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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 43

Chapter 43

  2009.08.18. 21:44


He opened the door and let me in. Seeing him so unhappy from the idea, I’ve decided to stop speaking about it, I won’t tell him a word about it. I nuzzled to him like a cat, cuz I knew how much he loved it and I looked up into his smiling eyes.

“What do you want, kitty? I know you want something – you’re like this when you do.”

“Dave, please come with me, I want a tattoo and I want you to figure it out, to draw it.”

“What? How did this come into your mind?” he smiled at me.

“I don’t know. I always wanted one” I shrugged and slid my hands onto his butt.

“And where do you want it?” he caressed my face.

“Onto my back, David. I want something beautiful like your wings, honey. What’d you recommend for me? I want something you like, I want to wear it until my last breath and I want it to remember me on you.”

“Mia… you know that this… serious?”

“Yes… it’s like a mark for forever. Your mark on my body” I whispered caressing his cheek “It’ll be the sign of my deep love for you. Do you get it Dave? Do you get it that I’m ready to wear and bear your love until the last day of my life?”

“Yes, my love, I know and I find it immensely moving. You know how much love I need and you try to give me as much as you can. Do you want me this badly, Mia? You really need me this much?”

“Yes Dave… This much… When you are whispering in my ear, You have nothing to fear…” I whispered to him as I hugged him firmly “I want your hands to make our love visually visible on my back. Will you do this for me, my love?” with a moved heart I whispered it quietly as gentle as possible. He didn’t answer just grabbed my wrists and put my hands around his waist. He leant to me and kissed me tenderly then whispered into my ear:

“I will do whatever you want, Mia… I love you very much, you know it, right?”

Goose bumps appeared on me everywhere as he gave a kiss behind my ear too. “I can’t get bored of hearing it” I whispered back and kissed him with my overwhelming emotions.

“Baby, you drive me crazy and make me do things, which are dangerous and risky and full of pain, you know.”

“Dave, what did you do?”

“I gave back that slap, which you’ve got and I packed my things together. I’m a homeless dog, a roaming guy. Please take me in! Do you still want to watch one of my days? I’m yelling at my daughter, cuz I see that Jen raises her against me and I don’t like the way she’s with me. She speaks to me on a patronising tone, although I’m her dad and I love her so much. After this Jen made me so angry that I’ve slapped her in the face in a restaurant. Well, does anyone want to make a film of a monster?”

“What… what did you do, Dave?” I looked at him shocked, but I didn’t let him push me away. I was holding his waist firmly “Look at me, Dave! Tell me what’d happened, please!

“I had enough, Mia! She was just using me, she never paid attention to me anymore, she was just pretending it. She’s been pretending it as a hypocrite that she’s my lovely wife, although I’ve felt it that something’s changed. I kept telling myself that everything was alright… that I love her and she loves me, and meanwhile who knows what she was really thinking of me or who knows what she was telling to Rosie, confusing her! My little angel! You can’t imagine how much it hurt to see her acting with me like that! With ME, whom she always loved more than anything!”

“But… what did she exactly told her that her opinion about you has changed like this? And… how did you find out all this?” I looked at him desperately. It hurt seeing him like this and now I understood why he reacted like this to Anton’s demand.

“There were people, who helped and opened my eyes. And finally I saw it – I saw everything in it’s true form. Mia, I love you and only you and Mart. Please, take care of me! I need you. Take care of me! I don’t want to beg to anyone, ever again. You accept me the way I am. Thank you! Please, love me!”

“You don’t have to ask it Dave, you know it well” I whispered leaning my forehead to his “And… I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. You’d deserve happiness. Being loved! I’ve never understood why don’t you don’t get it, cuz this is such a simple desire and demand. It’s so easy for me to love you. Cuz you know, we lived through awful and hard things too, but no matter what I’ve said to you, I always loved you. And the strangest thing is that I’ve never felt like this with another person in my life. Previously my selfishness dominated and I never let anyone really close to me. But you let my walls fall down so easily… they melted from one of your smiles…”

“Yes, I’ve showed you how weak and frail I am actually. Not that hero you’ve expected. Silly little problems drive me crazy and I’m a neurotic, depressive half-mad fool. But I’m yours. I’m yours from today on if you like, if you accept me as your mate. But please think about it, cuz I’ll die from the next break up. I can’t take it anymore. I just want love and peace. If you accept that sometimes I’m mean and I want it all and immediately then it won’t be a problem. Later I’ll always apologize. Martin won’t mind it, if you really are my partner. Cuz he’s as close to us as we are to each other. And although he has his own house, he’ll be at our place a lot. Hmm, what do you say?”

“Dave… are… are you serious?” I asked stammering and felt that tears welled up in my eyes “Really? You aren’t joking, are you?”

“I’d never joke about this! You know me this much, don’t you?”


