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WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection
WrongSideOfTown - The Sweetest Perfection : Chapter 49

Chapter 49

  2009.09.20. 17:45


Yes, things had changed this way – this was how master turned into a slave and slave into a master. And I was enjoying the consequences. I was counting with the wild animal, which can break out in any minute while he was moving inside of me, but he remained gentle the whole time. It was useless from me to beg for harder thrusts. This time he made love to me in the way he wanted it and my burning body surrendered itself to him. There was no need to have my chain in his hand. But he was keeping it there and he jerked it a bit when I wanted more. He silenced me with his determined look and I enjoyed it and was suffering from it in the same time, because he wasn’t taking me as rough as I wanted.
I knew that I was just a few moments from losing ground from the joy Dave can give me and I was just laying there, giving myself to him completely. After we were over our climaxes, I looked at Mart, while David tried to fill his lungs with air. Mart was sitting there quietly and looked back at me. I was wondering as I rested my hands on the panting Dave’s back, whether Martin was still thinking about the previous sally, whether he’d noticed Dave’s jealousy as the game turned into reality for him… I’ve never seen my singer run a riot like this for me before. Of course we had similar situations, like when I was in the hospital and Martin told me that Dave nearly beat him half-dead. But this was something else – back then the cause of the beating was the fact that my life was endangered – now the cause was my possession. We are still beings driven by our instincts, ancient feelings move us. Two male fights for a female. But it was more for Dave – I saw worry in Dave’s eyes – and I thanked for the creator that I had such a man on my side.
Dave stood up and stroked along my back then he stepped to Mart and caressed him. He knelt down in front of him and fondled him. He kissed him and went on from there where I’ve stopped. Martin soon sighed and bent his head back from pleasure. I could see on him that first he couldn’t handle Dave’s previous actions, but then he started easing up. He dug into Dave’s hair to push his head lower, but Dave pulled away and looked up at him with evil sparkles in his eyes.
I moved to turn onto my tummy and from this the free end of my chain slid down the bed and it was rocking there in the air. Martin looked at me as I rested my head on one outstretched arm and was purring for them. I narrowed my eyes and with my other hand I started playfully pulling the end of the chain towards me, moving from one link to the other.
“Dave, Dave” Martin jogged his mate, who was busy with carrying out his friend’s entertaining precisely.
“Hmm?” he asked.
“Look, our kitty wants to take control… Will you let her do so?”
“Me? Why me? Catch her!” Dave looked up.
“No, no. A few minutes ago you’ve showed me who kitty’s master is! You should catch her!”
“Traitor!” I hissed and playfully scratched towards him in the air with my ‘claws’, pulling up my nose. Then I rolled onto my back and twisted more of the chain around my wrist as I teasingly stretched on the bed. But before I could reach the end of the chain, Dave’s hand appeared on the bed and grabbed the metal, stopping my hand.
“You feel the wind of freedom, Mia kitty? Hm? Well, I must tell you that it isn’t that time yet…. We have a horny tom here. Don’t you want to take revenge because of his betrayal? Hm?”
“Sure I want it… and my revenge’ll be bloody!” I snarled menacingly on Mart, who was still tied to the radiator and who tried to look frightened, but he giggled.
“Mia… you… you look very dangerous!” he laughed.
I smiled to myself and Dave grinned too – probably Martin didn’t check Dave’s back from a closer view, which was full of the thin and long scars from our lovemakings.
“You don’t pay attention to the details, Marty… I’ll scallop you!” I snarled at him, trying my long deep-bourdon nails on the sheet.
“Wow, nice claws! Why haven’t I seen them earlier?” Mart whimpered, cuz as he got onto the bed I attacked him and a red line across his chest showed that my operation was successful.
“Maybe next time you won’t be this unguarded, darling” Dave stroked Mart’s back and when his hand reached his neck, he grabbed it firmly.
“David, this hurts!” Mart tried to parry.
“I know, that’s why I do it, sweetie. And now go and try to floor our kitty. You like it when she puts up the fight, don’t you?”
