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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2009.08.12. 12:20


After we were finally ready we got into the car and hit the road – I don’t really know where we were going. I was too happy to take in such things. I was sitting next to Dave, legs crossed. The singing fell out of my head too and I needed to thank Dave for warning me to wear the right dress. Dave… Both the kitchen and shower scene were now burned into my mind. And of course that one too when I was standing in front of my wardrobe without a clue what to wear, Dave watching me with a smile, leaning against the door frame and telling me his opinion about the dresses. Then I hadn’t hesitated, I picked the first one he said it was okay and now I’m sitting next to him. But this isn’t the point… My brain started to realize that Dave Gahan… twice… Oh my god! This is unbelievable… I was looking out of the window while I knew very well that he was sitting right next to me with a satisfied smile on his handsome face.
Martin was waiting for us. He eyed me slowly – twice. This flattered my vanity and unwillingly I sent him an ambiguous smile back. We had a few hours to the concert. Dave suggested that we don’t let Mart behind so we stayed together.
“Well, how was Mr. I-can’t-live-without-choc as an attendant?” floated Mart next to me.
“Quite good” I answered. Dave was just smiling.
“Somehow I suspected… I know Dave quite well…” he noted eying both of us “How many times?” he asked suddenly. It was as if I detected some harm in his voice, but it was possible that I just imagined it.
I was quite shocked and my face showed it. Dave didn’t say a word, but presumably he showed the number on his hand, because I saw in Mart’s eyes that he got his answer. I still couldn’t speak. Martin remained silent and nodded with a neutral expression. But it was as if he closed himself into his own world. I couldn’t get it.
“Let’s go – soon we need to go to the arena to arrive earlier than the fans” he squinted back at us and continued his way.
I felt myself a bit like a caught teenager, but I didn’t know why, cuz I didn’t owe anything to Martin. But the way he acted disturbed me a little. I looked at Dave, who didn’t spot it, then I shrugged and followed them. I won’t feel myself bad because of this!
But it was still bugging me. It wasn’t remorse, cuz there was no cause to do so. I just wanted to understand this blonde guy better. I let myself sink into my thoughts, but just for a little bit – I knew if I overdid it, I would keep my brain running around this question whole day long and this day was too precious to waist it on Mart’s soul-analysis. But I didn’t dig it, I let it work in the back of my mind to solve the puzzle. I kept my eyes on him. Maybe it disturbs him that Dave gets whatever he wants and he can be just the “second”? Maybe he wanted me too? No, this would be too naïve even from me. That fact alone that Dave wanted me was a miracle too – although I don’t know whether he just obeyed for his momentary instincts, or he liked me. Did I pass his ‘test’ which makes me ‘worthy’ to sleep with him? It didn’t matter how I saw it – Dave is a divine guy, who naturally knows this. Maybe he’s a bit arrogant. But of course this can be true by Mart too – no matter how much I love them. I know they are different, they live in a different world and I should be really grateful being a part of it for a short time. But this never was my style. I didn’t beg them to pick me up, I never waited in front of hotels, I never followed them on tours. I know where my and their places are and that there’s a huge difference between these two worlds. I won’t act like someone else for two stars’ sake. And if Gahan did what he had done just to give me a favour then it would be better for him not facing me. He should do what he does because he wants to do it and not because he wants to please me.
While we were walking Mart looked at us a few times with a strange gaze. Was he weighting that Dave… If I found it strange that an hour ago I was screaming Dave’s name on the kitchen table, it would be okay. Not every day can I be that lucky that ‘His Royal Highness’ lays me down in my own kitchen. But what’s with Mart?
Now he suddenly stopped and asked me: “Uhm… maybe my demand’ll look a bit intimate, but would you come with me? I want to show you something. Don’t think on anything bad.”
“I don’t think that it’d be bad to go with you” I answered smiling. This took both their breaths and they were just looking at me. For a whole minute, without a word…
Dave let me go with Curly without any resistance. Mart wants to show me something? It’s quite weak… I smiled to myself. But there was something in his eyes which gave me the hint that he really wanted to show me something – and under this I mean something decent. His eyes were serious and mysterious and when we got to the door of his room there were shining sparkles in his emerald irises. Uhm… ‘It was a question of lust’ what was reflecting in them. And I started to question myself whether it would be too bitchy to love two such guys on one day?
I felt strange. What am I? I never thought of myself as a courtesan, but this is such an opportunity! It would be a sin missing it. And that look, those eyes, and that gaze… I felt as if I was drowning from desire, which came from those green eyes. My body screamed out painfully. I wanted this man. I just couldn’t get it why they wanted me? I’m not an outstanding beauty, I’m not special. Then why? I really hoped there wasn’t any twist or competition behind it – Gahan-Gore: 25429 to 25428 or something like that. I hoped but there was no guarantee. But it didn’t matter anymore as I looked at Mart – my thoughts left me and just one word flashed in front of my eyes with big neon lights: SEX.
Mart slowly eyed me then took my left wrist to pull me into his room. During this I got closer to him and smelled his scent. It sent chills down my spine. He enslaved me. He slammed the door suddenly and pinned me to it with his body. He talked just after a lustful kiss. Oh my god, it was like a death-experience! I knew that I’d die. I knew that with his gaze he’d be able to set even a wet log on fire – not to mention me. I knew that he’ll set me on fire within a second just to burn me to ashes. He didn’t hesitate – he came at me like a mad cow on its own son.