“Well?” he asked me with so much pain and tenderness in his eyes that my heart thudded painfully in my chest. I had to swallow, although my throat was dry. I’d have never believed that once I’d stand here. Him waiting for my answer to this question of his! That once HE will ask me THIS question! I was moved to the very core of my soul. I felt as if I was drowning from the love I felt towards him! The lump in my throat was threatening with choking me. I felt my eyes opening and two big and hot teardrops ran down my face.

“There’s nothing else in the world I’d want more… I want to be… with you” I swallowed hard “Yes, Dave, I want to live with you.”

“Thank you. I had to know this. We have to talk to Martin, we have to tell it to him. Maybe he’ll be surprised after all. Mia, Mia…” he said and his whole body started shaking from his emotions “I want just you, do you understand it?”

He took my breath away. No, I didn’t understand him completely. I didn’t want to understand what he was saying!

“Dave… this means that… I can’t be with… Martin anymore?” I whispered hoarsely. I barely could choke out this sentence, my throat was so tight.

He looked at me surprised “Well, no, I didn’t mean it like this. He’s the only exception. He’s somewhere the extension of my self. He’s a part of what I was talking about. I meant that I want to live with you and maybe even more, if you can bear me on the long run.”

“Dave… I’m already too addicted to you” I smiled “I think this gives you the answer to your question, doesn’t it?” I looked up at him and I knew that he was reading from my eyes. I was caressing his back tenderly as I was hugging him.

“Mia…” he sighed “You’re a wonderful woman…”

“Thank you for thinking of me this way, my love.”

“It’s so good to hear this ‘my love’!”

“You are, Dave, you are. I love you mindlessly and insanely and I’m very happy that Fate gave me the chance to live with such a wonderful man like you. Just the spit, the hack and the great bell can part us.”


“David, just death can part us.”

For a moment he looked at me with a strange expression.

“Death… yes, it’s a great power. An important part of our lives. Whom we faced both” he whispered.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just love me. Until the end of the tour I try to get rid off Jen, but you’ll move in with me even if I don’t manage to do so, okay? I don’t want to spend a single day without you!” he murmured on a low tone “I’m sorry, my emotions took me too far” he said “But now I had enough of everything. I want to rest, I want peace. Will you able to give them to me?”

“I hope I will. Although I can’t influence the outside factors, but I’ll try to give you a peaceful atmosphere so you’ll be able to rest. Sometimes… you look so tired, sweetie…” I stroked his face a bit sadly.

“I am tired. This tour was long.”

“It’s nearly over – maybe five concerts, ten days.”

“Yeah, I know. You know, there’s just one thing on my mind now. The desire for being with you is so strong in me. I just want love. I know how childish this might sound, but it’s true.”

“I love you very much Dave and I don’t want anything else either. I’m scared from it of course, but I never wanted anything more in my life than you.”

“Hmmm, little Mia, you’re my mate, hah. Or I should say we three have each other” he smiled “Mia we have to tell it to Mart that I want – we want – him near too. I don’t want to leave NYC – for me it’s the only place in the world where I can live and a lot of bad memories connect me to LA, I don’t want to go back there. I want my own flat, my familiar surroundings, my studio above us. Kitty, a new album is ready in my head, I want to do it. I feel so tired and old. Hourglass will be its title and it’ll be about the passing of time, things slipping away and about death.”

“David, my love, you scare me!”

“Don’t get me wrong, sweetheart. I don’t want to do anything against myself. I just want to be with you, with you two. But… I have to write out my bitterness and letdowns. Everything, which affected me in the last months, years… you, my family, my job, my problems, my pain, my tiredness... everything” he whispered and at the end he bent his forehead to mine “After it I want to rest. I want to enjoy life with you, between your arms, healing in the warmth of your love… Will you give this to me, Mia? Are you ready for this?”

“I’m ready to give you anything I can, David, anything. Ask me whatever you want” I whispered and my tears started to flow, I was so moved. And then he closed me into his arms.

He had no more words to say, he just embraced me then kissed my tears off. He sank deep into my eyes. I could see gratitude, thanks and love in his look then he started kissing me tenderly.

“I want you Mia.”

“I want you too. Come into bed and love me, sweetie!”

He nodded and locked the door and slowly followed me, kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt. By the time he reached the bed, he was wearing only a half-way opened jeans. He lay down onto the bed and was waiting for me. I approached him slowly, getting rid off my clothes. When I reached him, I was fully naked. I sat onto his hips carefully then I leant forward to kiss him, while one of my hands started caressing his body. I felt him shivering from my touches as he returned my kisses.

“Come, take what you want from me, don’t be polite. I feel so old, Mia!”

“Dave… my love… you’re not old!” I whispered as I took his face between my hands then I started kissing his chest as I slid lower on his thighs “You’re perfect to me in the way you are! With every mistake of yours, do you know?” I slid my hand softly under his pants.

