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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 5 - part1

Chapter 5 - part1

  2008.06.23. 20:37




Dave knew the mountains above the Beverly Hills very well. He had taken countless trips there – he knew the best hidden scenic places. He stopped the car by a deep valley’s entrance.


“This time there’ll be no view, but privacy’ll compensate us. I want to be just with you.”


He opened the trunk and walked to a close rock where he entered a crack. Viva followed him with surprise.


She hadn’t got a single thought where this foolish sensual guy was taking her, but she’d follow him if the crack were a path with brimstones to Hell and would turn out that the soul-enslaver grinning devil was Dave personally. He enslaved her -that was sure- but she didn’t want to free herself, she let herself sank into his charm. She knew that probably it wasn’t a good idea to entrust herself to him, to trust in this relationship that much – she shouldn’t hold on to him like that, but… she hadn’t got the power to resist. She needed him like a choking person’d need her life-belt.


She poised herself carefully as she followed him after she left the wild nature and entered the cool cave. She was curious where he wanted to take her.


There was a little lake not far from them – they planked themselves down there and Dave laid down the blanket, too. Viva sat down gracefully and Dave’s heart wrung together from the beauty he saw.


“My little gazelle” he whispered just for himself. He just wanted to stand there and watch her. But he knew his little one was hungry so he hurried to give her a nice meal.


Viva was watching him with a smile on her face and helped him to finish the packing.


“What a nice picnic we have here! Dave, we won’t be able to eat all these food up!”


“I wanted to give you a big selection” he shrugged and was watching every part of her body.


“Well it’s dead sure that I can select from here… Jez, Dave, you bought Nutella too??” she laughed loud as she held the bottle and tasted the goody before she put it down again “I love it” she added.


“I guessed” and he didn’t say it loud why he guessed: his own daughter loved it very much, too. Compunction came again. He bought even the food if it were for his… He shooed these thoughts away and handed a plastic knife to Viva for the Nutella.


The girl took it with her long fingers and dubbed a slice of bread.


“Okay, but after it I’ll taste that salmon and the strawberry, too” she smiled at him and hadn’t noticed Dave’s dark thoughts “Do you want to taste it?” she offered her plastered slice.


Dave couldn’t help it – he was watching her charmed.


“No… thanks” he shook his head a bit.


“If you don’t want it, that’s okay” she shrugged and hungrily bit a big one – the edge of her mouth became smeary.


Dave couldn’t bear it anymore – he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer to lick the Nutella from her mouth “Yeah, I want to taste it, give me more!” and he bit a mouthful from the bread, too.


Viva laughed.


“You little sweet-toothed! You want to eat my food?” with her free hand she hugged his waist too.


“No I’ll eat you up” he growled and kissed her passionately. He moaned into the girl’s mouth from her sweetness and forced himself to move back from her.


“Nah… this was a reeeeal kiss!” gave the girly forth while she was still panting with closed eyes “I can’t eat so sexy. Rather dirty” she gave him a smile.


“Oh you do! You drive me crazy, Viva! I hope you are enjoying your might over me, I do what you want.”






“Then come here Dave, come and lay down, put your head onto my lap. Come, hon, I pat you.”


Dave’s heart sank and did what she asked from him.


“David, luv, you want me to love you, right? Come, come” she stroked the stubbly face. He closed his eyes and let himself sank into her tenderness.


Fist Viva was just stroking Dave’s head which was resting on her lap. Her slender fingers were wandering in his hair, on his forehead, on his nose, on his mouth and she was caressing his face again and again. Then her stomach grumbled a big one although she was enjoying this strange and tender feeling which surrounded them – she reached for a box of fruits. Although she was hungry like a wolf, she just wanted to be with Dave. She took a strawberry between her fingers and ran the little fruit on his lower lip.


“So dear, it’s time to taste your mentioned strawberry. One for mummy’s appetite?” she smiled down at Dave sweetly.


Dave willfully bit a big one so he took the two fingers into his mouth, too and licked them one by one. The physical part of their relationship – the crazy lust - took hold on Viva. She wanted to love Dave and be loved by him again and again till distress.


But she didn’t want to “attack” him again – she sighed and took another strawberry into her hand. This time rather she ate it to focus on her stomach and not on her groin. The next one went into Dave’s mouth again, who was watching her omnisciently and took the fruit and her fingers in just like previously. Viva’s mouth opened half-way and she didn’t even realize it. She was breathing a bit faster, but she held herself back. This time she wanted to stay strong, she didn’t want to cling to Dave.


He looked into Viva’s green eyes and asked seriously: “Do you want me so badly, honey? Do you want to be with me?”


“Oh Dave, I don’t know what has you woken inside of me, but it burns me and bites me. Yes, I want you and I want to be with you” she whispered to him when desire took her breath away.


There was nothing else what could turn him on better as the girl’s hazy eyes, which wanted just him. He pulled Viva really close to him and embraced her.


Viva’s young body was shaking from the soft kiss, which she got from Dave - he sat up and pulled her astride onto his lap to pull her even closer. He took her breath away and she moaned into the kiss, when she felt Dave’s chest pressed upon hers. Her head was fey and let him to stroke her soft thighs.


