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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 26

Chapter 26

  2009.08.12. 14:52


We were sleeping in this pose for a few hours. I had no nice dreams and I was sweating too. I felt it when I suddenly woke up, cuz it was as if I was suffocating. It was useless trying to suppress my coughs, my aching lungs wanted me to cough and this made Martin wake up, who looked up from my chest sleepily.
“What?” he looked at me as I turned onto my side and finally sat up to reach for a glass of water.
“I forgot… to… take my… pills…” I groaned out in between hard coughs. He put a glass of water quickly into my hand and searched for my pills too. Finally I was able to force them down on my aching throat. “Thanks…”
“Don’t speak. Try to relax” he leant against the headboard and a pillow and pulled me to him, touching my forehead “You don’t seem to have a fever. But don’t do this again. Take your pills and get well soon. We love healthy kittens better” he murmured.
By then my coughing wasn’t that bad and I was listening to his heart beats with half-closed eyes. “I’ll try” I said then Martin pulled the cover up to my chin, I fell asleep after a few moments.
We didn’t get out of bed next morning. We agreed that we’ll spend this day in our pajamas – which wasn’t really true, cuz Martin was wearing just a white T-shirt and a boxer short. We ordered breakfast from the room service and for my request they’d brought me a newspaper too. Martin was switching channels with the remote and was yawning with his fuzzy hair.
“Did you sleep well?”
“I love you” I answered.
“Aha, adequate answer for and adequate question.”
“I’ve slept well cuz you’d stayed with me and because you were wonderful and because I love you. I just said it shorter.”
“Come here” he pulled me to him “You know it touched me really much what you’d done yesterday.”
“Huh, it seemed natural for me to throw myself to your feet” I tried to make a joke from it, but seeing his serious gaze my smile faded “Really… I was scared that you’ll let me here alone, leaving with anger. I don’t want you to be mad at me, Marty. I’d feel terrible and I’d rather hide somewhere, breaking the contract and stand the management’s charge.”
“Uh-oh, then I has to be careful…” he smiled faintly then caressed my shoulder “No, I wouldn’t be able to be mad at you for long, this is for sure. Tell me who could resist such a sweet little kitten?”
“Sweet and peaky kitten…” I added rolling my eyes “I hate being ill. I want to recover! Martin, heal me!”
“I have a great method to cure my aching throat, but I’m sure you don’t want to try it.”
“What’d that be?”
“You won’t jump into my neck when I tell you.”
“Uh-uh, I think I know it.”
“So I go now and bring you some, OK? I’ll make it for you.”
He walked out of the room and returned after 20 minutes with a hot and fucking strong grog.
“It’s three times stronger than a normal grog!”
“Jeez, Mart, I’ll knock out myself with it!”
“A bit, yes. But it’ll help, you’ll see. After you drank it, I’ll take you into my arms and I’ll listen to your tipsy babbling and taking advantage of the situation I’ll make you mine… Well, what do you say?”
“Sounds great. But will I have a hung over?”
“No, when it’ll really starts working, you’ll fall asleep and you’ll wake up just after long hours, feeling rested and with a clear throat.”
“Well, okay then, cheers!” I lifted the quite big cup and drank its contents with quick gulps. I grimaced and let Martin take the empty cup from my hand. “Its taste is still awful” I noted and cuddled to his chest again “Martin, I’m sinking and lifting in the same time” I hiccupped frightened.
“Uh-uh, it starts to work then.”
“Marty… did you drink… a lot of this?” I giggled suddenly as the world seemed to whirl and I was clinging to his fragrant T-shirt harder. I even dug my nose into it and started sniffing his scent “Martin, you smell so great and you’re slant.”
“What? Is the world spinning? Kitty, aren’t you sleepy?”
“No-ho. But I’m hungry Marty and I’m hungry for your love. I want you so much and I feel lightheaded” I hiccupped again.
“I think you’re drunken, kitty” he laughed.
“That’s possible, you see!” I giggled “Maaaaartyyyy!”
“You laugh so beautifully! Laugh for me mooore!” I asked grinning while one of my hands was touching his warm tummy under his T-shirt “Did you know… that the world is turning?” He laughed again from this sudden turn. “No, I mean it! And I can see it too! It’s moving so… slowly. And the room too. Understand? And do you know why I can see it?”
