh yes, he needs a lot of attention and care... " he smiled and closed his eyes when Carla's hand started to move at a faster pace.

" Then we must take care of him, right? "

" Oh yessss... " he hissed. He broke away from her and cleared a space in the kitchen counter, then came back to lift Carla with his strong arms to put her where he had made a space. Carla guessed what was going to happen and felt wild with desire – she could feel her juices starting to flow – Dave could arouse her in no time at all!

" But first we need to clear his way ... " and he pulled her pijama trousers down. " Oh, nice, very nice! No underwear! " he smiled again as his right hand reached out for her pussy to check if she was ready to give Lil Dave refuge.

He looked right into her eyes as he stroked her with his fingers, finding her more than ready, moist and warm and inviting....

Dave moved her hips to the edge of the counter, and placed his hands behind her knees, to lift and spread her legs so that he just had to take a step forward for lil Dave to be touching Carla's hot pussy at last.

Carla held his gaze as she asked Dave in a low whisper ...

" C'mon, give it to me really hard, really deep, I'm dying for you, Dave! "

And so Dave had no choice, and rammed into her with all his strength, still holding her by the hips, making her cry out - his power was turning her on, she was burning for him.

" Harder, babe - don't stop - this is sooooo fucking good! "

But Dave changed his rhythm, accelerating it, rather than pushing any harder - and Carla knew that he was doing this for himself, that she wouldn't get a chance to come unless she took things into her own hands, so she reached down and started to caress herself.

She rubbed herself roughly, expertly, smiling as she thought that it had become like a race they both were running - who would come first?

In a few seconds she had her answer: it was Dave's decision to kiss her breasts that decided things - Carla suddenly felt herself falling into the deep and heavenly chasm of her powerful orgasm, and just managed to whisper into Dave's ear " I won " before her shuddering made it impossible to speak.

He smiled while a sweat drop ran down from his temple, and accelerated his strong and short pushes. Carla decided to kiss him heavily, while she was still moaning from his siege, although she was over her orgasm.

Dave moaned into her mouth as he held her hips tightly – his grip was painful, but Carla didn't complain. Then Dave groaned into her mouth loud as a strong push took him over the edge, and Carla could feel his load spreading into her body.

"Just... this time... " he panted as an answer to her sentence.

" Yeah well I had to do something to get some release - hey - listen ... "

Carla froze as she heard someone knocking at her front door.

" Véro! " they whispered together - and Dave pulled lil Dave out as fast as he dared from Carla, pulled up his boxers and scrambled off to the bathroom laughing.

" You knew this was going to happen! She has a key! She'll be in here in a second! " Carla whispered angrily, picking up her pyjama trousers and throwing them right across to the sofa. Then she tied up her kimono and went over to the door, grateful for the mirror where she could quickly check her hair ... oh God she was so flushed - Véro would know!

Carla could hear her friend talking to her handbag - " Bloody thing - these keys are always right at the bottom - aha! Gotcha! " which meant in five seconds the door would be open. Carla breathed deeply, still hoping she could put her pink face and pyjamas down to the events of the day before.

" Véro! " she gushed - come in! " trying to move in to kiss her friend before any eye contact could be made. Then Carla darted off to the kitchen asking if some coffee would be in order.

" Mmmm! That'd be nice, honey " replied Véro. " So how are you feeling? You seem well enough to me. " Véro was already looking around, detective-style.

" Well I've only just woken up actually - I was literally stretching after getting out of bed. " Carla lied, pathetically.

Véro took in the painting things, the objects pushed carelessly across the counter, the pyjama trousers on the sofa, and smiled.

" So this is where it happened, hm? " she was leaning on the kitchen counter right where Carla had been sitting two minutes earlier! Véro put her flattened palm down on the surface and laughed at Carla’s wide-eyed disbelief - " Sweetie it's still warm here! " and with this they both burst out laughing.

