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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2008.06.23. 20:11

Mauka and Useless-girl:


Tiny Girls







The dark blur was slowly getting bigger, but its growing was visible with every second what was spent by him in that damned room. It was too long, he should get out of here. The blur on his black shirt was growing larger under his arm. They were in the same hotel like at that time and the fucking fealty was the same. And alike they didn’t turned the climate up. David was thinking about Martin, what the hell he can love in Madrid that he even wants to celebrate his birthday here.


But Dave didn’t have a choice, Martin was his best friend, who had just one birthday in a year like everyone else, so… He buried all his disturbing thoughts into the back of his mind and stepped to the window to watch the running traffic. The black curtains weren’t fully open. He was thinking about a nice swim when he was interrupted by a knock on the door.


“Come in” he said and turned to the door.


Christian was standing there in shorts and an athlete “Martin is grumbling and he is unreachable” he said “He hates when someone reminds him on getting old and we slapped him on his back so I’d say come with us to swim and leave him alone.”


“Oh he is doing the fireworks again?” he sighed and didn’t wait for the answer he stepped to the chest “Okay, I was thinking about the same in this fucking heat” he undid the buttons on his shirt and get rid of it soon to change his clothes, then he joined Christian and the others by the pool.


But Dave didn’t want to be watched by the others so he motioned to the guys to jump into the car and go to the ocean. He liked to swim there, he was a great swimmer and the huge waves didn’t disturb him. Chris and Robert shrugged and nodded.


During swimming he had time to relax. He had too many thoughts in his mind lately, which were circulating and didn’t leave him alone. The recording, the discussions, the appointments and the problems at home… But now he managed to throw them away. He swam several meters with the guys and finally they headed to the beach. The boys announced that they’ll go to grab some beer. Dave just nodded and asked for some tonic or mineral water, then he swam a little more before his legs hit the hot sand.


He was a bit shaking with cold from the wind, but he acclimatized soon and with a big sigh he sat down on his towel in the shadows of a rock to watch the nearly deserted beach. He felt that the swimming made him tired and the swelter sun made its effect on him, too.


He got sleepy and was sitting there alone with his forehead on his arms. He didn’t realize how long he was sleeping there when he woke up from some female laugh and sounds. With difficulty he managed to lift his head from his arms. The sight took his breath away, two beautiful and neat girls were playing in the waves full naked. He realized just after several minutes that he forgot to gulp, because his mouth was dry and suddenly he had problems with other parts of his body too – his trousers got smaller with two sizes.


But he tried to pull himself back while he was still watching the dabbling women. He thought he was dreaming. Maybe he got a touch from the sun during sleep? He tried to blink to see the two slender bodies reappear from the waves. The sweet giggling mingled with the sounds of the gulls and had a mesmerizing effect on him. He shook his head to regain himself and to try to escape from the action and cool his body down. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. No, the two figures weren’t the product of his imagination, they were really bathing there and they probably didn’t know they had audience.


He was drinking the sight in for long minutes before he panicky realized that the clothes of the women were really close to him, so he tried to melt into the grey rock. As he was watching the approaching figures -because of course he couldn’t bear not to watch- he realised that the one he wanted minutes ago and wanted to know under him was no-one else than one of Martin’s daughters… Viva, with her friend. That Viva, who… whom he know from the very beginning when she was just a baby… whom he cradled long time ago!


Dave was shocked as he tried to hide himself next to the rock and after he managed to calm himself down a little he rather turned onto his tummy, and tried to do as if he was sleeping. He was taken aback from himself. The situation was embarrassing for him. With half of his eyes he saw that the girls finally dressed up and sat down into the sand from the tiredness. He hoped they won’t discover him and that the boys’d come back soon with those drinks.


He was just laying and laying there and couldn’t bear not to watch Viva. She had beautiful, long and neat legs like an antelope, and really fine round breasts, which weren’t really covered with the bikini. Dave went nearly mad. He knew if they return to the hotel, he’ll pick up the first fan and bring her into his room. And he knew who’ll be in his mind during sex. He closed his eyes and begged for the secret powers of the cosmos to keep him away from the temptations or else he’ll sit in a big trouble again.


First he thought that Rob’s and Christian’s return will be a rescue for him, but he noticed panicky that the boys recognized Viva and her friend and invited them to join the little bunch. Dave tried to pretend sleeping even harder as he closed his green eyes tightly.


“Look, Dave is here too?” he heard the familiar voice and a little giggle “How sweet he is during sleep! The work in the studio is hard, we must admit. I had been there with my father years ago” she explained to her friend.


“Well it’s not easy but the results recompense it” answered Christian “Come on girls, sit down. Do you want some drinks? We managed to bring more than enough.”


“Thanks” said the girls together and they laughed.


“Should we wake him up?” asked Christian.


“No, it’s not necessarily, let me…” said Viva who picked up a bottle of ice-cold mineral water and moved closer to Dave who was deliberating with closed eyes about how the desert lizards can bury themselves into the hot sand.


At the end he couldn’t find the key, because suddenly he couldn’t even seize why he jumped up, then with a yell he realized that cold water hit his flushed and warm skin.