“Ah, baby, yes, it’s so good. Take me into your mouth, sweetie! Do it and let me forget everything that hurts now, my little kitty, my Mia, my little Mia!”

I did what he asked me to do without a word, cuz I wanted him so much! Dave really was like a drug for me. First I pampered him tenderly with my hands then with my lips to hear his soft sighs and I knew they’ll be louder soon. His fingers dug into my hair softly. He was just laying there and let me do what we’ve done oh, so many times before! I wouldn’t be able to count all the occasions… His eyes were closed and he was breathing raggedly now. I looked up at my beauty. He has a wonderful body, but yes, time had left its marks on him – time and suffering.

He opened his eyes and our gazes met “Sweet” he said again “you are sweet Mia and beautiful.”

“Thank you my dear. How do you want it? What do you want?”

“Just do it, I leave it to you” he said and closed his eyes again “Anything you do to me feels so good.”

And I did what I thought he’d enjoy. An idea already formed in my head. I’ll love him softly so he could feel everything I feel for him. I wanted it deeply – full with emotions. I was playing with his hardness tenderly then after a few minutes I looked up at him again. This picture – Dave with closed eyes – had burned into my mind so many times, yet I couldn’t get enough of it. I always found him beautiful. I saw the pleasure and some kind of dark sadness, tiredness on his face in the same time. I crawled over him slowly and led him into my body carefully. I sighed and moaned quietly and started moving my hips on him. He didn’t open his eyes even now, but I knew that no matter how tired he was, he wasn’t asleep, cuz he was smiling and his hands grabbed my waist.

“Dave, what do you see now with closed eyes?”

“I see you even with closed eyes.”

“But what, what am I doing? Where am I?”

“You’re with me even inside my head. Do you want me to tell you what I see?”

“Yes… please! I want to know…” I sighed and licked my dry lips during slowly circling with my hips and I stroked along Dave’s tummy.

“I see a beautiful, slender young girl, who’s riding me and pushes me deeper and deeper into sweet oblivion with every moves of her. Her long, dark hair flows down her shoulders, her grey eyes are shining like the moon on the sky and her fine neck strains backwards. This girl loves me, I know, there’s no doubt about it. And I love her. I love her so much that if anything happens to her, I’d die from it. I’d follow her anywhere and if she goes to death, I’d follow her even there without any second thoughts. Mia, I love you.”

I couldn’t speak, I was just watching my love with his closed eyes and I simply couldn’t word it how much I loved him! I felt tears sliding down my cheeks without a sound and I couldn’t stop myself, I had to lean over Dave, who was still enjoying my moves with closed eyes. I kissed him with endless tenderness. I felt my tears falling onto his face, but it didn’t disturb me. After a few minutes I pulled my lips back a bit, but I still touched his as I whispered:

“I don’t believe in miracles, but they happen every day, when I’m with you… if I can kiss you, if you look at me, if you touch me… if I feel that you love me… I’m just afraid of losing you…” I ended on an even lower tone and I felt the new tears finding their ways in the half-light of the room, during our slow moves.

“I’m afraid of this too, sweetie. Please take care of yourself and of me! Let your vigilant eyes rest on this poor bastard so we can be together for a while. Maybe just the wonder of love had left for us, which shoot up from a bud and now blooms. It’s like the rare tropical orchids – they bloom just once in every ten years, but then they’re beautiful and majestic, like our love, Mia.”

“And fragile…” I whispered while I wiped away one of my tears from his face then I slowly straightened up and sighed. With half-opened mouth I started moving on him again, but this time my moves were more powerful. From the heat, which washed through my body, I had to lift up my hair for a moment, cuz I felt my tufts sticking together on my nape again. I felt his eyes on my body, but I didn’t look at him, I just started moaning and quickening my pace on him, making my moves deeper. He growled from the depths of his throat as the fever caught me and I was riding on my stallion with a wilder pace.

“Oh, yeah!” he groaned loudly.

“Yes, Dave, talk to me, growl, pant, rattle to me, I love it!”

He laughed on a low tone “Alright, sweetie, just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you. I’m yours, take what you want from me and use me for your needs!”

“Come loudly, Dave!” I panted with even quicker moves, still with closed eyes as I propped myself on his tummy. His warm hands were sliding on my body. When they left my hips and grabbed my breasts, from the sudden feeling I gave him a scream, which ended up in a moan “I want to hear you… moan! As you… yell my name… again and again! I want to hear… to hear that you love me! Ahh, Dave!!” I moaned loudly, cuz I felt my body trembling more and more as I was closing to my own orgasm. I felt that I coated Dave’s hard cock with even more wetness. Along my spine big sweatdrops were sliding down.

