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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 12 - part1

Chapter 12 - part1

  2008.06.23. 21:06



It was a foggy September morning when the saw each other again, their hearts were trembling, eyes locked as they stood in front of the café. Before Mart could hold her back she was already in Dave’s arms, who was sobbing loudly on the street, didn’t mind who could see it. Mart bent his head in shame that he could beat him up like that. He saw love, desperate, everlasting love in his eyes. He knew that look all too well. Dave always loved like this, to the full, and always others were who left him. He stood there as a martyr till the end and his lovers just walked over him.


He silently turned back, sat back into his car and drove away. Home to his ex-wife.


First they didn't even realize he'd left. They saw just each other in the tight embrace. And they didn't care who could see them: they changed a desperate and long kiss standing next to the café.


"Oh sweetie, it's so good to see you..." he whispered into her ear with closed eyes. Her familiar flower scent reached his nose and he thought he could shout from the feelings inside of him.


"David! David... my love... Finally!" she breathed silently crying.


He opened his eyes to look at Martin and he finally realized they were alone.


"He's gone. Come, let's talk a bit" he held her hand and headed to a park.


“You're so thin and skinny my love! Please, eat! For the sake of our love, eat Viva!”


“Yes, yes, I will. Dave, Dave, how could I didn’t die in the pain the separating caused? God, I will leave u no more, I’d rather dead then live without you.”


“Me, too, dear, me too.”


“And you, you...Dave pain is written on your face.”


“I know, I was almost gone, almost. I had the stuff in my hands, the syringe and the huge dose of heroin I wanted to die as a dog does. I was just afraid of loosing you.”


"No, no, no! Don't you ever use those shit again! I beg you!" she faced him on a path under the trees. She held his face between her skinny hands "Listen to me! This scares the shit out of me! Please don't!"


"I won't. I see a tiny ray of light now."


“And now, what will be now?” asked Dave.


“I don’t care at all, as long I can see your eyes with full of love. I talk to father and he wants to talk to u anyway.”


"Okay sweetie. I know we must talk with your father. I'm a little bit afraid of the future of DM too, but the most important thing is you now" he said and kissed her softly.


She was just watching him. It was terrible without him and now she was drinking in every little feature he had.


"Come, birdie. I take you home. I guess your dad'll appear soon. Too soon."




They went back to Viva's flat. He missed the vivid colors on the walls, her perfume in the air and everything he'd left here - but most of all he missed Viva. She started to kiss him immediately when he closed the door behind them, but he softly stopped her.


"Hey, lil' girl, no need to rush" he whispered and led her to the couch where he pulled her close to him. Now she was resting her head on his chest and was listening to his heartbeat.


They didn't know how much time they had, but they were just enjoying each other's presence, scent and warmness.


Martin arrived after an hour. He was much calmer now, but he was still very upset. Dave said he would go and Mart didn't force him to stay. They barely said hello to each other. Mart wanted to talk with his daughter about her future.


She was just sitting there on the place where Dave sat moments ago and looked up at her father with a sad and tired expression. She crossed her tiny hands in front of her chest to hide the shaking of her hands.


"Yes? I'm listening."


“Viva, you know I want the best for you” Viva hasn’t said a word. Mart continued it. “Viva, you have to finish this relationship, this is nonsense, he is as old as me and, believe me, no one knows him better than me, he is not for you.”


“You almost killed him and he hadn’t even said a bad word to you. Do you know his spleen had to taken out? He almost died of internal bleeding, caused by your kicks, so don’t talk to me about what is good and bad. If u doesn’t allow me to meet him, I simply run away. Bodyguard or not bodyguard. I have friends and u can check the side of the milk cans if they have found me dead or I am still alive somewhere. Dontya talk to me about what should I do! Look at yourself, your life and tell me if u never committed mistakes! Look, sorry I just can’t call you dad after you almost killed the man I he good for me or not is simply not of your business anymore, I am an adult.”


“No, your a minor.”


“I said, I am an adult know, who knows what she wants. You can set up barriers for me but you can’t stop me!” she screamed at the top of her voice. Mart was stunned.


He was just staring at his angry daughter and her words were burning a hole into his heart. She just refused him as her father? Probably she had right. He was a terrible father. And it fucking hurt!


"Listen to me... Viva" he sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. He rarely showed his emotions but now he needed to hold a teardrop back. "Okay... I offer you a deal."


"What kind of deal?" she frowned still angry.


"You can... be with him if you like. But just when this stays hidden from public."


“Okay” answered Viva quickly “Deal accepted.”


Martin frowned “Is he this important to you?”


“This important? Funny. He is my life, ‘all I ever wanted, al I ever needed’ know. He is like no one other.”


