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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 2 - part2

Chapter 2 - part2

  2008.06.23. 20:24

Viva was a bit afraid of David’s fierceness and thought: “Holy God, he’s like this when he really wants it…” But she held herself to her decision and let Dave to lead her to the bed with small steps. Dave couldn’t see, couldn’t hear. Now even Martin wouldn’t be able to stop him.


He took Viva’s face into his two hands and kissed her cherry-tasted lips first slowly then more and more passionately. He lost himself immensely in the girl’s innocent flower scent. Her hands and body were shaking from anticipation. She wanted him to touch her naked peach skin. Without breaking the kiss he pulled down the light blue dress which left half of her back free, and reached down to her butt. After a few strokes he drew her waist closer to his groin, which started to burn again. She sighed wobbly from the feeling.


And Dave lost his mind, he wasn’t conscious. If he were conscious and not drunken, he’d stand up and run away from her. But he didn’t do it. It’d be sure that if he was able to think, he’d pull himself back and “attack” his young lover with less desire. But he loved her as he’d love an experienced woman. He hadn’t got a single thought that Viva could be still untouched. Although it could have been a logical induction that he’d be the first man in the little flossy’s life.


It wasn’t a big problem to him to take off the flimsy dress and he couldn’t help it, but he growled hungrily when there were just the little light blue panties covering her fine body. But he got rid off it soon. He reached out for her in a greedy way and he was grabbing, biting and kissing her where he could touch her, while he laid her down on the bed. He felt the blood flush out his brain. He just wanted to feel the soft hotness around him! The blood was pounding in his ear and his heart was running so fast, he thought it’ll stop.


He couldn’t take it any longer and after he felt that Viva wanted him too, and his fingers traveled the path they should, his hips moved forward and Dave penetrated into Viva’s body, who screamed from the sudden sharp pain, but then she started to moan from joy as she felt Dave inside. Dave never gave a thought that he was way too big for her, but he wasn’t gentle.


Next to the beautiful feeling she felt that he nearly tore her apart. But she enjoyed it… she enjoyed it very much. She looked up at Dave’s face. His eyes were closed and rammed even deeper and deeper into her body, and she felt a hot and strange feeling which wasn’t just the lust. She really looked up at the man who was growling and moaning above her - and who was taking her virginity then.


He panted quickly, moaned or growled between his yells while he was taking rough what he wanted for a long time. He went mad from the softness, the flexibility and hotness of the body which was writhing under him… The nearly painful hold on his member took all the rest of his mind. He accelerated the moves of his greedy hips and was sweating heavily as he moaned with his deep voice from the feeling that he was able to move in the moist hotness at last.


“Dave, Dave, dearest Dave” she sighed and though if Dave hasn’t heard a thing, this reached his ears and he looked down at her moved.


“Lil’ Viva, darling, is it good for you, sweetie?”


“Ah…yes…yes it is! Oh my God!” she sighed and moaned at the same time with half-opened mouth and her head tilted back, when Dave circled with his hips to broaden the tight muscles around him. He forgot to breathe for a moment as he looked down at the blushed face and the sweating body.


Dave was at the brink of his orgasm but he held himself back. He propped himself with one hand while the other went down between the girl’s thighs and he started to stroke her from the front, too. Then when he saw that Viva’s body was trembling from this, he continued harder. He knew that this was a sure way to lead her to the highest high, and he wanted his little bird to enjoy their lovemaking. He went mad again from the sight as the girl threw her head back and whimpered loudly as she pushed out the tip of her little rose tongue. Now he stopped the pushes but remained inside his lover as he focused all of his attention on her. Viva sighed his name swooning, she shattered and sank softly into his hand.


David was watching her for a while, but his desires were straining him so he accelerated his rhythm again running towards satisfaction. Then he was the one, who rattled the girls name again and again, and Viva pulled his face to hers and Dave felt her hot, salty tears, saw her cloudy gaze and her radiating, ingénue smile.


Vive closed her eyes and licked her dry lips as she was still gasping for air, while she was holding Dave and got used to the feeling that she was still filled out. “So this is how it feels like…” she thought. She didn’t know what to think, what to feel or say, so she remained silent and swallowed her tears. Despite her light drunken state she felt that she was moved from the happenings, from Dave… Dave who… who made her a woman. This time it was true…


Meanwhile Dave realized what had happened, because he felt the block while he penetrated her, but the whole thing hurtled down at him just now… that he was the first man in Viva’s life. It was an incredible feeling for him too - unearthly pleasure.