“Oh yes, I like that. Kitty-kitty! Your wild cat side’s arrived, right?” he teased me as I was sitting on his hips, watching him with my cat-like eyes. Dave was still holding Martin’s chain, but mine was around my wrist, letting me move freely. My reflexes were working great so I could dodge Martin when he grabbed my waist and tried to force me under him.
But I was quick enough to scratch him badly and he moaned from this loudly. “Mia, are you nuts? What’ll I say to the people?”
“Relax Marty-boy, just your neck is bleeding” Dave noted “Try it again! You have three tries together and if you can’t succeed, I’ll punish you.”
“You already used one opportunity up” I grinned, drawing towards the bedpost “Well, honey, will you try to bring me under, or not?” I leant against the wall with my back as I was kneeling there and I loosened the chain around my wrist a bit and strained it between my hands.
The feral lust and maybe anger flashed in Martin’s eyes as he was slowly drawing nearer, sizing up his chances. He swallowed a big one in his excitement when the chains clank between my hands. The light was playing dangerously in his eyes in the half-lit room.
“Be careful Mia, cuz I won’t let you win… You’ll be mine…”
“Wow, I’m scared to death, Marty. See? I’m shivering…” I answered on a cynical tone, with an ironical little smile on my face. I squinted at Dave and I saw that he liked it. When Martin growled Dave pulled his chain a bit, but then he let him closer to me. But I didn’t count with how quick Martin can be and as I turned away, he grabbed me from behind and pressed me down, forcing my thighs open with his knee.
“Mia, I’ll fuck you now!” he panted and held me tight.
“Nah, it won’t go that easy, Marty!” I protested as my body was squirming under him, searching the way out.
“You can’t escape” he hissed into my ears, tensing his arms.
Searching my way out I dug my nails into his skin, drawing blood from the little wounds. He moaned and winced. Using up the opportunity I bit his forearm. He pulled his hand away and hissed and I quickly got out from between his arms, but he reached after me and pushed me onto my back. My head was in the air, over the edge of the bed, so I moved my neck to the side. Now I was able to look at him, and after a moment – for Mart’s biggest surprise – the straining chain between my hands was around Martin’s neck.
“And what’s now, Mart?” I asked with fierceness in my eyes “Do you want me to choke you, or you’ll give up?”
“You think you’re that strong?” he asked and strained the muscles in his neck and instead of going for the chain, he pushed my shoulders down – digging his fingers into the pit of my collarbones. I felt my hands starting to shake and weaken and Mart ripped off the chain and now he really floored me and with the same movement he penetrated me fiercely, causing a big moan from me.
My head fell back so it was in the air again. I tried to hold it during his wild thrusts and I felt that the veins on my neck bulged out and the blood ran into my head. I moaned plaintively. With one swift move he pulled me completely onto the bed – pulling away from me for a moment – then he pushed himself into my body roughly again. He possessed me. Painfully as he pinned my hands down and pushed himself into me fully, forcing my legs open. I was moaning and screaming loudly and deeply. I think Dave couldn’t decide whether from pain or joy. Martin’s chain was still in his hand. My eyes met Dave’s as I moaned again between the wild thrusts. Then he’d decided that I was in pain and with one move he pulled Martin off of me, who slid onto the floor from the dash.
“No! Noo… don’t hurt him” I moaned when I saw his angry eyes “Let him back to me!”
“But Mia! He was hurting you! I saw it!” he raised his voice.
I was half-conscious from my dual feelings. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I think I wanted Mart to continue it.
“Alright Mart, go on, but don’t be such an animal, she’ll get hurt, okay?”
“Yes, David, I understood” and he climbed back on the bed and I climbed back to him. Dave was holding our chains in both hands. And it had to be like this – no matter what the situation is, at the end Dave’ll always be on the top of the triangle.
He slid back into me carefully, which caused a silent moan from me and our eyes met. Now he hasn’t forced himself into me completely, but he started to move rhythmically. I closed my eyes and bent my head back as I was panting. I felt Dave watching every move of mine. Martin’s chain clank in Dave’s hand when I scratched along Curly’s shoulder. He growled from this, but he didn’t start to move wilder. But I wanted it hard again. I’ve got used to the previous forceful attack. But of course I didn’t want him to hurt me.
