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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 37

Chapter 37

  2009.08.12. 15:16


Right next to me, onto his tummy. And Dave lifted Curly’s hips to loosen his trousers. After the successful action he left his trousers there and tucked his T-shirt up on his back. Now he was able to stroke and kiss the bare white skin, softly biting down on it, while Martin turned his head toward me. I smiled with half-closed eyes, holding his look captive with mine. Two of my fingers disappeared between my legs just to slide my wet fingers into his mouth afterwards.
“Do you feel it, Marty, how badly I’ve missed you? How badly I want you?” I whispered looking right into his eyes. He gave me a darkening look and after it he grabbed my wrist, I felt that he started sucking my fingers eagerly, growling from the depths of his throat. I licked my dry lips as I watched him and somehow I sensed that meanwhile Dave tucked Mart’s trousers and underwear down, giving his kisses and bites onto his naked butt.
Martin closed his eyes and moaned as he let my hand go. I slid it onto my clit right away so I could softly moan too, watching his face. Martin was just lying there letting us to do whatever we wanted to do to him – and it was clear that Dave wanted a lot to do. He quickly got rid off his own clothes, never looking away from his friend. He threw every piece of Mart’s clothes onto the floor too and as he lay behind him, he hugged Mart to him from behind. Curly looked at him and there was everything in that gaze. His endless love and the happiness that Dave wanted him and that wild, sensual yearning he felt towards his panther-like love. Dave was already worked up, but seeing this look made his body shake and he tried very hard not to go for Marty right away – instead he started kissing him along his spine, holding him close to him.
He slowly went down to Martin’s waist and he was playing there with his tongue and teeth, stimulating Curly’s sensitive skin, which caused big moans from him. I had to touch them too – my free hand was sliding on Martin’s side or Dave’s naked thigh, ass, back and arm – it depended on what I could reach. I was rubbing myself with more courage now that my robe was open. When I stopped for a moment, both of my lovers growled at the same time:
“Continue it! It’s fucking exciting!”
I laughed and asked: “I’m here with such two divine guys and I have to take care of myself?”
“Temporarily yes, kitty” Dave sighed, looking at me just for one moment then while continuing he went back to decorate Mart’s back with his bites – the only way Curly was able holding back his loud moans was biting down on his own lips. “First I want to arrange some things with Martin…” Dave bit harder and I saw one of his hands disappear between his own legs, starting to play with himself.
After lifting my head a bit I had the proof that I was right and I had to grab my tit with my left hand, while the other was still rubbing my clit. I couldn’t wait to see my two beauties moving together, cuz I wanted to slide my fingers further down later. I wanted to push them inside in that very moment when Dave penetrates Mart…
It was unusual from David to show this much self-control, cuz instead of taking Martin in that very moment, he just bent Curly’s neck backwards so he could kiss him fiercely. I nearly went mad as I was watching the sharp contrast, which was made by Dave’s dark hair and Martin’s white skin. From the front I put one of my legs onto Mart’s hip, so he could see exactly what I was doing to myself. This was too much even for Dave and Mart whispered something into his ear. The answer was a loud and lust-filled moan. Dave nodded and lying behind Mart he carefully leant forward and penetrated him, hugging him close. And he wasn’t wild, he was rocking Martin gently, who was just groaning in his arms – Mart was fondling him with such words, I’ve never heard from him.
They were literally MAKING LOVE – like this, with capital letters. It was pure joy even just watching them, while I felt that a few strands of my hair stuck onto my face from the concentrating and the feelings which were intensifying inside of me. I opened my legs wider so I could sink deeper in me while I bit down on my lip and I closed my eyes for a moment, leaning my head backwards. I felt how wet and hot I was from their sight. First I slid two then three fingers inside me without any problems, going deeper and deeper, moving them gently in and out. I shot a hot gaze at them, sighing with half-closed eyes.
David’s breathing was getting ragged, it was clear that he was very close to his orgasm now. He waved just with his eyes towards Mart and I nodded. I slid further down and took Mart between my lips. He shut his eyes more tightly and grabbed my hair. Dave was chasing after completion even more until he started rattling from the depths of his throat. This was that very voice which always drove Mart and me mad – there was nothing more exciting than this deep, feral grunting with the quick panting. David was cumming. And for the two of us this was the most beautiful sound in the world.
Martin’s body shivered and he moaned over me, but he didn’t come, although he was close to his own release too. He wasn’t the one who was waiting for us all worked up… Dave continued kissing and biting Mart’s back - still panting - then he slowly slid out of him and rolled onto Blondie’s other side. Mart stopped me by my hair and took my wrist. When we were facing each other again, he pulled my fingers out of my own body and looking into my eyes he licked them one by one. Between my middle and ring finger he asked me on a hoarse and low tone: “Oh god, Mia… How can you be this delicious?”
