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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 4 - part1

Chapter 4 - part1

  2008.06.23. 20:29



In the hotel she accidentally dropped the test strip into the loo, and she ran out with frightened eyes to Dave from the bathroom. He felt himself nearly sick, his stomach sank down and he felt dizzy. He was dead sure Viva was expecting his baby. After Viva faltered out what the problem was, he pulled out another one from the box with his shaky hands.


“I thought I bring more than one… who knows?”


The girl looked at him with sorry in her big puppy-eyes then she headed back to the bathroom with a lopsided smile on her face after she stepped out from her summer shoes. For a moment Dave thought she’ll fall, but she just stumbled. He smiled on her thoughtlessness and was waiting patiently.


Viva came back with the test in her hand.


“David, one pink and one blue stripe… if it’s not two blue stripes then I’m not pregnant, right?”


“Let me see, kitty, let me see. Where are the directions for use?”




“Thanks. No sweetie, there must be something else for the lateness. The test shows that you aren’t pregnant, but if your period will be still late, we’ll repeat the test and if it’s necessary I’ll bring you to a doctor. We’ll say I’m your father.”


“Pfff…” she rolled her eyes half laughing-half sad “Yeah, they’d eat it up without a prob. The complication comes when they recognize us” she folded her arms in front of her chest. But there was no doubt: she was relieved from the news that it seemed she wasn’t pregnant.


She’d read that the body can react like this after the first real lovemaking. Maybe she was just too nervous about this in her subconscious…

She was standing there absently and scratched her calf with her foot. She felt herself a bit lost.


“What do you want to do now, Viva?”


“To be with you, Dave.”


“Oh you! Well, life isn’t just that.”


“It’s so good to be with you!”


Dave stepped to her and hugged Viva.


“It’s good to be with you, too.”


“Dave just one more time, please! I want to feel you inside again… I want you awfully, Davey…”


Dave gulped a big one “How could I resist my little one? Come, come my petite.”


Viva snapped at his lips greedily and her hands started to discover Dave’s body immediately. When she stroked the front of his jeans she looked up at her lover’s eyes with a hazy look. She saw that his eyes were darkening really fast from the rising desire. She went completely mad for Dave and his touches. She felt that she’ll be soon addicted to him. She didn’t feel herself a whole person when Dave wasn’t with her, in her…


And Dave… the matured man was jumping as the little flapper wanted. The feeling that he was a lost man choked him, and as he looked down into those longing green eyes he didn’t regret his fall. He didn’t know what can come – he hadn’t got the motive to think about it yet – he saw just the airy charming fairy with her long thighs, who mesmerized him and who pulled down his trousers and drew Dave to her to feel him inside as soon as possible.


The blood started to pound in his ears from her greediness. The little hands turned him awfully on. They were touching him here and there on his bare upper body and he growled silently when they found his belt. As soon as it was possible she sank one hand into his trousers and watched his reaction while she bit her own lip.


He moaned deeply and returned the longing gaze while her soft hand grabbed him and started to move on his shaft.


“Sweet Viva, sweetie, my little birdie…” he whispered again and again then he rived her from his member and pulled down his trousers and underwear and he got rid off her little panties for the second time that day – she was shaking after him.


When she was lying full naked in front of him he just adored the beautiful body for a long minute.


“Dave…” she whispered huskily from the desire and her mouth dried from the intense burning gaze on her body.


“I’m here, birdie” he bent down to her for a tender but definite kiss - he didn’t penetrate her yet, but started to pamper her precious neck and her collarbones with his kisses and soft bites, as he was moving slowly downwards with his mouth, his hands gently opened the long and silky thighs.


“Dave, please, come into me, come on!”


“Wait, sweetie, wait. I can show you much more… you’ll enjoy it. Do you want me to teach you how to love?”


“Yes, yes. I couldn’t have a better teacher.”


Dave smiled and kissed her neck.


“Then look, hon. First lesson: try to excite your partner till it’s impossible to bear the desire, don’t be in a hurry. Quick work is rarely good, lovemaking needs time. Now I lick you down from your neck very slowly till I reach your clit and I’ll close my lips around it.”


“David, you’ll kill me, do you know? Oh God, I’ll die!”


“You won’t die, luv. You’ll enjoy it very much” he smiled in a devilish way and didn’t hesitated too long – his tongue made a wet trail from her neck to her collarbones then he couldn’t bear not to play with the perfect breasts which were hard from lust. He moaned into his work, because another wave of blood flushed into his groin, but he pulled himself back with some difficulties – he concentrated only on Viva.


“Do you want it? Is your body burning after it?” he looked up from her flat tummy and hung up with his kisses and exciting bites for a moment. She immediately parted her legs even wider when she felt his hands sliding on his inner thighs.


“Yes, Dave! Please! I’m burning!” she whimpered with half-closed eyes. He smiled from her ecstasy and after it he took a sharp breath and was watching as he was stroking the insanely wet folds. His sensitive mouth found her aching point and Viva’s body flinched a big one.