“Come! Deeper!” I moaned to Blondie with a cloudy gaze “Harder!” I scratched him again, but this time on his back.
“I can’t, Master won’t let me” he grinned and finally Dave laughed too. The tension had disappeared and Dave let the chains go and he jumped onto the bed.
“My doggies, Master is here, you can lick me now!”
I reached for Dave’s nape immediately and pulled his head down for a wild kiss, while Mart went on with his thrusts.
“I want to change position! Now!” I cried out when I saw Dave licking along one of Mart’s bleeding scratch. I wanted to give some job for my mouth.
“How do you want it?” Dave asked me.
I pushed Mart off of me and turned around. As I was kneeling in front of him, I pressed my butt against his groin, playfully exciting him further.
“Come here, Davie, here in front of me! Let me lick you!”
“It will be greeeat….” he smiled and did as he was told. Mart hasn’t hesitated and he was already in me again. Desire was straining him now badly and he wasn’t far from his release.
I bent down greedily, taking Dave between my lips, helping with one of my hands. By now I knew what he wanted. He was turned on like hell too and I couldn’t let him suffer. I smiled then let him stroke out my hair from my face, encouraging me for a steadier rhythm, while Martin was playing with me intensely from behind. A few times I had to moan with my mouth full, which only helped Dave closer to his release. Then he exploded into my mouth and I swallowed everything he had to give. After lifting my head a bit from my nice blow-job, a drop ran down my chin when I cried out with closed eyes in the same moment Martin did – he climaxed just after me. It was a good timing – like synch-swimmers – nearly at the same time!
We were lying there in one pile, gasping loudly for air. We were sweaty all over and the room felt hot, but we were happy in each other’s arms.
“Well… this… this was…” I moaned panting as I rested my head on Dave’s tummy “What was this?” I asked.
“This was an awesome lovemaking” Martin moaned and Dave took the chains in his hands again.
“What should your Master do to you now, you bad dogs?!”
“Punish me! Punish me!” I growled still half-conscious and bit into his tummy, leaving a nice hickey there.
“I’ll be a sadistic animal with you today Mia, so I WON’T PUNISH YOU!” and he was laughing so hard on his own joke that he nearly fell off the bed. I loved it when he was ungainly.
“You dirty dog!” I cried out and climbed off the bed.
He was still laughing – just like Martin – and in the moment I was off the bed, they’ve started wrestling.
“You’re hopeless!” I said with a smile then took off my collar. For a minute I was looking at it deep in my thoughts then an evil smile crawled onto my face as I was watching Dave’s naked neck…
“Dave, will you be my slave?” I nuzzled to him.
“I’m already yours, sweetheart, you don’t have to put that collar on me. I love you.”
“I love you to, but it bugs my fantasy…” I purred into his neck – I knew that this always gives him the chill.
“You do what you want” he laid down on the bed and I was feasting my eyes on his beautiful body – and I wasn’t the only one. Martin was sitting at the end of the bed quietly. He pulled his legs up and adored his love openly. He was lost in the dance of Dave’s muscles – in the way he moved, in the straining of his thigh, in the form of his calves, in the fire of Dave’s eyes. He looked at his love and he nearly cried from the beauty he saw, cuz David was really beautiful. I put the collar onto his thick neck – I was shaking too. I barely could lace it around his bull-like neck. He growled on a deep tone and this voice sent burning arrows into my groin – I wanted him. But instead of nuzzling to him I crawled to Martin to whisper into his ear, while I was watching Dave with one eye.
“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?”
“He is…” he swallowed hard while I took his chain into my hand too then kissed him tenderly, letting Dave watch us.
Martin closed his eyes and let me do so and I intemperately slid onto his lap, hugging his bruised shoulders. The chains clank. I wanted to set Dave afire.
“Touch me!” I whispered into Martin’s mouth. I was loud enough for Dave to hear me and I led Blondie’s hands onto my body, while I squinted onto the love of my life.