The girl was shaking under his touches and she bent his head backwards to give herself to the high feeling caused by his touches. She never ever thought that something can be so good, her senses came alive and accepted his kisses, the hotness of his hands on her body - her nostrils juddered and she was shaking from his low voice.


Then she gasped for air when one of his hands slid under her panties with his palm up. Her knots on her fingers turned into white from the strong grip on Dave’s shoulders as she bent her head back.


“Is it good, my lil’ one, is it good like that?” asked Dave when he led first just one than two fingers into her and his thumb started rubbing her clit. Viva tried to nod, but when Dave started to move his fingers up and down she could just whimper. She fell into his arms really quick. David was surprised how quick she can come – he barely needed to touch her.


Did she really want him that much? Was she turned on from his touches and kisses so much? She wanted love and care so desperately? The girl amazed him. Earlier he thought Martin and Suzanne had spoiled her, he thought she’d become a popular girl, who was paddling in their famous light. But he misunderstood her. The person in his arms was just a little girl who was hungry for attention and love and she’d hidden it from everyone till now. Maybe her own mother didn’t know a thing about it. Was this caused by the divorcing and the absence of Martin? Dave hoped she wasn’t thinking about him like a “father-complement” in a tricky way, or like a last desperate try to have someone who pays attention to her. But he had doubts.


“Oh my God, if Martin must face that she had chosen me because she wanted a father…” he thought.


“Dave, Dave it’s so good to be with you” she panted onto his chest “Now it’s my turn, OK? Tell me how you want it!”


Dave shook his head: “No, kitty, you don’t need to do a thing, for me it’s enough to adore and watch you.”


But he hadn’t got the time to resist – Viva pulled his zipper down and led him inside already. David’s body strained and laid back to the blanket to let her move on him - he let the girl to serve herself out, let her to take what she wanted.


She pressed her body against his hard and after a while he was only able to growl from his throat. He was coming really fast from her circles on his hips, which could put more experienced women to shame. By this thought he looked up into the flushed girl’s cloudy eyes, who looked back at him from behind her eyelashes’ shadows with half-opened mouth. For a moment Dave glanced down where their bodies were joined and moaned from the sight as the blushing Viva was rubbing her clit with a quick pace, then he was watching her as her second orgasm hit her hard. Her eyes were wet while she was still riding him. He went mad from the sight and the feeling as her exciting tight pussy started to clamp on his shaft.


“Viva… Viva!” he moaned more and more desperately.


She knew why he was calling her name. She slid him out and moved down to take him into her mouth. Dave was moaning with a crazy volume from the sight, from the fact that now Viva tasted the both of them. Then he suddenly exploded into her mouth with a huge yell.




David felt himself quite exhausted and was just lying till his kitty licked him clean, then they went to the lake to take a dive. He felt himself like Adam with his Eve.


In the water they were just caressing and stroking each other and after they dried themselves and dressed up Viva was finally able to calm her starving stomach. And she ate in place of two. David ate just a little fish and a bar of chocolate. He was watching as she was eating and he felt he’d be able to watch her till the end of time.


It was nearly 6 p.m. Soon it was time to go.


Viva looked up and caught Dave’s gaze.


“What’s up?”


“Nothing sweetie, nothing.”


“Don’t say that you adored me!”


“I did. And please don’t say you are not… ‘I’m on my knees when I see beauty, there’s no doubt…’” he sang to her.


Viva laughed “I know it. I know every single one. Do you know how many times I’d heard you singing?”


“I guess you were fed up with me and not just once” he smiled.


“Well there were a few times when I turned off those songs, which dad was listening to, but basically I always loved your voice” she shrugged “It has got such a calm tone. You sing love songs very well… so soft. You have no idea how many times Goodnight lovers comforted me when I cried myself to sleep…”


“What did you do, Viva?”


“Dave, whatever you think, I… by us… things were always agitated and somehow I was always alone. Alone. Music was there with me, for me. I love music very much.”


“And your siblings? Didn’t they help you?”


“You know how it goes, Dave… They were small, I was the eldest. I could size up the best what we were losing with every quarrel… with dad’s leaving…” she put the staled bread down as she peered away. It didn’t disturb her that the half of her face was hidden by her tufts “What do you think how is it for me when I’m listening to Precious? I know that he never shows, but that song is hard for dad, too. Just think about it how hard it is for us… for me. No… I don’t know why I’m talking about this now… I think I just want to trust someone. I was pretending being someone else for too long.”


“You don’t need to act like someone else, it leads nowhere – I know really well. I love you the way you are. Is this enough for you?”


“You are enough for me, yes. I’ll love you forever.”


“Be careful with promises lil’ Viva. It can hurt if we can’t take them.”


“You say this won’t be like that? Dave, if you’d know how much I love you!”


“I just say that be careful with promises.”


“Alright” she looked up at him and checked the time “I think we should go now” she added on a bald tone and started to pack the tings together.


“Okay” he nodded and helped, then he led her by her hand through the cave.



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