“Little, little girl” he repeated and caressed her where he could touch her. After they had satisfied their lust, the new lovers were examining each other.


Dave was stroking the girl’s face with his fingertips, who nestled it into his warm palm while her slim hands were stroking Dave’s shoulders and back. She stopped her mind from roaming, she was just thinking about the joy what she got from this man, from her father’s friend. Neither Dave was thinking, his head got heavy and fell asleep in his lover’s arms.


Viva was looking at him for a long while. She was stroking him, kissed his closed eyes, ran her fingers through everywhere on Dave’s taut and naked body. It’s unbelievable how someone’s approach could change. It can change a lot after a few hours. Suddenly all her childhood memories about Dave turned into the woman’s adoration towards the man. Now she saw just the man in him. She really adored him and some unknown feelings started to move inside the depths of her heart.




Of course Viva wasn’t able to sleep. How could she? Slowly she evolved herself from Dave’s moschus and ambergris scented arms and lead her way to the bathroom. She barely stepped one and the blood started to run between her legs. She screamed from fear and sat down on the floor with closed legs. Dave sat up in the bed.


“What happened?” he asked a bit sleepy, but the anxiety was already hearable in his voice.


Viva didn’t answer, she was fighting with her fright. She felt the pain between her legs and felt the warm liquid’s flow, too. She picked herself together not waiting Dave to climb out of bed and kneel down next to her. She didn’t face Dave just stood up and stepped into the bathroom. As she turned on the light it gleamed on the blood on her thighs.


Dave stood up, he suspected what was going on and without a word or permission he went after the girl. He took the sniffling, frightened and bloody Viva into his arms, who was standing next to the washbasin. He kissed her and put her into the bath tube. His hands were bloody too. It seemed as if he had raped her brutally. It was a spooky sight, but he knew from experiences that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. It wasn't a big wonder, because his lover was so exciting tight, so very taut. “She’s still a little girl” he thought gently as he ran the tap and washed them down.


As she slowly stopped bleeding, less and less tears were falling from her eyes, and she nestled herself more and more into Dave’s wet chest. Slowly she started to realize what had happened. She didn’t say a word, she remained silent and wiped down her smeared make-up so she seemed even younger with her clear face. She couldn’t believe that she really did it! And with Dave! Who could be her father! She remembered the “cool girls” from the public school, who laughed at Viva, because she was still a virgin – and this hurt her. But now she wasn’t that anymore. And Dave made her a woman on that bed where he led her back, seated her down and took her hands.


“Viva, sweetie, do you feel yourself better?


Viva bent her head onto his shoulder and answered quietly: “Yes, better, Dave, better… just… I’m very scared. The situation I took you, us in frightens me. Poor Dave. You tried to run away, but I leaped on you. Now I go David, OK?”


She stood up and got dressed with soft, voiceless movements. Dave was just sitting on the bed and wasn’t able to take his eyes off her.


“Don’t be angry at me Dave, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry because what had happened” she said as she looked back from the door.


“You are sorry, Viva? You are sorry?” his voice was failing him, but the girl wasn’t there anymore.




Viva ran along the corridor. She went down with the elevator, passed the garden and reached the seashore. She needed to think. She must disappear from Dave’s near. She was completely confused. Her body hurt and her soul got heavy from what they’d done. Practically she got into her father’s workmate’s and best friend’s pants and tempted him to break the law!


She knew that they can find themselves in a big trouble if this gets public. That’d be a disaster. And this was the cause why she decided to bury this deep inside of her and disappear as fast as she can.


The party was over. there was no reason to stay. She caught the first flight after he said goodbye to her father and friend, who were gone to bed not so long ago. The place was choking her. She wanted to leave it as soon as possible.


But firstly she wanted to shake off Dave’s scent and the memories of his touches – even though she’d enjoyed them.


She’d left the man behind her confused and without saying goodbye to him, like a tornado who sweeps through people, take what it wants then disappear without a trance to leave just ruins and memories behind.

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