“Holy f…!” he cursed automatically while he heard that everyone was laughing on him.


“Surprise, Dave!” rang Viva’s happy voice.


“Viva, you’re not normal, girl! How’d you reckon with your father if I get a heart attack and die, and his founded album will never be born?”


“Sorry Dave, but it seemed that you were warm, you’re red like a boiled cancer.”


Dave just grunted and took his towel in front of him as he trotted towards the cool waves. He knew that he fled from a 17 years old slip of a girl and he was at his wit’s end from this, but nothing came into his mind.


“I think you found him in a crabby mood” laughed Christian as he was watching the bickering singer.


“What a pity! In turn he can be a charming man” she laughed to her friend “Sometimes…”


Athina smiled back while she drank form her mineral water.


“You just arrived, right?” asked Robert.


“Yep, we decided to send the luggage forward and we came here immediately” she shrugged and put the bottle down. Viva nodded coincidently and started to pan the beach.


“I like this place, we were here some times.”


“Now what’s with him that he runs into the water with his flushed body?” stabbed Athina towards Dave “And he says that you’ll cause the heart attack. Strange guy, I always thought he’s freakish.”


“Well somehow he is” answered Viva as she was watching the swimming Dave “But he’s got spirit!”


“That’s right” agreed Christian and the others hemmed coincidently, too.


“Viva, shouldn’t we go now?” checked Athina her phone “We didn’t even check in by your father” she frowned.


 “That’ll be time… maybe he already knows that you are here and he’ll calm himself down.”


“Oh, what’s with him again?”


“The flowing of time…” sighed Robert stagy.


“Not again…” huffed Viva “Okay, guys, we should really go” she stood up and dusted the sand from her bottom.


“We’ll meet anyway” sipped Christian from his beer.


“Of course” nodded the short haired tall girl “Athina, would you be so kind and pack my things together? I go and say goodbye to this pigheaded guy” she winked “I think he took my little action to his heart.”


“Sure, just go” her friend laughed, so Viva wrapped her shawl around her waist and went down to the water.


Dave was already on his way back when he discovered the approaching Viva on the beach. He wanted to turn back but Viva was already waving towards him, so what else could he do than swimming towards the coast with large strokes?


Viva was mesmerized from the man’s physical strength, endurance, boldness and from the fact that he wasn’t even panting as he reached the edge of the water. He just shook himself like dogs do with their wet fur.


“Ehm… I just wanted to say goodbye” started the girl while she put some mop of her half-dry hair behind her ears, then she sent him an uncertain smile “So there aren’t hard feelings because of the water, right?”


The man was watching strictly just into her eyes as he stroked his wet hair back. But he became defenseless and consigned when Viva suddenly embraced him shortly and planted a kiss onto his face “Bye Dave, we’ll see each other!”


“Bye” stammered Dave. This wasn’t the first time when the girl gave him a peck, but those were just girlish little pecks. Innocent ones. This kiss was everything but innocent, he saw her eyes! “What the fuck is this?” he moaned to himself.


He watched her leave motionless. He didn’t know what to think about this whole situation. He was rubbing his crag and moaned, and then he jilted his head and returned to the boys.




Martin was playing the guitar in the studio. Sometimes he was sitting in front of the piano or some synthesizers to record some of his ideas. He didn’t like his birthdays, but he couldn’t help it, he needed to give a little party. But this couldn’t be a cause to intermit the album’s recordings. He felt that they were going well with it. He absently plunked on his legendary guitar then he tightened a string and tried it again. First he didn’t even realize the knocking on the door, but then he looked up as it opened.


“Hi dad! We are here” stepped Viva in now in short jeans-short and a sloppy red top. Athina followed her.


“Great, I was waiting for you. Everything okay? Was the swimming good?”


“Sure” shrugged his daughter than she planted two kisses on his face while embracing him.


“Happy birthday! The gift will come tonight on the party” she winked.


“Thank you.”


“Hah we met your great singer, Mr. Sulky Gahan” she smiled again and pressed down some keys on the piano, then she stroked it with respect – she was playing the piano since her childhood.


“Dad, do you want to stay in the studio, or do you want to come with us to grab some food?”


“I stay, kitty, if you don’t mind. Go with Athina. Have a good time, sweetheart.”


“Okay dad, we’ll meet tonight. See you next time! Haha, dad, Dave says this always.”


Martin just smiled and wagged his head.


“Take care!”


“We will” the girls waved goodbye and stepped out from the studio.




Dave returned with the others and what a surprise: they met on the corridor again and Christian asked their destination. The girls told them.


“Don’t you want to join us?” asked the smiling girl and Athina looked at them questioningly, too.


“Lest someone will sell us” she laughed at her friend who joined her.


“We can go” shrugged Rob.


“I’m starving” agreed the blonde drummer.


Now everybody turned to Dave waiting for his answer.


Dave hesitated. But in this situation ‘no’ would be the strangest thing to say, so he asked for some minutes and headed into the direction of his room.


