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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 17

Chapter 17

  2009.08.12. 12:55


“I like it” I turned back to Martin with a little smile on my lips. It wasn’t easy to decide whether I meant my answer for the story or for watching Dave. I think it meant both. Meanwhile Dave shrugged and went on with the eating part.

“Me too” winked Martin “And he gave me what I wanted from him. You know what I mean – you’ve experienced it with him too” he went on.

“Yep. And then?”

“Then he evilly said something, which froze my blood and thinking that the fun was over, he wanted to come out of the bathroom, which I hadn’t let – and some injuries were caused by this action of mine. We fell because of the wet tiles and look, his brow is cracked too” Mart narrowed his eyes “Poor thing.”

“Jesus. Then now I understand why you’re limping, sweetie” I turned to Dave with already cloudy eyes, cuz I was imagining what Martin was telling me – matching the sounds to the story.

“Surprised? A pretty blonde fell onto me” he pursed his lips “By the way it isn’t a serious wound, it just stings a bit.”

“We’ll take a look and we’ll fix it before we go down to the pool” I added leaning closer to look at the injury.

“But just if you’ll be gentle with me” he looked me in the eye and put a piece of cake under my nose.

“I know, you haven’t asked for the wild cat yet, just Mart did. But sooner or later…” I shrugged “No, thanks” I looked at the cake.

“Pleeeease! For my sake!” he looked at me with adorable big puppy eyes, which made Mart laughing out loud and our favourite singer offered me the junk playfully.

“Alright…” I sighed and accepted it, but before he could pull his fingers back, I put them into my mouth to lick them clean one by one “Satisfied?” I asked after I swallowed, grinning.

“Yes I am” he winked then put a kiss onto my lips and returned to his precious cake. I sat back onto my place and smiled at Martin.

“So where were we? Oh yeah, you fell. And then?” I wiped my mouth.

“Then Martin hadn’t let me stand up! But he wasn’t that rough anymore. Even if he just caresses and kisses me, I stay there – there was no need to push me to the ground” Dave grinned.

“But I had to! I wanted you to stay, no matter what. To stay with me. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you David?” Martin tightened his grab around Dave’s hand.

“Mart, no…”

“Uhm… me thinks I’m left behind with a few rounds again” I noted quietly, examining them as they looked at each other. There was something… maybe a secret, or just too deep emotions… Had something happened in the past? Or… I didn’t know what that thing could be, which Dave wanted to hide and it was about Martin. I thought I knew their relationship quite good, but it seemed I was wrong.

“Well yes, with a few” laughed Dave. But Martin wasn’t laughing. I thought that maybe he was scared that on day – soon - Dave’ll step out of their relationship, which was so important to them. I looked into Dave’s smiling then into Martin’s hard eyes. He held Dave’s gaze. I was wondering how much he trusts – how much he dares to trust - this black panther. How did he see Dave? A majestic Bagira or the lonesome walking cat, who purrs when it suits him? I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him being near to Dave, living next to him. He’d mentioned earlier too that he was afraid that this energetic front man – who was now eating the cake happily - will burn him. Dave hadn’t seen it when my eyes caught Martin’s. It was astonishing looking into those green eyes. Under the cool but slim shell – I think – I’ve never seen this much emotions whirling. I was afraid that they’ll suck me in, but they staid there in Martin’s eyes, swirling under the surface. I thought that Martin was a very complex man inside. Maybe even Dave doesn’t know every side of him.

When I broke eye-contact with Martin, sadness came on me. After this I had no heart to ask him for more details – moreover I never wanted to mention it again, just in case he wants to tell me more about this side of their relationship.

“Okay Dave, before you overdose yourself with chocolate, get dressed and let’s go down to the pool. They’ kept it locked for us long enough.”

“You two go. Before I join you I really have to talk to Fletch as I’ve already mentioned it earlier” noted Mart silently as he stood up and walked to the bedroom for his clothes. I was left alone with my choc-addict. I was just watching him. He already ate the half of the stuff alone! I couldn’t understand how he was able to eat this much cake without puking.

“And now what is it?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m waiting for you, David.”

“I’m nearly ready” he answered, but I saw that he was still looking at me confused “Whaaat’s up? Do you hear me? What’s up?” he leant to me.

“Really nothing, I just want to get to know you a bit more.”

“Just with staring at me?”

I grimaced and put my hair into a ponytail.

“You won’t go far if you just stare, kitty” he tucked a tuft behind my ear, cuz it was too short for the rubber to keep it in place. I just hemmed and ran my fingers around a bad bite mark on his chest.

