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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 10 - part1

Chapter 10 - part1

  2008.06.23. 20:56




Barely after one hour Viva was sitting in front of the piano wearing only a sheet around her naked body and her bare feet was on the soft-pedal. Her long fingers were sliding on the keys with marvelous naturalism while she gave herself to the music with closed eyes. She was playing Dave’s song really softly.


He was lying on the couch in a boxer and was examining her. After every minute they’ve spent together he felt he made a good decision. Here was the end of the long lonely months and now he could feel himself at home next to the young girl, who didn’t ask a thing yet just enjoyed his presence.


He was just listening to the tune and he was completely lost in it. He liked it, the melody was catchy and the harmonic recurring runs nestled him.


“Sing to me dearest Viva” he propped himself on his elbows.


Viva bent her head shyly and next to the piano-play she started the song uncertainly. When she looked up and saw Dave’s admirer look and all the stars from the sky in his eyes she won courage from it and let out her voice. The tone rose in the room and rested chimed on the furniture when the song slowly ended.


“Oh my God, this was wonderful!” Dave sighed.


"Thank you, dear" she smiled with the shyest smile ever "But I'm not as good as you'd deserve. I can't really express my feelings for you."

"That's not a problem, hon, I feel it. And I missed you so much" he stepped behind her and embraced Viva as he kissed her naked shoulder "Come on, give me something to eat, I'm starving" he winked.


“Okay, I can make you a sandwich, tuna or turkey?”


“Let's see! Hmm, tuna, as always, old fox doesn't learn new trick. Have you got a coke, too?”


"Yeah in the fridge, but first I put something normal on, this sheet isn't comfortable" she stood up with a little smile on her face.

"Yeah, down with it" he agreed and with one quick pull she was standing in front of him full naked again. She looked up into his eyes a bit blushed. Dave found her so sweet. She really acted like a little girl and this made his heart beat faster as he embraced her gently.


“Viva, birdie! You are beautiful. Can I have you again?”

”Anytime you want it, I am all yours, forever.”

”Oh Dear!” Dave's eyes went all blurry and he had to wink “Viva, I thought I would die without you. It was like dying, like dying baby” and with this he tucked his face into Viva’s hair.


"But now you are here, luv and I won't let you go. I missed you too... Oh God so many tears at night... but you are finally here. Take me Dave if you want. I love you" she whispered back and kissed him.

Dave couldn't answer, he returned the sweet kisses and lifted his naked lover up to bring her into the bedroom. He wanted it gently - full of his emotions while her singing and the sound of the piano were still ringing in his ears.




The university started and it disappointed Viva positively, because she was able to fit in quickly. The girls adored her and the boys were always around her. She knew that this was partly because of her father, but there were a lot of students, who didn’t know what Depeche Mode was and they loved her for her own self.


She was happy and thought that she'd chosen the right path. She liked the university and her studies. It wasn't easy, but slowly she got used to it.


Dave was there almost everyday with her, they were happy. Dave has changed, he was like a teenager, bringing exclusive gifts, extremely expensive jewelries, designer’s cloths and anything what came to his mind to his lover. He went insane, he was so much in love that Viva started to worry.


"David, love. You shouldn't bring me things like these. It's enough for me that you are here with me" she looked up at him from the piano when he appeared again with a beautiful silver bracelet.


“I love you Viva and I want it to show, want you to know how much I do.”


“Okay silly-billy, I know it already, without these thingies.”


“I know that u know, still...I am happy when you are happy…”


"I'm happy with you. Just give me a kiss and that's enough. I'm satisfied with a single rose or a flower, you don't need to spend a lot of money on me, luv" she cupped his face between her slender fingers and smiled at him.


"Alright, alright, understood" he smiled back and leaned closer for a soft kiss.


"That's good. Can I show you the new play I must learn?" she smiled at him.


"Yes, of course! I'm curious" he sat behind her, so she was between his legs and felt his hands on her tummy as he embraced her from the back. She smiled and put the papers in front of her then slowly pushed the keys down, trying to concentrate.


Viva started to play on the piano but those hands on her tummy caressed her unstoppably, following a path upward towards her breasts. Suddenly she felt both of his hands on her two tits and she sighed a lustful. She could have sex with Dave non-stop, she thought.


It was now really difficult to continue they play. The false tones hit her ears and she grimaced a short one. She sighed when Dave massaged her breasts tenderly and started to plant hot kisses onto her bare neck. Air became thin for her.


