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WrongSideOfTown - The Voice
WrongSideOfTown - The Voice : Chapter 20

Chapter 20

  2008.02.16. 14:19

Chapter 20

When tomorrow came, all too soon for Belle, she was still sleeping in her love's arms and watched him tenderly for a while, tried to stay still in fear she would awake him. His mind was set on last night's happenings, on Isa. He sighed, he was so sorry he couldn't divide himself into billion pieces, and a little piece of him would be shared with every single fan of his.
He sighed again but this time for another reason. And this reason was his love. He felt that he loved someone deeply and tenderly. And after the last two days' of mind-wrecking thinking he knew by now that it was not his wife but another woman.
But who could she be? Maybe this mysterious woman in his dreams? Could it be that it was Carla, the woman Isa was talking about. She said he repeated this name in his dreams constantly. Who could know for sure?

When he felt Isa stirring slightly he decided to let her think he was still asleep, so he lightly closed his eyes and pretended he hadn't been lying awake for the last hour.

He heard Isa yawning, and felt her stretch slightly next to him. Then her hair rustled on the pillow - she must be turning her head - sure enough he could feel her breath on his neck now - so she must be looking at him. Dave found it hard to keep
up the pretence, but Isa was probably living a very special moment right now, fixing forever this instant in her mind - the morning when she woke up in her idol's arms... he didn't want to spoil it for her.

He was rewarded by hearing her whisper to herself:

" So beautiful - so at peace - my David - mine for one night " She stroked his cheek with her fingers and he played along by waking up before her eyes. An exaggerated stretch, eyes still closed, which made her laugh softly, and only then did he turn to look at her:

" Good morning, Belle - how did you sleep? "

"Good morning Dave - how polite we are today! But it's you who are injured - how did you sleep? " she laughed. Dave caressed her cheek and then moved forward to kiss her - tenderly at first but it soon developed into a more passionate affair...

The daylight was coming in through the gaps in Isa's old wooden shutters, and a beam of sunlight fell on Dave's chest. Isa touched where it shone, right over his heart, and smiled - " you are such a beautiful person, in here as well as on the surface” she said, knocking on his chest as if it was a door to be opened.

Dave went to sit up but soon stopped, groaning with pain.

" Oh no ! Don't move - when did you last take your painkillers, you silly boy? I'll get them - don't you dare to move - ok? " and Isa jumped over him to get water and pills for her patient -- treating Dave to the sight of her graceful creamy-white body ...

" You take good care of yourself - eh? " he said smiling appreciatively.

"Yes I do - I wish I had more time for sport, but all I manage is a few hours of swimming every Friday, that's all
I'm afraid. I know Dave that you're doing Pilates ... do you like it? “

Dave shook his head. “Nope, not really, but they are damn effective. I do them regularly and also work out in the local gym, but I prefer running by the river.”

Belle whistled a note that rose and then fell, like she was whistling "wow", which made Dave laugh.

“Don't say a thing Isa, you know my body is part of the portfolio we sell, I have to keep it fit and that way you girls have something to drool over ! ” he laughed wholeheartedly “Oh my, it hurts, laughing still fuckin’ hurts, hey baby, come to me, please come! “

Isa handed Dave the pills and a glass of water - he had slowly got to himself into a sitting position while they had been talking, so now she sat by him while he took his medicine, relieved him of the empty glass, and then snuggled up to him.

It felt so good to be there in his arms! She rested her head on his chest and could hear his heart beating - she closed her eyes and thought how lucky she was to have these few days and these precious moments with him ....

Dave seemed to be enjoying the feel of her skin, since he kept stroking his hands up and down her side - it gave her goose bumps, and she tried to get under the covers, but Dave had another idea which would warm her up .....

“Want some fun before we have breakfast?”

“David, ahmm, yes ... some fun YOu say? Take me Dave, you know I am yours. “

“I know. And I like the idea? Belle. So, making love this morning would it fit into your schedule?”

”I have no plans - I took an indefinite break from my job so I could be here for as long as you need me - and I think right now you need me - huh? " she lifted the sheet to see that Dave was more than ready for her - so she sat astride him and asked ... " what can we do that won't hurt you ? "

“Uhmm, this would be just perfect, you riding on my noble stallion and doing all the hard work, while I sit back here on your bed, helping you keep your balance with my hands on your hips, and then I just have to pull you to me to suck your nipples this…” he said and pulled Belle closer.

"Sounds perfect !" she whispered, smiling a mischievous smile.

So Belle took him into her slowly, smiling when Dave gasped, as little Dave made himself at home ... she raised herself up before lowering herself even further, taking him right into her this time - feeling him tensing, loving the thought that this was giving him pleasure. She bent forward to kiss him, stroking her body against his and groaning herself as her nipples brushed against his chest.

“I want to taste ...” Dave said hoarsely “Come here, belle, let me suck you - you liked it yesterday, yeah?” Isa smiled - he was thinking of how to please her - remembering what she had liked.