“Nooo, don’t do this! Speak to me! Ask me a question!” he bothered me like a five-year-old boy. But at the end I’ve found it sweet.

“Don’t underestimate the power of observing, Dave. Well, I know it’s none of my business, but something bothers Martin.”

“I know. It’s me.”

“I can’t add too much to this.

“You don’t have to. There’s no answer for this. If there was… If there was, I’d live that way to make it easier for him” he sighed.

“Aren’t you mad, cuz I brought it up? It’s not my business, I know… But I love Mart and it’s so bad that…”

“Great. There’s no need for further words. Love him – he deserves it – he’s a good boy. He is the good boy, if we look at it that way. My nature isn’t easy, my blood is always boiling – this is my kind and I can’t help it. He knows this and accepts this – but he suffers from it too.”

“Sure, cuz good guys always have to suffer before getting their reward.”

“Hey! And the bad guys? Don’t you think they’d taken the dark side because of the suffering other people caused to them?”

“It’s possible. If we’re already speaking about good and bad, what do you think which one am I? And if the good one then you’ll burn me too? Cuz if yes, I prepare myself and get a fire-extinguisher too” I smiled, trying to ease up the way too serious topic.

“Despite all of my good intentions, it’s possible that you’ll scorch a bit too. I can’t help it, I’m like a nuclear reactor. I’m trying, but the fire in me is too intense. I’m sure I’ll die suddenly.”

“Don’t even think about this!” I shivered “I wouldn’t be able to stand that, so don’t you dare to get into such situations!” I stated firmly.

“It’s not up to me…” he wanted to protest, but I interrupted him.

“No. Now, after you’ve put on some clothes, we’re going to swim. You have two short minutes from now on. Go!” I looked up at the elegant clock on the wall.

“Put on something? How about putting you on me?” he grinned.

“Dave, maybe Martin was right about that Viagra…”

“Hey, don’t you dare! Well, alright, I go searching for my trunks and after it we can go.”

“Fantastic!” I smiled “And if you already go to the bathroom, take a look at your brow too. Although the bleeding’d stopped, I don’t want you to taint it with the chlorinated water.”

“Don’t you worry, sweetie. It’ll just burn a bit – and you know I like pain…” he licked his mouth “Yeah, I’ll have to try that with you too…”

“Trying what? Well okay, off you go now! Shoo-shoo! Your time is nearly up!”


“Fuck, it’s cold! Aren’t they warming the water here, or something?” I hissed when I put my foot into the pool.

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of cold water!” David splashed me all over.

“I’m not!” and I took the plunge, covering him with water. Or better said he was already half-way to the middle of the pool, using his long hands, avoiding me.

I grumbled under my nose and with calm strokes I started swimming on the other side of the pool, like a total stranger, not knowing who he was. But it hadn’t disturbed him. It was clear to see that Dave went to the swimming hall to swim. He was doing the butterfly stroke and I was just staring his back and arms. The water drops were glistening on them – his whole back was gleaming. He seemed to fly with his wings.

After a while I’d stopped, cuz I’ve started to gulp too much water watching him. I rather grabbed the edge of the pool and was moving just with my legs. The vision – Dave swimming the lengths – was superb. I used to go to swim a lot a few years ago, but because of the lack of time I had to give it up. I remember when I was a child, during the summer holidays no one was able to drag me out of the water. I didn’t know how long he wanted to swim, but he seemed very intent. He didn’t give a damn of his injured brow - or anything else by the way. I’ve started to realise that he was kinda obsessed. If he does something, he does it with his whole heart.

After half an hour when I was sitting on the edge of the pool, he slid next to me like a dolphin and pulled me into the water by my ankle. I was so unguarded! How could I possibly think that he’d let me alone? I came up snorting, spitting out a big amount of water, smoothing my wet hair back.

“Heeeey! I’ll get chlorine-poisoning after this much water! What good was this?” I pouted with a little smile in the corner of my lips.

“For what? If an orca sees an unsuspecting seal, he attacks her and… engorges her!”

“Hey, Dave, don’t bite! You’re insane, do you know? Do you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

I let him have just one kiss then I slid out of his hands under the water and I started to swim away from him as fast as I could.

“Is the little seal fighting for her life?”

“She is. She’s the chance from life to survive” I turned my head back then screamed when I saw him moving towards me like an unstoppable icebreaker-ship. I had no chance – he swam over me like the police onto the Green Peace dinghy.

“I’ve got you” he told me the obvious fact, cuz he was over me, holding my head over the water with one hand and like the once-promising David Hasselhoff he balanced himself with the other one, and with his mouth… he was sampling his prancing victim.

