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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 8 - part1

Chapter 8 - part1

  2008.06.23. 20:46




Viva ran down on the steps towards the garage while Dave pulled himself back with force and went down slowly till Calo jumped into his neck kissing his face all over as he thanked the guitar gratefully. And he asked if he’d come again. Her mother stepped to them to take Calo from Dave’s arms and put him down. Now she embraced him not in a low key – rather more than keenly.


Dave felt himself strange. He knew women well enough to know what this was. He didn’t want to seem impolite, but evolved quickly from the embrace and looked at Sue with big eyes, whose face blushed and her eyes were shining as she looked back at Dave. All he wanted to do was to get out of this situation before Viva appears. So he let her go quickly and waved goodbye.




Dave held himself back just till the house disappeared then he was watching his speechless lover uncovered.


The girl saw the scene, but didn’t say a word just waved to get in the car and go. She sat in without a word and waited for Dave to do the same as she put on her shades and started the engine. She was a bit stage freighted not to do something wrong during driving, because she wasn’t a professional driver yet, but from the outside she seemed self-confident although she had a little red blush on her face.


He didn’t say a word for a while then asked her to stop by a quietly crossroad. Viva nodded and did as he wished. When they’d stopped Dave was still speechless he just pulled Viva to him and buried his face into her hair.


First the girl was stiff in his arms then gave herself into his embrace gradually.


“What’s it, Dave? Is there something wrong?” she whispered into his ear putting her arms around his body to stroke his back.


“I’m just afraid of losing you as I did with everything else in my life.”


“Oh Dave… I promise you won’t!”


“But if they’ll figure it out I can’t see you never again, they’ll part us. And…and if not, after a while you’ll realize that I’m not the one for you! Your eyes’ll open and you’ll find someone else.”


“Dave! Don’t say things like these, please! I love you very much!”


“It’s just the magic of newness, little girl…” he looked sadly into her eyes.


“Please don’t degrade the love I feel for you” her eyes hardened a bit.


Dave evolved from the hug and got out of the car without a word. He was thinking about to go away to hell, but he just walked to the next doorway and lit a cigarette nervously.


Viva didn’t know what to do. She was never in a situation like this before, she never had such a relationship, but she didn’t want to screw it up. She just left herself to be guided by her senses. First she let Dave to calm down then stopped the engine and got off the car. For a minute she was just standing there unsure what’d be the best to do and watched the man, who puffed smoke again and again, then she walked there and hugged him.


Dave avoided the eye-contact, he turned his head away.


“Viva, I’m sorry. It’d be better for the both of us…”


“What would be better, Dave, what?” she started to cry frightened.


“Viva, you don’t trust me, I saw it in your eyes. It was hard and… you don’t trust me. It’d be better if… you’ll be fine without me… I call a cab.”


“Dave! Don’t do this to me!” her tears were flowing freely now “In the past years I couldn’t trust anyone like I trust you now! If it wasn’t true, you think I’d give my virginity to you? Yes? You think so? You can’t leave me here like this! I go to Princeton because of you, to be with you, because I love you! Isn’t that enough?!”


“If you go there, you shouldn’t learn there because of me but because of yourself. But maybe you shouldn’t go there, maybe you should search for another university which can fully satisfy your needs.”


“But I’ve found it already! I’ve found you! Dave, please!” she strained him with insane strength “Don’t leave me on my own! I don’t want to be alone again!”


“Viva, we’ll pay for this. The both of us. I’m ready to take the consequences, but you’re so young and… fragile. Don’t think we can be happy. Do we believe in love at all?”


“Yes I believe in it, Dave! You can think that I’m just a naďve girl, but I believe in it! If we don’t try it at all then we really can’t be happy! Sometimes I feel as if you were testing me. I love you and you know it well! You don’t have an idea how hard I can be. My life was never a girlish dream although maybe you see it else. That picture is fake. This love’ll hurt in every way, but I don’t care. I want you Dave, how often must I say it?” she sniffled locking her eyes with his honestly.


“I’ve done what I shouldn’t, Viva. What I shouldn’t have done ever…”


“You’ve slept with me?”


Dave shook his head and pushed off her hands of him and he just said silently: “I fell for you.”


It took her breath away for a moment and her heart started to beat faster. And she felt her cheeks burning as her eyes filled up with tears again and the silver drops were running fast down on her face. She unconsciously dabbed her nose with her hand.


“But this is… this is wonderful, Dave!”  she hiccupped “You… you should be happy from this! I’m very happy, oh God, you can’t imagine how much I am!”


“My happiness is not cloudless. You’re a wonderful being and I bring you down, I deprave you and put you in trouble and I simply die from this feeling. You don’t know me yet, I… shit… I don’t want to speak about this… Please, Viva tell me to go away… I can’t go from my own.”


“God, I won’t say it! I’m not insane! I won’t send away the one I love! I like to be with you too much to do this! I’m not interested in the circumstances, in other’s opinion, you’re the one I’m interested in! And I don’t care how it’ll be, till I can be with you! How long should I say these things to bring you over?”


“You’ve chosen the wrong one, Viva, but I’m yours if you want. You don’t know what sort of I am if I truly love someone. You’ll go crazy from me. I’ll cling to you and crawl into your lap like a child and I’ll whimper, too” he smiled finally with still dark eyes “Here’s your mobile phone birdie, here you are.”


“Dave… dear! This means that you’ll stay with me, right?” she grabbed his arms nearly painfully.


“Yes, sweetie. Just don’t regret it…” he hugged her.


“I won’t, I won’t!” she smiled at him as she nestled herself to his chest “I love you so! Love me, my panther!”


