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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 6

Chapter 6

  2008.06.23. 20:39




The girl read the SMS under her desk with a smile on her face sitting next to Athina and answered carefully. Even her friend asked why she was so happy, but she just hummed and this was enough for her to figure out: it was because a boy. She thought Viva’ll tell it her if she wants it.


Viva wrote the message that she’ll finish school at noon and she’ll go to the hotel. Few than 2 minutes passed and the answer arrived already – he was waiting for her. Her lessons were passing really slowly – she couldn’t pay attention just draw little silly hearts into her exercise books. Her last lesson seemed endless, it was useless to check the clock on the wall in every minute.


Then the time came and she packed her books into her bag and put on her shades as she said goodbye to Athina – she said she had things to arrange in the city and caught a bus. After half an hour she was in front of the hotel. She stepped in and her stomach sank in the elevator and she felt already hot burning between her thighs as the waiting man came into her mind. She stroked her light summer dress down and after she stepped out from the elevator, she knocked on the right door.


Dave silently opened and closed the door after Viva stepped in. His birdie flew towards him, she put her arms around him and buried her face into his neck then she started to kiss him. Dave did the same. In the next moment he lifted her up and pinned her to the wall and kissed her where he could. Viva nearly died from the longing.


“Oh God! I thought you’d never arrive!” he moaned into the girl’s neck while he put his hands under her skirt and pulled her panties down. He reached for her butts and lifted her so she could put her long thighs around his waist.


“And I thought my lessons’d never end! Dave! Come on! I missed you so! Come!” she panted half-unconscious from the desire. She opened the singer’s trousers and led him with her right hand into her moist pussy after Dave stroked her a few times.


“I’m coming, kitty, I’m coming! You wouldn’t be able to stop me!” he growled and pushed his whole cock up into the stiff body.


They made love like animals – instinctively, moaning in their wild passion and as they started they were already over it.


“Uh, this was really quick, baby” whispered Dave huskily “We must give time and place for it, I want to love you clean, you’re such a sweet little girl” he kissed her sweaty forehead “Viva, my love, come” he said and put her down.


“I’ll follow you even if you lead me to Hell!” she smiled and pulled off her dress while she followed him – so after Dave turned around she was standing naked in front of him.


“Beautiful” breathed Dave as he examined his slim lover and stroked her arms “Now I’ll love you till you’ll beg for mercy” he smiled at her wickedly, what made her knees weak and the lust started to grow in her again.


“That’ll be good… that’ll be very good, Dave…” she panted and let him pull her close.


After a few explorer and feverish kisses he bent her neck readily backwards to let him kiss and bite it down, then he licked her collarbone till he reached her breasts. She sighed faintly as she felt his teeth gently biting her erected nipple and he started to suck her hardened bosom. “When… when must you go?” she faltered out and with her right hand she grabbed Dave’s shoulder – her left was digging the dark tufts by his crag.


“Soon sweetie. I try to satisfy your lust and I must go to the airport quickly. Viva, listen to me” he suddenly stopped his work “I’ll buy a cell phone for you too after we finish this and we’ll speak just on that. And I’ll create an e-mail address, too. Give me a nickname and never, never use my real one, do you understand, my lil’ one?”


“Yes… yes, I understand. We’ll be careful, I understand” she cupped his face between her hands “I assume everything to be with you. I was already thinking about how we could solve the phone calls, because my bills are paid by mom and they know your number - they would recognize it. But I see you’re more experienced in this, too” she smiled, but a little sad sparkle was visible in her eyes for a second.


Dave saw it and he saddened too “See, I want the best for you and I just make you sad” he said with a resigned tone and sat down on the bed as he looked up at Viva.


“No, on the contrary. You make me happy” she sat onto his lap astride and stroked Dave’s face with a sad smile “People and their created rules, the society’s norms and things like these make me sad, things which can part us. I know that we are not the only ones walking in these shoes, but I wish I was older just with a few years to be able to love you freely. It was difficult to explain my mother where I was and with who” she shrugged.


“And what did you say?”


“The truth of course.”


“I don’t think so…”


“I told her I was taking a trip with one of my friends. And wasn’t it true?”


“It was. Poor Suzanne if she had known!”


“Why? Do you think you’re not good enough for me?”


“Yes, downright, baby. 28 years is a long time. I’m a burned out 46 years old guy who lived many things and I’m with a 16 years old angel.”


“17!” she protested sulkily and straightened herself on Dave’s lap and they were laughing now. “Nah, it’s much better now! I love when you smile. You’ve a beautiful smile. So boyish and seductive in the same time…” she winked.


“Really? And I like your elfish smile. Yes, I like it. Oh God you attacked me like a little bull in Madrid. I hadn’t got a chance against you when you decided you wanted me. What were you thinking about when you started it? What was in your pretty little head?”


“To tell the truth I wasn’t thinking too much. My instincts led me. I wanted you… above everything. I just wanted to kiss you, to touch you, to feel your touches… I… I wanted…”


“Yes?” he lifted her gaze up by her chin.


“I wanted you to love me… and I wanted you to take my virginity… I wanted you to be the one…” she flushed.


“My love, my little love. You wanted exactly me for this beautiful task?”


“Yes, Dave. I feel myself safe with you. I know you but not that much, but… you were not a stranger. And as you fled from me on the beach… don’t say a word, it would have been difficult not to notice it and after all you were just in swimming trunks…”


“Lord help me! Viva!”


“Now what??” she laughed and put her arms around Dave’s neck “Somehow it felt good that I had such an effect on you. It started something in me. I found it exciting…” she nuzzled up to his lap gently “I wanted to know how much… you wanted me, how… exciting was our little naked bathing with Athina” she stroked Dave’s flushed face – she found it really sweet. “Indeed, why didn’t you peep Athina? She was always the favourite among the boys. She’s much more beautiful than I am, but still modest and kind. She’s a real popular girl.”