Martin’s hands ran vaguely on my body – not in the way he usually was doing it – and with his eyes he searched for David’s approval. Dave nodded slightly and then Mart went on freely. He made me scream his name in no time – he was a professional. Then I pulled his chains and stopped him. He looked at me with a cloudy expression.
“What do you want?” he asked, but at that time I was already off of him and propped my back with some pillows, opening my legs.
“Come here, my little doggy, let me feel your tongue!” I smiled at him. He looked at Dave again.
“Now he isn’t the one who gives you orders, Marty!” I pulled his chain again “Come here!”
“Mia, you can’t understand this. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t want him to be angry at me. I can’t take it, Mia…”
“You want me, Martin?” Dave asked him and Mart slowly nodded “Honey, you know, you’re sweet” Dave nuzzled to him purring and the spike of jealousy prickled me. Sometimes it’s not easy to share the one, who’s the most important for us.
Dave hasn’t noticed my look, which turned slowly darker and darker. He pushed Martin onto the sheets and started loving him with his whole being – paying attention just on him. In that moment he couldn’t see me at all.
The game I’ve started backfired. I felt my heart aching in my chest. Jealousy was burning inside of me. Alright, if you want him then just take him, don’t trouble yourselves, I thought climbing off the bed and I started picking up my clothes and meanwhile I couldn’t close out their moans from my head.
I’ve got dressed and left the room. They didn’t notice it at all. I didn’t know where to go so I ended up in the bar where I ordered a coke and stirring it with the straw I was staring into nothing when I’ve heard some young Depeche fans sitting down to the neighbouring table. They had some rooms here too. It wasn’t rare that fans booked into hotels just because of the boys. They were four – three girls in black and a blonde, tattooed guy in a silver shirt. I cocked my ears, I was curious what they were talking about.
“And Peter’s improvisation on the last concert was awesome too! You know during ‘Leave in silence’!” the blonde guy explained keenly. It was clear that he tried to talk one of the girls over, who made a doubtful expression.
“Well, dunno… you know well that I don’t like that guy.”
“But he’s talented” another girl said and sipped from her beer.
“I’m telling you the same!” the boy smiled “And I think Mia is talented too. I like her voice.”
I’ve started grinning into my glass – as a matter of fact I was still one of them and not quite, cuz I was Dave’s and Martin’s lover and I lived with Dave. Then I’ve heard from the long haired girl:
“This Mia is fucking lucky. If it’s not enough that she sings for this awesome band, she’s Dave’s girlfriend as well. Oh god, what an amazing guy!”
I quietly laughed and tried to turn away a bit so they couldn’t see my face. But the blonde guy looked around, searching for the source of the laugh and his eyes stopped by me.
“Oh god!” I heard while I sipped some of my coke with the straw.
“What?” the brunette followed his look.
He didn’t say a word. I was sitting with my back turned to them so I didn’t know what they were doing, but suddenly it was quiet, which lasted for a whole minute. Then I’ve heard excited whispering and the blonde guy came to me.
“Ehmmm… hello, I, I… so I’m Roland and these are… uhm… well these are my friends… I just wanted to greet you and ask you whether… uhm… I…”
“Just say it Roland, I won’t bite” I laughed. The boy amused me very much.
“Can I invite you for a drink? I don’t want to seem pushy, really… I… I’m just happy that we met.”
“Alright, why not? Do you want me to sit down to your table?”
They quickly nodded. Roland pulled out the chair for me. I was mesmerised.
“Will you introduce your friends too?”
“Ehm… sure. She’s Sara” he pointed at the brunette “Nelly” came the next name, which belonged to a red-haired girl with eyebrow-piercing. She waved friendly and smiled then he pointed at the last girl, who seemed quite shy “And Bethany”.
“Well, nice to meet you” I smiled. The situation was quite amusing and at least I had no time to think about the guys upstairs “By the way thanks for the compliment” I winked.
“Oh, so you’ve heard it?” Sara bit her lip.
“Yep” I smiled wider.
