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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 8 - part2

Chapter 8 - part2

  2008.06.23. 20:47

Dave was thinking as he hung up, but he didn’t want to scare Viva. He was alone in his flat and the whole room was a mess around him. Capsized furniture, opened cupboards and the sound of his daughter’s cry in his ears. They had a debate with his wife again. Debate? Jen attacked him like the devil. And now he wasn’t in the mood to play the nice little doggy as he did several times for the peace. Now he was shouting, fluttering and pushed everything over what came into his way. And his wife took the children away… again. David was thinking about what to do.


Should he go after her and beg her to come back because of the children? Or should he stay and show Jen she can’t play with him as she like? He was tired and sick from this wrangling which started years ago. Maybe Martin had right and he should close this marriage, too? But poor kids! He loved them more that anything else. And what if Jen disappears with them? If he can’t see them again? It wasn’t about just his lil’ daughter Rosie, but about his stepson Jimmy! He loved him like his own child.


He was sitting on his red couch with his elbows on his knees and was holding a cigarillo as he was thinking about what to do. First he called his maid to clean this mess. He wanted order around and inside him, too.


When Nana the old French lady arrived and tapped his shoulder he felt himself a bit better. Nana knew that there was trouble in the air again. She used to get orders in a staccato voice from his wife, and now this nice man called her on his soft voice. Nana brought cookies too, she knew what men needed. After ten minutes he opened his heart for the wise Nana next to an Earl Grey tea with hot milk and the delicious walnut-filled crescents. First she was just listening to him thoughtfully.


Then she advised with a nice voice to think about what he wanted to do with his life and if he wanted to have situations like these in the future, too. She said he should watch things from the children’s view, because this wrangling is not good for them either. They need safety and a concrete place to feel themselves good. Jennifer’s “plays” were not good for them. Then she said a lot of things to Dave, who was listening to the old lady with his full attention, because she lived many things and had good experiences and advices.


He was happy to have such friends. It’s true that Nana was just a maid, who was cleaning the flat since they’d moved in, but she knew things better than a psychiatrist. Nana was kind, thoughtfully and mindful. She gave advices just when someone asked her to do so, she never jostled. Dave smiled at her thankfully and she smiled back.


“And now David, if I can ask, please, go out for a few hours. You’d be only in the way. Go and watch a film, I know you like it.”


 Dave nodded, he really loved it. But first he wanted to move out all the tension from his body and went down to the gym. He asked when he can come back and Nana sent him away.


He didn’t stop till he was sweating heavily. He cleaned his face with a towel, drank a sip from the water and stepped on the conveyor belt to continue the practice. He felt it was good for him. He hadn’t got the time lately. During running he was able to think better – he was doing it right now and was thinking about those things what Nana said: his children, New Jersey and Viva. Then he took a shower and went to the cinema so his brain could switch off.




It was Friday afternoon, his birthday – the 46th. Viva had her entrance examination today and he wanted to see her. They agreed they’ll meet in front of the university’s main building, but Viva didn’t know how. Her mother came with her to the exam. David was waiting for her for an hour, he started to worry and sent the second SMS. He didn’t see her for 21 days. 21 days.


Then he saw Viva’s slim figure and his heart started to beat faster. He was ready to open the car’s door when he saw Suzanne behind her. He backed down immediately and watched desperately as they passed his car. He didn’t know what to do. After a minute Viva ran back and threw a notebook in as she said just two words: “Hi, Dave”.


He looked at it. It was a little letter, which asked him not to go home, but they can meet just after 6 p.m., because her mother had something to arrange in the city and she’ll be alone in the hotel. She asked him to go to the Meridian at 6 o’clock. Dave knew that they were playing a dangerous game, but he stopped the car by the hotel’s corner 5 minutes before 6 p.m. and was sitting and waiting there.


Barely two minutes passed and the familiar slender figure appeared. She rushed to the car and sat in a bit panting.  She threw herself into Dave’s arms and started to kiss him wherever she could – and Dave did the same. After a few minutes they were able to part from each other.


“Oh my God, I went nearly crazy!” said Viva first “21 days! Like your song ’21 days’! Dave, Dave!” she sniffled into his neck “We have nearly two hours. Mom said she’ll be back around 9. Dave, my David, my love!” she stroked the missed face “Dave, what’ll be with us?” she asked again and again. She thought she’ll die from the longing after her love.


“Viva, my lil’ birdie! Jennifer’d left me again and took the children. I know this is not the first time, but till this point I tried to be a good doggy for the children’s shake, and for the peace, but I won’t do it anymore. Our relationship died a long time ago and now I love someone else – you.”


“And what do you want to do, Dave? Get divorced?” she stroked his arm, hand and shoulder.


“I don’t know it exactly yet, but I feel it… if she don’t give me another chance, it’ll end like that.”


“You love me, but you’d go back, if she gave you a chance?” Viva froze seriously.


“It’s not about Jen, but the kinds. It’s not their fault and I love them. Very much. You can’t even imagine it, because you’re not a parent yet. And see? You blame your father still, because he’d left. Viva, my lil’ daughter Rosie is not 9 years old yet! Jimmy had lost his father already. Although he’s not my own blood, I’m his father. What’d you do in my place hon, hm?”


Viva bent her back into the seat and propped her legs on the control panel. She sighed a big one and started to patter with her fingers on her chin as she looked out through the windscreen, watching the evening traffic. She was thinking like that for long minutes before she finally answered:


“I don’t know. Supposedly I’d go back in their shake if there was a chance” she closed her eyes sadly.




“Yes. Then I go now. Call Jen and ask her to come back. Put things into their right places in your life, Dave” she said in a bald tone.


“It’s no good, it doesn’t matter how we try, see? I feel like I split. I love you Viva. I don’t know yet what I’ll do. But I want you to know that I love you. I just couldn’t find a way out of this situation yet. Where is this going? I don’t know. Now she’s waiting me to call her, because she knows I want to talk with the kids.


“Is it her fault that they are here now, David?”


“Partly. This needs two people. A relationship can be awfully complicated. It makes me sad that we are here now, but I can’t take it anymore, I can’t do things against my nature anymore. I know I’m not a simply guy, but I’m not manipulative at least. It’s really her fault why I don’t love her anymore. How could I, if she forces me to do things against my nature? Viva, I’m scared you won’t be happy with me either. I’m not good in compromises and I want to control everyone. Viva, go now till it’s not too late, I’ll get on somehow. Don’t ruin your life with me.”


“It’s already too late, David. I’ve already ‘ruined’ my life with you” she noted with a little cynical tone “Do you remember? I fell for you. And this won’t vanish from me when I smack my fingers. David, I was thinking a lot and I became more serious. You gave a goal for my life. I want to be with you and play music. This two are the most important things in my life. In the last few weeks I shagged myself a lot to reach what I want. And now I’m here. David, my entrance examination was successful, they called me. I’ll be a student here. If you want I go now and let you think, because I see you’re confused. But if you think you’ll be able to speak with me, just drop a call and we’ll solve it.”


“How long will you stay with me?”


“Nearly two hours.”


“Come on, I bring you somewhere where we can be together. Don’t go Viva! I want your love, I want you. Yes, I have no idea what I want, but I know what I don’t want to lose: you.”


“Alright, David. Let’s go. I don’t want to lose you either. Take me away… no matter where. Just take me…”


David didn’t answer just ran the engine and they were on their way. The girl didn’t know where they were going, she was just watching the running buildings and was thinking about what they were talking about. So this was the cause why Dave was so strained when he woke her up with his call.

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