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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 2 - part1

Chapter 2 - part1

  2008.06.23. 20:15



The first guests arrived. Always the pedants and the barnstorming ones came first. The cameras were clicking and the smiles were shining.


Dave was thinking hard during long-long minutes to create an alibi not to go down. He was scared of himself. He was scared, because deep inside he felt that it’ll happen. As the planets draw the meteorites to conjure falling stars from them, the young girl appealed him.


When he stepped into the saloon and glimpsed Viva standing next to her father, he nearly dropped his present. Viva looked gorgeous like the Huri’s queen in Paradise. She was ethereally slim, her dark-green eyes were shining and on her graceful legs she was wearing little shoes.


“Rappunzel” he said to himself.


Martin noticed him and smiled. He needed to go. He arranged his features when he stepped to Martin and managed to put on a nearly perfect smile.


“Well… Happy birthday, Mart!” he hugged his friend and handed him the pocket which he was holding in his hand, then he glanced at Viva to send her a smile. She looked a bit flushed as she was holding her glass of champagne.


“Thanks, Dave” smiled Martin.


While Martin was dealing with the pocket Dave stepped unnoticed to a waiter, who passed them, and took a glass of champagne for himself too – with this action he needed to step next to Viva for a moment.


“You are gorgeous tonight” he whispered to her and stepped back to his place to sip from his champagne before Martin could notice anything. He needed to drink a gulp to bear it. Or just in opposite?


Viva’s stomach wrung together from Dave’s scent, his voice’s strokes and from the heat of his body. Her legs juddered. What had happened to her? She didn’t know, but felt the place on her hip still, where Dave’s hip touched her a moment ago. An unknown feeling got mastery over her: the yearning.


Dave didn’t look at her, but felt Viva’s searing gaze at him when he heard Martin:


“Oh God, Dave! This… this!” he was holding the silver box in his hand, where a valuable guitar pick was laying on the stylish velvet pillow. From Johnny Cash.


“Do you like it Martin? God bless you, my friend” he hugged his friend again.


“Thank you, David, really! You made me happy, you’re an attentive friend!”


Dave was just smiling and his brain was working. “Oh yeah, I’m attentive, for example I realized what a beautiful woman became from your daughter…” he looked up at Viva with half-bent head. She was watching him too. Their eyes met and now they didn’t break the contact. There was a simple understanding in them: they wanted each other.


Dave gave his place to the next guest and left the father and the daughter behind him. He huddled back under an arcade with his champagne and he had an excellent view of the two smiling person. He looked the girl up and down like a predator while it licks its mouth imagining how its dinner’ll taste. He drank the rest of his champagne with one gulp and waved for another, which he got immediately. Then a common acquaintance of his wife started a conversation with him.


The woman, Dana, was really boring for Dave. Her babble about his wife’s glamorous, shiny dinners… And those dinners and his wife bored him like hell, too. He drank the champagne and just nodded. How strange, no-one noticed the champagne-guzzling Dave Gahan, who never drank any alcohol. He stopped to pretend his attention, his gaze was searching for Viva, but he couldn’t see her anywhere. He saddened… nearly….


Suddenly he felt a hand on his ass and he knew impulsively who was the owner of that hand. The desire pierced through him like the fume in the iron. He reached that heat too – it was really warm for him now. A quiet voice whispered into his ear to go out into the garden immediately.


He took deep breaths till he didn’t sense the hand’s owner’s perfume then he changed the empty bottle to a full one and sipped the half of its content. He rescued himself from the boring woman with the fake excuse that ‘he must take some rounds because of his acquaintances’. He saw that she was disappointed because of this, but he didn’t care. He wanted to hurry and get out of there to turn all this insanity physical! To finally touch Her and not just drink the sight of the smooth body. He wanted to touch, to pinch, to kiss, to bite her! Oh he wanted it more than anything!


He left the room with quick steps – they saw just a shadow glide out to the night because of his dark suit.


He came along the hedge like the shadow of the night till by a garden pavilion a hand pulled him in. They were standing there face to face, they eyes were shining and their body were shaking from the desire they felt. They were insane, obsessed and nothing really mattered except the other one. Dave was waiting for Viva to do something. And she nestled against him with her slim body, she was light like a flake – Dave lifted her a bit:


“Little Viva what are you doing to me? You know that we can’t do what you want?”


“I know that we can’t, but…”


“But?” he stroked the peachy face with his thumb.


“Dave… I want you!” she moaned fainting “I had never felt such a longing… Touch me and I believe…” she clang to Dave’s suit, but she couldn’t finish, because she felt his full lips on hers. It was the first time in their life and it took Viva’s breath away.


“I go crazy because of you Viva, I don’t know which spell or curse you’ve put on me, but you mesmerized me” he said when their lips parted “Viva I go now before we do something big trouble together. It’s not allowed, I’m the older I must behave…”


“Dave, please don’t. Don’t go. So you’d leave me here alone in the garden?”