“I’ve noticed, Davie…” I looked at him reproachfully “You don’t even give me the chance…”

“For what? There’re wolf-rules in nature. The big beast goes onto the small one. It’s this simple.”

“So I’m small? Just you wait!” I narrowed my eyes and spit water into his face. Then I slid out of his firm, but slippery embrace, escaping under the water. I came up 15 meters away from him.

“Wow. You’re small but you move quite quickly…” he noted.

“You know, we seals try to slide out of slippery situations…” I went farther from him.

“But I won’t let you do that” he said and with a quick move he dipped too and I saw as he was sliding under the water. I tried to change course, but when he broke surface not far from me, he noticed this. After two strokes he hugged my waist and with his irresistible gaze he pushed me backwards until my hands reached the edge of the pool.

“Alright, alright. I gave up the fight against nature’s will…”

He was embracing me from the back and he breathed into my ear. Of course goose bumps appeared everywhere on me from this, but I let him do what he wanted to do. I was curious how daring he was. Although there were just the two of us and we knew that until we don’t go out of here no one’ll enter the place, I still thought that he won’t go further than some erotic jokes. I was so wrong! I bit down on my lip when I pushed my butt to his groin.

“And where’ll the big beast start the incorporation?”

“Well I was wondering whether there was something else to do before that…” and pulling my panties to the side, he’d already made his first discovery. I sighed quietly and grabbed the edge of the pool harder.

“What’ve you found?”

“Shelter… for him” he moaned as he pushed into me.

“Jesus, Dave, what’re you doing? You want it here?”

“You see it, sweetie, you feel it inside you, don’t you?”

“I’d lie if I said no…” I sighed as he started to move slowly inside me.

“Then don’t lie just enjoy it” he moaned into my ear then kissed my shoulder.



“You know that…”


“After this… you should tell them… to…”


“To change the water…”

“What? Why?”

“You don’t want your… little boys… to reach their goal… to the surprise of a swimming woman…”

“What women, kitty? Are you kidding? If I put something in, it stays there!”

“Uh-uh, I feel that, Dave! Aren’t there cameras here?”

“Don’t know. But believe me… I don’t care. Now I just want you!”

I couldn’t help myself, but by this sentence I felt hard to swallow.

“Oh… god… don’t stop!” I whispered, fighting the lump in my throat and moaned when he sank deeper into me.

“I have no intentions to stop…” he bit my shoulder then whispered into my ear: “My bitemark on your back from yesterday is pretty …” and he hugged me closer to him and his right hand slid into my black panties from the front.

“Jeeeesus! Jeeeesusss!”

“On the spot! Personally” he breathed into my ear between two moans “By the way, you can call me Mr. Jesus!”

“You shameless! More! More! Give it hard!”

“Who’s the shameless one here? You, you want it, right? Here you are…”


“You don’t have to call my name all the time, I’m the most real entity, which had ever existed in the world.”

“That’s… that’s for sure! Ahh!” I strained my back from the next wave which ran through my body. I was clinging to the pool’s edge with all of my strength. The waves washed over the rim again and again, but we hadn’t paid attention. And not just the water’s waves were washing over us – suddenly we both moaned and our voices were echoing between the hall’s walls.

“The hall has a great acoustic – maybe next time I should sing the next single here” he panted.

I wasn’t panting – I couldn’t even breathe – I was just diving deeper into that wonderful feeling which this beautiful, talented and ready Mr. Jesus gave me. The thought came into my mind that if I go with them, this feeling’ll be as regular as the subway runs in Tokyo. But I had absolutely no problem with this outlook…

“Hey… Dave… oops, sorry: Mr. Jesus…” I’ve heard as he grunted contentedly and breathed into my neck, which gave me goose bumps again “if I go with you…”

“Yes?” he slowly slid out of me.

“If you continue ‘attending’ to me with such intensity and frequency… will you not get bored of me soon?” I looked at the tiled wall, which reflected the water’s play.

“I don’t think so. It’ll be interesting – the three of us. I mean it’s so great, kitty, that you accept this between Mart and me and you even appreciate it. You know – for us – this is uhmm really important. Perhaps if one day I’ll have to choose… as it had already happened once…”

“Then… you’ll choose Marty, right?”

“He means a lot to me.”

“I don’t want to be a kibitzer, but if you said this to him sometimes, you’d make him a happy man. I’ve seen enough during these two days - he worries himself to death because of you.”