And he did what I asked from him – he was rattling like a dying animal. His body arched under me, he lifted his hips and me and he was growling, oh god, he was growling so excitingly and he didn’t need much more, he cried out in his joy. And I followed him willingly with a wobbly scream, when I felt his hotness shot into my body.

“Oh, yess!!” I cried out right after my scream then I slowed my hips bit by bit and collapsed onto his chest with my trembling body. For a moment I felt my new piercing move, but I didn’t give a damn to the pain, I was just panting on his wet chest, fighting for some air.

“We made love, like wild animals, baby” he moaned.

“But you weren’t even wild!”

“No, I meant that we made love from our guts – instinctively. I made love to you as I take a breath, baby. It’s so good.”

“Yeah, Dave, it’s so good. So do you come with me to a tattoo saloon? Will you draw me my tattoo?” I asked him and stretched on him contentedly, giving him a purr too.

“I’ll go with you, kitty. I was already thinking of the figure. Just now, when you asked me what I saw.”

“A couple making love?” I laughed on a low tone.

“No, or at least not in the way you might think. I saw a black cat and a flying phoenix in front of me as they touch their lips together and their figures emerges from the curls around them. And the curls form ethereal wings for you along your shoulder-blades…” he ran his index-finger on the mentioned area “Well, how do you like the idea?” he looked at me with a little worry in his eyes, not sure whether I’d love it or not.

“It’ll be beautiful, Dave, really beautiful. I’ll have wings too, but not totally similar to yours. But it’ll be clear after all that we are a couple and we have wings. Oh, Dave, it’ll be so good! When, when will we go?”

“Well, there’ll be a concert tomorrow, but if everything goes fine, we’ll have two days off after it. Tomorrow morning we could go and find a professional shop for you, cuz I don’t want any problem with your tattoo. And tonight I’ll draw the draft, okay? And after the concert we go – is it okay with you like this? Prepare yourself that it won’t be pleasant and you’ll be under the needle for long hours!”

“It doesn’t matter, I want it and it’s plus joy that you’ll draw me the tattoo. Jeez, Dave, if you’d know!!”

“I know, sweetie and I see it on you and this makes me very happy, cuz I know how much you love me.”

“Dave, we should call Martin to come over and I think we should speak with him.”

“Alright, you’re right. I call him, but let’s get dressed first.”

“I’d like to have a shower first, if it’s not a problem.”

“No, just go, I wait for you. Do you want something from the room service?”

“No, thanks, just a bottle of water” and I disappeared in the bathroom.

By the time I came out and started dressing up, Dave was already eating a bar of Belgian choc. I smiled on his smeary mouth and leant down to kiss down the choc from the edge of his mouth then I reached for the water.

“Two minutes and Martin is here.”


There was a knock at the door in that moment. The half-naked little panther – the choc still in his hand – invited the visitor in. I was standing by the window, looking down at the street.

“Well, what’s up, guys? It’s something good, cuz Dave’s voice was telltale.”

“We have something to announce Martin: we’ll get married with Mia.”


“Well not right now, but once in the future, but until then she’ll move in with me. I’ve ended everything at home, Mart.”

“What did you do?!” Martin broke out.

“What’ll we do?” I looked at Dave shocked. To tell the truth I’ve never gave it a thought that maybe he wants to marry me! Me! Nooooo…. This was too much…

“I couldn’t bear the hypocrite atmosphere at home anymore” he answered to Martin then looked at me “Yes, you’ve heard it right. One day you’ll be my wife, if you bear me and you’ll still love me.”

“Dave, are you nuts? Jen’ll kill you! She’ll ban Rosie from you! There are a lot of things she can use against you!” Martin exclaimed.

“I know. Every wonder lasts only for three days and I know she’ll sue me to my bare ass for maintenance and for her needs, but Kessy’ll help. The things with Theresa can’t happen again – now I’m much stronger and determined and she has one or two things whereat she’s not proud. I think she’d pee under herself, if I asked for a genetical test.”

“Dave, you can’t be serious!”

“I am. I’m not stupid.”

We were staring at him shocked – I folded my arms in front of my chest, Martin was patting his thigh. I couldn’t believe this! Rosie wasn’t Dave’s daughter? How can this be possible? And that despite this he loves her this much? And how does he know it?


“How do I know it?” he looked at me suddenly. I nodded. “One or two of my friends enlightened me. For example a friend of mine who’s a doctor and who was looking at Rosie’s blood type in disbelief. He said that her and my blood-types are incompatible. She can’t be my blood. I’m not good at such things, but I love her, she’s my daughter and she’ll always be. I’m sorry…” he slowly, tiredly stood up from the bed and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him silently.

I looked at Martin confused, still with folded arms. I could imagine how much this could hurt for Dave. Knowing this terrible truth… Cuz he adored and still adores his daughter! How could Jen do this to him? I felt that anger started boiling inside of me. Just like a volcano!

“I’ll kill that woman!”

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