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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 7 - part2

Chapter 7 - part2

  2008.06.23. 20:45

And now Dave was aware of her frequent touches and started to feel himself a bit discomforted. He just wanted to go up to Viva’s room and comfort her. It was especially embarrassing that Mart came back when Sue’s hand was still on his. He sighed silently, but this didn’t disturb Martin he was searching for Viva.


“Where’s she?


“She ran up to her room.”


“Hmm I speak with her” said Mart “I just called Maimie Ellington on the music faculty of arts that my daughter’ll go there and pay attention on her.”


“Martin!” Suzanne frowned again “First we should talk about it!” she straightened herself.


“But if she wants this…”


“But she shouldn’t go there with a pull! She should get in from her own abilities and not because of her famous father!” she lowered her voice not to show her anger.


“I didn’t ask her to do that. I just asked her if they must choose between two equally talented candidates, then take care of her. Viva is good, I know it the best. Did you hear her playing lately? And her voice! If she sings she’s like Katie Melua – mysterious, enigmatic and softly feminine. You’ll see they’ll like it.”


“But Martin, New Jersey is so far away and she’s just 17!”


“And? Everyone goes to university at this age.”


“But I don’t…”


“Sue, you won’t lose her! I know it’s hard to let her go, because she’s the eldest and the first one who’ll fly away from home, but you must get used to it.”


Suzanne was just staring at her ex-husband. She didn’t like the idea still, but decided not to bring Dave into an uncomfortable situation with a quarrel so she just stood up.


“I rather pack the things away. We can speak about this later, too. David I hope you found the dinner satisfying. Just go with Mart if you want to speak. I go to the kitchen” she gave a faint smile and disappeared with a bowl in her hand.


“You’ll help her to get in, won’t you?”


“Sure. I see she wants this… And it seems she is sure about it… Do you hear it?” he smiled and nodded towards the ceiling when they heard the sounds of the piano “It was exactly Sue, who said she started to play again lately. She’s talented. I hope Sue’ll see it too, and won’t keep her from fulfilling her dreams. Come on Dave, let’s take a look at the Miss. I want you to hear how beautiful she can play. Okay, okay now you think just the proud and narrow-minded father is talking from me, but listen!” and he opened the door quietly.


Dave stepped in unsure and slowly after Martin, and then they closed the door quietly. Viva didn’t notice them, she was playing the piano with closed eyes in the left side of the room. Her upper body was moving back and forth to the rhythm while her long fingers were moving with magical neatness on the keys.


Dave didn’t see the room just her and his mouth fell open as he was watching her frowning, moving and taking the air through the half-opened mouth. He couldn’t help it, but the picture came into his mind when Viva was moving on him with such passion like this, and needed to charge himself not to let the hotness go down to his groin. He was just standing there next to Martin and his mouth dried as his gaze went along Viva’s long legs and saw that one of them was helping her play with the damper.


They didn’t say a word till Viva finished the play and looked up. She lifted one eyebrow questioningly as she saw the two men.


“Viva, dear I want to speak with you. About the university. Is it a problem that Dave’s here, too? Do you mind it?


“No, not at all” she sent an impish, really ambiguous smile and crossed her legs willingly too high as she turned to her father.


Dave gulped a big one – he knew the little flapper was torturing him – he smiled faintly and sat down into a comfortable red chair, till Martin sat down next to his daughter by the piano.


“What do you wanted to say, dad?” she turned her head towards Martin questioningly, propping herself onto her right hand to give a better view on her breasts – but of course it was visible only for Dave.


“I want to know how serious you are about Princeton. I want to know if this isn’t just a kindling from you, because your feature is the question now.”


“I’m not a little girl anymore, dad. I can decide and I know when I am sure about my business. And this is such a situation. I don’t know what else I could do. Yes dad, I meant it really seriously. My soul is disjointed like yours. I’d die in a lawyers’ office. You know I favor better you than mum” she nestled herself to her father. She knew he always believes such words from her. And her father melted immediately. Dave was smiling under his nose how Viva can manipulate his friend, too. It was instinctively at her finger’s end – a real woman.


“Okay sweetie, I help you if you want. You just need to persuade your mother, but I know you’re hip enough to disarm her like you did it with me” he laughed and hugged her shoulder while she was just smiling.


“Thanks dad.”


“You’re welcome. It’s your future after all. I’ve put in a word for you already. But you know that from now on you must practice with your full strength?” he looked at her seriously.


“Sure. Those 3 weeks for the preparing’ll fly away soon. What do you advise, what should I play on the exam?”


“I must think about it first, but as a beginning a minuet from Hayden would mesmerize them. Then you can think about something from Mussorgsky it’s really elegant and not so difficult. Then some classical jazz play, for example a Duke Ellington.”


“Alright, I’ll think about it and check them. Together we’ll figure out something” she smiled at him and gave a sudden kiss onto his face “Thank you dad, this means a lot for me. Awfully lot” she nestled herself to his chest, but her face was turned unnoticeably to the smiling Dave and she knew her eyes were betraying her emotions.


Dave was spell-bounded from the fact how expertly the girl can manipulate people. With full naturalness! He decided to help her where he can to fulfill her dream. If it’s necessary he’ll speak with Suzanne, too!




“Yes, Dave?”


“I think you’re talented. You played very beautiful with empathy and emotions. Music needs passion and it’s in you.”


Viva blushed. Dave had right, but she felt the back-meaning of it, too.


“Viva, now I say goodbye, my plain’ll depart soon. Goodbye lil’ miss” behind the light tone his heart was breaking.


Viva’s eyes were telling the same emotions although she managed to put a broad smile onto her face. They didn’t know when they’ll see each other again.


She just wanted to jump up and press her greedy lips against his, but she knew it wasn’t possible. So she just stood up to walk to him and as she hugged him she inhaled his masculine scent unnoticed.


Dave’s heart pounded a big one, but held himself back under the gaze of the smiling Martin. Then he stepped out from the room to search for the other members of the family to say goodbye. As they were walking down on the steps with Martin, they heard the muffled sound of the piano again.


“I think she’s serious with this” noted Martin happily and didn’t notice the hidden emotions in Viva’s play. But Dave did and his heart sank not knowing how long he must leave her behind. He didn’t say a word just nodded and said goodbye to the others, too after he thanked the dinner.


He just wanted to call a taxi when Viva appeared on the top of the stairs with the keys of her new car.


“You don’t need to call a cab, I take you to the airport” she smiled “The car needs a few miles. Mom, can I take him?”


“Well… Okay, just go. You drive good” shrugged Sue.


“If it’s a problem than it’s not necessary” protested Dave for a show, but his heart started to pound faster already.


“Oh come on! Come, we must catch that plain!” she jumped down from the last two steps, put  a jeans jacket over her colorful summer dress and hooked on Dave as she led him laughing towards the door.

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