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Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls
Mauka & U-girl - Tiny Girls : Chapter 12 - part2

Chapter 12 - part2

  2008.06.23. 21:17

She panted quietly through her slightly opened mouth. She took strength from the desire which took mastery over her and looked back into Dave's eyes.


"I'll do everything, no matter what you want from me. Just tell me. I like to fulfill your orders, love" she caressed his face softly and his mouth went dry.


“Good then, from now, we are playing, it is only a game. Whenever you feel uncomfortable let me know, yeah?”


“Yes Master..”


“Good, very good, my little pet. Now lie down and don’t move. Don’t talk, unless I say so, understood?” he asked and gripped her wrists with manly force. Viva was amazed and so aroused, she was at the brink of scream, but she knew she couldn’t do that. Unless her Master asked it, so she just did what was ordered and lowered herself onto the bed moaning as Dave parted her legs and placed his weight onto her tiny body.


"You know my lil' birdie... I was thinking about really naughty things when I packed these little toys together. I saw you cuffed to the headboard for example... and I nearly reached under my pants to ease the tension" he whispered into her ear while his hands were sliding on her naked body. She shuddered under him and bit down onto her lower lip.


"Do you want me to fulfill my fantasy on you, my little pet?" he licked her neck and breathed into her ear, which caused goose bumps all over her body. He fixed the handcuffs on her wrists and chained her hands to the bedposts above her head. She was shaking with anticipation and Dave had a painful hard on. Viva made him crazy with desire.


After he put the collar onto her neck too he tore off his own clothes and started kissing her roughly and impatiently. His teeth bit into her flesh and he hold her tight as he rammed inside her.


The veins were bulged out on her neck, but her mouth opened just for a silent scream from the hard push - he didn't allow her to scream yet and she tried to play with his rules.

He was watching Viva's reactions while he penetrated her even deeper, holding her right leg in the air to give more place for his short and quick thrusts. Her face and neck was red from the strain.


"You can moan or scream. It turns me on, little pet" he growled and bit down hard on her breast.


And Viva did it now unwittingly, she couldn’t help it. And when his Master was so good and placed her thumb onto her clit, rubbing it in circles, that was it for her, her screaming was so loud Dave was surprised, climax hit her in spasms and she wasn’t quite conscious. This was the ultimate experience to her, she never ever experienced anything like this before.


He was watching her sweaty and flushed face for a short while, but he wasn't ready with her yet. He kissed her softer than before.


"Hey, sweetie. Help me, I'm not ready yet."


She tried to gulp, cuz her mouth was dry from panting, but nodded.


"Good, very good, my lil' one" he smiled and slid out of her just to free her hands.


"And now?" she looked at him questioningly and let him grab the collar's chain to pull her closer to his mouth.


"Now my dear, turn around and kneel in front of me."


"You want me..."


"...from the back, right. Come on, hon, do it. Now."


She obeyed without hesitation and looked back at him over her shoulder. The sight made her gulp again: he was working on himself with one hand before he slid inside her again, and his other hand was holding her chains.


“OMG, baby, ur hot” he moaned as he accelerated his tempo and was galloping wildly towards his zeal. He was almost there and Viva felt now how strong he was as he held her with one arm on her tummy and hips, pulling her even closer to him. She immersed herself to the wonderful feeling of surrendering herself completely to her love.


And when he pulled her a bit backwards by her chains and slid his other hand under her to find her clit, she moaned again with Dave. Her second orgasm led him through the border and she felt his hot juices inside of her while their screams were echoing in the room. Then he simply collapsed on her wildly gasping for air.


“Viva, you’re a wonderful lover. No one is better. You're incredible. God, I still can’t find air in my lungs.”


“Sweet, sweet Dave. God, I love u, do u know that?”


"Yes, I know, sweetie... and I love you too..." he rolled onto his side looking at her. She was still lying on her tummy looking at him motionless.  "Did I hurt you somehow?" he asked gently.


"No, David... not at all... It was wonderful... so wonderful! I... I think I had my greatest climax so far... This game turned me on extremely! Oh David I love to surrender myself to you..."


“Hhmmm, I am happy to hear that for I love to play ur master. In reality you are my master and I am your servant, little girl and not in reverse” he said smiling somewhat sadly.


Viva’s look fell at the still healing wound on his flat tummy. His last operation, a sacrifice for her.


"I'm so sorry. I know he didn't apologize to you. But I do" she stroked his skin gently next to his wound "God... I never thought he can do such a thing. I... I was so scared" she whispered fighting her tears back. She couldn’t speak about that day yet.


“Well, he was right. I would have done the same if my daughter would be older and stuff. You're just very young to a love like this. But you made me crazy lil’ girl, took fool possession of my heart and soul. You decided to want me and I couldn’t stand against the will of a tiny girl.”


She just smiled and gave a soft kiss to him cuddling herself close to him. After it she just fell asleep in a moment. He was still smiling and stroking her back. He knew she was really exhausted by now.


"My little, little tiny girl..." he whispered and kissed her hair with a big sigh.

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