He pressed me totally against the wood, there was absolutely no space between us. My knees went weak – it was a miracle that I could still stand. Maybe it was just Martin who was holding my body, cuz he was standing… in every meaning. His tongue found its way fiercely. While he was stroking my face with one of his hands the other was searching much deeper and finally it found its goal through my clothes: he found my very core and this caused a lustful moan from me. His gold and curly tufts fell onto my face as he was kissing me greedily, gently tickling my forehead and the tip of my nose – this just heightened my pleasure. But then suddenly I came to myself - I felt guilt because not too long ago the black panther was panting into my face in his joy… and now… What am I doing? Is this normal? But then my brain switched off again and I was led just by my senses. I wouldn’t be able to stop Martin – he already blew off my mind too much.
It seemed that he noticed my little hesitation, cuz he stopped my pampering and took my face into his hands. He looked at me questioningly. He didn’t say a word yet, but I could read everything from his eyes.
“Why are you doing this to me?” I moaned.
“We?” he asked back.
“You know what I mean. I saw that you knew what had happened this afternoon!”
“Yes, but I want to show you that with me it’ll be much better!”
“Please tell me that this isn’t a competition between you two!”
“I wouldn’t say it’s a competition – it’s more like a friendly rivalry. A survey. Now you’ll be Paris – whom will you give the apple? I want to know this.”
“And what if I say both of you are kind to my heart?”
“It’s nice from you. But you don’t have to choose from us, we are just curious. We had a lot of debates about this question during our long friendship and now it’s time to get the answer. You know us, men!”
“Yep. Capacity-oriented?”
“Kinda. This is important to us… but where was I?” he asked then concentrated on the technical anatomy again.
I looked back at him. My eyes were holding the answer. I didn’t know if Dave had given me the opportunity to step back if I wanted. Probably not. But Mart would have. This was the difference between them. That’s why it was possible to love them passionately. They were so different… I would not have been able to say no to Dave, even if I wanted and Mart simply paid attention to me…
Yes, he paid attention… and wanted me! I felt the clean-cut sign of it by my groin, telling me what he wanted most: impaling me as soon as possible. He attacked me again – his hands were squeezing my breasts then one went to my butt and finally he grabbed both of my arms and with a sudden movement he pinned them onto the door, next to my head. I was at his mercy and I let him do what he wanted to do. I just made some pelvic movements, exciting the both of us. This was insane! His kisses, his hard member… and the way he was panting into my ear.
I felt so weak that I started to slide, but Mart kept me in place. He saw my lustful gaze. He turned me and I got on my knees. Mart knelt behind me and grabbing my waist he pulled me closer until my butt touched his groin. I felt his interest, although it wasn’t the hardest. He got rid off his clothes within a minute then laying me onto my back he started to unbutton my trousers. He dragged it down impatiently then came my shirt and bra – they landed a few meters away. Mart’s wildness worked me up too. When he planned to get rid off the last shackle, his fingers went under my panties. I thought I was in heaven, but this was nothing compared to what came next! Pulling the little thong aside he started to excite me with his tongue – he continued this until my body screamed painfully for this man. At that moment with one pull he yanked off my thong.
“Come and turn back to your previous pose. I want you from behind – now!”
I looked at him with desire and I took in the sight of his hard member. I neglected his call, just looked up into his imperative green eyes. Then with a sudden move I got closer to him – it was payback-time for his tongue-work. Martin moaned from his throat and grabbed my hair. He wanted to resist, but I didn’t let him. But after a few moments he pulled me away after all and pushed me down onto my stomach. I barely rose from the floor when he – without any warning – pushed into me as deep as he could. I screamed – no, not from pain, but from the intense feeling. My whole body tensed from it and from the strong plunging as he loved me from behind. I was scratching the soft carpet and my body arched backwards as I looked toward the ceiling in disbelief. I silently prayed a silent ‘thank you’ because I could have both of them on the same day.
I didn’t hold back my voice – I didn’t care who could hear us. I nearly went insane as the lust came in greedier and bigger waves. I could feel his hands on me during his strong thrusts. First they grabbed my waist then caressed my back just to find and squeeze my breasts harder. A joyful moan escaped my mouth. A satisfied little smile crossed Martin’s face and stroked his hand down my tummy to disappear between my legs. His left hand got back to my waist. The carpet rubbed my knees, but I didn’t give a shit. I let myself completely go – I was living for the moment. My sighs mingled with my moans, which got louder. I was kneeling there at his mercy, following the course of his pushes obediently. 
My hands went week when I felt that he wasn’t pampering me just with his rock-hard cock, but with his fingers too… I nearly screamed from the joy I felt. Goose bumps appeared on me everywhere when I felt Mart’s lips and tongue sliding between my shoulder-blades. He started to bite my skin gently. I thought it was more than I could handle. I felt this beloved man simply everywhere on and in my body. Every rational thought had left me, I let the pleasure fly high. It started to get unbearable. I couldn’t see a thing – I really screamed this time. I was living through the sweet suffering. This just… hurt – it was that good! If we were in another pose, I would have scratching his back for sure, or would have closed him between my arms, but in this position scratching the carpet had left for me. I nearly went crazy, cuz I wasn’t able to touch him!! This was torture. My soul, my body, my hands, my everything were aching from this, but he was still plunging into my mercilessly. How could someone bear this with a clear head? – I screamed inside. His moves, his scent and his moans – everything were working up my passion and the urgent need to finally have our climaxes.
After a few moments an even harder thrust he took my breath away then I screamed Martin’s name as my body shook from the great power of my orgasm. I felt a teardrop running down my face.

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