“Ah yes.” her eyes closed in pure bliss as his teeth bit down gently around her breast, her nipple far into his mouth, his tongue rubbing hard against it.

Dave's mouth was full of her flesh, and Isa saw his half-closed eyes and whispered " having fun ? " fully aware that he would be unable to reply ! She smiled down at him - her fingers running through his hair, holding him close to her as he kept sucking on her breast, not wanting him to stop - but then he pulled away and whispered " let's try this !"....before taking her already
hard nipple between his lips, and teased the tip with his tongue, making her moan with the exquisite sensation, but then she felt his teeth again- pulling, nipping her playfully - she gasped as the waves of pleasure flooded her whole body...she wasn't far from coming !

She smiled at him again encouraging and Dave nodded and bit harder, not only her breasts now but her neck, shoulders, all over the skin he could reach. Isabelle enjoyed it and wanted to give something in change so she started giving him small love-bites along his neck, while she cradled his head in her hands.

He was no longer comfortable in this half siting position, so he withdrew little Dave for a moment while he lay down awkwardly on the bed, all the better to enjoy Isa’s love manoeuvers in their mock battle-field.

He took more of her breast into his mouth - hungrily licking her, sucking so hard she cried out - " Uh - don't stop - Dave - don't stop - that's so good " - with his other hand he was caressing her other breast, but he knew she wanted something else now, so he stroked down her body until he found what he had been expecting to find - her warm and very moist pussy.

Isa's hands were also restless and they ran over Dave's taut body now - down his flat stomach to grasp his treasure firmly - this brought a moan of expectation from him, which in turn made Isa grin - " Tell me what you want " she said through dreamy half-closed eyes...

“It's easy : it's just more.”

Isa laughed and said " So I choose how to please you ? That's what I was hoping you'd say " and without another word, she guided his hard penis back into her welcoming wet entrance and lowered herself onto him - spreading her thighs, then leaning backwards to see how he penetrated her - only then did she move forwards, so their bodies were together again ...
Her hands were now on his shoulders as she began to ride him - smoothly, a slow rocking motion that brushed her nipples against him again and again ...

Dave was caressing the cheeks of her bum, pummeling them, kneading them roughly - Isa was panting now - she tried to resist the desire to accelerate, but it was impossible - her moaning became more urgent and her movements less regular -
Dave knew that she was very close to coming and he wanted badly to see this – so he pulled her closer to him and asked her to open her eyes. She obeyed, her face shown rapture and she wasn't able to speak, only letting her gaze immerse itself in Dave's when the white blitz came, and she collapsed to Dave’s chest crying out loud in her joy.

She stayed crouched over him like that until their breathing and heartbeats returned to a normal rhythm, basking in the warmth of his arms and legs that were entwined with hers - when she did finally sit up, it was only to reach for the glass and jug of water so that they could both take a little refreshment.

Isa looked deep into Dave's eyes and asked " Are you still in pain, my sweet Dave ? "

"You know it's not so bad now - those pills have started to work and I think sitting up will be easier - let's see shall we? Can I make it to the kitchen " he struggled to his feet making Isa giggle with his comical antics.

Isa sat up and said “While you're up you can make some coffee, that can be your contribution to the morning! "

Dave shrugged and said " You'll have to help me find everything - this is the first time you've let me in here! " so Isa stood up - but stopped where she was - a look of surprise on her face…

”Wait Dave, oh my ! I can hardly walk!”

Dave gave her a worried look then realised what this was all about, then flashed her a devilish smile. “Ooops, sorry Isa, I should have warned you beforehand, come here , I'll help you” and he took Belle's hand then put his other arm round her shoulders, and they walked along like this with some difficulty, which wasn't helped their sily giggling.

“Oh my God - you know - it feels as if " she stopped and gasped.

"What Belle? Tell me! " Dave looked concerned.

"As if - you're still there - still inside me - it feels so good - it hurts but - uhhh - " Isa took a step back to the bed and sat down, a wicked smile slowly spread across her face - " Every time I move it's like you're moving in me "

Dave was smiling broadly and somewhat sheepishly. Isa started to chuckle again as if she was on high - but then she was, wasn't she? - Shyness was the last thing she expected from the mighty Dave Gahan. Dave leaned down to her and asked: “And? Does it still feel as good as before?”

“It feels quite good but - unless you're really hungry right now, I know how you can make me feel much, much better ...” and she lay back where she was, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Isa lay back on the bed, her legs spread a little and Dave followed her as she leaned back, kneeling before her, kissing her until her head touched the covers, then trailing his kisses down to where Isa wanted to feel them once again...

She found it harder and harder to breathe as his gentle kisses slowly changed into hungry licking and nibbling - she groaned as she felt his tongue push into her and ran her hands feverishly through his hair, encouraging him to continue...

