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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2008.06.23. 20:59




Days passed and Viva was back in New Jersey. She went back to the Uni too, although she needed her crutches because of her ankle. Now Dave was treating her really like a fragile bird. He wanted to be around her in every minute and pampered her as he could. She just smiled and tried to hold him back. Their love makings were softer than ever, because he didn't want to hurt her in any way. Sometimes he went away for days to arrange his things, but Viva couldn't think about his absence too much, she had hard times at the Uni. She had to practice a lot and her right hand wasn't that good since the accident - it got tired easily from the hours-long exercises. And after the plays she needed to learn - she had a lot of things to learn from thick books to make up to the lessons she missed.


But when Dave was away nearly more than a week, she sighed sitting on her bed. Her books were lying around her and she was just daydreaming about him while chewing the end of her pencil.


Dave called her daily. But for shorter and shorter time. Than he said he can’t come and for a few days he can’t call her. She was scared but he didn’t explain it. She spent whole four days in terror, trying to find out what could have happened.


Then Dave appeared and told her. Her father was with him, they even slept in one room. Martin called it intensive brainstorming for the new project, Dave called it torture.


But Viva was happy that he returned and spent the night with her. They barely slept although they were exhausted from their love-makings and the chatting. Dave even mentioned she could come to New York for the weekend, because he'd be alone in his flat - Jen moved away already. He wanted to show some new demos and the studio for her. She nodded happily and kissed his lips.




The week passed slowly for the lovers, but they had enough to do. Finally her last lesson was over on Friday and she drove to New York. She was really curious about the legendary 11th floor studio.


Dave was already waiting for her. He prepped a nice meal, salad and tuna, and he bought a big choc cake.


After dinner they went to the roof garden and were making love above the city that never sleeps. And then they sat out onto deckchairs with cokes in their hands.


“It’s wonderful here” she noted and drank from her coke.


“Yeah, I like it too” he smiled at her.


“A bit too noisy, but which city isn’t it? And after all New York never sleeps as they say… But you do, right?” she smiled at him.


“Yeah, I do, but not yet. Come with me, I want to show you the studio. I wrote some songs for you. It’s showtime!” he laughed and stood up reaching for her hand.


“Well, you made me curious!” she giggled and grabbed his hand while she followed him up to the 11th floor studio.


It was quite dark there, but Dave turned some lamps on and searched for his papers.


“Sit down!” he smiled at her and waved towards a worn-out leather couch. She obeyed and watched as Dave sat down to a synthesizer and pushed some buttons. Then he started to play and when his voice found its way out of his wonderful throat Viva felt tears in her eyes from the overwhelming love inside of her.


She was just sitting there and her tears were falling silently from the beautiful lines and his familiar and beloved voice. She felt herself in another world and the pure love was burning under her skin.


After the singing Dave looked up and saw Viva’s tear-stained face. He didn’t ask why she was crying. He felt it, he knew it. He stepped to her and closed Viva into his arms:


“I love you very much, little Viva” he sighed barely audibly into her ears and with that very same movement he started kissing her tenderly.


She held him close to her. Her soft hands were caressing his face than his back while she was kissing back desperately.


"I love you... I love you... I love you so!" she whispered quickly "You're my only man. You're the best thing in my life" she looked into his eyes and continued their kiss.


He could feel her flowing tears on his face too and it warmed his heart. He was holding the tiny body in his hands tightly and started to step towards the leather couch.


"This is your night, my little love. I want to give you as much pleasure as you can bear" he whispered into the silence of the room.


“Yes, Dave, I want you like mad. You make me crazy with desire.”


“MMMM…” he murmured as he lowered himself onto Viva’s body.


Meantime a black Rover stopped in front of the building and a blonde man got out of the car.

But the lovers didn't know about this - they were in their separate world where they thought no harm can reach them.


Dave undressed her quickly, he had enough practice in this and kneeled in front of the sofa. Then pulled his young lover a bit closer by the back of her knees.


"You know how I'll please you first?" he asked barely audible.


"Yeah..." she answered in the same style and opened her legs. Her breath was erratic now, but looked down at Dave with a big sigh when he started to suck her hard nipples. His hot breath on her tummy made her sigh again and when he finally reached his destination with his wonderful tongue she moaned silently. The sound of his licking and sucking between her legs made her crazy and she pulled his dark tufts.


"Come into me again! I want you so bad!"


“Yeah, that would be great” he moaned and helped his hard dick into her. She screamed out and the door of the studio opened.


She started to sigh and moan loudly from the joy she felt. It was so good to feel him inside of her!


"Come deeper!" she moaned into the silence and he obeyed with a lustful moan.


They didn't saw the shocked person at the door, who was standing there like a statue. But after the first shock the anger rose up in him and within a second he was next to the couple and grabbed Dave's shoulder firmly.


"HOW YOU DARE??????!!!!!!"


Here came trouble. Dave was frozen and shocked. Viva started to cry and went numb. She knew all too well what would come…


 “AND YOU DARED TO CALL YOURSELF MY FRIEND????!!!!!! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” he shouted and dragged him down from his daughter with furious anger in his sparkling eyes.


“Martin…” he tried to give an explanation, but he punched a big one into his face as an answer.


“DON’T-YOU-DARE-TO-TALK-TO-ME! YOU FUCKING LIAR! You TRAITOR!” he hit him hard after every word.


“DAD! Don’t! Please STOP IT!” she screamed with teary face when Dave fell onto the floor and spat some blood and saliva out. But it seemed that Martin didn’t hear her voice, he was just kicking and beating the other man who dared to touch her daughter, the man whom he thought he was his friend!


“You fucking perverse!!!”


“Mart, please, I love her!”


