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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 3 - part2

Chapter 3 - part2

  2008.06.23. 20:27

Viva sank into Dave’s embrace and let him do what he wanted to do. Dave was glad that the windows of the car were shaded - he pulled over to a deserted place and started to undress Viva. He was already shaking in anticipation and felt that his trousers were already tight. He moaned into the kiss as he felt a hand on his groin, but moved away shyly like a butterfly. He deepened their kiss and gently pulled her even closer. He never thought that he missed her flower scent so badly. He felt himself like they were on a field full with wild flowers. Alone, without the watching eyes of the world.


He pulled down one shoulder loop really slow with his sure hand to free her nice breast, which’s beautiful sight took his breath away and caused a moan from his throat, while his free hand rolled her short skirt up on the long thighs.


Viva didn’t resist, she let Dave do it - she wanted to give him what he was longing for. Dave lifted her a bit and turned her so her head was between the two front seats now and her hands grabbed the headrest of them. One minute and he was already inside of her and with a big moan he enjoyed Viva’s every part loudly.


Loud moans escaped his young lover’s mouth too when Dave moved deeper and deeper and he broadened her tense muscles with every push. Goose bumps were everywhere on her body from Dave’s grabbing hands and smiled from the fact that he must have loved her naked breasts, ‘cuz the greedy and strong hands were pampering them again, and this made her moan. Then she came round:


“Dave… Dave… before… ah… before you cum into me… no.. Oh God! Not into me… be sure of it…” she moaned in luscious pain.


“Alright, sweetheart… I understand you… we must take care… Especially after… what you’ve said.”


Viva couldn’t speak anymore, because this was different from the first one. It was high noon and they were not drunk. They wanted each other even more! It felt good for Viva what Dave said. Somewhere he loved her, somewhere she was important to him. She knew that this love was not that love, that the luscious desire was there much more in it than the affection, but she knew it too that this could work out everywhere. She gave herself completely into the pleasures and with her whole being she enjoyed the lovemaking with her new love. Because she fell for him, there was no doubt. And of course this was full of novelty, because she came to know the physical love with him.


Her hands were shaking, because she was grabbing the seats hard. The car wasn’t too comfortable so she managed to wangle till Dave let her to push him back to the driver’s seat.


“Let me sit on your lap my muscles can’t bear it anymore” she whispered.


“All right… come on, be my rider lil’ girl!” he stroked the long thighs then he by-passed her up rolled skirt on her waist and watched the soft moves of her round breasts while she nattily climbed over the gearshift and her long madding thighs had just enough place as she kneeled over him.


He grabbed his member and helped her to lead himself into the soft and hot body.


“Oh God… how can you be so fucking tight?!” he moaned with his head tilted back onto the headrest of the seat.


“Dave luv, and how… how can you have such a big one?...Dave! It’s so good to be with you! Do you know? Dave, Oh God, Dave…I…I nearly, Jeeez… Dave!”


“Come, come my angel! Spread your wings!” he grabbed the slim waist a bit harder and helped her to move faster – oh she was moaning and sighing so exciting! And with one hand she braced herself above her head. His lips found her elevated breast’s nipple, while his right hand slid down onto her swollen clit. He wanted to give her joy.


Viva screamed a short one when she felt the fast slender fingers on her and the soft bites and knew that very soon she won’t be able to hold on. It was still a new feeling that she could take a man into her body, but she was enjoying it – there was no doubt. Her face flushed, some of her tufts got wet on her forehead and scrag, and she was just whimpering Dave’s name again and again till her body writhed and arched back in the moment when the overwhelming orgasm hit her.


Dave literally adored his passionate rider with open mouth, forgetting his own instant lust. He was watching her for long minutes till the girl gave him a smile as she looked at his sweet booby face and realized that her love was dropped behind a bit. She helped him immediately – like Dave, she wanted to give him the utmost pleasure. She started to move and make circles with her hips on Dave.


Dave closed his mouth when he came back to his senses and moaned – he greeted her helping circles gratefully. Oh, she was holding him so tight he nearly went mad from the feeling! New sweat drops were flowing down on his forehead and he thrilled when Viva’s gently hands started to caress his flat chest under the unbuttoned shirt. His gaze was resting on the girl’s flushed and angelic face and licked his mouth as he saw her biting her own lower lip while she started to do her circles and movements faster on him. Now he was snorting like a gas-boiler which was at the brink of explosion – his hips moved up again and again.


Viva was watching every little move on his face. It was an enchanted feeling that she was doing this to Dave, that she was the one who gave him such a pleasure. She tried to learn from his signs – she saw that Dave was enjoying it, but she didn’t know how close he was to climax. He was really close.


“Viva… Viva…I’m almost… Get down… now!” Dave pressed through his mouth and relaxed his hold on her waist to slide out of her. He was half-conscious when he put Viva’s soft fingers around his throbbing shaft and with his free hand he pulled his lover closer by the back of her neck, he was moaning loud from her hand’s moves, which were led by him – till he threw his head back for a moment than he was yelling and moaning loudly from the sight as he was cuming between the two wonderful bosoms. This picture heightened his pleasure with another moan.