" You should be a detective, Véro ! I pity your kids with an eagle-eye mother like you on their case! "

Véro let out a gasp. " Well, well Do you have a webcam in my bathroom? Now it's you who's too damn clever - I did a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive! "

The friends hugged and Carla said how thrilled she was for her and Justin.

At that moment, Dave emerged from the corridor and came to congratulate Véro, having heard the news on his way from the bathroom.

Soon Dave was off to take care of his tasks, so the two friends stayed at Carla’s. After a while she told her best friend about the "accident" the day before. Véro was shocked, but Carla eventually calmed her. Finally Véro understood the situation, so they could chat freely, mainly about the arrival of Véro’s baby.

" Does Justin know about your little one? "

" Not yet. He was at work when I did the test. I'll tell him after dinner " she replied with a cup of tea in her hands.

" What do you except, how will he react? "

" He's going to be absolutely thrilled - he's wanted this for so long, and I've been off the pill for six months now, so it won't be coming as a complete shock to him. I can't wait to see his face, Carla! But let's talk about you and your man now - it looks very serious, hm? "

" He's the one I've needed to find all my life - he just makes me feel like he's always known me and loved me. We still have a lot to learn, I know, but so far I just keep ticking boxes .... He’s sweet, sensitive, sexy, funny ... "

" And bloody gorgeous! Don't forget that! "

" That's a bonus, I suppose .... "

" Carla how can you ??? Here's one of the sexiest guys on the planet, who just happens to have shacked up with my best friend, who says she SUPPOSES he's sort of gorgeous .... "

" Yeah but remember what happened when I got infatuated with Eric - and I couldn't get his beautiful face and body out of my mind? And then he really hurt me? This is different - beyond the physical attraction, there are real feelings and genuine love here. "

Carla's head was down now - she was lost in her own private thoughts, as if what she had just said had moved her as much as she hoped it would move Véro.

" I guess that someone who was just here for the sex would have left after what you've been through recently, hm? "

" We've been there for each other - he has left his wife, you know. He's taking anti- depressants, and so we have yet another thing in common - we're both very fragile at the moment, and need each other terribly – but listen Véro – I need to change my ideas … you want another coffee or shall we go out shopping, or just for a walk - what do you fancy doing? "

" Let's go out, it's so nice and sunny - tell you what, we could look for some nice stuff for when Justin and I invite you and Dave out to celebrate our great news. You'll be wanting to replace your white dress, I suppose...."

" Yes, it was ripped and stained with dirt and my blood, and the dry-cleaners couldn't get the marks out. I'm thinking of having another made, exactly the same! "

" Well let's go and see what's in fashion for us girlies this summer, hm? "

The two friends spent the day going in and out of shops and boutiques, trying on dozens of items of clothing, but buying very few because they were guarding each other against impulse buying, and it was late afternoon before Véro started to feel a little tired.

Carla took pity on her newly-pregnant friend and decided to call a taxi which would drop Véro off home and then take her to her place. They'd had a super time and she wanted to cook something nice for Dave before he returned.

In Véro's street she kissed Carla goodbye and waved a warning finger at her -

" Bolt your door next time, unless you want your mother to find you having fun with Dave in the kitchen, like I nearly did today! " at which the taxi driver turned round and smiled at the women.

" Yes well she's teaching him to cook - what did you think I meant? Really! " Véro gave a comic exaggerated French shrug.

All three of them laughed as Véro got out.

" Call me in a few days' time - let me know how your pupil is coming along! " she said as she waved and walked away.

" Bye, Véro! Honestly - that girl! Is nothing sacred to her? " Carla said more to herself than to the driver, but then she had to give him her address, and ended up chatting quite amicably with him about men's cooking skills. By the time she was at her flat, the awkwardness had been forgotten.

Carla smiled and said hello to the doorman and rushed upstairs to start the meal. She was on a cloud of happiness - and longing to see Dave after so many hours apart.

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