“Cuz your drunk?” he grinned and it was obvious that he barely could hold his laughter back.
“Nooooo! It’s because it turned up side down… since I’m with you… two!” I hiccupped again.
“Uhmm… this is a contradiction, isn’t it?”
“The world is turning but we turned it up side down too…”
“Huh, yeah… well… It’s because… because it does both! It turns and is up side down too. I’m just wondering why we aren’t walking on the ceiling then…” I mused and he giggled again.
“Jeez, Mia! You’re so sweet!” he hugged me closer.
“Then maybe…”
“Maybe you should taste me!” I stroked him under the T-shirt again and my hand got dangerously close to the edge of his boxer shorts.
“Oh, no problem. I’ll taste you. Cuz you know how much I love sweets. Let me taste you. Yummy” he licked along my throat “You’re so sweet!”
“Yes, yes, go on, dear Marty!” I giggled then reached under his underwear, which made him moan into my neck “Take advantage… of my drunken state of mind, Marty! You won’t see me often like this…” I giggled completely relaxed while my hand was pumping him with the well-known moves. I don’t know whether it was my “med’s” effect or not, but I could feel him hardening until he was rock-hard under my palm. Dunno whether it was just a sensual delusion, or not, but I didn’t really care, cuz pushing my T-shirt up he started biting and licking my breasts. I had to purr from this lovely feeling.
“Come on Mia, be a cat! Be my cat again!” Martin moaned and I flashed a cheeky grin at him after I was able to focus onto his face. In the next moment his shorts were on the floor, I got rid off my panties and I was already on his lap while I pulled my T-shirt over my head. I threw my head back and licked my mouth in the moment I could feel His Majesty in me again. When I looked down at him again, he wasn’t wearing his T-shirt anymore. I think I’ve started to move on him with a specific rhythm cuz he moaned out loud grabbing my tits. I scratched along his chest and tummy.
“Just be careful Marty-boy, cuz I’ll tear you apart now!” I said purring between two growls “Have you ever had a kitty for lunch?” I hissed into his ear, making wild circles with my hips. He looked up at me doomed and stamped into the bed. He had to lie down from sitting, cuz his shaking hands couldn’t prop him anymore.
“God help me!” he moaned as I was playing with my inner muscles on him. I went totally mad. There was just the pure sensuality and I went on fiercely.
“Uhhh! He doesn’t dare to look here now, Marty!! I’ll help you rather, okay?!” I cried out loud and purred, closing my legs so I could squeeze him better.
“OKAY!!!” he yelled, pressing his head desperately into the pillow, grabbing my hips harder “OH MY GOD!!!” he cried out when I straddled him even firmer, tensing my inner muscles as I was propping myself on his tummy, digging my nails into his soft flesh.
“Mia, Mia, I’ll die! You’re killing me right now!”
“That’s possible Mart, but it won’t hurt – it’ll be euthanasia, a gracious death. Crazy consummation beyond the borders of pleasure. If you’re ready for it, Mart…”
“I guess you are” I said and grabbing his dick under me I helped him into a better world.
I moved a few more times on him, grinning, although in my dizzy state I couldn’t reach my orgasm. I was panting like mad after he was able to breathe again.
“I can’t believe! What’re you doing to me? Do you want me to get addicted to you?”
“Uh-uh. I want exactly that. I love you Martin and I won’t lose you” I said suddenly serious in a sober moment.
“God, Mia… my dear Mia!” he whispered caressing my face and I immediately cuddled to his hand. Then I fall back into my happy mood and grabbing his wrist I playfully ran his hand on my breast.
“If I’m that precious to you, Marty… You have an obligation here…”
“What obligation?”
“Haven’t you felt it, hon? You didn’t make me come!” I reproved him and sighed when his fingers grabbed my tit “I love climbing mountains but just when I reach the top too” I took his middle and index finger into my mouth.
“Mia… don’t do this to me!” he moaned.
“Why not? Cats like pampering too, especially if they give this much like I gave you a few minutes ago…” I led his fingers down between my legs while I slid his satisfied member out of me.