"What... what are you up to?" she breathed quietly. She was still playing with a bit difficulty.


"Nothing... really nothing..." he smiled into her neck and Viva's hands stopped suddenly when his right hand slid down between her legs. She bit her lower lip and bent her head back onto his shoulder.


“Davey, Dave, that's soooo goood, let's go to bed!”


“No, we do it here, me the teacher teaches his pupil. I am at your back and I make you come here, just you wait! Viva, dear, Viva, lil’ birdie of mine!”


"Oh God..." she whispered and let him free her breasts from the light summer dress to tease them with his free hand. But the other one... oh the other one found its way under the edge of the dress and her panties...


"Don't... don't you dare to stop! OMG! This is.... oh yeah! Dave... Dave I need you!" she moaned when his long fingers found their way up into her.


He didn't answer just pulled his fingers out to taste her juices, then after a moan he opened his trousers and lifted her into his lap. Now he was able to penetrate into her deep as he kissed her shoulder from the back.


She was rocking forward and back on his lap, making Dave moaning in his fierce desire. Dave had to hold her with one hand cuz she become weak from the intense sensual pleasures she felt.


Viva moaned again and again from the feeling as his hard cock filled her completely, nearly painful. She started to move up and down, too then changed her pace and grabbed the edge of the piano while she bent her upper body a bit forward. Now Dave had more place to move his hips up over and over again with deep moans as her dripping wetness was gleaming on his hard member. The sight made him mad and trusted stronger and stronger with every push. He reached the highest reachable spot in her and she was screaming now not even hearing that the piano's keys made single sounds when she replaced her hands on them.


She wasn’t far now and Dave hardly could hold his climax back, he felt like coming in a sec, so he pushed into her even wilder and suddenly the white, blinding bliss fell over them.


Her hands were shaking and she stood up to turn around and face him sitting into his lap. They were both panting.


"This was..." she shuddered.


"Yeah..." he closed her lips with a sweet kiss.




The afternoon sun was shining athwart and the shadows on the room’s white walls started to grow. David was lying on the bed next to the sleeping Viva and he was waiting for the gloaming. The last beams set Viva’s blond tufts on fire so it was burning in orange flames now. Her peachy skin was bronze and was wearing the marks of Dave’s love. His heart was broadening and broadening till he felt the whole world was in it. Viva’s body and soul was his. He was so lost in the sight that now he even forgot to sigh with the question “till when?”.


He was stroking her soft and warm skin with his fingertips. His naked lover was sleeping on her tummy and he was just watching this scenic beauty in front of him while his heart was pounding wildly from the love he felt for her.  He sank into the feeling and smiled: he felt himself like a young teenager again. At last. His smile got wider while he was stroking her short tufts.


"Davie..." she murmured under her nice little nose and nestled herself to his body and fell asleep again immediately.




She was always on the run. She couldn't walk in a slow pace. She was always in a hurry like this morning when she tucked her T-shirt into her jeans, grabbed her bag and slammed the door behind her starting running down on the steps that lead from his apartment to the main entrance.


She was half way down when her leg slid on a wet step and with a scream she lost her balance and fell off the steps.


She lost her consciousness immediately and regained it only when the paramedics were already there and started asking her name again and again - they wanted to keep her conscious. She has pains in her shoulder and leg and was dizzy. She was taken to the nearest hospital where the closest traumatology was.


"What had happened?" she asked and closed her eyes from the pain in her head.


Her doctor examined her again and answered: "You were lucky, Miss Gore! You could have been break out your neck when you fell off those steps. Now you survived it with an ankle-sprain, upper arm and shoulder bruises and light concussion. That's why your head is aching. Do you have nausea?"


“Yes, I’m afraid I have...”


“Let me see you, how many fingers are here?”


“Three, no, four...”


“Okay Miss Gore we have to make a crania CT.”




“Don't be afraid that is only a kind of X-ray that shows your brain in slices, to let us know nothing is damaged inside, a computer-tomography, is that okay?”


“Yea, sure.”


"After it your visitor can come in."


"Who?" she looked up a bit confused.


"He said he's your father's friend. Mr. Gahan" he checked his papers.


"Oh yeah, he is. Can I see him?"


"Not yet Miss Gore. We must do this CT first. It won't be long. We've already called your father."


"Oh... thanks" she closed her eyes and tried not to move.


The CT results didn’t show anything wrong so they gave some medication to her dizziness and nausea, than said they have to watch her closely for another 24hrs.



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