I moaned from this question and arched my back, closing my eyes. That side-voice in his question made me gasp for air. After he was ready with my hand, he kissed me greedily and grabbed my waist to lift it, while he knelt between my thighs. He straightened up a bit and finally slid firmly and deeply into me. I cried out from the feeling and he did the same as he bent his head back and he remained motionless for a moment, enjoying the strokes of my hot groin. In this one moment I felt him getting even bigger inside of me, filling every little inch of me completely. From this I had to moan again and I reached over my head to grab the sheet firmly. And now he rushed too. There was no mercy. But we didn’t need any – the both of us wanted it to be quick and rough.
I squinted at Dave, the little beast was very close to falling asleep. He was blinking flatly as he was lying spread-eagled on his back. But the little devil in me couldn’t let him fall asleep while Martin was having his way with me, bringing me closer to my climax with every hard thrust. If I’d waited until Dave came then he has to wait for me too between my loud moans…
I couldn’t think straight anymore, cuz my whole body tensed from the long awaited orgasm and I screamed while I grabbed Dave’s forearm, digging my nails deep into his skin. My right hand scratched Martin’s back as I moved my hips roughly against him – and this caused a deep growl from him as he released into me, grabbing my hips nearly painfully.
There was no other sound than our panting. Dave didn’t mind the scratches, but he misunderstood me and he tired to stay awake – with not much success. He nestled himself to Mart from behind, hugged his waist and he was already asleep.
“You’re unbelievable!” Martin told me after some more panting.
“No… you’re unbelievable!” I protested, feeling his weight on me as he pinned me to the bed. I took his sweaty face between my hands.
“But you are! No argument here!”
“Alright, alright” he laughed quietly then after planting a kiss onto my lips he went on with a bit more serious tone “I’m glad that I could see this much fire in you again.”
I sighed and I wanted to look away, but he kept my face in place with his fingers and he gave me another kiss – this time involving his tongue too. Then he looked into my eyes again. He didn’t need an answer to his sentence.
“And can you tell me what made you give this much attention to me?” he smiled and caressed my face.
“That wonderful thing which we call ‘love’” Dave murmured under his nose.
“David, sweetie, say it again!” Mart asked him.
“No. You’ve heard me, haven’t you? If I say it too often, you’ll get tired of hearing it.”
“No, darling, I can’t get tired of hearing this” he protested and leant to Dave, giving a peck onto his face. Mart stayed there between us, laying on his tummy – one hand resting on Dave, the other on me.
“How are you? Do you feel yourself better?” Mart asked. I stole a glance at Dave, who was watching me, but luckily he didn’t mention what I’ve done a few hours earlier. But his face clouded over from the thought.
“Now I feel better that I can be with you two” I confessed the truth. Of course I knew that there was the possibility that Dave tells Mart about my ‘nearly fatal overdose try’. I didn’t know how to feel about this, so I just stroked Martin’s arm, which he rested on my tummy.
“Good. Now I’m a bit relieved. You know, it was very scary to see as you struggled against my hold when Dave got rid off that trash.”
“Can we change the subject?” I asked quietly, avoiding their eyes.
“Sure, no prob. I didn’t want to upset you.”
“Well it’s not hard to do so now…” I noted as I sat up and even I could hear how clear the bitterness was in my voice.
“Did something else happen?” he put his hand on my forearm.
I sighed. “My sister’ll die” I bent my head down, pulling my legs up.
“Oh, sorry… I didn’t mean to… And Dave would you tell me what bothers you? There’s no need to deny it, I’ve been looking in your green eyes for the last 25 years! Hmm? Did something happen? Why are you holding back things from me?”
Dave put his arms under his head and started staring at the ceiling with a big sigh – he didn’t say a word.
“Jen. She knows about Dave and me” I said instead of him, hugging my knees.
“Oh god!” Martin looked at me shocked.
“Why are you this surprised? It would have turned out sooner or later anyway” Dave looked at him.
“You shouldn’t have kissed me on the corridor in front of your fans” I said “I don’t want to endanger this marriage too” I examined my toes.
“Well… ‘the damage is done’, right? There’s nothing we can do. I wanted to kiss you then and there – maybe I wanted to provoke it… I wanted us to commit ourselves, to show our relationship. Or you want to deny our relationship? Is loving me too problematic to you?” he snorted suddenly.
“I don’t want to argue with you” I said quietly.
“This isn’t an answer to my question!” he sat up too, propping himself on one hand. Martin – between us – looked at me and Dave in turns. I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment.
“So it’s too problematic! And you manage to tell me this after all these things?”
“I didn’t tell you anything” I looked at him frowning “It’s not easy to love you two, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t want to love you or that I don’t love you at all. But it’s hard. I knew that it’ll be hard.”
“It’s so hard being with me that you just simply wanted to throw your life away, right? And you’d have left us here with Martin, letting us die from the pain! Thank you very much! Fuck our problematic relationship!” he jumped up off the bed and now he was shouting. He was right. He did a lot of things for me and I… But I was right too. Two Hungarian folksongs were on my mind:

Megtudta az egész világ, s minden rosszat reánk kiált."

