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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 10 - part2

Chapter 10 - part2

  2008.06.23. 20:57

Dave knocked on the door and popped his head in. “Can I come in Viva?”


"Yeah" she said silently "How did you know I'm here?" she asked after Dave sat close to her bed and softly held her hand.


"It wasn't difficult to hear the sounds of the emergency car and the people downstairs. I just got off bed and was searching for you, but I realized you were off for your lessons" he shrugged "Then I went down and saw you. And I'm here."


"But Dave... this is dangerous."


"I don't mind. It's my fault that you're here now. It wasn't a good idea to make love to you in the morning, too..." he sighed.


“But it was” smiled Viva faintly, she become more and more sleepy from the medication. Suddenly she heard her father's voice and she looked at Dave. He looked there with a deadpan expression on his face but inward he felt his stomach started burning.


"Hi Mart" he said and managed even to smile.


"Dave? What are you doing here?" he stepped in.


"I came to visit her" he nodded towards Viva who passed out from the medication.


"But how did you know she was here? The hospital called me just after she got here" he frowned and couldn't understand why Dave was here so quickly. And yes, Dave gulped and felt he started to sweat. What the hell should he say?


"Well... I was here in Jersey to arrange some things of mine and wanted to say hello to Viva when I saw the emergency car in front of her building and the ambulance man said she fell off the stairs. So I came here too" he finished and pulled his hand slowly back from Viva's bed.


“Hmm, strange…” murmured Martin but he was way too worried to think the whole thing over. He sat down beside his daughter's bed.


Dave stood up and said goodbye.


"This was close" thought David while he stepped out from the hospital. They should be more careful in the future.


Martin was still thinking about Dave's sudden appearance, but his thoughts were interrupted from Viva who finally woke up and refused to call her mom here, too. She said she should come to visit her at her flat when the doctor'll let her go home. Martin nodded and said he'd stay here to help her. She couldn't do a thing against it and hoped that Dave'd pack all his things away in her flat. It'd be a disaster if her father’d found them.


And he did. By the time they hit her apartment there were no sign of her lover at all, nowhere, except his songs in the drawer written by his own hands in an untitled folder. But why would Mart messing in her daughter's drawers?


It was difficult for Viva to move, she had crutches because of her ankle and had pain in her arm and shoulder.


"I promise I won't run anymore" she sat down with a painful grimace on her face “Dad, gimme please the keys of my car, I can drive, can’t I?”


“It’s better if we go with my car. Where do you want to go?”


“Take me to mum and the kids, wanna see them.”


"Okay, no prob, dear. Come, I'll help you" he answered.




They sat in silence in the car, so Viva had time to think. She was still tired a bit and her body was aching. She was thinking about Dave and jumped a bit when he wrote an SMS. She answered quickly, telling him she doesn’t know when he can see her again.


"Who was it?"


"Huh? Well just a groupmate. He wanted to know where I was today" she shrugged and hated to lie again.


“Hey, Viva, any boyfriends around?”


“Well, Daddy, you won't question, will you?”


“No, I promise”


“Okay. There is someone.”




“I don’t want to talk about him yet, not sure if it lasts.”


“I see.”




They arrived home soon. Suzanne turned quite pale when she looked at Viva, who had some bruises on her face too, and ordered her to sit down immediately and asked her if she wanted something. She knew this'd happen, but she just smiled at her and answered her questions.

Her mum was asking her too but not about the boys. About her health and studies. She studied easily, she had an affinity to her chosen subject... Mart told her that Viva showed some of the music she wrote to her and they were good. She showed one of her songs:


“I have scarcely left you

when you go in me, crystalline,

or trembling,

or uneasy, wounded by me

or overwhelmed with love, as when your eyes

close upon the gift of life

that without cease I give you.


My love,

we have found each other

thirsty and we have

drunk up all the water and the blood,

we found each other


and we bit each other

as fire bites,

leaving wounds in us.


But wait for me,

keep for me your sweetness.

I will give you too

a rose”*


*Pablo Neruda



“Its title is Absence, mummy.”


"It's beautiful, honey!" her mother clapped her hands "You're so talented, dear!"


"Mom, I'll blush."


"She's right" added Martin "You are a musician already. I'm really proud of you."


She was just smiling shyly.



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