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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 24

Chapter 24

  2009.08.12. 14:45


Next day my fever was gone, but I was very weak. The doctor suggested that I should sit into a wheelchair, but I refused this possibility right away. When he saw that I’ll survive probably without the wheelchair too he smiled at my knights and exhorted that they’ll take care of me. They were nodding eagerly then they embraced me from both sides and my feet were barely touching the floor as they were taking me to the car.
“I’m not this weak!” I pouted so they let me stand up, but they were still holding me. It wasn’t a good idea cuz after a few steps my ungrateful knees went weak, but they caught my fall “Okay maybe I am” I sighed – which was another foolish thing from me, cuz I’ve started coughing. It wasn’t that scary as yesterday, but it was still quite bad. They had to stop with me. “Sorry guys” I faltered out.
“No problem, Mia. The main point is that you recover quickly” Dave looked at me and I nearly swallowed in the wrong way from the tenderness in his eyes. Of course it would have been another stupid reaction, which’d have caused more coughing. I nodded then looked at Mart. His gaze wasn’t that open, but I discovered the sparkles of anxiety in it. I didn’t say a word just let them help me onto the car’s backseat then they sat next to me from both sides.
“Where’re we going now?” I asked quietly and on a very hoarse tone as I let them put a blanket around me.
“Copenhagen” said Martin.
“I show you the little mermaid” Dave promised.
“Are you really sure that you want to bring me near to the coast – I mean near to water – after this? Cuz now our relationship with nature isn’t that good because of my illness” I whispered “Although it was my fault…”
“It’d be so great if no one wanted blaming anyone!” Dave snorted “It was enough hearing Martin’s whining that it was his fault!”
“Dave!” Mart growled while he slid one of his hands under my blanket to take my cool hand.
“Why? Haven’t you said that?”
“Dave, you’re so childish all of a sudden.”
“Why?” he turned to him questioningly.
“Boys…” I whispered but they didn’t hear me.
“Cuz you’re sneaking on like a child. You really want Mia think that I’m an idiot?”
“I don’t want that I just tell her what you were telling me during the past three days.”
“But I…”
“Boys!!” I strained my voice and of course another two-minute-long coughing came.
“Just look at Mia what you’d done to her…” Martin grumbled stroking my back.
“Would you stop this please?” I asked hoarsely when I finally could take a breath “Can you shut up for a few moments? I just want… to be with you… My head… still hurts from the medicines” I leant against the seat again, nestling myself between their shoulders.
“Okay, okay. We won’t fight anymore. It’s just that Dave… he wants to weasel on you. You know Mia, he’s all over you.”
“Martin Gore, how you dare…”
“I just return the favour you gave me…”
“Alright then this is vice versa” I answered to Martin.
“You mean that I want to weasel on you or that you want to do the same on us?”
“Fifty-fifty” I bent my head back “I’m all over you both, I know you know this well.”
“We want more Mia! Let’s hear what you’re thinking about our relationship, about our trio! I know that you couldn’t take it anymore and this is why you were crawling in the rain. You’re like me – if you can’t help then you hurt yourself” David smiled sadly.
“Tell me Davie, this is why you want our kitty for yourself?”
“I don’t want…”
“Pea and peel effect or what?” Martin interrupted him.
“Boys, don’t start it again!” I whispered hoarsely “None of you can have a cat for his own completely – don’t you think? Cats are lonely souls even if they have company. They have their own thoughts and they usually don’t tell them to anyone. Dave, please, can I have some more water?” I looked at him.
“Sure” he reached for the mineral water. Mart wanted to say something, but I interwove our fingers and squeezed them to calm him down “Thank you” I took the water with my free hand and drank carefully. I was watching the water move in the bottle deep in my thoughts.
“Although… basically I’m not a… ‘suffering-type’. Are you curious what I think about us?”
“Yes” Martin squeezed my hand under the blanket and Dave nodded too, caressing my shoulder.
“I know just one thing: I love you two. First this was just pure admiration which I felt for my heroes and lust to make love to you. But now a lot of things are behind these. If it’s possible to love two men at the same time then I managed to do so. Here you are, it’s not like me showing all of my cards, but I love you and I want peace and if I can then I want to help, cuz… cuz… it’s not easy what you have and… cuz… you’re such sensitive… such great people. And now I want you to lay your cards onto the table too. Come on! Martin, please start it!”