Viva looked after him. Strange feelings started to form inside of her. She didn’t understand what was going on. She jigged her head exactly the same way like Dave did on the beach. And she couldn’t stop thinking about Dave, and he couldn’t do this with her either.




After they collected the silent singer they’ve left the hotel. It wasn’t difficult to find a nice restaurant for them. They were sitting and chatting soon. Dave forced himself to follow the conversation and not to count how many centimeters shorter the jeans-shorts became since the latest cut.




“You’re so silent, Dave” slapped Robert the absently Dave’s back in a friendly way “Where’s our funny joke-man?”


“I think he’d left himself on the beach” he sent a faint smile towards him.


“You’re tired, right?” he heard Viva’s nearly endearing voice as she placed her right elbow on the table and propped her chin.


Dave said something, he rather just hummed, because he didn’t dare to look into Viva’s eyes, he didn’t want to let her see his eyes. And the awakening woman in Viva sensed this and her heart was celebrating “Not bad as a first conquest” she thought. Dave couldn’t leave her mind and with the young people’s venture she put her warm palm on Dave’s knee under the table.


Dave jumped up and ran away without a word as if he were hit by an electric shock.


The young girl smiled behind her pretended surprise. This was quite telltale. She’d never thought this about Dave…


After they accepted Dave’s runaway, she started her meal with a hidden smile.




He was in the kettle again. Particularly in his room where the heat was unbearable, but he didn’t mind it now he was crawling there half-naked. The sweat and the water from the tap were slowly flowing down on his chest and back while his long fingers were holding a cigarillo. He was nervous and restless. That touch was burning inside of him and he tried to hold his feelings back with rational facts and thoughts. He must kill out that feeling inside of him which appeared in his body! He took an athlete and went town. He needed a fan. He needed a woman…


He ran down to the hall and burst out to find himself in front of the mass, which greeted him with loud and happy yells. He smiled and did something he had done really long time ago: he started to chat with his fans while he gave autographs. But a girl with long legs grabbed his attention - she asked the autograph on the front of her top. He whispered something into her ear, signed some other CDs and disappeared as fast as he’d appeared. Ten minutes later the girl walked to the back entrance where the bodyguard Darren was waiting for her and took the girl into Dave’s room. She was young, barely more than sixteen…


He didn’t waste too much time. He wanted to free his body from the burning tension. He was braining too much during this day, another face appeared too much times in front of him. He stepped with the girl to the bed, wild fire was burning in his eyes while he undressed her. She hadn’t got too much clothes on her body. He smiled devastating while he laid her down and started to kiss her heavily without a single thought.


His greedy hands wandered through the silky skin of her long thighs and with a single pull he freed her from the last little fabric… then his hips moved forward greedy and rough from the burning tension.


The girl thought it was natural that Dave was like this with her. She was sure that rock stars are like this, and gave herself to him with burning adore in her eyes. For the very first time in her life. But Dave didn’t even recognize this, he wiped out everything from his brain and when he came with a loud moan, he yelled Viva’s name in his mind then he hid his face in his little devoted fan’s hair.


After it he was just laying on his back, watching the ceiling with heavy panting in the half-light of the room. He was swimming in sweat from the heat which he started to feel unbearable although the ventilator was on. He didn’t look at the girl, who was still panting next to him under the events’ effects. He asked her to leave in the gentlest way he could. The girl seemed to understand it. She got what she wanted. Dave got what he wanted.

Really? Momentary relief maybe…


When the girl had left – who remained unnamed for him from decency and who caused self-loathing for him- he took a shower. Since he was clean now there was the worst longing for a strong, dully, blunting and shooting drink. He was at the brink of insanity. With his previous act the longing didn’t disappeared, but he thought it would. He suspected a touch from the sun. He didn’t even close his eyes and saw Viva’s elfish gaze, but when he closed them he saw himself spitted on his face by his friend and saw himself in the prison as everyone’s favourite…


He went mad from this jarring of his nerves, which was eating him up alive from the inside. He smacked on the wet glazed tiles with his fist and palm in the bathroom.


“Why… why exactly you?” he whispered as he opened his eyes “Why is she so… young?”


He felt how simple things could be… IF she wasn’t Martin’s daughter AND if she didn’t look at him with those only 17 years old eyes…


He couldn’t understand himself! He is an adult who must command himself! He knows Viva from her childhood! Why? What has changed during that one and half year when they didn’t meet? Why? What?


Of course he didn’t know the answers, because there wasn’t any. Just the animal enticement between male and female. Dave wanted Viva and he repeated: “I want you, I want you, you little banshee. You’re playing with me, you are playing your games and you are driving me mad, I want you and I’ll have you even if Martin castrates me with his teeth.”


The circle had been closed again.




One wing of the hotel was on fire with the party’s preparing works. It was a good marketing thing that a famous man planned to celebrate his birthday there, because this was equal with other famous and rich people, so the hotel tried to make everything perfect. They gave one of the first floor’s big halls. From there several doors led the guests to the nicely-lighted garden. Slowly everything took its place. The food, the musicians, the dance area, the drinks… they just needed to wait for the celebrated man and his guests.

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