“True, he is like no one other. Viva, my lilun, it is extremely difficult to be with him.”


“Don’t think it is more difficult than to be with you.”


"Viva please..."


"What? Don't speak with you in this tone? I think I just said what I think about you" she shrugged "You know the life with Dave seems much more simply than without a father!" she looked at him with anger and pain in her eyes.


Martin looked shocked at her. He was afraid she saw a father-complement in Dave!


“Does he treat you well? Do you think he really loves you?”


“Yes, I do.”


“What can I say? I am against it, but you’re right, this is your life. Just please, stay indoors with him, for the sake of all!”


“I will, we won’t go to public places together.”


"Alright. Then I have nothing more to say now. Just... don't let him rule your life. You came here to study and not for a nonsense relationship."


First Viva didn't say a word. She came here because of love, she thought. But this was her secret. Then when he nearly reached the door, she asked one thing:


"What'll be with DM?"


“It is undecided yet. I don't think I can work with him or that he is able to work with me. I don't know, we'll see.”


“Well, okay, as you think.”


“Take care Viva!”


“You too” but the convincing tone was missing from her voice, she felt she wouldn’t be able to love him anymore.




Mart didn't show, but his heart was aching like hell. He'd lost her eldest daughter... for the second time, but this time it was much more serious. He was able to hold his tears back till he went back to Santa Barbara and sat down with Sue to speak about what he’d decided to allow.


But not anymore: in front of her he broke into silent tears. Both of them were crying and were wishing things weren’t like this.


Viva walks alone now, she is at home elsewhere if there is anyplace. And her first lover is Dave. They still were shocked by this fact - how strange life could be.




But the lovers were happy - yes, the bruises were there on their hearts, but they didn't need to hide anymore - at least in front of Viva's family...


She called him immediately when her father was gone. She didn't want to spend another minute without him.


They barely spent anytime alone. Dave seemed to be live there. Once in a while her parents came, but they always notified them beforehand. They packed Dave’s stuff and he put it into his car and drove home, visiting his kids.


And Martin's heart was aching every time Viva called him 'Martin'... she never used 'dad' or 'father'. He tried to be kind to her, but she was frozen towards him. She was speaking mainly with her mother, who asked not just about the university, but her relationship with the singer. She was still afraid to let this happen.




After a few days she was at the brink of crying from the enormous amount of studies she missed while she was locked away in Santa Barbara. She was sitting between her books all day long next to the lessons she had to take at the university and several time she didn't had the opportunity to practice enough on the piano. But she didn't complain just drank another coffee and tried to concentrate again.


It was the same way this day, too. She was sitting with crossed legs on the middle of the four-poster sized bed with her books and notes all around her, chewing the end of her pencil as usually. It was a nice evening but she couldn't enjoy it under the lamps light. And Dave was late too which made her deconcentrated, too.


At nine o’clock she heard his keys rattling in the lock and he walked in, smiling warmly at his young lover.


“Are u still learning sugar? U must be tired, come to me baby!”


Viva jumped from the bed and like a bird she flew to Dave’s arms.


"Oh God, at last you are here!" she sighed and kissed him tenderly. After it she just hid her face into his chest "I'm totally fed up with it..." she sighed.


"Don't worry, hon, you'll manage to learn what you must" he stroked her back.


"I hope..." she embraced his waist tighter "You were late. Where have you been?"


“I had been to town and made some shopping Viva. Do u want to see what I bought?”


“Sure, I’d like to.”


“You know Birdie, I taught I could teach u this and that, showing u some things you don’t know. I think we could try different things.”


"You mean... in bed?" she looked up at him with a little unsure gaze, but felt as her stomach sank immediately.


"Oh yes, honey" he smiled "Do you want to learn your next lesson I can teach you?"


"Well... I think so..."


"You don't have to fear, sweetie. I won't do anything bad to you" he stroked her face and smiled warmly from the sight of the blushed and a little embarrassed Viva. He found it sweet.


“And what will we do, David?”


“Do you know, Viva… the Master and Servant?”


Viva blushed and her colour turned deep red “Dave, yes, I wanna be ur mistress. Show me how I can make you happy!”


He just smiled and gave her a reassuring kiss.


"Put your books away, honey. Enough from the theoretical studies for today. Let's concentrate on the physical ones" he winked and went out for the packet.


She obeyed and put her books and notebooks away. She felt the hot waves of excitement running through her body again and again as she was sitting there naked on the edge of the bed, waiting for Dave. She didn't know what to do.


Dave kneeled down in front of her and while opening her legs he put his head into her lap. Viva's excitement now was unbearable, as he felt her lover's hot breath on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Dave took out a handcuff and a collar with a chain. Viva felt as wetness flows over her pussy. This was what she always wanted, being his pet, him being her Master.



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