“I’ll escort you back, come, let’s go quick till no-one notice our absence.”


“Then why did you come after me?”


“Why did you put your hand on my butt?”


“I want you.”


“Me too. Like mad. Wildly, but it can’t be, Viva. I can’t do this to you, to your dad and mum. I know you since you were a sweet little baby.”


“I know that’s why I respected you and admired you, you’re so different from my dad.”


“Oh God, you don’t say this serious, do you?”


“Of course I say it’s serious, Dave. I’ve imagined the two of us long-long time ago, but never thought it could be possible.”


“Well it isn’t.”


“You want to assure yourself, right?” she nuzzled close to him with half-closed eyes while she looked into his eyes.




“You fantasized about me, right?” she stroked Dave’s groin adventurously and a little smile appeared on her face as she felt the soft tension of the trousers under her fingers.


Dave needed to throttle down a moan. He stopped the girl’s hand nevertheless his body yelled for more.


“You… you must stop this now” he whispered. He felt the alcohol and his blood were lumbering in his head then it was hurtling down to his groin as her free hand started to move up on his thigh.


“You really believe that you can resist?” she whispered nearly into Dave’s mouth, who forgot to breathe. Then a strange spark glinted in her eyes which took hold on Dave. He wanted to know what it was, he wanted it for himself… like the girl, who slid out of his hands, because she heard the applause from inside and disappeared in a minute as she went back because of her father.


Dave didn’t go back - he flopped down to a bench with dangled head and tried to come to his senses. He knew that he was standing to lose, Viva had power over him and the biggest problem was that Viva new it well. Little female panther and she tries her nails on the old cat-hunter. He smiled from this thought. Like every male he loved the hunting, the shag after the female. How sweet she was with her childish confidence. She was so sure she can have him. Why not? She always got everything she wanted, sometimes maybe not enough from her father’s attention. But he hadn’t got the right to tax Martin with this.


The alcohol worked – it was a long time ago since he drank and now he drank a lot – he went up to his room.


At 2 p.m. he woke up with woozy head because of the knocking on his door.




He was still drunk, he felt it. But he managed to turn on the bedside lamp and to reach the door. And there she was…


One shoulder loops of her flimsy dress slid down on the bronzed shoulder, her eye make-up was a bit blurred from the heat and the dance, her green eyes were shining a bit dimly from the alcohol.


“What are you doing here?” Dave hung on the door frame already more alerted.


“I’m looking for you. What else? Would you let me in?” she pressed herself against his chest.


“You’re mad! Someone can see us!” he hissed at the drunken beauty “Go to your room and sleep!”


“No way. Let me in!” she ran her hands on the front of his T-shirt, which nearly caused him to swallow in the wrong way.


“No, I don’t let you in” he whispered.


“If… I can’t enter your room…”


“Then?” he lifted one eyebrow.


“Then please, bring me my shoe! I can’t go back barefooted, I’ll catch a cold…” she looked at him with an angelic face and fake sorry, when she kicked her right shoe into the middle of the room next to Dave’s leg.


Dave was cursing silently and for a moment he was just looking into the steamy eyes then he stepped away from the door and bent down to pick up the shoe. When he straightened himself up he heard the door closing - he knew: behind Viva’s back. And as he turned he faced himself with the angel who wore a devilish smile on her face and was leant to the door. She seemed to be the embodiment of temptation for him.


Dave couldn’t do anything. He tried to move Viva away to open the door, but his only achievement was that Viva landed in his neck. Her little face was in Dave’s neck where she was biting his skin. She crouched and pinned Dave to the door. He wasn’t able to do a thing, he was just standing there paralyzed with eyes closed, panting. He only opened his eyes when he felt Viva’s hot lips on his treasure.


He moaned an unarticulated one and looked down at the girl, who was watching him with her big eyes. He went mad from the sight as he disappeared again and again in her mouth. He placed one of his hands on her face as he was helpless and let the lil beast what the little beast wanted to do to him.


“Viva, my little kitty, honey!” Dave surrendered himself to her - it was useless to run away from her, the girl had a huge effect on him. And Viva was working on Dave with quick and wild movements, because she was inexperienced she bit him a few times accidentally, but the enchanted man didn’t mind it. The wild sex ended with the usual outcome and Dave gave himself to the joy with a big moan.


Viva wasn't thinking just licked the corner of her lips and let Dave pull her up. She saw the sweat drops on his forehead, she saw that he was still gasping for the air and this made her proud - she did this to him. She wasn’t ashamed. She wanted the man in front of her, who planted countless kisses onto her lips and neck. She knew that he was hers now, that he can’t escape from her web.


“Why did you do this, hon?”


“Why, wasn’t it good?”


“Jeeeez, it was of course, you, you little daemon, you!” he kissed her with desire and got rid off his moral inhibitions, which were built up carefully, and gave himself to the whirling emotions inside of him.


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