“I know. I try to express it in my own way, but… It’s strange – isn’t it – that theoretically I’m the more open one, but in this case I rarely can express myself in the good way. I know that I have quite an idiotic nature.”

“An idiotic nature? I really like that you’re wild and passionate!”

He was just smiling at me. “Oh yeah, and I love when someone compliments me. Basically I’m not a bad guy, I just don’t like when things aren’t going in the way I want them to go. But yes, I can love. And suffer.”

“And sing.”


“So you’re put together in quite a good way…” I noted, putting my hands around his neck as I turned to him and smiled at him sweetly.

“It’s not my claim.”

“Oh it is – it’s yours too – believe me” I followed a water drop which slid down on his shoulder.

“Well if you mean running and Pilates, then I must say I do them cuz I have to do them. Basically I have a lazy nature – I can’t see why I should walk when they’d invented wheels.”

“Uh-oh. Another thing which is common in us.”

“I’m glad to hear that” he smiled in a mind-blowing way “Me thinks we’ll discover a few more soon…”

“Amen” I winked and let him kiss me gently with his soft mouth.


After a few minutes I felt that someone was watching me. I slowly pulled away from Dave’s lip and I looked up.

“I see you two know the ropes” Martin noted grinning as he was standing over us, his hands on his hips.

“Take it Martin as a private show just for you!” Dave grinned back.

“Come, Mart, let’s swim with us!” I invited him.

“I’m coming. Jesus, no one can persuade Andy about things – especially when those things could mean some risk” he muttered loudly as he was coming down the stairs.

“This isn’t true” we could hear from above.

“Heey, Fletchi, are you going to join us?” Dave asked with me still in his neck.

I was just smiling and I watched as Martin got rid off his clothes – except for his swimming trunks – then he jumped next to us.

“Yep. I’ll race Mart. The one who swims 10 lengths first will win the debate too.”

“Wow” I said “We’ll even have a swimming race!”

“The band entertains you quite well, am I right?” said Dave.

“Yep. David, how good is Fletch at swimming?”

“He’s quite good. By the way there’s more in him than you might think. You’ll see.”

“Then Martin has no chance” I whispered into his ear “He had a trying night and morning.”

“Marty? No one can floor him! Come one, let’s bet! Whom do you put?”

“Jesus, you’re so English, Dave!”

“Well, it’s difficult to deny your roots…” he winked and shrugged and letting me go he sat onto the edge of the pool, leaving his legs in the water. With one of my hands I used his knee instead of the pool’s edge. I looked up at him smiling, while I’ve heard that the guys reached start position.

“Alright” I looked at the competitors “It’s not easy to choose. Because I know Fletch less than Mart, but… despite this as a loyal Fletch-fan, I’ll put my vote on him. What’ll be the stake?”

“Hmm, dunno. Well okay, if Martin wins – cuz I put my vote on him – then I can eat a whole box of Godiva from your body – all at once! And you?”

“If Fletch wins then you’re mine tonight” I winked at him.

“This isn’t a stake cuz I’d be yours anyway, wouldn’t I?”

“And you’d eat that choc off me anyway, wouldn’t you?”

“Wait, I figure out something else…”

“Did I say that I don’t like the stake?” I winked again “I’m okay with them.”

“You’re choosing the easier way?”

“Sure! But then I add something to it from my side: you’re mine for tonight, but the tricky part is that I’ll do something really, really good to you JUST tonight…” I dig my nails into his knee a bit.

“What’s this ‘JUST tonight’?” his eyes got darker a little as he felt my fingers on his knee.

“That’s the fun part of it. I’ll let my claws do the scratching just tonight – if Fletch wins. Otherwise you won’t get what you’ve wanted to try with me. I mean before we came down here, you’ve hinted to something like this, right? Deal?”

“I’m afraid not just the deal is standing…” he said as he felt my hand slide onto his groin.

I smiled and pulling my hand a bit back I turned to the guys who’d started swimming. They’ve started it with quick and strong strokes. Maybe if I wasn’t already sitting on my butt, I’d have fallen onto it as I saw Andy swimming. My jaw landed somewhere on the floor – seeing this even Johnny Weismüller in his top form would have been jealous.

“Huh, David, I think you’ll be mine tonight!”

He let out a sound near to laughing, but his gaze was still resting on Blondie, who – seeing his fallback – had started making up slowly but surely. “Wait and see…” he hugged my waist with his left hand.

“Don’t say you’ve bet on the shoo-in!”