“Sorry, we didn’t…”
“Oh, just let it go” I waved with my hand “I had been walking in your shoes too. I wouldn’t have thought that once I’ll be standing here. I was a simple fan too” I shrugged then thanked for the waiter for my drink and I ordered a round for the others too. They weren’t much younger than me.
“You? You were…? I can’t believe” Sara gawped.
“Yep. Nothing’s impossible” I sang and they laughed out loud, cuz now all five of us were thinking of Dave.
Bethany cleared her throat and after her eyes fell she asked: “Mia, Mia, how does it feel being with Dave?”
“Well, great” I laughed “Otherwise I wouldn’t be with him” and I thought of the couple making love upstairs. If these fans had known, they’d have fallen off of their chairs. I ordered another round – this time it was tequila – cuz they voted for that and I asked Louis, the bartender, whether they had some Depeche Mode. They had – The Singles 86-98.
They asked me about a lot of things and I answered their questions. I could understand their curiosity well and their jaws fell onto the floor a few times. Of course I’d have reacted the same way, knowing that wonders happen with simple fans too… The mood started getting better and better as we drank one tequila after the other and I’ve started easing up like them and when we weren’t chatting, we were singing together. I felt myself great. I asked Louis to turn the volume up and he did it. More people came into the bar, but our little group was sitting separated in a box.
Christian showed up by the bar and ordered a Heineken then he spotted me, came to us and asked us whether he can sit down. They happily slid to the side to give him some space and now our box was quite crowded. I was sitting half-way on Roland’s lap, who behaved humbly and not unobtrusively, but it was clear that he wasn’t against this turn of events.
Now they bombarded Christian with their questions and I had to smile from this. The blonde drummer answered them kindly and now I’ve started paying attention too as I sipped from my drink time to time, cuz despite working together, I had not much time to get to know him. I felt myself well, but I was sitting quite uncomfortably so after returning from the loo I sat not next to Roland but fully onto his lap so we could sit leisurely. I winked at him playfully. I knew that I blushed a bit from the alcohol, which I felt in my head already. Usually strong drinks had this effect on me.
Not caring about anything we had fun and I was drunk a bit, but the mood was great. Sara and Bethany were whispering about something when they suddenly went silent. We haven’t noticed this with Roland, cuz at this time we were busy with something else. In the little secluded corner we fell on each other’s neck a bit and now everyone went silent by the table.
I came back to reality after Christian cleared his throat and kicked my leg a little under the table. I looked up without a clue from behind Roland’s shoulder just to spot Dave, who was standing there with an anger-coloured stiff face. He was standing next to the table in his jeans with his arms folded in front of his white T-shirt-covered chest. I didn’t react just let Roland go, who – grasping the situation – went dead-pale.
“Can I ask you Mia what the hell you are doing and with whom?” he flashed his eyes onto the unlucky Roland, who couldn’t say a word or move at all. Dave reached for me over the girls’ heads and dragged me off of Roland’s lap. He asked him to follow him into the hotel’s park, cuz he had something to arrange with him.
“Don’t make a scene” I said quietly to Dave “It’s not his fault. Leave him alone” I said on a calm tone, although somehow I felt some gratification inside. Sweet revenge?, it popped into my mind.
“Compared to that he stuck his tongue down your throat quite advisedly!” he hissed at me with burning and wild eyes – he could have killed with that stare. His voice was shaking with anger as he looked at me and back at Roland “Move, kiddo!”
“Dave! Leave him alone!” I grabbed his upper arm, but he shook off my hand and didn’t look at me. His killing eyes darted into the other man’s. I think I’ve managed to hurt him badly.
Roland stood up shaking – Dave Gahan wanted to beat him up, because he crossed the line. But he’d rather let Dave beat him to death than hitting his idol. Dave dashed forward and he hurried after him obediently and asked himself how badly it’ll hurt. They stepped into the garden and faced each other. He quailed, while Dave stood there menacingly. His eyes were flickering with anger and nearly electric sparkles were crackling around him.
“Why did you do this, boy? You knew that Mia is mine, didn’t you?”
“Yes, Mr. Gahan, I’m sorry, I… I didn’t think it over, sir.”