“Uh, luv, that’s it. Oh God, it’s so good! I go crazy! David, Dave… I knew it’ll be good with you, but this…Ahhh…”


Dave didn’t say a word, his mouth was full, but he barely could hold himself back. He panted loud from the lust.


“No, I can’t bear it anymore!” he growled and moved into Viva with a sudden movement after he put the little pocket’s content onto the right place. He cried out contentedly from the moist and tight hotness around his cock.


Viva started to scream from joy as she took in her lover, who loved her like mad, wild and passionate and now she enjoyed it more, because she got used to the feeling that she was filled out by a man and that she was taken by him. Dave and Viva were flying high on the wings of pleasure.


He smiled satisfied and looked at her as he was gasping for air and lifted and grabbed one of her legs behind her knee to enter her more deeply. He moaned loud while his hips were moving in a wild pace in her to reach his own satisfaction.


After a few pushes it happened and he rattled loud as he was cuming into her. Viva made a frightened sound.


“Dave we should have been careful!”


“I was careful, luv, I was careful. I’ll really take care of you, my little treasure. I love you” he sighed.


A big smile was shining on the young girl’s face from this. Her fondled dream seemed to come true… that someone loves her. She wanted to believe that she was not exploited now like not just once in the past, because of her famous father. She wanted to believe in Dave, who paid attention to all of her wishes and safety. She didn’t even recognize when he put on the condom, but it felt good that he thought of her even in such an elated state. She went crazy for this man.


They were lying in each other’s arms for a long time, they didn’t move. Why should they? They felt themselves whole in each other’s arms. Viva propped herself on her elbows and started to kiss a path on Dave’s back – whereof she finished the circle on the contour of his tattoo, David nearly wallowed, because the soft lips were tickling him.


“Just tell me and I stop” laughed Viva, because she was clear with it. She even blew gently onto the broad back to torture him more.


“No, it’s not necessary to stop… it’s just… just tickling me!” chuckled Dave.


“Well then! And is this ticklish too?” asked the girl and she slowly licked along his spine.


“No, sweetie this makes me horny” growled Dave and turned the fragile girl onto her back and pressed his weight on her “You’re mine!”


“That’s true, luv, but I’ll be a sticker, Dave you are heavy!”


“Who? Me? I don’t think so, maybe you’re like a flake with your unconsciously beautiful and desirable body” he laughed but his mind was elsewhere. He wanted his love again and again and again.


“I’m not beautiful, you’re saying stupid things again!” laughed Viva.


“But you are!”


“No, I’m not! For example I hate my legs! They are like a giraffe’s legs! They are disproportionately long! And I think they are crooked, too” she sulked.


“You know, giraffes are my favourite animals and long legs are my weakness and your little hand with your slender fingers and your beautiful eyes and your lips and…”


“Stop it, stop it! David, can I ask you something?”


“Everything you want, hon.”


“Well do you really love me? I mean I know you want me, but do you need me? I know very well that I’m just a little kid compared to you, but what can I give to you?”


“You know, I can’t really explain why I’m burning for you so badly” he combed out some shorter tufts from Viva’s face “But there’s something what burns inside me from the very first time you gave yourself to me. I think it wouldn’t matter even if you were older, but maybe somewhere this draws me too.”


“Do you find exciting the way you break the law? Am I an exciting adrenaline-raiser?” her eyes glinted up harder. She was scared that maybe her fears weren’t just in the air. Is Dave just using her?


“This is not about this, but your bloom, your freshness, your chastity, your brightness. Oh, Viva!”


She sighed a big one a little more relaxed, he saw her face softening.


“I’m still chaste for you, right?” she stroked Dave’s upper arm.


“Yes you are and you’ll be forever. You gave yourself to me, moved me and hunted me till I caved in and now I’m your prisoner. And you like this – your mesmerizing power over me, right?”


“Yes, because I don’t know why” she shrugged “I haven’t got any extras. I was never among the cool girls, I was always giddy. Some say I’m a loser because of this, but this didn’t disturb me anymore. Just that I feel myself so inexperienced with you” she fixed her gaze on the bird-tattoo on his chest above her “I feel myself so bared with you. I don’t know anything about the world and you’d lived… and survived so many things…” her brain was running.


“And I can never be so clean like you now. I can’t be cleaner than I am now, and you know very well that my soul isn’t white. I fear for you because of myself – I’m really an awful guy! And I was the one you wanted! Please stay like this no matter how old you’ll be, shine for me little girl!”


“It’d be difficult not to shine for you when I’m near to you, when I’m with you” she stroked lazily his back “I blossom with you” she smiled sweetly again.


“Viva, honey…” whispered Dave and bent forward to kiss her gently.


She let him and cupped his face with her hands and asked him to look into her eyes.


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