Martin hesitated a bit. It was harder for him to open up, but I was patient and I squeezed his hand reassuringly again.
“Well… I think I’m this stupid, because I love you both too much and this confuses me” he forced out the words.
“Hey! That’s all?” Dave snorted smiling.
“What do you want to hear besides that I love you two?” Martin grunted.
“Well you could give us more details” Dave grinned.
“So I should tell you that…” he stopped suddenly.
“What?” Dave narrowed his eyes.
“What?” I echoed his question as I looked at Curly.
“That… that at first I didn’t think that this’ll be more? That I wasn’t thrilled when Dave came to me to ask whether it was okay for me to have you as our lovers?” his voice failed at the end.
“Why?” I asked with a pale face.
“Cuz… cuz… okay, because first I thought that… you were just a nice lay. I didn’t want to involve emotions into this. It was enough for me to suffer from my family and Dave.”
“And now?” I felt doubtful.
“And now I love you, you crazy cat” he sighed with a small smile “You purred yourself right into my heart. Are you satisfied Dave?”
“How wouldn’t I? The big Martin Lee Gore tells us that he loves us! It’s a rare occasion and Martin” Dave leant towards him “I’ve sealed it into my heart to remember it. Maybe someday I’ll need it.”
Martin was counting the crinkles on his trousers, confused. Then he looked up “So, thick-head show us what you’ve got!”
“Ha-ha, it’s much easier for me.”
“Well although separately but I’ve already told you how much I love you two.”
“That’s not true” we said with Martin at the same time and I had to laugh on Dave’s confused face cuz he took it seriously – again.
“Hey, if the hippies would have had this much love like we have here on this backseat the cold war would have ended more sooner” I noted.
“That’s true!” Dave laughed caressing my shoulder and leant closer “But you two really are important to me” he added and he wanted to kiss me, but I put my fingers onto his lips.
“What’s the matter?” he looked at me questioningly.
“It wouldn’t be lucky to infect you and have sore throat” I sighed tired and I had to choke down a cough, just my body was shaking from it.
“Oh, don’t say that I can’t kiss you!”
“She just said that” Mart noted “And she’s right. It doesn’t matter how hard you want it my panther to have both of us in your bed tonight, it won’t happen. Just I’ll be there for you tonight.”
I looked up as I’ve heard the desperate demand in his voice. This voice asked David to be just his this night. With his sensitive ears his friend and lover heard this tone too and he reached for Mart’s neck behind me, caressing its skin with his palm. And now as a cat I could hide behind Martin, cuz he was nuzzling to his hand better than me.
“Alright, we put Mia into bed, whom we have to spare” and he licked along my earlobe “then I promise I’m all yours till the morning comes.”
“Was this really necessary to discuss it in front of me?” I moaned quietly.
“Why? You’ve said that it’s not allowed…” Dave breathed into my ear.
“It isn’t! Sadly. But after this how could I sleep knowing that you two… Oh my god!”
“Did we turn you on, dear Mia?” Mart asked and let my hand go under the blanket just to slide his hand onto my inner thigh.
“Oh noooooooooooo, not at all!” I answered and tried to calm my breathing.
“Have the doctor said that we can’t be with her?” Dave asked.
“You silly, he would have had a heart attack, if he knew it” Martin laughed.
“And if she didn’t have to strain herself, just lying on the bed while we’re pampering her gently but assertively?”
“Well let’s see, I don’t think that’d be a problem.”
“Mia, can we make love to you?”
“Don’t do this Dave! Even just your voice turns me on extremely!”
“Was this a yes?”
“What do you think?” I said with my new sexy hoarse voice, which made him laugh then he bent to my ear again.
“We want to hear it” he whispered then suddenly sucked my earlobe into his mouth.
“Yes…” I sighed as Martin’s hand slid upwards on my thigh “Or at least… I think so.”
“You think so?” Mart looked at me.
“Well… if I choke meanwhile, it’ll be your fault! Cuz I don’t think it’s possible for me not to pant from your pampering and that’d cause another hard coughing-session and in my state I’ll have to choke from that…” I finished with a dry mouth.