“Oh sweetie, my lil’ one” he hugged Viva after he pulled out a pocket of Kleenex from the glove compartment and cleaned first her then himself. They still felt each other’s sent on their skin, but it was a good feeling – it gave them the feel of togetherness.


Viva bit her lip again while she was sitting on Dave’s lap with her strengthened body and was stroking his relieved member then his low-belly.


“My God, you’re amazing…” he breathed still mesmerized form her being, her smell, from her touches and gaze.


“Did you notice that you always praise me?” she bent down and leaned her arms onto Dave’s shoulders while her fingers dug into his wet hair. She felt Dave’s hot arms around her. “Sweetie, I must go home” she stroked Dave’s hair “Probably mum is worried now. I call her and tell her that I met one of my friends so she mustn’t worry.”


“With a friend, huh?” he smiled at her as he grabbed her round butt – Viva laughed and stroked his face.




There was only silence in the car for a few minutes, because they were kissing tenderly. Then Viva parted from Dave’s soft lips and started to pull back her clothes to their places. The angelic smile was still on her face.


“Mum, hi, I’m with one of my friends, do you mind it? No? Good then. You’re not at home? Dad? Aha so there was no call from him. Okay. Can I stay? How long? Till dinner? At eight, OK, me too, bye!”


Dave was listening to the conversation with a smile on his lips and pulled his zipper up and fixed his belt. It was a strange feeling – it was a very long time ago since he’d heard such a talk. Somewhere he was sorry that he had outgrown this age, but in the other hand he was glad. It was strange as he realized that Viva was still restricted, that she wasn’t free. This hit him for a moment, although he knew that this was logical.


“Are you busy?” she turned to him after she pulled up her panties and stroked her skirt down.


“I’m yours, hon. What do you want to do and where? As a beginning I’d advise a pharmacy – we buy a test and after it we’ll see. I take you to the mountains if you want. We buy food and we can have a picnic. Just the two of us – do you want it, Viva?”


“I want you.”


Dave laughed.


“My question wasn’t this” he stroked her lower lip with his thumb.


“But I want to do that” she shrugged “You wanted to know” she smiled.


“My little playful kitty…” sighed Dave and after a kiss he ran the engine.


Viva reached down to her shoulder bag and pulled out a bottle of mineral water then sipped from it – she offered it for Dave too, who accepted it gratefully. It was hot in the car – especial after lovemaking.




After a few minutes the girl was looking out of the window pensively with her knees on the control panel to give room for her long legs.


Wherefore the cruel reality had shown through her pink cloud. She was frightened what her pregnancy test will show. She didn’t know what to feel. She was worried. If she was really pregnant, they must tell it to her parents and they can’t avoid the scandal. If she’s not… then what’ll be with them? They’ll be lovers? They’ll continue their morally abnormal “relationship”?


She hadn’t got a single thought what Dave can think about it. It was good to be with him. She enjoyed every minute with him. How long will he stay? It surprised her that he had flown here just for her so suddenly. All at once a brilliant idea came into her mind. If she’s not pregnant, if she isn’t, she can run for the piano fellowship prize at the New Jersey University. It’s not far from New York and her father’ll back up her music studies!


Two weeks and her final exams are here. Wonderful! And she can live alone or with friends in a rented flat and she’ll be free like a bird – if her mother lets her go. This was the crux. She knew she must speak with her father hastily – and she hadn’t had a single bad feeling about assuring not to lose Dave with her father’s help …


If she was born in a family like this at least she draws some profit from it. She felt they owed her with this after they had “roped” her into the world of celebrities and had hurt her and her two siblings with the divorcing. Yes, these will be good reasons for her mother if she tries to fuss. But first she had focus on one problem: the pregnancy test.


Dave slowly stopped the car in front of the pharmacy and whetted his throat.


“So then I go in and bring one for you, okay? I hope it’ll not land on the Internet like your father when he’d bought some CDs. Or else I’ll have things to explain for Jennifer” he laughed, but Viva heard the serious tone in his voice.


After a minute he was there with a stuffed little bag. He flourished a box in front of her nose “Kitty, I bought condom, look!”


Viva felt as the lust stuck a little arrow into her groin from this sentence and shiver went through her spine. She nearly sighed from desire, but she held herself back – rather she looked at Dave, although she knew well that her eyes’ll betray her when she nodded. “Oh God! He still wants to make love to me even if I’m pregnant with his baby!” she thought – of course not from inexperience, she knew that pregnant women can enjoy sex too, it was because of Dave. So he really wants her that much? But why?


She decided to give an answer for this question later. She took the bag with the test from Dave, who sat back behind the wheel and she opened the box to look into the pilot till Dave started the car again.


“I bring you to the hotel, you can do it there. And… I want to be with you when it’ll show the result” he looked at her seriously, but a little smile was in the corner of his lips.


“Alright. Thank you, Dave” she nodded and put some mops of her hair behind her ear.

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