“Did u go bonkers? Loving a 16yr old? You? What kind of love is this? U're a dirty animal, treating her like a slut! My daughter!!!”


"Dad! That's not true!” she tried to stop Mart after she put some clothes on - I wanted it too! We love..."


"Shut up, you little..." he barked at her "You don't know anything!"


Viva was really frightened. She never saw her father like this! He was out of control and when she tried to pull him back to stop his hits and kicks on Dave, he slapped her on the face without thinking and she fell to the floor sobbing.


At last Martin finished kicking Dave who was lying on the floor motionless, sobbing and bleeding, he even now tried to talk, but one last final punch Mart knocked him out and he lost consciousness. Martin tugged Viva after him leaving the badly beaten Dave behind.


"But dad! We can't leave him here like that!" she cried and tried to get free from his father's grip. Her wrist was already aching. "He's bleeding! What if..."


"I don't care and it'd be better to shut up now!" he hissed through his teeth. He wanted to go as far and fast from him as it was possible.


Dave was lying on the floor for about twenty minutes when he regained his consciences and called Kessy. He came and took him to hospital. He had serious internal bleeding and they had to remove his spleen. Next day all newspaper was full with the scandal that a madman beat him up and left him to die in his own flat.




Martin was still really angry and didn't answer any phone calls. He brought his daughter home. Viva was still crying since last night. She knew that really-really hard times were ahead of her. She must explain what, why and when had happened. And she didn't know what to say. The half of her face was still burning and aching from the slap she got from her father. She didn't dare to look at him while they were sitting in the car.


After four days Dave was sent home and calmly he considered ending his life. But Rosie made him stay. He was in deep depression but he stayed.


New rules were set in Viva's life. She barely knew anything about Dave and she was terribly worried! She heard he was in hospital, but nothing else! After Martin explained the situation to his ex-wife, they had a long and painful conversation. Her father's shouts were still ringing in her ears and it was useless to look at her shocked mother - she didn't understand it either. No one did. And she was alone with her pain and tears in her room. She wanted to get a phone, but her phone wasn't with her. So she was just crying, refusing food. She was just sobbing on her bed calling out Dave's name over and over again.


She refused all food, demanding she is wanting to talk to Dave. She became thin and fragile. Martin felt guilty and angry at the same time. When the doctor told them that Viva has to be forced or she would die they let her call Dave.


He was just sitting in his flat day-long, thinking about what had happened and sometimes he thought he deserved what Mart had done to him, sometimes he just wanted to jump into his car and go there to see Viva, no matter what. But he couldn't decide. He was in waiting... all day long. Every day. Then his cell rang finally. He looked at the screen and his heart jumped. It was Viva! Some life came back into his dark eyes as he picked up and heard the sobbing on the other end of the line.


"Viva..." he whispered and closed his eyes.


“Daaave, my dear! At last! I can hear you!”


“How are you, birdie?”


“Not well, the only way I could persuade my parents to be able to talk to u was refusing food.”


“Jesus, Viva!”


“It’s okay, I reached what I wanted, see, I can talk to you know, I love you David.”


"I love you too, birdie! But they won't understand it..."


"No... they won't..." she started sobbing again "And dad said... I can go back to the uni, but with a bodyguard! A fucking bodyguard! He said I can't see you again! David, my love, I'll die without you!"


“I can’t live without u, I almost died...I almost gave up and I had serious injuries from the hand....never mind…”


“Dave, love, don’t do that. Dave I kill myself and go after u if u do anything stupid. I swear I would!”


He wiped a teardrop quickly away. "I don't want you to die for me. It's not worthy. Okay, I promise... I won't do anything. I have... I have children to rise. We must wait, Viva. We must wait till this whole thing calms a bit. Then... maybe I'll be able to see you... somehow" he sighed with heavy heart "But you must eat! Don't give up your studies, your future. You must... live your life."


“I'd like to continue where I left it but I am not able to. Feeling lost without you. Stranded. Ah, Dave, Dave you are my life. My whole life is you and I am dying if you’re not here. Dad is here, they didn’t allow me to speak to u alone, so yes, they heard that I am dead if anything happens to u. I hate you!” she screamed, when Mart took the cell out of her hand with a fierce grip and he heard as she was screaming and sobbing ”---NOOOOO! I won’t ever call you dad if u don’t give him back to me! Nooooooooo!” after a minute of fight she had the cell again in her hands weeping hysterically. Dave thought his life is ending there, hearing that how desperate she was, he heard Viva kissing the cell again and again and trying to talk to him, but already in shock, unable to talk to him.

Mart now could take away the cell from her and started to speak to Dave.




“Look, I don’t want my daughter dying, you could meet if I am there but your only job is to make her sure u are not what she wants, understood?”


"Yeah, understood. And we must talk later."


"Yes. Later."


"Martin, I'm sorry and..."


"I don't care" he heard the bang of a door – Martin’d left the room and his tone was colder and sharper than an iceberg "Just leave my daughter alone! I thought you are wiser than this!" he hissed "Fuck you Dave! You screw my daughter and as I heard not just once!"


“Mart, I know, I know what you think. Viva told you everything, I guess.


“Yes, she did.”


“Then u should know that I love her, I love her.”


“You were always after the wrong women Dave.”


“Mart, I...”


“You’re a pervert David, a fucking pervert!”


“You're right Martin, you’re right, I know that. I slept with you… Not just once. Damn it, it was a mistake of course. But at that time I loved you” he said and Mart’s cell went numb.


Dave knew that maybe it wasn't the right time to remind Martin about those things they'd done together, but he wanted to persuade him to let him see Viva. His brain started to work faster and faster with every minute. Finally he was alive, he had a new goal, which he wanted to reach. He was thinking hard and some plans already started forming in his head. He'll see what tomorrow'll bring.


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