“What? Did I understand correctly? You want to talk us out of fucking you hard?” Dave snorted then kissed into my neck.
I’ll die, I’ll die, there’s no doubt about it, I thought then I’ve said this out loud too: “I’ll die and you’ll be the cause of my death” I moaned. Dave leant to my neck and he ran his thumb’s nail along my neck – starting by my collarbones and ending by my ear. Then he bit gently into my neck just above my collarbone. He started licking my skin with slow licks.
I pressed my lips together even harder not to indicate another coughing by my pants, but it was hard to resist – especially when Martin’s fingers found the way under my sweatpants, which they’d brought to me to the hospital and which wasn’t an obstructive piece of clothes. I bit down on my lower lip as I bent my head back when his fingers disappeared under my panties. I’ve missed these touches badly! Although I was lying in hospital ‘just’ for three days.
“Mart, Dave, no, not here! Wait until we get into my room. If you are good boys, I’ll even put on some nice lingerie, which you can chew off of me.”
“UHHH, me thinks it’d be worthy for us to wait a bit more” said Mart.
“Me and waiting? Do you know me as a person who can wait?”
“Dave, please… I don’t know what’ll kill me. If you stop or if you go on. Please wait until we reach the hotel. Until then I’ll put myself together – means: I sleep a little on the plane” I said and I felt tired. A little resigned sigh escaped my mouth when Mart pulled his hand out of my panties and the car finally stopped. We arrived at the airport.
“Did you do it on a plane, Mia?” Dave asked curiously.
“No, not yet. This extreme place is still missing from my list” I sent him a faint smile as I put my head back onto Martin’s shoulder.
“And do you want it?” Mart asked in an evil way “No one else will be there, we lay you down on the seats and go!”
“Martin, really!”
“Answer with yes or no or at least sigh if you want it” Dave breathed into my neck and grabbed both of my breasts through my bra. I sighed an enormous one.
“Hurray Dave, Mia wants it” Martin grinned.
“Mean bastards! You draw profit from your influence and skills!” I whispered.
“Of course if we have those, why wouldn’t we?” Dave licked the corner of his mouth and squeezed my breasts a few more times then he opened the door and the cool air made me shiver. I pulled the blanket closer around me, which didn’t seem such a bad idea now. Both of them helped me out of the car then they supported me to the plain and waited for me patiently to stumble up on the steps.
“I must look fucking hot now that I’m ill and I’m wrapped into a blanket” I glanced at them over my shoulder when we finally got into the plane and they closed the door behind us.
“You’d be sexy even in a potato-bag” Martin purred and helped me up on the stairs then made me sit at the end of the plane.
“Rest a bit, you seem tired” David laid me down on the seats then they sat on both of my sides, fastened my seatbelts and we got off the ground. They were just sitting there tongue-tied. The promised fun was nowhere and I’ve started missing it.
“Hey boys! Are you impotent for all of a sudden? Or this potato-bag isn’t that sexy?” I asked looking up at them.
They pretended that they were sleeping – Martin imitated something like snoring too. Dave’s eyes were closed as he was sitting on the seat leaning back, but laughter was shaking his whole body. He looked at me and said “We just wanted to see how much you want it!”
Martin laughed too.
“You’re insane!” I grunted at them and tried to sit up, but Dave pushed me back by my shoulders.
“Hey, hey. Where do you think you’re going?”
“For some liquid, cuz my mouth turns dry all the time. And you don’t want to…”
“I bring something right away!” Martin stood up “When we arrive at the hotel, you’ll get nice hot tea too. Until then here’s some mineral water” he offered me a bottle.
I smiled evilly and despite my state I tried to drink that damned water as sexy as it was possible. Although usually I didn’t suck the neck of the bottle like a little calf, now I used this method. I don’t have to mention that the boys had lots of fun with it. I was still playing with the bottle when I saw from the corner of my eyes that both of them slid closer. When I could feel his breaths on my neck, I took the bottle from my mouth and put it down onto the floor.
“Hmm… this was good…” I murmured in my hoarse tone.
“And is this good?”
“And this?”
“And if I do this, is it good?”
“And if I put my hand, do you like it?”
“Yeeeeeeeessss…” I reacted onto their dirty hands’ actions with closed eyes after they pulled the blanket half-way down.
