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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 9 - part2

Chapter 9 - part2

  2008.06.23. 20:53

Viva started to worry. Another three weeks passed and Dave didn’t call and never answered her calls either. She didn’t know what to do. Every night she was crying in her bed and called back the hours when they were together while she was listening to his voice and craving for him. But he never answered her calls and e-mails – it was in vain to ask him why.


Then on a morning when her siblings had already gone she went down to the kitchen to have an orange juice. As she opened the newspapers her heart wrung together and yelled a short one from the pain she suddenly felt.


“No!!” the tears were welling up in her eyes as she saw Dave with another woman on some music event.


She didn’t know a thing yet, maybe it was just a mistake, but the chocolate beauty was watching him with awe in her eyes and Dave was holding her waist tightly while he was smiling broadly. Her mother stepped to her not knowing why she was so worried and pale. Viva was gulping big ones but haven’t try to explain the situation for her mother, just stood up and like a robot she stepped to the fridge, poured a glass of orange juice and sat back to the table and grabbed the medallion in her neck which was burning on her skin now.


She tried to act normally, but she barely managed to drink that orange juice. Before her mother could ask her questions she announced she’ll go to her room to practice. She just nodded not knowing what was with her.


When she stepped into her room she locked herself away and sat down to the piano. She tried to reach Dave on his cell – on both of his cells – but he didn’t pick it up. By this time her tears were flowing silently. She wrote an SMS: “Why are you doing this?” then she put her cell on the top of the piano and started to play from his head. She chose a sad one.


Dave’s cell beeped so he checked it. It was Viva again. His heart sank and he sighed. He was really sorry about this. He knew he made her sadder and sadder every day with what he was doing with her. He was doing it, because he wanted her to hate him. Maybe this was wrong… maybe he should speak with her. He dialed her number and was waiting. After a while he heard a sniffling sound, but he wasn’t able to speak into the phone. Viva repeated his name sobbing till the man put it down with tears in his eyes. Even through her sobbing Viva heard his harassed breaths.


She didn’t know how long she was sitting there sobbing above her music scores asking ‘why he was doing this’. Yes she was angry a bit, cuz he was playing with her emotions, but what could she do? She just loved him.




They still didn’t speak – she didn’t want to thrust herself upon him, but it hurt like hell when she saw him with different women again and again, and she knew a lot of them were his fans. She read it on the DM forums and in the newspapers. After a while her tears ran out and she closed herself into her body showing a painted grin on her face towards her family. She wanted to go away finally.


Her wish was granted soon when she slowly started to move into her new flat. There was sill the half of August in front of her before the university’s start. She’d changed.


She became a silent girl from the lively and vivid one. She couldn’t find any happiness in the things, maybe music was the only exception. She practiced a lot and her skills were getting better and better with every day, because she was playing the piano whole days long. She played the song she’d written for Dave every day and she was crying on it in every occasion.  When they bought the little flat she sent an SMS to Dave with her new address, but as earlier: he didn’t answer.




His divorce was over and it ended in a reassuring way: the court judged Rosie for him and Jimmy to his grandparents. He was relieved. Peter even fought out - alluding to Jen’s behaviour and because she had an own earning – he needn’t pay a single penny for her. Jen was sitting in her own trap and was spluttering the media with ugly things about Dave. She was telling stories about Dave’s strange sexual taste. Dave was holding his head, but couldn’t do anything against it. He tried not to pay attention to the abuse. He knew every wonder lasts only for three days.


Since he knew where the girl’s flat was, he dropped into the habit to go into New Jersey every day and he was spending hours in the quiet little street. He was parking near to her house and was listening to the piano-play which was flowing out from the open window with the clear ringing voice. He loved her – more than ever. He felt he can’t fight against this enormous feeling, he can’t swim up the stream.


Then on a Thursday in the middle of August he stepped out of the car and rang the bell. He heard as the play from above stopped and after a few minutes the intercom made a raspy sound.


“Yes? Who’s it?” he heard the tired and bald tone.


“It’s me. Would you let me in?” he asked after a minute silence before he decided not to turn around and go away.


Another minute of silence answered him on the other side of the line then it went dead and the door buzzed.


He bent his head down and stepped in to go up unsurely on the steps.  He wanted to give time for them that’s why he didn’t use the elevator. At last after a few minutes he found the right corridor and knocked on the door, which opened nearly immediately.