“Sir? Are you OK, kiddo? What the hell are you talking about? I’m about to punch into your face and you call me sir?”
“Yes, sir.”
Dave was standing there shocked then he laughed out loud. The tension dropped immediately. The “rival” – with his tail between his legs – surrendered to the alpha-male. There was no need to hit anymore. He dropped his hand, turned on his heels, but he looked back over his shoulder: “Get out of here, kiddo, cuz the next time I see you around Mia, I’ll really beat you up” and with his long strides he headed back into the hotel.
I was playing with my tongue-piercing. This little game turned into a habit of mine too, like to many other piercing-owners. But now I was doing this because of the suppressed nervousness and anger as I was huddled up in my room in one of the armchairs, hugging my knees, covered with worn-out jeans. I still felt the booze in my head, I was a bit tipsy, but I still could think. I scornfully snorted from the thought “Dave protects what’s his”… Sure… his, right? I was still jealous on Martin. Did I do this because of jealousy? It was strange but I didn’t regret it. But I didn’t know what to say or do. Should I leave? Or should I wait for him? I’ll wait for him, that’d be better. Now the world’s spinning anyway, but it’s not that bad.
Dave came back and he was crawling grimly then he couldn’t bear it anymore and came to me.
“You were offended, right? This is why you did this.”
First I just looked at him. Even in his nervousness he was irresistible, but I dug my nails into my arms to hold myself back. “Probably yes. Congratulations for guessing it.”
“Why are you like this with me? What did I do wrong? You’re just jealous because of Martin! Don’t you see that you two try to tear me apart? I love you very much, but I won’t let you cheat on me!”
“I had no intentions cheating on you!” I looked up at him with the sparkles of anger in my eyes.
“Oh really?! Then it was just a coincidence that he had his tongue in your mouth, right?” he started crawling in the room nervously.
The worst thing was that he was right. What’d I feel, if I saw him with another woman sitting on his lap while they were kissing? Even in my lightly drunk state of mind I felt that maybe this wasn’t a bright idea. I turned my head away and looked out onto the balcony.
“I wouldn’t cheat on you. I’m sorry. You’re right. And I’m stupid!” I bent my head onto my arms so I could look away from his hurt face.
“Alright Mia. Please don’t do it again, you hurt me with this. If you wanted this then you’ve managed to do so” he said on a sad tone and walked into the living room to sit onto the couch. He started flipping through the channels in a mad pace. Usually he does this when he’s really upset. Great, I was a jerk again.
But I didn’t move just turned my head towards the dark sky. I let him calm down a bit. And I tried to do the same. Where can Martin be? Maybe he’s already asleep. I was sad. I knew that this was another stupid thing from me, but it hurt that he was able to sink into pleasures that much that he hadn’t noticed that I was there too… He hadn’t noticed me – whom he supposedly has chosen for his mate… I sighed a big one and walked into the living room as well. I stopped behind the couch and put my arms around his chest in a lax embrace and gave a little peck onto his face.
“Do you want me to go?” I asked quietly while I saw from the corner of my eye that he was still flipping through the channels.
“No, stay, don’t go! Where’d you go anyway? Cuz what’d you do without the great Dave Gahan, who isn’t able to make his girlfriend happy, who needs to search for love elsewhere?” he said bitterly.
“Don’t blame yourself. Sometimes I go crazy, you know. I can’t take it anymore or something like that” I shrugged, choking the other sentences inside of me as I nuzzled into his lap and put my head onto his shoulder.
“Hmm, are you sure you want me?” he pulled up one eyebrow.
“Don’t fool around, David! You know how much I love you!”
“I know? Yep.”
“Dave, don’t do this!”
“What you’re doing now!”
“That you’re offended.”
“Oh, so I should clap my hands now? God, Mia!”
He went silent again and was just staring at the rainclouds on the weather forecaster’s diagram and when the weather forecast on BBC was over, he switched to CNN and watched it there too.
“Do you hate me now?” I squinted up at him from his shoulder, scratching his white T-shirt on his chest.