I was just lying there and let them mesmerize me. After two minutes Dave was sitting on his heels, right in front of me and he was examining the knot on my sweatpants’ string, lost in thoughts about the Maya knotting’s mysteries. He solved the meaning of the knot, but obviously it was something bad, cuz he started cursing.
“What’s it this time?” I sighed quietly.
“Your knot is too insistent.”
“It isn’t!” I held my breath back a bit so I was able to push the sweatpants off of my waist “Here you are. I won’t give you more help.”
Mart helped unpacking me from above – without clothes I finally hadn’t felt myself like a bag of potatoes. If I was without clothes that’d meant two things: I was under the shower, or… no… I was with these two guys, who usually didn’t like any clothes on me at all.
“And what’s now, my dear lovers?” I whispered hoarsely.
“Just some fun, of course. As I know, ill people need pampering…” Dave’s fingers slid up on my inner thighs while he gave a kiss onto my shoulder.
“David…” I whispered faintly as I felt his fingers slide inside me “Dave…”
“Yes, Mia?” he asked in an unabashed tone “How do you want us to take care of you?” he pushed his fingers deeper into me when Martin opened my legs wider and hearing Dave’s question he giggled then quickly licked my hard nipple.
“If you’d already asked… Marty, please lick it again! More! More! Bite me you… you beast!”
“Uh, which medicine can have this side-effect?” Martin giggled again, but he did what he was asked for.
The most annoying thing was that I wasn’t allowed to kiss them, cuz I was afraid I’d infect them. Both of them needed their voices and of course their physical strength too on the concerts. I had no idea how they could want an ill woman, but it was their business – I didn’t protest. It felt so good what they were doing to me. No doubts here. And the other troublesome factor was that I couldn’t moan out loud, if I didn’t want to choke from coughing. I’ll really have to cum without a noise? From them?? Impossible, I thought and dug into Mart’s hair as he started sucking my right breast harder. Dave was biting my shoulder gently, one of his hands grabbing my thigh and the other was sliding in and out of my body skillfully. Then at the end I moaned when Mr. Impatient Dave Gahan – without asking his friend whether he wanted to be the first this time – pulled his fingers out and rammed into me. The coughing wasn’t that bad at all, although I’m sure I looked funny with that mask on my face while I was moaning his name.
“Sex in the epidemic-hospital” I laughed.
“Watch your breathing kitty, don’t speak” Mart whispered as his fingers were wandering in my slightly wet hair and his left hand slid between my legs – right onto my clit. From this I scratched along Dave’s left arm and closing my eyes I strained my hips. I felt the veins sticking out on my neck from the suppressed yells.
“I’ve missed you so, Mia!!” Dave moaned into my ear while he was playing with his hips inside me. He could do fantastic moves!
As an answer I squeezed his hips with my thighs and dug my nails into his arm, which made him cry out loud. Martin was moving his fingers on my clit unstoppable and was grabbing and biting my breasts – but he got impatient so I sank my hand into his trousers. It was unlike Martin that now he was literally stamping from impatience. Because I couldn’t use my mouth – maybe I really would have choke from his cock, he couldn’t wait anymore and he put his hand onto Dave’s shoulder. After the third useless patting he tried to take his place to have his part in the game too.
I had to giggle from his impatience, which was shown in a few little coughs. Dave didn’t seem too cooperative, Mart had to use another weapon. He slid one hand onto Dave’s ass as he propped himself on the seat next to us and he started biting his earlobe to turn his attention towards him. After a few moments Mart met a cloudy green gaze.
“What do you want Marty?”
“I want to have some of our kitty’s fine parts too, of course” he put a peck onto Dave’s face, who was still moving inside me.
“Do you want my place?” he moaned plaintively.
“No, you can stay, just change the pose.”
“Pull out of her!”
Dave obeyed and watched as Mart pulled me up easily then made me sat onto his lap. He took me by my shoulders and pulled my back onto his chest so I could sit comfortably. I’ve heard as he spit into his palm again and he wet himself and me too. I nearly jumped from this although I knew exactly what was coming.
“Hmmm… relax kitty, like last time… you know…” he whispered into my ear, which made me sigh and obey.
He started penetrating me from the back slowly and waved with his eyes for Dave to continue what he’d started.

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