“Me? No, it’s just that… Let’s encourage them, okay?” he whistled sharply and called out Martin’s name. Of course Martin didn’t look back at him, cuz he would’ve lost time with that, but he pushed himself further. Well yes – it matters who’s pulling for someone… Dave always moved people around as he wished. It seemed that he was a good front man and not just on stage. His voice was echoing deeply in the closed space and my ‘go Andy’ was like a faint meowing next to his full baritone. Exactly because of this I put my hand onto his mouth, grinning, and I’ve tried to encourage Andy louder. As an answer Dave turned with me into the water and I’ve tried to breathe – at the end we managed to do so. I looked quickly at the boys just to see the result – although just with two strokes but Martin had won. He looked at Dave panting happily, who swam to his friend with his wide strokes. I did the same, but I swam to Fletch to congratulate him, cuz he was great too. I’ve told this to him and he was smiling at me happily too. We got out of the water with Andy and we’ve started chatting.

“Kitty, you’re mine!” yelled Dave.

“This is pretty obvious, you don’t have to announce it” I grinned at him.

“Ah, so you’ve wrapped him around your finger, huh?” noted Andy.

“Them, Andy, them.”

“Good Lord, they’ll totally corrupt you – be careful with them” he warned me.

“It’s already too late, we’ve tainted her” yelled Dave back.

“Uh-oh, I think you had no trouble with that” I smiled towards them, but they were immersed in some conversation.

“I really don’t want to speak against my friends” went on Andy much quieter “but… be careful.”

“What do you mean?”

He didn’t answer just looked at the approaching boys.

“Andy, did you know that this missy here is a real Fletch-fan?” grinned Mart grabbing the edge of the pool. I couldn’t help myself, but after my shock I was rolling on the floor laughing.

“Tell me what’s wrong with that!” I laughed still.

“But you haven’t… mentioned it!” Dave mocked a pained expression.

“I, well… I don’t…” stuttered Andy and he was so sweet that I had to embrace him. At this time he was red like a carrot and leaving his towel behind he ran for the stairs.

“Andy, come back!” I asked him.

He turned around for a moment “Sorry, but I… I… don’t…” and he ran away, taking the stairs by two.

“Poor Fletchi!” I said “I think after a while I’ll go after him for a little chatting.”

“For a little ‘chatting’, yeah sure…” made Mart a mouth, but his eyes were laughing.

“Mart! Who do you think I am?” I was ‘shocked’ “I just want to talk to him. And if you want to know, he really is sweet. You two had sent this poor guy for some choc and he’d gone to get some without a word, hadn’t he? And he’s sweet when he’s clapping and he’s kind to the fans and…”

“Alright, alright” grumbled Dave “We know all this, right Mart?”


And in my head I added one more thing to Andy’s list: that he was so kind to warn me – even if he doesn’t know me at all, although his advice was useless – I looked at these chatting guys in the water and I knew they were made for me. I adore them and no matter what’ll happen, I’ll face it.

“By the way Mart, it was new for me that you’re such a great swimmer. How’s that you have still this much energy?” I grinned at him, sliding back into the water.

“Even an old buffer can still do some tricks…”

“Old? Are you kidding? You two are in the best age!” I laughed and splashed water on him with my fingers.

“Alright, I had enough of the dabbling. I go up to the room, okay?”

“Me too” said Dave “I have to bring you home.”


“To pack your things, of course.”

“But it’ll take some time going after you.”

“Baby, it’s now or never! What’d I do in Zagreb without you?”

“You’ll hack it” when a grimace ran through his face I sighed “Look Dave, I need some days to arrange things at home. I have some stuff to do, which can’t be done in a minute. You can understand this, can’t you?” He muttered something under his nose. “Guys, you know best that you can’t get rid off me in any way. It’s not that I don’t want to go with you, I think you know this.”

“Sure” said Mart “We understand that. You know our numbers. Call us if you’re ready. Then we’ll tell you where we are and we take care of your plane ticket and everything else you’ll need. Until then Dave’ll manage somehow…” he grinned at him.

“No, I’m not that kind” he growled “I decide quickly what I want and what I don’t. Then I act right away. Kitty, it’d be a nice gesture to leave everything behind for the prince of your heart!”

“Yeah, sure. But I can be stubborn too, Mr. Gahan” I smiled at him faintly “And I’m not that type who leaves everything behind – if I have to decide something big like this. I like to know that my things are okay. I really have to arrange these things, I’m sorry. But I think you won’t get bored meanwhile” I looked at Martin with a knowing gaze then I’ve started swimming to make some lengths too. Despite the tiredness I’ve felt that my muscles had welcomed this kind of activity too.

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