He clenched his teeth together so hard! His whole face strained as anger was working in him. “You’ve hurt me – I forgave you, but don’t wait for me to feel happy about this whole thing!”
“I go, Dave, it has been too long in this place for me, I’m hurting you with everything I do now.”
“Stay, kitty, here, with me and just sit next to me quietly. Just be here with me, don’t leave me alone now. I need some company.”
“Alright. But can I go at least to the loo?” I smiled at him faintly. Finally his eyes eased up a little.
I climbed off of his lap and closed the door behind me. I leant against it for a minute. Jesus, you’re so stupid, Mia, I nagged at myself then I washed my face with some cold water. I grimaced when I looked into my eyes in the mirror. Stupid bitch… The temptation was strong to search for something in the first aid kit, but I stopped myself, although my fingers turned white from grabbing the edge of the basin. Then I went back to him and sat down next to him. Not into his lap, just next to him. I pulled my legs up and bent against the armrest as I lay down huddled up and put a pillow under my head. I looked towards the TV without seeing anything at all, but I didn’t say a word, just like he wanted.
After a long-long time I felt him taking my hand and my closed eyes opened. He was still watching the telly, but he was holding my hand firmer and firmer. And I couldn’t bear it anymore. I hugged him as strong as I could and he hugged me back. We made it up and we watched some silly film with James Belushi. “Forever and ever” was its title. I was wondering whether this “Forever and ever” was referring to us too? Or this dream’ll fade away too as the feelings’ll fray? Or we’ll be lucky and we’ll be able to deal with each others stupid things? Will always be a point there where we can make it up? I hope that there’ll be one.

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Az asztrológiai elõrejelzések olyan tendenciákat mutatnak,melyek,nehéz döntéseknél nélkülözhetetlenek. Rendeld meg most!    *****    Az Éjszaka Misztériuma várja régi és új látogatóit újult erõvel, és heti több bejegyzéssel! | Nox Arcana    *****    Simonyi ingatlan Debrecen, Balaton 2019 Sok-sok új eladó ingatlannal bõvült kínálatunk válassza ki az önnek megfelelõt.    *****    Nagyon részletes születési horoszkóp, 3 éves ajándék elõrejelzéssel, ingyenes konzultációval, csak nálam. Kattints ide!!    *****    Ha te is szereted a Zöld Íjász elbûvölõ szerelmespárját az Olicityt akkor itt a helyed! Mindent róluk és a sorozatról!    *****    A születési horoszkóp az ÚJ ÉV legszebb meglepetése! Ajándékba küldök 3 év elõrejelzést, jó tudni milyen lesz a jövõ!!!!    *****    Zenei blog. Kritikák, listák, ajánlók és még több! -> Popusz    *****    családi pótlék utalása 2019 - dátumok, kifizetések, idõpontok az utalásról itt:    *****    MOVIE-NIGHT -> ÚJ FILMES OLDAL NYÍLT <- MOVIE-NIGHT    *****    Szerepjáték &#8211; Csatlakozz közénk, és részese Te is a kalandoknak - FRPG    *****    Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs. - Egy igazi hõs sem tudja magáról, hogy hõs.    *****    A Roxfort Boszorkány- és Varázslóképzõ Szakiskola megnyitja kapuit!    *****    "Ó, én bizony korántsem merném állítani, hogy ismerem a Roxfort összes titkát." /Dumbledore/    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték    *****    BOOKISLAND - könyvajánlók, ahol a könyvek életre kelnek - BOOKISLAND    *****    SoulSisters/ Nézz be az oldalunkra, ha érdekes cikkre, vagy épp kritikára vágysz. Hangolódj velünk az ünnepekre!    *****    Szereted az ünnepi idõszakot? Már hetekkel elõtte készülsz? Vagy legszívesebben elkerülnéd? Mondd el!    *****    RIZLINGDAYS BLOG ! MAKEUP, STUDY TIPS AND ALLDAYS FOR YOU ABOUT ME    *****    THE EVIL WITHIN| Harry Potter szerepjáték    *****    REAVER GROVE | urban fantasy frpg