“Mia, I’m not able to do it again right now…”
“You don’t have to… You don’t even have to prance just use your fingers, pleeease!” I asked then bit down on my lips to stop a moan and a cough, cuz he slowly ran his middle finger on my clit. I shivered.
“You were thinking about something like this?” he licked the corner of his lips too as he started moving his hand faster.
“YES!” I answered and my back arched when his wet fingers slid into me. But he used his other hand too – he slid his fingers onto my clit to rub it in a faster pace.
“Oh yes! MARTIN! More!” I moaned with closed eyes and I propped myself on my hands behind my back, next to his legs to let him work on me easier.
“Ehm… maybe I came in the wrong time?” we heard a familiar voice from the door as its owner walked into the half-lit room.
“You came in the best time, Davie” Mart sighed “I have something to do, I’ll finish that first then I’d like to talk to you a bit.”
“OK, I’ve missed you, do you know? I have to go back, but I had something to do nearby and I couldn’t stop myself checking in to see what you’re doing again.”
“Well Mia is drunk from my meds, I’m curing her…”
“Yeah, I see you’re curing here…” Dave grinned.
I just moaned a big one when Mart’s fingers pushed deeper into me then I screamed when on their way backwards they found my G-spot. My whole body shivered and strained.
“Look what I’ve found...” Martin grinned and started stimulating it with his index finger in an intense way. I lifted my hips unwillingly just to feel better the sudden rush of joy, which shot through my body.
“OH MY GOD!!!!” I screamed “MARTIN!!!!”
“I guess you like it…” he licked his mouth. I couldn’t see Dave, but I guessed he was grinning.
“YESSS!” I screamed with a dry throat.
There was no need for him to work on me for too long – the double stimulating brought the desired effect soon and my climax hit me hard as I was gasping for air with closed eyes, propping myself on my shaking arms. Maybe Mart’s ‘meds’ helped me to feel my orgasm better. I felt Martin’s contented gaze searching my face which was still twisted from the pleasure I felt.
My shaking hands went weak and I fell back onto the sheet with the intense joy still waving in my body. I was panting and moaning between his legs. I felt him withdrawing his fingers and as he slid them out, he stroked my clit once more. When I opened my eyes, on the right I saw Dave kneeling by the bed, putting his chin into his palm. He was watching me and he caressed my forearm while I felt Martin gently stroking my thighs.
“Dave, honey, you were watching us?”
“Sure! I love watching it when you cum!” he said to me then stroked Martin’s shoulder with his free hand “How strange it is that we came together like this. I won’t say that there was no threesome yet, but I can surely say that this is the first time when we fall in love with each other” David said with a serious look.
“Something’s wrong” Martin realised from his friend’s strange tone, while I was smiling like an idiot, nestling into Dave’s arms.
“If I can explain myself then there isn’t.”
“But what’s it? Jen?”
“She accidentally read one of my e-mails.”
“I’ve sent it to you, right?”
“Yep. And it wasn’t a friendly invitation to drink a beer.”
“Jesus! It was that one?”
“What’ll you do?”
“Well you could send an e-mail with multiply addressees – containing women’s names too – with a similar content to mine and you could forward it to me too. Then I’ll have something to say to her.”
“I can’t see how this could help you.”
“It’d help Marty, but don’t get mad!”
“Oh, I get it Dave. When someone’s drunken he can’t really control what he’s doing…”
“I have no better idea, do you? This or I must tell it to Jen.”
“Just do this, it doesn’t matter, my renown isn’t good at her, she’ll believe it easily.”
“Alright Martin, I must go now. Don’t be mad, I know that drinking bothers you too. But I love you in the way you are” he kissed his friend, softly touching his lips to Mart’s mouth then he’d left as he’d come – quietly on his panther paws.
I felt even through my strange daze that it was better for me to stay silent, leaving Martin alone a bit. Somehow I pulled myself together and sat up. A few minutes later I realised that he was deep in his thoughts. Thinking hard? Or was that just my imagination? Temporarily I had no idea how serious the things were which Dave’d said. My head and body was still light from the grog and the orgasm. I slowly stood up and stumbled out into the bathroom, which wasn’t that easy in my actual state. It came into my mind that I have to have a shower, but before I could step under it, another bad coughing came, which made my eyes watery and after a while it wasn’t too pretty, but I’ve started heaving and found myself kneeling in front of the toilet. After I puked I felt really relieved and my head was much clearer. And surprisingly coughing wasn’t that painful anymore. Although I was still dizzy somehow I really felt myself better. I even took that shower and brushed my teeth.
I lay down onto the bed again, where Martin was sitting, holding his head in his hands. I didn’t know what to say or do so I was just laying on my side, blanket up to my chin and I pulled my legs up a bit, watching Martin sitting on the other edge of the bed. Even the straining muscles on his back were careworn. I reached out my right hand to touch his back, but before my fingers could reach their goal he said:
“I go now for a while.”
Probably he’ll drink. Or at least my clearing head and my sixth sense told me this from his tone. By the way just his T-shirt was missing from his chest now. I haven’t realised it yet.
“Don’t go…” I whispered hoarsely and very carefully.
But it seemed he’d decided not to answer, or not to hear my demand and he stood up, putting on his grey T-shirt and black jacket.
“Martin!” I called out for him, sitting up on the bed, but he showed me his back “Don’t do this!”
“You can’t stop me!” he grumbled and left me there. Alone.
This last sentence hit me hard and there was no trace of the dizziness in my head, which was caused by the grog. I was holding the blanket to my chest as I was staring at the closed door and I knew that he’ll get drunk again and I didn’t do anything to stop him – again!
After a while I realised that my tears were flowing for long minutes now. I fall back onto the pillows, curling up, swallowing a cough, but I couldn’t stop my tears. I was wondering whether I was overcomplicating things or not… I was confused. Stupid female thinking…

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