Dave was smiling from the nickname, but there was more sadness in his smile than happiness. He could see the future, he saw Viva as she realizes she had chosen the wrong person and she’ll leave him and he won’t have anyone or anywhere to go. But now the girl is here with him, now he can lover her. And if she really wants this he’ll do it.


He couldn’t bear it anymore and hugged her and kissed her as hot as he could. He put all the fire of his heart into his kiss not to let his love’s heart froze till he can secure and warm her again.


Viva was shaking from the intensive kiss. She nearly saw as the burning energy -which she could taste from Dave- reached and burned every part of her body. So he can love like this, too. She was thinking about how many other ways he can. She felt as her body started to scream after the singer, but she pushed the feeling back and continued the kiss. She didn’t mind they were doing this on the street. At that moment she didn’t care who can see them.


“Come, it won’t be lucky if an acquaintance’d see us” broke Dave the kiss after a few minutes. He couldn’t have been able to hide how exciting the feverish kiss was for him, but he didn’t ashamed. He took Viva’s hand and led her back to the car where he sat back onto the passenger’s seat.


Viva was still panting from the kiss as she took the air between her swollen and red lips.


“Dave, you’re amazing. You burnt my heart with this kiss. Oh God, I wish you could stay.”


“I must go. And it’d be bad without you. Viva, I can go with the next plain… I… I…”


“I want you too, my panther, but I must go home too, what could I say? Where was I?”


“You ran into a traffic jam?” he laughed “Or you missed the right way…”


“Traffic jam, huh?” she smiled too while she bent over the gearshift and put her hand cheekily onto his inner thigh “Do I drive that bad, hm?”


“Viva, I, I… one more minute and I lay you down.”


“I aimed exactly on this” she slid her hand up on his thigh.


“God, you’ll kill me!” he growled and snapped at the swollen lips. His hands were sliding on her back than on her breasts what made her moan loud. She bent back from his lips and opened his trousers greedily.


“I wanted you so much during dinner! I nearly went mad, because I didn’t dare to touch you! And… I must thank you for your gift, too. It’s beautiful!” and with her free hand she stroked the phoenix on her neck, which was dangling between her breasts. Then she didn’t even give a chance to Dave for an answer – she was already between his legs and took his semi-hard member into her mouth.


“Viva, sweetie, don’t do this to me.”


“Then what should I do?”


“Oh dear! Viva, I love you so” he moaned and pulled her onto his lap helping for ‘lil Dave to find the way inside. How different they made love this time! It was less wild, but thoughtfully, like real lovers do.


“My car… is larger!” laughed Viva waggish at once.


Dave laughed into her neck, what he was biting gently “Yes… yes it is… But you… God, you’re as fucking exciting tight as you were! Oh God, Viva!”


“Rather a Goddess, right?” she smiled while she was doing her sensual circles on her lover and sight a big one from the concupiscence, which was yelling for fulfillment.


They loved each other devotedly then they were just panting in each others arms and were kissing quickly and greedy. They knew saying goodbye’d be not easy, but they needed to go.


“When’ll I see you again?” whispered Viva looking into Dave’s satisfied eyes.


“I don’t know. There are things I must arrange. And we must handle with the album, too. I’ll be quite busy for a while. And you should prepare yourself for your final exams and for that entrance examination, too.”


“Yes. Should we meet just after it?”


“Maybe it’d be practical, hon. I don’t want to distract your attention from your studies. It’ll be not easy to bear it, but we have to. Take it as the first probe of our relationship.”


“I have no choice” she stroked his face “I’ll miss you, panther.”


“I’ll miss you too, birdie…”





Viva didn’t join Dave to the terminal he was in a hurry so they said goodbye with a few quick kisses in the car. Viva went home to explain why she was late and went to her room with the cell which she got from Dave.


After a while her mother was knocking on the door. She was still devastated from the debate with her ex-husband – it was impossible to argue with him, but she feared for her daughter.


“Viva, sweetie, can I come in? I was talking with your father!”


“Sure, come in!” she answered and turned the cell quickly off and put it under her pillow. As an alibi she grabbed a literature book. Her mother stepped in and sat next to her “What were you talking about?”


“About you and this New Jersey-thing.”


“Mom I’m dead sure in this question so before you’d start…”


“No Viva, listen to me” she touched her daughter’s knee.


“Alright, just tell it, I’m listening.”


“Your father gained me over. I’m not sure, I have disapproval, but I let you go. It scares me that you are barely older than 16 and you’ll be alone in a big city…”


“It scares me too, very much. But I must start somewhere. If there were a classical music department at the UCLA, I’d go there” she improvised “But there’s nothing. And if not here, than it doesn’t matter which city I chose, right?”


Suzanne sighed and looked at her “Well… basically you’re right. Just…it’ll be hard to let you go… It’ll be hard to accept that my little one has grown up…” she stroked her face. Viva landed in her mother’s neck without a word.


“I promise I’ll be careful. I love you mum very much, you know it, right?”


“Yes, sweetie, yes… I know” she stroked her daughter’s back and evolved from the hug after a minute and headed to the door “Good night, hon.”


Viva knew that her mother was crying and she didn’t want to let her see it. They’ve never seen her really crying, they had a strong mother. But now she jumped up from the bed and embraced her mother from the back, her eyes were teary too. And her mom realized that she really started to act as an adult – she undertakes her feelings and she take care after the others.


“I love you mom, you know it, don’t you?”


After a few minute the husky answer came: “Yes, I know. Me too. Very much, darling…” she turned around and looked into her daughter’s teary eyes “But I trust you and I hope you’ll do what’s good for you. It doesn’t matter what happens I’ll love you, but I know you’ll take care. You’re a clever girl and slowly an adult too. It’s time to start your own life. It just scared me.”


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