“Dunno, I didn’t see her - just you. I don’t know why. You have fucking long legs… if I just look at them they turn me on and your voice, your sweet laugh, your… breasts…Viva…uhh I’ll…”


“Yes, you will…?”


“I’ll fuck you now and… and…Viva, sweetie…”


And with this last unfinished sentence he threw Viva on the bed like a flake and started to bite her tenderly kneeling next to her.


Viva moaned again and again and enjoyed the feeling when Dave took her nipples into his mouth and pampered them with soft bites and went insane when he massaged her breasts.


“You… ah… you like them that much?” she moaned grabbing the sheets as she looked down at Dave, who couldn’t get enough from her bosoms.


“Uhmf… yes! They are beautiful!” he moaned between two breaths then he sucked not just her nipples, but took gently as much flesh into his mouth as it was possible. This made Viva cry again and she felt as another wave of hot liquid arrived between her legs. Her concupiscent body was ready to die for Dave in a second.


“Sweetie, do you want it in another way now? You got used to me, it won’t hurt, it’ll be nice. If we do it in this way, I’ll be in you as deep as it’s possible. Viva, hon, even if I speak about it… Turn around, my lil’ one, turn around, honey!”


“What are you doing, Dave? What are you doing to me?”


“You’ll see immediately. Lift yourself up, your shoulders can be on the bed. I lift you a bit, okay? And now I kneel between your thighs.”


“David, I feel you. You are so close to me, oh, oh, luv, my David…”


“Wait, just wait. Now I penetrate you slowly, nicely, do you feel it? Is it good for you, sweetie? Does it hurt, birdie?”


“Nooo, nooo-hooo, ahhhhh, God… more… more!”


“Kitty, not so wild, hon wait a bit… hhhh… I’ll cum in a second… hhhh… you can’t be so tight… it can’t be… Viva!”


Viva tried to take mastery over herself. She tried to hold herself back to let Dave love her in his pace although she was burning after him. She felt his warm hands on her waist and moaned full with lust when he ran his hands on her back. She bit her lips and panted from the softer pushes.


She felt the forming sweat drops on her forehead and her tufts got wet, but she didn’t mind it. When Dave’s sentence reached her senses, her inner muscles contracted harder around him unconsciously from the excitement.


Viva gave herself in, she couldn’t resist the instant inclines and she was already on the other side. And this pace was too much for Dave too – after a few pushes he followed her.


They were panting on each other’s sweaty bodies when Dave’s cell started to ring. It was Martin.




For a moment Dave was just staring at the screen with quick heartbeats. His mouth went dry and felt the absurdity of the situation. Martin was calling him just after he finished with his daughter… Was this a warning sign?


“Won’t you pick it up?” asked Viva still lying on her tummy.


Dave didn’t answer just peeked at her after he came into his senses from the girl’s voice and hurried to the other room. He pushed the green button to accept the call with a shaky voice.


“Hi Mart, what’s up?” he asked restless.


“I want to talk with you Dave, I won’t waste our time. I know you are here in LA. Would you jump in?”


Dave leaned against the wall with a pale face and thought that everything was over – their love just started and it’s already over. He had a little more strength to ask: “Do you want just speak, or something else, too?”


“Of course I want to see you, you knave! Would you leave without saying hello? What the hell are you doing here?”


“Hmm I visited one of my friends.”


“Okay then now come and visit your other friend, me, too. I’m glad you’re here! I hope you are not busy tonight, you’re invited for a dinner. I told Suzanne that you’re here and we could meet by her. Do you remember? She cooks very well and the kids’ll be happy to see you. They always liked you and you have good hands for children.”


“Aha” moaned Dave. This was all he could say.


He was still awfully pale when he hung up leaning to the wall. He felt his body lightly shaking. Martin shit-scared him! He needed a few minutes.


“Who was it?” appeared the naked Viva in the door “You are deadly pale. Bad news?”


“No… I can’t say it” he watched the girl. Martin was right… oh he was! He had good hands for children… his daughter could tell it.




 “Ehm… it’s good news. I don’t go home now…”


“Dave! That’s cool!” she ran to him and landed in his neck “What’s the cause?”


“Your father.”


“What?” she looked at him seriously.


“He nearly caused a heart attack with his call. He invited me for a dinner to your house, because he knows I’m here in LA. I told him I visited a friend of mine. I call the airport Viva and transfer my flight, and I must call Jen and the reception, it’ll last for a while. Viva, our eyes, our body language will betray us – I can’t really lie.”


“Do you want me to go away?” she looked at him doubtingly “If you want after dinner I say I must learn and I go away if my presence disturbs you” she looked up at him with big eyes.


“It’s not that you disturb me, I love it when you are near, but I’m scared we’ll be nabbed. God, don’t do this to me! And I go after you with the excuse that I’m searching for the upper loo, right?”


“Dave, don’t turn me on!”


“No, no, it wasn’t for that. It’s a joke, you know.”


“Okay, then I can stay” she rubbed her body to him.


“You’ll kill me girl, and you’ll have a dead lover” he took a sharp breath from the sight.


“Then I’ll be necrophil too?” she gave him an elfish smile and licked her lips as her fingers ran up on Dave’s thighs and side.


“What are you up to… you, you daemon?” he looked down at her with a little smile in the corner of his lips.


“Maybe… would you wash my back, honey? Of course just in the case you won’t die from the effort…” she said slowly while her fingertips slid onto Dave’s waist and spine and she winked.


“I was your back, kitty, but you don’t want to kill me, do you? I’d never thought I’

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