Her pleasure was increasing steadily - she held her breath, savouring the moment when the first tremors of the orgasm took hold of her, then she relaxed into the rush of sensations as Dave's tongue pushed her over the edge into paradise - she was shaking now, as the waves of pleasure ran through her and she whispered Dave's name over and over until she was at peace.
Dave stood up to admire Isa for a moment before going back to sort out some coffee. Isa stood up again and found it just as difficult to walk, but less painful - as if in some strange way that last orgasm had relaxed her inside…

Vero stayed with Carla while Justin went to work - they were struggling to keep up with their hectic lives, so Véro decided to ask for Carla's permission to call her mother. Carla seemed indifferent, so Véro went ahead, and hung up after a short talk to say that Delphine would be there in half an hour.

Véro sat waiting with Carla - " so your Mother knows nothing about Dave yet? " this was answered by a shake of Carla's head.

" She's going to be thrown in at the deep end - Hi Mum - er there's a new man in my life but he was savagely attacked in the park down the road and I haven't heard from him for a week!" Carla laughed dryly.

" I know my mother, she'll be unable to understand how I can be so serious about a guy I've only know for such a short time - and she won't even be able to meet him to reassure herself that he's half decent .... "

"Listen to me, honey : your mother is going to see her daughter in great pain because she's worried sick about a really good friend - let's leave it at that - you were hoping it was going to get more serious, and to give it a try he moved in with you. That will be enough for your mother to handle for now, don't you think? "

" We can try - yeah fine why not ?... " she sighed and shrugged. The whole thing doesn't really interest her. She just wanted Dave back in one piece.... and healthy. That's all! Was this too much to wish for ? She felt herself sick from the pain and the endless waiting hours.... days...

When her mother arrived, she wasn't really in the mood to explain all the things That had happened. On seeing this, Véro helped a lot to fill in the details of the past few days. But Carla didn't really care. Only one person was in her mind and she knew that she wouldn't be able to rest till a sign of life from David came from somewhere...

Carla's mother was upset to see her daughter's pale and tearstained face - she wanted to take her in her arms, but it had been
a long time since they had been this close. She wouldn't have hesitated to hug her father to pieces, but her mother would have to do for now - so she let herself be hugged at first, but then she returned the embrace, feeling some comfort after all
- feeling suddenly glad her mother had come.

" Maman - it's so hard to know what to think or what to say - for me he's out there somewhere - perhaps he's so badly injured
that he's unrecognizable - or ... "

" Darling you are making it worse by turning these ideas round in your head! You must just wait - if you are sure in your heart that he's coming back to you, then keep that thought alive and don't let the negative ones push it away. Promise me? "

Véro smiled at Carla's mother, reassured now - she was saying helpful things and Carla seemed so much calmer now. It was time for Véro to leave them and go home to Justin.

Dave was sitting in front of Belle's computer and was clicking between the folders which contained thousands of pictures of him and his family. He had already checked his brother Phil's myspace layout, and wrote a message to him, that he was all right and saying where he was. He asked for his home number. He was waiting for the answer. He hoped that Phil would recognize him from the details he added, because he wrote from Isa's e-mail address.

Then he checked out pictures of his stepson Jimmy, and the others. He slowly recognised them, and he was glad that his brain was beginning to recover his memories. But it was still blurry as to who Carla was...

Isa arrived with a hot tea and handled it to Dave when Phil's answer arrived...

" Hey Belle - look - it's my brother - he's written me a message! He sounds worried about me and wants to come and get me to avoid the press - would that be OK with you? He says Jen is out of her mind, but that she's just told the kids there was an argument ... but that the boys suspect that she knows something, and she's at her wit's end ... do you want to read his e-mail? "

" I don't know. It's addressed to you " she shrugged sadly. She knew very well that this e-mail meant that Dave had to go away soon and her dream was coming to its end.

Isabelle tried hard to be brave, unselfish, even to share in Dave's joy as he looked at pictures of his little girl, smiling with him, but her eyes were red and eventually she couldn't stop her tears from falling. Dave immediately took her in his arms and she sobbed into his shoulder as he stroked her hair…

" Hey Belle, don't be sad! Would you like me to keep in touch with you? I could e-mail you every so often, and we can exchange photos ... I can even keep you informed - get you tickets and passes if the guys and I do anything - you mean a lot to me, do you know that? Hey - are you even listening to me? " Dave pulled away, chuckling, ready to have to repeat everything he'd just said, but Isa nodded ...

" Of course I'm listening - you're so sweet to me! I'm sorry for all this - but it's just that it took the arrival of that e-mail to make it sink in that you'll be leaving soon. That's what you need to do, of course - maybe by now Phil has contacted your family with your news - did you give them this number? They can call you here - I don't mind -
I'll go out if you want privacy ... "

" No, Belle, that won't be necessary - you can stay - but I would like to give them your number - thanks. You are such a sweetheart! " he hugged her into him again and Isa thought her heart would burst - so many emotions welled up inside her ...

Dave turned back to the laptop and began a reply to Phil - Isa gave him her number when he was ready to add it to his message, and when Dave pressed "send" , she heaved a great sigh - there was no going back now ...

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