“We should have loved so that no one knew about it,
"Úgy kellett volna szeretni, hogy azt meg ne tudja senki,
The whole world came to know it, and it shouts every bad thing on us.”

But what I understood now because of my boys was true too and those were beautiful feelings:

Azt is tudom, hogy kell szépen szeretni
"Megtanultam sírni, szenvedni,

“I’ve learned how to cry, how to suffer,
I know too how to love beautifully.”
I was too tired for arguing. I didn’t look at him, who was still fuming next to the bed, his hands in fists, waiting for me to say something. But I rather just sang these lines in Hungarian and when Martin asked me quietly to translate them, I did it. This was enough for Dave to calm down and sit onto the edge of the bed. We were sitting there quietly for a few minutes. Just the ticking of the clock was echoing in the half-light of the room.
“I know that I do a lot of mistakes – I have been always like this. I think, I have a skill to hurt those people, whom I love. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any harm. I was and I am in despair, so it’s not good to the vulnerable balance of my soul that you’re shouting with me like this” I said quietly “But I know that mainly you’re right. Remember? A short time ago you’ve said that I’m a pure woman, because for example I went after Martin in Copenhagen. Well I don’t feel pure. It was a very long time ago since I’ve felt myself pure. I’m rather a selfish goose, hungry for love, who’s afraid to be alone with her feelings” I broke out, hugging my knees nearly painfully.
“We feel the same – we just feel ourselves like ganders” Martin laughed bitterly.
I smiled faintly then carefully looked at them. “Do you hate me now?”
“Not at all, kitty!” Martin protested right away and looked at Dave for reassuring, who was staring at me with still dim eyes.
“Do you want to hear the truth, Mia? No, I don’t hate you. You just hurt me fucking badly. No, leave this, okay?” he pulled away when I wanted to stroke him. He stood up, picked up his towel and closed the bathroom’s door behind him.
I propped my elbows on my knees as I was huddled up on the bed and my fingers dug into my upper-arms painfully as I was holding myself together. I was afraid I’d fall apart again if I let myself go. The pressure in my chest started to grow again and my head started to ache from the strain.
“Everything’ll be alright, Mia” Martin whispered, stroking my naked back.
“Why must I always screw up everything?” I pressed through my teeth then stood up to get dressed.
“Where are you going?”
“For a walk.”
“I go with you, okay?”
“No. I want to be alone.”
“But… are you sure it’s a good idea?” he asked me on an unsure voice.
“I won’t kill myself, if you’re aiming at that” my face hardened and I dragged my T-shirt nervously over my head too “I’m sorry Martin that I screwed up our evening - your evening – again.”
I didn’t go far, I was just walking on the nearby streets. Suddenly I felt an observing pair of eyes on my back. First I thought that someone was staring at me because of the stupid papers, but as I moved on, I realised that someone was following me. I’ve got frightened and I ran back to the hotel. As I was running on the corridor, I ran into Dave, who was talking with Andy in front of Fletch’s room.
“Jeez, David… Dave, someone was following me…”
“I know” he said quietly.
“Sweetie, it was Darren. I asked him to do so. I don’t dare to leave you alone” he whispered into my ear so that Andy couldn’t hear it.
I swallowed down an ugly comment about trust and such things, but somewhere deep I knew that he was right. They were worried about me. They were worried that I’d do something stupid again.
“I see” I put my hands into my pockets and returned to my room.
Suddenly I felt myself so very tired. From this whole situation, from the tour, from the things which had happened, from the pain in my chest and head. I was just sitting there alone in the dark, puffing white smoke towards the ceiling then I bent my head onto the armchair’s headrest and tried to calm my buzzing head. It could have been so simple just to take a sleeping-pill… But no, I’ve promised Dave… I sighed and looked at the ceiling then I slowly fell asleep right there.
The band’s problem with the rented stuff seemed to get sorted out for the concert tomorrow. The boys ran out of energy at the end of the day. Andy was drinking his 4th beer and Martin’s eyes were cloudy too as they were sitting in the bar. Jonathan was chewing the end of a burned-out cigar and David was fighting with a fan and tried not to ruin his image with sending her to hell.
When Dave got bored of fighting with his fan, he said goodbye to the others and headed for the elevator. Before he stepped into his room, he looked down the corridor, toward Mia’s room and decided to check on her. She didn’t appear the whole night long since she came back from her walk. He knocked on the door quietly, but when he didn’t get an answer, he slowly opened the door.
There was dark in the room, he couldn’t see a thing from the corridor’s lights, but a few minutes later he spotted the shape of a woman sitting motionless in the armchair. He started calling out her name, but there was no answer, so he walked to the light switch and the lamps came alive in a second. Then he saw Mia. He covered his mouth with his hand, but he couldn’t hold back a yell. He ran to her and tried to find out what was the problem.

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