“David, you are here?”


“I am, my lil’ birdie. Can I go in?”


“Yes… You came here.”


“Yep Viva. Forgive me, I wanted you to live a calm life, but I couldn’t leave you. I came back to you. Can you love me still? If you can’t, I go away, I don’t want to disturb you” he bent his head with a tired and resigned move.


“I never stopped loving you Dave, not for a minute. Yes, I was angry, but I loved you” she said quietly and let him in. Dave saw she’d lost weight and was paler. Somehow her emission seemed more solemn… her whole being. He did this to her, too?


“Well, come in into my first flat. There are some boxes waiting for the unpacking” she softly pushed a box away with her leg.


David stepped in and looked around. It was unbelievable that they could finally be alone in a place. He was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. He was crawling from one place to the other and kicked a box, which turned to its side and its content landed on the floor. The both of them kneeled down, their head bumped together and their eyes met. And with the same move they bent to each other to sink into an embrace. They were holding the other one with the same strength. They felt how they missed each other – they needn’t talk.


Viva inhaled Dave’s familiar and masculine scent like a drowning man while she nestled her whole body tightly to him and was stroking his hair. She was sighing in her relief.


“Would you stay with me? You won’t leave me again?” she asked quietly.


“I don’t know Viva, I don’t know. But I know I’m free. The divorce is over.”


“Yes I know. The kids?”


“Rosie is by me, Jimmy is by his grandparents.”


“You have a good lawyer, Dave.”


“Yes. And after all Jen did things she shouldn’t have done and was speaking against herself, so…”


“Hey, know I know better what you like in bed. The internet is filled with it.”


“Bravo. But you know they are not true. I’m not a perverse animal.”


“Really?” she laughed “Then what’d you say about sleeping with an under-aged girl?” she purred into his neck which made Dave smile after a long time.


“Sleeping with an under-aged girl? Hell no way! I remember the lil’ miss wanted me to treat her…” he stroked the girl’s back.


“What kind of treatment are you speaking about, tell me…” she sighed really close to Dave’s mouth.


“I want you” moaned Dave “I wasn’t with you since three months, my love. Do you want it, too?”


“Do I want it? What do you think?” she nuzzled herself into his embrace.


“I take this as a yes” he smiled while he started to roll up her thin summer top.


“I meant it as a yes” she panted and started to kiss him kneeling on the floor and didn’t mind the box anymore. Her hands couldn’t decide where to go, so she was stroking him discursively where she could reach him. She felt her groin burning with wild passion while she felt the strong hand sliding on her naked skin. In the next moment her head tatted on the soft carpet.


And Dave was already on her kissing her lips pretentiously and wild. He wanted to make up for all the lost moment. Viva melted into the embrace and was shining.


She was panting silently and even moaned when Dave pulled down the last obstructive piece of her clothes. But when her fingers touched Dave’s trousers he was the one who growled. He quickly got rid off his clothes and his hips moved forward with wild passion and noticed with a short smile how ready she was for him.


“Dave, my beautiful panther, it’s so good…” moaned the girl and as a respond Dave purred into her ear with his deep voice. From this Viva felt the electric sparkles of lust running through her body.


Dave was finally there where he wanted to be and Viva was moaning from joy. He pulled the wild shag back a bit and continued with softer moves, because he tried not to pin the poor girl too much against the floor. He moaned again and again as Viva’s hips answered his pushes and indicated other ones. He adored the sight of the girl’s blushed face.


Viva was holding his neck with her arms like someone who never wanted to let him go again. Obviously this was her purpose. But he didn’t mind it. He was grateful for her love, because he tried everything to destroy it and Viva loved him still. She loved him. And she didn’t ask a thing, but she knew about the others – even Dave couldn’t say how much women – she didn’t say a word about it. They were just happy to be with each other again.


As Dave started to move faster, their moans were getting louder and louder while they were gasping for air, till he felt the tightened body under himself and heard the fading yell. He was watching the agony on her face while she was enjoying the love he gave her.


After a while they stood up and held each other really tightly for a long time before they did anything else. No one knows how much time passed by, they didn’t mind it.


“Do you want to sleep here?” asked Viva.


“Yes” he nodded.


Their common life had started.

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